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WGR550>Topics>>1/7 Joe B analyzes the hiring of Doug Marrone

1/7 Joe B analyzes the hiring of Doug Marrone

Jan 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joseph this guy who joins us here on W here. Happy football Monday joke. Good morning gentlemen. I'm well in -- I have the I now know all night -- -- at. Actually yesterday so I'm I'm refreshed rejuvenated degrading. I'm I'm looking forward it looks like the press conference at some point today gel and I I. It's always good thing for me I try not to get too carried away you know Gregg Williams had an impressive press conference in turn out to be a failure as a head coach. But you know you can start gaining a little insight. On someone's philosophies their personality. You know when you actually you know start making a judgment on someone based on what you hear. What do you particularly look for in a setting like this first press conference new head coach what are other some things that you're going to be. Listening intently for today from dug around. Well the overall tone of of dark world I think it's going to be the biggest thing to look for because. The way he would is described as an innovative minded and that someone will motivate parents. And being able try to get the most out of a guy. Named. You tweeted that link from from north of Kabul from about thoughts from shot patent by. You know if you go down farther further and that and that. Article. Abuse he worked from jobs there's so I heard him talk about how much. How much of an impact road ahead of his life not just his career but as light and same thing with Jonathan Goodwin now 49ers shutter. -- you know if if I can it if he'd come to crosses is that tight you know the the finger quotes from leader of -- tight that. But yeah I think it's going to be pretty impressed -- It that's that's one of the things that I look for other things you know. You know just just interesting things she has been in how he approaches to. Philosophically speaking as the head coaching position then and you know what he values and and things like that that actually. What you get out of an introductory press conference. Mean you can you can sit here while I'll say -- Well I like to point out what Gregg Williams until he actually actually actually -- on the -- -- our country and start making personnel -- You can't make an assessment about what are not this guy is the right -- -- them. You can certainly -- Gather what type of person you're going to be dealing with for the for the actual foreseeable future. And and see what type of about personality your earliest. You know audio and in the morning other things -- you know I I we all wanna see what kind of staff he puts together but I guess I'd like to. See what his philosophical. What is Phyllis excuse me philosophies are -- You know running offense running defense. You know what kind of -- does he have in mind as -- call -- -- plays as you delegate that stuff. Those are some of the other things that -- be listening for just to get an idea of what Doug Maroney are excuse me what Doug -- will do is head coach of the bills. Part of desire for some reason you you've got -- -- boycott really load their so maybe it maybe get it to -- up Holbrooke quickening. -- Yeah anything. Economy. Let me do that -- -- -- if tonight okay -- -- with that -- in the meantime we're gonna a lot of your calls to get him in which show as well 80305588550. To 550 and we'll see if we can. Work on that issue in the -- we're gonna reestablished Joseph let me get Matt in the -- -- -- getting Joseph back on the -- thanks toll on -- on WG yarder right -- Good morning -- The bill so we're looking to the countering for football -- to -- our trials come up from Baylor. Now I haven't seen his name mentioned anywhere at any team. His offenses were better than Chip Kelly that Oregon. -- RG three was there and you were one or two this year. In total offense. I haven't seen his -- mentioned at all at all -- not up for a single team. Baylor program is dead on there he turned well he well RG three but he had RG three took them and made them a top 25 program when when -- was last season correct yeah I. I'm not as familiar with him. As I am I mean I've seen more chip Kelly's -- teams I know what Baylor did and how they you know they they finally made in record in the big twelve. And they knocked off the big boys last year and all that and I aren't quite honestly. I haven't watched them. At all this year. Other than some highlights of their win over Kansas State's -- not really that qualified to talk about. Our browse other than C and then play a few times in Griffin's last year they were incredibly. Explosive and entertaining to watch. Like Kennedy hasn't come up with any none of the seven teams that aren't -- coaches I don't remember seeing -- pronouncements in anyway. Nadia and haven't found from Texas and a built in the I think Alex that -- that. 8030550. We have -- Here OK let's get Joseph back and tell you there you can hear me all right. Yeah out I don't know what ever happened. I wanna get more calls and I was just saying Joseph that one of the things I wanna