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WGR550>Topics>>Russ Brandon Talks Coach Marrone and Potential Staff

Russ Brandon Talks Coach Marrone and Potential Staff

Jan 7, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Russ Brandon buddy nix in between the new coach of the bills dog more -- -- show -- the Bulldog here we'll talk to -- Brandon just a moment. We're saying the seventeenth coach -- fuel counts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely it froze the accounts now seventeen. Yeah I've sort perjured rich oh. Congratulations Russ. Hey thanks Mike ball like -- guys are doing well -- But -- Monday you know has done a lot of a lot of energy in the building camaraderie and looking forward to get working we're -- -- and our staff and he is definitely fired up and -- ago. I don't will hold much you'll be willing to tell the fans about how this process all unfolded roster but it certainly is at least at the outset here. Something that's really interesting to me and I think it is the Mike as well like this the kind of a timeline. I think -- said the news conference that. Doug morrow was the second guy you interviewed for a I'm gonna assume -- it was a list. Could wipe out Doctor Who but I don't know maybe. You know I -- most of this report is not happy to -- we talked to Ken Whisenhunt Lovie Smith. Ray Horton. Chip Kelly and he -- -- so. We we met with wisdom when we went out there on Tuesday we've we've met with -- on. Tuesday evening. And I believe Doug was the secular and he was a third and arguably. I think we've we've met to -- on Wednesday. Mourning for. Quite a few hours and then -- we -- when Doug later that he report. There was a report Monday night for -- chapter that you and Cleveland. Both wanted to talk to Maroney or even had plans to. Is is that if that's right so then what he's flies out to Arizona and knowing that. Right you know we talked to coach incentive for you -- we've heard he was heading out there we made contact with him. And does agree with let's get together while we're out here. And set up a time and in ours as I mentioned many times over yours to us thorough and exhaustive but it is also exhilarating you know it was a great opportunity. To me where is this some outstanding head coaching candidates. Guys have done in the league like like Canon and Lovie. You know I've said across from love you reach me for nine years and we were set up its Chicago are so sore right across from us so it was great to have. Have the opportunity to have to catch up with him. And obviously he has spent -- -- a lot of time with chip and ray Horton. Is an outstanding candidate he's going to be a heck of -- head coach in the -- So how like how -- you end up making the choice if these if these guys are accomplished the might bring different Palm Springs in May be different weaknesses to the table. But what stood out about Maroney Mike how many how many times did you meet with -- -- over the course of the time you -- don't. -- at least four. We. You know we had a criteria Bulldog where we were really focused. -- bring someone in that had a highly competitive nature. Highly intellectual. Someone who would hold people accountable. And drive our organization culture. Into the future. And preferably. We luck somewhere benefit of experience. And who is someone who are Bennett head coach so -- fit all that criteria. And as you went through the interview -- Doug you realized. How impressive he was. How ready he was for this opportunity. You know the people that you spoke to about him on that there was another layer of -- order you know on the we were content. Complementary towards him. And it I'm not gonna say it's not. Wasn't a difficult decision I mean when you're near the opportunity to spend some time in front of those men and some of the accomplishments have. It was a very difficult. A decision we just felt corps admiral was the right man to read our position in the future and there was a right time to bring -- -- -- spraying them with us Mike -- in the Bulldog WGR Russ how long have you known dog. I've been an acquaintance of -- for probably 1520 years like but. Dead just that now we know we've got mutual friends and and that's where this businesses it's pretty small fraternity. Of new every guy in that room pretty well during the course of have me up to interview with I had not met -- coach Kelly before so did you none panda. -- Which you say you didn't really know this guy no I don't really know are really no I don't rather than you know we we know be children -- sale low and would run into him occasionally. In Syracuse. If I was back there. But no I did not have a personal relation -- everything -- would have had one right I mean -- -- somewhat anyway -- scouting Syracuse players sure -- and in -- and they go back studio from the time. He was at Georgia Tech and he was at Georgia. He was that a few they're in Tennessee somebody obviously called on -- schools. Dog's father in law is a legendary coach in Tennessee. So nobody did all of dog from a call on schools throughout the years. So I guess one question