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1/7 Sully likes Bills hire of Doug Marrone and explains why

Jan 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not just I it's not mean you have shown a positive side a couple times I'm just and in all you have them tendencies to really ground up a lot of stuff so I just you actually like this. Number I'd like yeah like -- a good word. Let's let's not. Take my words twit that I. I said although we're not calling it uninspired. It little -- I argued that we're 67 our demise or the last ten years about the bills you're backing I mean. I -- it inspired. What is intriguing it's different. It's risky. And I don't get it you know -- to -- one right and most. Echoed in the NFL are over there it's one of those Peter principle and but I think this guy is a good. Are there I don't bureau -- is about -- also available what he's been doing. This football coaches to get into too much is made aware that come from what they've done is -- a leader of the football coach. Will -- but I mean I'm giving them the benefit of the -- -- I did not think I could do it longer you know maybe -- was -- spend much time. Welcome guys from the become back -- could start there. You re engagement -- -- that they won't might not always be bad here at miracles can happen so that's where Matt and that. And that evidently didn't read the outlook spree. Profiled me where they are about what -- puff marshmallow I was. Oh really soft -- so I'd recommend that where you. We know that we've seen that we know That's Hollywood just trying keep images and perceptions up on the show -- we know Europe a sweetheart when it comes down to it. And you're a good dad. No I thought I -- strike that I agree with you I am the same way Soliai I don't. It wasn't one of those moves where I was ecstatic nor was it one of those moves we destroy your arms up in the year ago this franchise will never learn will day. It is somewhere in Victorian and I'm willing to give the guy a shot. I know there are things I like about it you know I like the fact the -- offensive -- I like the fact that he was able to. Develop a quarterback at Syracuse. I like the fact the as a coaching experts like the -- -- worked under Sean Payton I'm sure he learned quite a few things from being at the side of Sean Payton. Eaten for three years you know like I like what I hear that he is a more of a disciplinarian tough minded guy came to Syracuse. Instituted some some hardcore rules to get that a program that would run was run -- -- lot of guys left the program but he got an idea how he wanted to run the program he was the CEO and these are my rules and you got -- follow you don't like it leave. -- I think by going to buckle on the president that he ran out of here elected you guys -- -- about you know -- and it's. -- -- -- -- -- Getting close to sixty but I mean day. They're owner of the GM a coat overall little older nauert talk about people of -- Brandon generation not really thinking now. With this new power doing what you wanted to do three years ago they relate to the stamps. But only to find people of his generation and a league that is changing and evolving. I think he's got a coasted. He believes all the quality of the traditional football coach -- disciplinarian but you'd still evolving offensively. And he knows the league and you -- so when I'm in law and so it's pretty good package in the the idea that Chip Kelly the only guy have a 120 guys in college and who are great idea I mean it'll -- little -- made me look bad bank. And their other guys out there as well and there's no moral and shall always doing different things out of builder in the game you know their little what occurred is not a candidate. -- you said it's not. On inspiring. But as you said it's not necessarily inspiring fire up energize the fan base how do you think it'll play with the fans and -- -- is it all matter of just waiting actually NC the quarterback's going to be that's what's at play with the fans. I think I think there's a lot of that I think it's a place like it we -- with a lot of -- you don't need much to not impacted the spirit. And there is -- young guys that he won and William Lipscomb Musharraf and they're gonna go out brick at a -- -- a -- -- who has been it might it might take I'm -- -- and the he's been back -- could he could get really Patrick a couple of important here I'm I'm not gonna pretend to know that -- -- happen. But I think I think that they get a quarterback. And excite people and people I get the franchise guy there and people want to watch him I think I have put on the field -- that kind of a problem there now. And I hope can go back to Donald Williams or your second year they lows. And then they go into. -- Drew -- Yeah I'm and so I was I try to start it. That night I actually I was trying to think the next question and I I apologize that I wasn't paying attention the end of you know my. Always dark side could still stupid enough to not realize that opponents thought -- could simply that they give up in the past NetApp today I. I wanted to ask you to follow up you brought up in oh a moment ago about the getting younger and I think that's certainly going over well with the fans I said last week. Who knows how Russ Brandon turns out but I I viewed as a huge positive that Ralph was essentially out of the mix but you know rush was -- was pretty strong in his comments about the brand being tarnished and being a world class organization and forward thinking and aggressive and at an all this other stuff. On so this is his first boat as the new president of the organization. Does it play out does that equate. I guess does that equate what he was saying last -- only in your