hear is who is who will we gain any kind of knowledge about. You know what he is -- philosophically what is he like to do offensive defensive we've heard. He's aggressive when it comes to those schemes we heard a guy New Orleans yesterday say. That you know he trained -- learned under Paul Hackett when he was with the jets -- she's so we learned the West Coast offense so why I'd like to see -- -- gives any kind of insight into. How does he like to play the game of football offensively defensively. And whether or not he's going to be the play caller he's gonna delegate a lot of stuff. You -- on keyword that you know for me personally that that's what I like Seattle head coach's aggressive. I did you know I think there's been -- undercurrent of conservatism here and at one bills drive or of very very very long I wanna see that in overall aggressive nature in its. And and I wonder flow will gather any insight into that if there -- a press conference today. I'm sure there'll be some. There's some parallels drawn from what he says to that line of taking part. We'll just have to see how he handles the you know the initial introductory press conference. Joseph -- 8030515. In one when we find out what time the press conferences will pass along the news and we'll have a warrior. On on WGR Greg you're armed with Joker right ahead. And good morning guys. Paper thing I'd like to just chip in about Chip Kelly -- the -- Is that a child last year went up a big interest to him kick at the same thing you're a while where I think -- -- -- I think what she does. Is manipulate the university port at -- range to say you know. Because really. That and I are almost impressed about Malone. What scratch after Cleveland realize that this -- was waffling that. Their next person and why he -- well and I urged India gold -- was very impressed with the -- Cho could mean I think it's so it's it's a Smart hire a guy go to player. Who you know again retroactive a -- program. But my question to you guys is that I heard yesterday that job he gave total control the deep substantive difference of -- troops. We -- at least the elite because he basically a 21 step -- include your total control. Into Normandy and appropriate stage because took that responsibility -- -- coached to Beijing total economy. To coordinators. Probably Joseph that you are are -- about the jets and when the jets were having their issues after last season one of the things Rex Ryan talked about was. He was gonna get more involved with the offense he had fired Schottenheimer -- brought Inspiron Tony said I'm -- popping offensive meetings now some maybe it is standard that. Head coaches that have an expertise on one side of the ball won't get involved in the others but I'd like to have my guy pop it in the meetings I'd like to have. My head coach talking to both coordinators and finding out what's going on with both sides of the football. As long as you've. You share. Core philosophies. With which your defensive quarter ounce July. What they would go about it any differently that. Then then you should be able to have someone that you trust implicitly -- to call the defense so. It to be honest I mean I didn't. Have as much of a problem with with Chan Gailey. And giving control the defense. That they want particularly that wasn't that wasn't his -- under that wasn't is. Is. And his bread and butter. The only thing that I had this thing I have problem where it was the guy he put that controller and and that it is inevitably what what helped you hit it -- well. So the fact that that it's an offensive tackle guy may not -- is. Or may not be totally. Just a part of the essential parts of a building that defensive game plan. As long as you the shares. Similar core values which your defensive guy you trust and then have a really see it as a huge deal. I mean obviously as a head coach what effect -- idiot overseer. And be able. Like use that power pop -- some meetings from time to time and get your take from paradigm because it ultimately it is. Is your baby at the at that. So. You know you would like to see that play in terms of keeping them. Getting the reins of the defense to two it's about quarter. I never had a huge problem I think if you're up that the guy and in view of you employer power guy that is the that is capable of that so the ball. And that you trust though it's just it's just a matter of fighting that right defensive coordinator which. From what I was told yesterday the -- are going to be very aggressive and trying to find. I -- -- I I don't mean he should I tell the court -- -- how to. Call the game in and right up you know -- his game plan during the week but you brought up the term you mentioned overseer to mediate appeared like court seemed like. Jim wasn't even an overseer. Like it was let's wants that as a coach why did -- do this defensively lot I don't get involved that's that's his defense like. With your -- if they're playing way off in the opener against the jets. It did -- go over it Dave wants to go what the hell you -- why -- being so soft I mean if if there's a quick notes if Rogers is struggling in the game this eagle over and say they might wanna put Brooks in there