could be whose idea was it. -- if if nix goes back to that void and you sit down at whatever point -- say -- right were released opened it. Needing somebody new for this job. This -- your member like -- his first his name first came across your desk so to speak. Yeah I know we -- set down a motive candidates and -- was certainly analyst. For what he accomplished at Syracuse. He you know all too well Mike what we're searchers was before he came there and he took a program literally. Drove to the basement. In division one athletics. Or believe in -- won four games in four years or ten games in four or something along those lines and brought search respect respectability. Back to being competitive. Each and every game one to bowl games and everything that you had heard throughout the school the community. What you don't where that program which remarkable. Yet ten and 37 as the record Bjorn Chad for years prior to room getting their from the fifteen game improvement over. The same time point five and 25 and you get to pick your own some of your opponents. The way to go to college yeah that's that's especially bad if you -- us -- how important was that turnaround that he that he was at the we'll. For turning a program around I mean you're setting yourself last last Tuesday blamed been tarnished. In their brand was tarnished as well right. In what he did in turning around the culture in that building within their university in that community. Was outstanding work -- not easy work that is not the easiest place and in college football to win. And what he was able to do their there's certainly resonated but also his body of work in the NFL and he was a part. Closed in New Orleans staff that turned the corner would have franchises well. About franchise hadn't won in forty years and to see. The direction that he was on that staff with coach Payton and what they were able to accomplish there. Was also very impressive. And all the reports that his time as the offensive line coach in New York were very positive as well so. High marks hallway around and from what we've heard a coach -- Russell little more on the process I'm curious how important it is in May be if it's challenging at all to. Have. An open mind like a clean slate going into this I know. On Tuesday before you guys all left Colin Doug -- talked about the Pittsburgh guys on the connections to Horton. And in Whisenhunt. That your body next to head guys maybe in mind after all these years and maybe YouTube like. Do you go in thinking this is the guy we'd really like to start outwit or is it just really objective clean slate and is that the -- Yeah you have a pulled Everett there it needs to be totally objective. And we went out there and challenged ourselves to make sure it was completely objective. You. Have park are saying that -- say internally. And we wanna have a lot of internal debate. And then we wanna have external immunity. We wanna make sure that we challenge and debate ourselves and make sure there were making the best choice for this organization. Here for this community. Because it's a very very important hire. So personal relationships aside. We have to sit back and and in look at each candidate with a laser focus. And make sure that we were all on the same page and it was across the board when we were done with the process coast -- -- Russ Brandon here on on WGR. Word you guys me is it at a at an office building visit and a that would be a restaurant when it. But these things happened while we are actually in an area hotel in Arizona hotel commission against like those rooms I went over -- -- -- -- -- and Derek yeah. Good Smart at at one of those big rooms were you here at the hotel you don't. Never know it really what's going on exactly. But you guys was or other teams in the same hotel do this I don't believe so but when I heard all these reporters on divers. I I thought for sure I'd be run -- a -- marketers what you said Maroney was -- you heard he was going out there was he going out there for Cleveland. He has some other interviews lined up this all right so you sort of gone down to that I mean that's in that as a bad thing at all -- we're gonna meet him it just happened that he was going out there as well so okay it just all worked out. -- you -- plays to go when you made all those arrangements go to Arizona. At the time not knowing. Right if he was a part of that. Well we had reached out to him and as we are setting our schedule even at the time of the press conference last for Mike. We were very confident we were gonna get out to see coach Whisenhunt. And coach Horton. In Arizona. But then when when we reached out her coach from -- we found out he was there as well so we're just -- decided to panel that while we're there. -- is there anybody else you long wanted to talk to that may be. And this I ask this because it -- it came up at the news conference. Authorities -- settling we waited another game we're gonna lose our guy. At the time we're starting to press on you like to beat do you feel like you did you covered everybody wanted to cover or did did the way things were