in your opinion. I I think in the event that -- that the bulletin. Afraid to do something that partner terribly popular. -- -- and I do I have heard a lot of positive reaction to them from -- of the great. The great bass Pro Bowl games out there -- -- in the world but. And he didn't he he -- you're gonna get crushed by some people were brought down -- highway it was always touted it looks cool parochial that he beat them. Thought well you think that's legalizing the branch a little bit this -- that's part of -- -- not a trained in the month and about Russ don't be afraid to get ripped. Never been pretty good over the years he never like. A -- part about it and -- -- that's part of the thing people I think he really believes in and that will. Out as they get that guy cheapened imported Lovie Smith. I have to thanks so but I hope they they're gonna go spend big money. I held positions at the coordinators. And get hit some really good guys. And not give us a guilty. Greg Williams staff of teachers and pretend they're big part of that they need to spend money. The rabbit analytics arm and I'd like this you can bring in more people in personnel another guy with -- The further sort of neutralized. But he mixes a lot done here but. I think he's. You know I think he's on the way and again you have to get players and I talked about. People like prominent part in patent winning their first try and they're coached well they're -- they ought recorder back Michael Bolton. 8030550. We -- with Jerry Sullivan columnist from the Buffalo News 8088. 550 to 550 Justin around with solid here on WGR grad ahead. I'm stream and the choke and you -- and think they might cause. Want to comment on the Iran and what he's done here occurred I mean he's really excited the fan base in. In the -- around here I got you know relatives who are alarmed or really to see him go. Pretty oranges particularly happy for buffalo I think at some been. Well I must be a government that they insert it because it's in Germany Italy saw them more than I but I didn't I didn't. Pay much attention -- that was where how bad they've gotten but I do remember perhaps. Don't Syracuse guys in Grafton and do you guys interact Michael I in my divorced you beat up out that it was. And he rebuilt and Arian that I I hear you Jeremy point five point five doesn't. Doesn't begin to describe -- oh how bad it wasn't like a that if the bill go you know. 500 the next two years. -- people might say that that's pretty good turn around -- I know people want more than that but I can't it was pretty bad Eric. It was horrible -- it was national laughingstock of the kind of you know you don't exactly say that the worst program in the country is I don't know Webber finished worse -- the Mac because when your Syracuse Jim Carrey. An expectation. You know for Notre Dame when they get to beat to win ten that's worse than Toledo going to wind and Notre -- going to intend his whole leak how can you believe what where this is proud institution is on Syracuse isn't quite Notre Dame. But one point Syracuse beat Notre Dame in noted that answer questions about like the the just. In dignity -- like Powell while out horrible as that you lost to these losers and it's Syracuse to a point -- it up a coach would have to apologize for losing them. Mean it got soul so bad my friends and I go to the pinstripe bowl two weeks and we were talking about when the lowest point was the -- was. Rock bottom because it was so great to be sitting there horrible game yankees -- I don't care for its -- Keating and triple it. Again they're playing games that the their fans care about -- show our faces again we were paper bag level fans for awhile because of how bad it wasn't. I can Muqtada credit but on a credit when he it would his name was first mentioned as a candidate. I thought don't take away -- a role because otherwise Syracuse is gonna go back in the dumps like who's gonna take over their. You know maybe he sets them -- right direction -- There's no debating that he was a success. And the iron interview with somebody there I was so he wasn't ready and -- notes. And he might not play I'm not gonna make the case that he is or he's going to work put. I don't think there's any debating that he was a success. And you know jailed in Iran you know how ready would that mean in this notion that well or not because kip -- entry in the same way no but that doesn't mean a -- We did this America's 48 this place called the league can't get guys attention. No pro athletes want to note your realty and make them better you're gonna wind -- it's -- -- on the eye opener and committed treat me -- college I mean it is but all they do. Need to be let a little bit. And part or those same criticism you know -- -- knows -- knows what could have when he go to San Francisco. Well it can be built pretty well our commitment Turkish stretching are more comparisons but I imperiled -- -- our program -- what's different. Our laws records -- the medical quarterback and Harbaugh was 49 and 21 it's infinitely. And that was that the similar thing they turned quickly or do. Amid a program where they're really good basketball -- football tradition and that the football well part of it in -- -- like. Pataki Kansas in although duke with a football teams really not never great. Mean certainly got a great football program make the content -- -- -- that that was an amazing turnaround we get the 500 what I'm told. 030550. We are with Jerry Sullivan gets your thoughts hockey Harbaugh at Stanford was four and 85 and 78 and five. And then twelve and one in his final season. So he's sub 500 as a coach prior to that seasonal they go to the Orange Bowl many -- that to a job in the NFL so you know