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1/6 Former SU Punter Rob Long talks Doug Marrone

Jan 6, 2013|

Rob Long on WGR

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A former player at your -- reversing many you know his story talked about that. A little while as well but Rob Long for potter at Syracuse University joins -- on the line right now rob thanks for joining -- on such short notice a man. I'm no problem glad to have and just talk. Well let us know about -- -- what kind of coach are we getting. In buffalo and coach Doug -- Good -- there is tremendous Scott first of -- no. Like he had mentioned must stories somebody you know I was always. -- a couple of called cyclone nation and brought me up from. Of personal standpoint you know football side. I don't know I must well there are more -- -- on the football aspect and let. I can promise you you know. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I think side he's given a fair shot there I think. You're going to be very happy is what you see and most likely going to be here at the very quickly. The tremendous coach he really hasn't handled -- he has. You know -- -- to gain as head coach so -- he did tremendous Eric he's been. Like you're saying it's. But the better place than it was four years ago in terms of program -- -- corrections facilities and everything so. It wasn't that big culture change that he present. Lot of people are point to his record overall I don't think people really understand. Just how bad the Syracuse football program was under Greg Robinson and how fired reaching the deficit -- I'll say it it it really lost a lot of the shining luster and have beat somebody who went to the university myself I mean I'm an orange man the pride just wasn't there he talked about how he went about restoring that culture wasn't just coming in from day one. And saying my way or the highway how did he get you guys to buy into that. Why -- because. I guess fortune up to be part of that the transition. Know from good and because Vernon. It was the big courts are changing the biggest -- that he yet and still not -- accountability -- And accountability in everything you do have accountability interactions. Can score again and most importantly on the field. And I think that's what Nicole -- yeah so -- Picked -- accountable for their action. Make sure they're big nose and you know what that what they it has consequences than on and off the field and I think he did he does a great job. No make no the partners and that. So I think that that that was the biggest change between. You know coach her arms and it -- -- the accountability and discipline that we had a team. It's a terrible together and I think you know a lot of political. I think you'd be able -- a lot more and at a record isn't a good employ anybody out of order I think if he would say Derrick. I have another two years. Recruited drastically. Been above 500. Talking with Rob Long former -- it's your keys diversity he. Played for coach -- around the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills at least presumed new head coach the reports are the -- Have an agreement in principle hasn't actually. You know then signed as far as we know that. That could be the case -- a press conference I'm sure. Sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours it will. Be on top of here on WG -- let me ask you about the coordinators that he -- -- got -- did a great job with the defense and of course that Daniel -- with the offense look at the delegate here is coach morality. As far as his hands on Monday through. I should say Sunday through Friday at practice of that of course Saturday what does he do compared how much he delegates whose coordinators. Well I think he -- me you know he let them do their job he's not -- you know. You know hanging -- -- and I know you'd Markoff sucks money guy he's always there to offer important. Especially that could jacket I think he he kind of let him do this thing could check in is a brilliant offensive minded and you'd be able to I think. So alone could try to develop -- -- actually been and to becoming a very good quarterback. And just felt -- -- very good offense that produced. You know. A thousand yard rusher. In Ryan portfolios that he did pounds so he's able to kind of let. Projected they would need to do when. I used it firms -- just managing the game and and and help them whenever he felt that was necessary. As far as the defense Scott -- was. Again an incredible guy that he -- -- defense that was you know almost nonexistent two one of the tops in the country so. The unit great decision and North American -- could try and he's not afraid to make our decision and and -- are innocent people he was close to -- they're cute that he others in the best interest of the programs. You know he's not afraid to do and I have a lot of respect for and because of that. You know we have a lot of Syracuse -- listeners obviously being up here in buffalo and they're upset I mean I'm upset that he's leaving Syracuse summits -- -- rabbit you know and I'm sure you wanna see him stay at the university but what would be your message to Syracuse fear of going forward in this transition. I mean police -- her you know what mode nothing more -- has now prefer being there for a fifty years but I you know I understand that. He got himself into a position where he has a tremendous job offer with NFL team. I think that and -- can registry and to be able to attain that level. You know coach -- excellence where your pursued that so many different and so programs. But as far as their egos like I said the way I think it's just and so to better position I think it's much more attractive -- -- can be took things much more attractive to players that it was. Try and years prior so. I'm really not as concerned as I think the general reaction immediate reaction -- -- this -- I think there's a lot of good taste -- actually searching for them and I think you are there great spot that. And coaches can be in good spot to come and build off of. Many people familiar story rob some people do not but I'll share it here you had a a brain tumor and cancer had to recover from that. And obviously got a long road to recovery and your football career was in doubt obviously what you -- continue to play it a shot the NFL and a lot of people obviously. Now very. -- get you so much credit for everything that you did and deservedly soaking you just gotta tell us how you're doing now and where all that stands. Are there are greater now I have a couple actually it could work out some of those teams and of the worker -- Florida and this hopefully it'll be my -- that finally -- so my treatment last year. In March so this is my first. If football field in the first full full vote for -- -- not on any treatments and you know I feel amazingly elf -- I think -- A much better partner wouldn't matter was in college. So I think it's something that I think my best days there -- you know I'm really excited about that so. Hopefully. Can get some go here in the future and in land and so. Well the -- you -- you mentioned how Coach Brown was there for you can you just talk about the human being aspect of the coach especially in your situation. And exactly what he was able to do for you how much they. He meant to USA as a coach and as a mentor. I think. What are their first maybe it is that shocked everybody myself included and and to commit ground. And I think that's it's that tough -- -- The end you know fur coat from. When it plays in it you know she you know it. Actually. Murdered you know kept in -- Spoke of them as recently as last week and you know integrate guys in this Family Guy -- -- -- family. He cared about players that you -- -- and I think that'll show you know he gets to buffalo but you know short with me he was able. They're constantly keep in contact with media and treatments which is. You know this can never fun but I'd get off the -- and an actual rejuvenated and and what I was doing and and kind of give me a little purpose of these so they have a lot to me so I. You have much respect confirmed and everything that he's -- from -- -- and my family. Rob Long former Syracuse University -- played for. Head coach Doug morale who's going to be the Buffalo Bills new head coach by the way on Twitter rob at Rob Long 47 so I know you like to interact with the fans there and -- people can value -- not. Talk to you about your story for any encouragement or things like that these wanna talk football right. Absolutely I always welcome to Twitter followers responses comments mentioned whatever outrage. You know like to -- problem there so. Same -- adjusted net via Twitter handle and you know you can find the most success. All right buddy at Rob Long 47 again thanks a lot on such short notice coming under -- today. And not from the governor saying in to graduation when you're under a church. All right Rob Long Syracuse University potter played under coach Doug -- speed how easy how -- he spoke about him and everything he had to go through and there's a guy that. Had a a brain tumor had come back from a brain cancer and you know what. I did it and got through it came back resume his football career. At Syracuse university and had to have the backing of course of his head coach which he did -- on the field off of those wells terrific story but also talking about. The kind of coach Doug -- and -- hold people accountable he says he also. He has delegation likes likes to delegate lets people do their thing in this kind of reminds me of what. Russ Brandon said. At the news conference last week which is respirator promised he was going to hire people and that empower them and really what Rob Long said was that's exactly what. Dug around -- he empowers people. I still wanna see we hires as opposite corner wanna see -- hires as a defense -- coordinator those are going to be very very big hires obviously forgotten -- what they would be for any coach. -- south of Roger if you wanna join me 803055888. By 52 pipe it to get your thoughts in. On the new head coach at -- at buffalo it for the bills from Syracuse University.

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