starting to fall. Force you to make a decision maybe before you talked every candidate. Well we certainly had our focus and interest -- coach Moroni and when we were don't -- the process we said to ourselves and we knew there are a lot or there was a lot of other interest and coach wrong. And when we had made the decision. To go in that direction we decided that. Let's put our feet on the ground. And let's sit here and try to get something done with coach. We thought we did in a very thorough process. And we would have kept going in the process if we felt we had found the right candidate. But it was very clear to us that that courtroom was where is so we want to lead our organization. Interesting so I think that reveals something that. While you're like as you said earlier today your focus only on your own team. And these sorts of things but don't don't you really by saying what you just said admit you have to also know what else is going on around you. Or you're aware of a mark for sure you know and what it was in the best interest of our own team what we were. All very set records from -- was the right man for the job so we said. Let's get -- in let's bring him off. -- sounded to me he was pretty smooth the media didn't release. Guys are asking about schemes and that -- it's too early for them I would agree with that he wasn't gonna answer those questions I've got no criticism of that. When asked about coordinators. He gave a certain first. Answer first response of -- all. Whatever whatever it was either really reveal much and -- he said. Especially on defense somebody with experience and immediately I wondered about Lovie Smith who. For whatever it was really a buyout. It was being said by you know some pretty high ranking people in media that he wanted buffalo and of course he was on your list yes. What is what do you think is that realistic. What's realistic is we're going to be very aggressive in the pursuit of the right defense of coordinator. We're going to be we're coach Maroney and we're gonna go to work on that SAT. What will be very aggressive wouldn't be fair to say that Lovie Smith's reported attraction to this job as a head coach. Was from your conversations you would have had with him based on the defensive personnel the this year. Certainly I think I think the roster in general. Bulldog I think he was very impressed were simply -- talent and has been put together over the past three years. And we had a tremendous conversation with coach Smith I think there is an attraction across the board. The personal personal as a whole court -- Russ -- with us here on WG -- which opened the bulldogs the bills announcing dog Maroney is their new head coach today. -- last week when we were here talking about this every day. The name we talk about most was Chip Kelly Wright and by Friday there were reports that he was all but gone with Cleveland. Then Friday night was you actually were talking to one there was some back and forth and that sure. What happened. What we we went through the same process for coach Kelly that we -- -- everyone else we're at a very light the conversation. -- interview process -- of coach Kelly he is enormously impressive. Very. They're obviously very innovative and has tremendous -- short and you know there was Marti you're headed on that and and there are so many different reports -- Enron or yours -- merit. He when we've when we set down. You know his focus was on the best opportunity for for what he was looking for and that was the potential of staying at or. And we an area open dialogue and and when it was all said and done we refer of course -- was -- was about escrow for a are you saying that you thought. Kelly really wanted to stay an -- deep down no I you know I I think he was very open minded you know I mean he had. At least three interviews that I know -- -- I think he had multiple interviews and maybe one location I'm I'm not sure region -- receive the same -- you do. Posted I've even -- I've I've. Someone told me and all that he was staying in -- I don't know that to be true. Was there are some thing. That he wanted. That. You thought was just untenable and meat and -- on and so we now know mocha no I'm in the immediate seems to know so many reports out there they -- and all this control and he wants -- -- ball. And and that's where it is and and he he was very very clear about that viewers we're. He was very interest in the reports that -- yes but at the same time he's gonna be if he goes back organ that -- there's possible violations there. And it's out of like the browns were just absolutely stronghold bottom I mean I don't know your you know the people better than I do. So that's weird about that like in -- it still might step and I I went after it for it I can't speak for his situation. Outside of our conversation. Real it was an excellent arms you you mentioned -- innovative and of course analytic something you talked about right last Tuesday. How does how does -- our own measure up in an area. Actually it's amazing. The focus that he has in that area. It. Going back to some of things they didn't