and get Rogers out of it just seemed to me like. It was every player decision every scheme and as the game was going on -- all once that and Gailey had like. Didn't even over city I even gore would say let's try so you're getting crushed with your nickel defense against the wind what should the coach go over its -- -- try something different. And he didn't use it -- specific gently put at the end. He didn't do that that's that's for sure because. -- within weeks seventy. He's Brian Scott and Justin rockers trot out there or whatever political opera based advocate getting run over. -- not -- seventeen specifically put. It you you get tired you get my address in those guys whatever those guys got to appeal in the league and expose them when Steven Ridley and Brandon Bolden. -- forgot his name that he is what they ran. The bill -- or you know what you clip but to little -- developer run that it's so bad that we were exposed to the bill nickel the and they were never really able to compensate for that but the terms of know getting guys off the field. I think Chan Gailey did. Haven't had a -- -- Cooper and go over or he didn't go because they've watched it whatever outside but sure he was in contact with reporters today. Got some got to change -- early in the year what they've -- -- for Aaron Williams because Brooks Brooks wasn't doing it or you know what. When you're talking about. Just. He is it to Dorsey or CNN and you know being. And being someone that was getting more more -- it see what word because George Wilson was playing lots and lots effectively. I think he did have a little bit of a candidate but. As much of an overseer as you would have liked. 8030515. Jonas jobless guy with a Soviet stadium today for the press conference. -- on WGR -- go right ahead. In my gut I don't. God I'm really really disappointed in the higher I'd Abu Doug Maroney is resonated just. I don't know much about the circuit -- -- all I know at 125. And you got a lot spread and how are not that restraint so opera until after a big impact coached. She didn't say big Naimi said they would go out and get the right guys. OK while the right guy -- been gone wrong when you don't have a quarterback in place and our cool and cloudy you know that. Wired because if you watch very watered and gotten -- assert his program. Into the -- you by fire playing in the worst conference in the NCAA. To a twenty to eleven point five record after working for years signature women. A beating her over. Rated West Virginia. And I don't literally when my -- Missouri and they had the Missouri which beat Florida like listen. You don't have I'm not here to -- have to like the higher but. You you realize you're making that decision to discredit the things that he's done right. OK why why do that. Because there are loving left Lovie Smith got a raw deal and check out. Maybe he did that's right I like Lovie Smith this is -- about Lovie Smith right up about -- -- on why do you choose to discredit what he's done when people that were. That that watch that team all say he did a good job and what it was a good thing he was a success but if you want. But but nobody more help placate for the consideration. Need not playing anybody no competition and that's. That can't protect Albert does. Horrible they were ten and 37 the previous four years. I understand that back. -- yeah that's it laws. And then he got 25 and 25 over forty years all right so it obviously turning the program -- -- -- -- -- I understand that. Actor -- You we we aren't -- -- mobile -- rebuilding mode now because you that we're working that coach and you know quarterback. And only regret what makes that all the rebuilding mode because there's no there's no wired readers nor Andrew Luck -- -- editor -- Neither one of those guys is around anymore they're -- -- of oil head coach of the latest develop the quarterback in college is about to go in round two around one in the draft Cuba. By Andrew Luck commit to a fourteen colts team that made -- play -- I mean come on. Right so where they re so you're rebuilding unless you get lock or or Griffin. What a lot of -- yeah Seahawks the Seahawks took a third round cornerback with the same coach who'd been an NFL failure of the playoffs. Right but they've offered up the pieces in place and a good receiving corps agree on. One of the top running back in the league and but I went about it I entered the -- ultimately. It could have a good receiving corps. All. And now. Popped well a little. I'm not just ignore it -- -- other car is any better than the bills went on top running backs in the league Marchand really good you know wells is CJ Spiller. Ever everybody gets on the bills last year that we thought was going to go to the playoffs challenge for the last. The almost all back with the team maybe the exception the quarterback so. And it's a rebuild I think it's a try something new. Let me let me -- to rebuild means you take pieces off and you say this is working we're starting over. And I don't think the bills are buying it that way or another they should rich thanks for the call Joseph thanks for your input is always. Yeah.

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