how could you have a coach in a conference whose. Not all that great I mean dug around next year might have been his. Eleven into seasonal might have been to a lot of notes but Jim Harbaugh was not exactly this dominant coach at the -- the college level either. Do like the fact that they'll be about them pick the quarterback in the draft content that critical I'm with -- that it is probably more important to coaches. And I think Jerry don't. If it could mean that they're more likely to make NASA we -- talking of this yesterday or could make them less likely to like he's gonna know better than anybody. Whether or not he thinks -- NASA can can make in the NFL so they come to the eighth pick in the second round and body aches and Doug Whaley and -- grown in its appearance I what are we think about massive. And what's gonna have the best idea of him is it going to be. Whaley and knicks who've watched him six times -- with a guy that's been -- for four years essentially he's -- either be able to say yes let's do it or. No let's stay away I love the kid but he's not for us. -- I hope that ticket and that's in the first round of the derby ridiculous ones there's there's already 1 mock draft -- -- going sixth overall. While. Well maybe they take more than one quarterback. Here and you've been pushed -- so that when you see what happened -- -- -- haven't put another quarterback -- in the way -- defiant. You know the game. You'll get so I don't know what their plans and it certainly linebackers that I'm the worst -- it. 8030550. Jerry Sullivan let us from the Buffalo News you can read his column front page of the entire paper today. We're -- lead in Miami you're on though it's -- here on WGR. Broad -- of real quick you know not at the bar here about the -- more our research and a spot in the room who warmup and it should know that and certainly slump in the -- about the final -- -- no a ball board you know let's go build one great thing now you know let's let's pull watched it would get up to where we need to get up to. They get the best quarterback you're tall ones that vote. Let's got to find a guy Marty thank him. Looked -- up if you like it got. Me that part of what what you know this whole thing was you know new direction aggressive. No stone unturned. Russ Brandon -- trade up. If he didn't want to guard looked dark and it shouldn't be settling at quarterback I don't know what it would take but there's been a little bit adept built in Iraq now vacant. Put some -- around body is said he would do that. Go get the quarterback -- that's -- big. Solid -- to be any serious backlash. In -- in buffalo and beyond around the National Hockey League when they get back to playing. They'll be some I think. A bigger amount of people out there I think more so in the arm you know traditional organ market people's and mature. I really appreciate what -- that -- more about -- a little people work couldn't go to the people really hurt it they can't forget those people but they don't they don't care about the fans and they deserve to take. No I'm upset because there's been a great time -- -- at all all NBA I watch every sabres game on TV. That is my job and a missed an NBA but. I think they deserve to -- but it's never much thank. Especially in the peep from the top like this where people love hockey. They'll come back but it depends how. Which would eliminate you know consider reporting agencies. That don't like I -- you got two weeks ago. Are you remember what the 48 games -- -- -- ultimate champion Los it'll it'll matter a bit of December starts seven to a one people will be -- That is no no asterisk asterisk discussion is colds when the cup in 95 and I Miami Heat and and someone I've never had any whatever state. You know it doubles cup in Spain although appointees the Miami Heat like if anyone could ever take anything from LeBron they would try to. And they want a lockout shortened season last year and I never heard it once. I want what -- -- an asterisk. Or. It was an asterisk he won the truncated year sportsman of the truncated year. Quick little notes -- right now. -- I mean I -- is Kenya I mean you do have a soft -- -- done it's I'm. I been -- but I cried out here and people are I was gonna say if people want to see eat. It all that you're not just an older all the time I've been watching some of your. Balky and Sully shows. Online. You do a nice job guys do a nice job and that's. Well banknotes and there weren't trained. You know a dvd late -- it's important -- from -- up the depth that is like ignorance. It is the opposite identity is so -- by comparison much. That. I saw him on the other one on and we were having this discussion bucket or having a discussion in about how easy it is to push your buttons when he needs -- -- here you are important to want them you might even watch now I didn't I didn't all to watch some of the time I I want I just wanna know if you can possibly describe our listeners what depth of ignorance is. Because -- don't appear ignorant I don't think there can be a depth to. Well I think it did it play yet -- the depth of the great and in fact -- in that it pretty self explanatory. That didn't absent that something. Thank you solid and good rounds -- coming out of our debt update now they'll actually announced that I wrote a pretty stupid -- doesn't go down. There had to pull out got noon they're expected now it's out there on its -- been told her own deal now imminent should be wrapped up this morning -- sometime later in the day. Rights plan accordingly. And it -- and also outside so much time I got to get out of here. Thanks Sally. Jerry Sullivan Buffalo News columnist joins us every.

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