in the New Orleans but then what he carried over to Syracuse. Here is highly involved in the analytical side of the business. Across. Really all layers of of the football operation and that's something that we will look at moving forward how he wants to implement layered into. What he does and how we go about our organization as a whole but. It's something that's very important. You -- a couple minutes were the questions on this before we let you go Ross course. We've spoken until he could come a long wait a week here that was not even a week ago this and as it Tuesday but. There are lots of different facets of analytics and I'm getting email I'm sort of maybe. Known to some listeners says it never -- guy and the word analytics on a superficial level equates to that. Soul you know people assume his morals and income people are just hit me with a we putted the fourth and one at the 32 -- USC's. Like what what is it that you mean when you say how involved he has. Well I know they utilizes sit there and every. Aspect of his operation and we you have to talk to him Mike how much utilizes a game planning it's such. But you when I talked about that last week. My focus is why not provide. Our scouts are pro personnel department and our football coaching staff. Every ounce of information possible. To improve your chances of winning. That does not take away and what I believe and first and foremost and scouting is that the human element. It is the lead process error of the scouting operation. It's why would you not use more information why would you not use more information when you're putting together a business program whatever it may be. You're doing yourself a disservice if you dude. Look at every opportunity get better. So you know my focus is down the road as we -- we build this out is to take have a football analytics. Operations that provides quantitative and information to help everyone this organization. Get better quality control repeat ability. Whatever may be. But. And also gives you an opportunity to be collaborative. In him and build their culture. Are providing cross input on all decisions and Mac it. Feels to me though were a long way from a coach. Listening to. Quote and quotes that guys telling him. What the right kind of -- is just I don't know Mike when it comes that you know certain calls and email in bay they provide. He and others -- detentions -- provide coaches all of that kind of information but I think be very interested. And when you get a chance to speak to Doug who how involved he is in that process good I'm eager to do that actually to meet them. How many people do you see yourself. Hiring for this part you know I haven't spent a lot of time drawing the department and spent and we've and so as you said -- busy over the past week. -- sit down with body and Jim Colbert orphaned. And Dan Evans who runs or IT department and we're gonna talk about that furthers re going to the next few months but. It'll certainly be. A prop part of our operation movement or okay. Bulldog any ideas what -- what kind of time line if there is one -- On on undone when we look how secure this is some kind of a silly season guys are moving around it. Is Doug Whaley secure here and I very much so is there. A plan in place that you can tell us about for him to take over for body at some. -- nobody talked about bodies -- you know bars or general manager. Dollars or assistant GM and and body has been. Providing -- more more opportunity within the operation. Over the last years so. And our focus is on our structures that takes place but Doug is very secure and -- beer bottle bill for years come. Russ any questions for us. Happy that hockey is back. Yes I I I think so. Although I think so I mean we're similar in on our -- yes I am ultimately it's it's I've said for a few weeks for us are really few months it's professionally I'm I'm happy. Good you know as a fan I'm an idea not -- Russian home to watch the games is the product sometimes leave you wanting but overall. You know it's good for work I -- it's good for business downtown you know I'm happy are you happy it's back I'm thrilled that spectrum and such a great community asset and it's it's great for the spirit and energy were so. We're -- through this. Someone it and told me in all a hockey back I was thrilled for. The -- goes in and everybody involved at the -- operation as it was pretty not getting up yesterday right I I I think it will support -- night and there's two messages from the station. Text messages that went out to people who subscribe to it one you guys admired her own two hockey spectrum like. She's -- -- pretty that's a pretty good morning we appreciate and are you guys are working at this ball information and now we're back and back reproach real time ago has put -- it. Thank you Russ congratulations again thanks guys Russ Brandon. The Syracuse athletic director doctor gross Daryl gross will be on -- later in the hour. We'll talk about this big news and take your calls on of course as we go into or up to 7 o'clock Jerry --

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