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WGR550>Topics>>Does Jerry Sullivan Think Doug Marrone Can Win in Buffalo?

Does Jerry Sullivan Think Doug Marrone Can Win in Buffalo?

Jan 7, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And and new cutting has asked that question today I think I think that's true I I got a feeling -- -- -- fell. Chip Kelly -- too much cutting edge and we love him but. I don't know what happened there but it's still football coaches that still there's this still. Hard to drag those guys. All the way toward a Chip Kelly and her own music. Is a good and a good way to middle now I think is a good football coach and I think sometimes we just over rate how brilliant these guys have to be you know. If -- McCarthy and Tomlin and John Payton in Alton quarterback will look we when you're you're all very different time as head coach is not that complicated. Right the thing like most about all the scary is that in what you were here for our many of these coaches. That with a seventeen Internet of whatever it is. You've been to plenty of these news conferences and you heard Russ Brandon talked many times. And we've joked around this building for years no one -- -- what the Buffalo Bills -- like that is Ross. And last Tuesday he talked all the really good game for most of that news conference maybe a great game promote the bad news conference about it being a new day. And I've got enough scars on me is a built in -- long to be skeptical. To this extent and a Chip Kelly had brand recognition it would be good for them. -- it to get a guy who has that big of a stock. Rebel analytic stuff like that that the rock star we got a rock star we're going to be on sports senator hard knocks is one of we've got to Kelly right. And tackled by the wayside and read them all back to the comfort zone weighs in on their Lovie Smith -- you could safely prop up there and say. These guys -- we've seen him do it blah blah blah they still went. All the all that the site and I I think -- -- follow through incorporated atlas to. Yes and I think that. Is he said he didn't hear the guy is from university I don't know what level they are. But he got an extra break here I think with the guy from Syracuse. And I don't think it was a coincidence that came right out and talked about being from the Bronx and -- it Cortland and playing at Syracuse and coaching answer who's now in in now he -- the buffalo has buffalo people love. He's won a boss and his cell in the New York State thing. A few weeks after are almost as there on Skype and tells us he's gonna help pay for English police but yes that's him -- yes. You're right I'm showing my age your 1980. You're right and the only -- -- any of us from New York is through politics. Until today and it's likely. It back to sell tickets that it's in the back of -- is monitors in this this works you know and let. You know. People don't think of Syracuse as our state. Division one football school but they are are UBL. New York University football team they are yet. And he -- he resurrected -- New York State's division one college football when -- power but they used to put a lot of people in the league. And now he's come -- -- buffalo also I think some people that will work. I think the only three. It's that division one -- anymore top level college football teams in New York State or Syracuse buffalo and army is that is that are right there goes the only three. In the state. Anyway -- for anything warrants I think none of that's that's not on the same level -- can he win. So. That's a good question that's why I asked about the quarterback would you would you -- rookie out there because based on what happened this year. Because you wanna develop quickly in the league rookie quarterbacks can play or my Tedisco Lula. A veteran of course in answered questions about the best players in the field sure sure he used to have not answering your question right. Randle Patrick finally his really really care -- -- borrow them sometime. He's -- he's gonna start having a NFL coaching record here. And they. They're not rebuilding. The -- at Syracuse he got up the first year and and they worry abilities we're not rebuilding. And an -- they're not rebuilding I don't think the bills -- rebuilding new quarterback new coach well well depends on. That that's one way of rebuilding I think a rebuilding as your program is -- rock bottom in your you're gonna lose for awhile. You don't spend a hundred million dollars on the left and and talk about three great drafts. And talk about rebuilding. I'm not that's Annie asked the win nine games they go six and ten again and if they draft the rookie quarterback in this and things seem to go out cam -- crush. This coach. That to me it's in years three and that maybe year to below what it's all about my saying they're rebuilding by saying I would accept that. No. But I think what he might want us to win as much right away as he can't and -- and fine. I mean it will let retard the development of a rookie quarterback. If it's going to be really intimacy -- they would they do because it sounds like they're gonna go for veterans and they're gonna draft a rookie. And they're gonna let him compete and the best -- -- -- court. And I think of year. Buddy nix -- -- Russ Brandon have been in vessels minded defense and having believe you're gonna get there this year. I think you play the veteran and -- this rookie is another RG three which I doubt. Any clues at all I don't. Really didn't come up specifically at the news conference from wandering from you know people even talking to having added a and Dana have for so. With this news what the bill think of his quarterback at Syracuse. -- I -- I don't know him I know they've looked at him and I nobody's said it. He's one of the guys that their interest -- -- them before they went after all night. And a hard time getting through it as a package why yeah why would you need the coach for the quarterback and and vice Versa will. I don't even know what it what he thinks what moral things he probably as a battle line on. On NASA than anybody else sure thing -- you might think nine amateur or he needs a couple years he could be that. If they really like Camelot. Will they take them eight overall or will they'd like him enough to take him in the second round and say we're gonna go get Alex Smith I I don't. He's leaving school to a good day for him to out here you know what I wonder about it's like you know this the kind of thing that I I I find myself getting hung up on thinking about. The Rome where the interviews taking place. Like if if the bills draft people mix really have an idea at this point it's early in the process. That misty might be available in the second -- you have. You went with -- if we can get him at 4041 whenever -- -- topic will be like. But it really help themselves that they think they can get a guy that can win in the NFL. Early and draft you know some linebacker at an -- girl like that be pretty pretty dreamy. Yeah. It never said it would take the quarterback in the first round. Apparently there are a lot of great. Prospects though quarterbacks and to soar up the -- was in his. Suddenly the -- mock drafts a guy starts to move that could happen like there was rivers with so many other guys. McCain pick of the draft a couple of years ago locker went soaring up the block with Christian Ponder ability. So it could easily be another mean NASA could be ponder locker and if people start truly believe any tests out well. Maybe the ticket you know because it there guys good enough and people start to bleeding -- different as quarterback. If you've taken a chance. -- it sounds like you're on board here. The play with Elvis to the bureau board a week ago you and I sat at the stadium Gailey had been fired it was only. Skepticism that the minute the day before in the press box like that -- the jets that was eight days ago. Think of how far they've come. -- out not everybody was certain they would do that especially the way that Monday morning started. -- it wasn't like there was a long time there but people wondered and then the next day. For all intents and purposes people leave them Ralph Wilson is out. What happened here. Today in in the recent days furthers that the credibility to that. I would have to say. And now this now a coach with a zero and zero record despite reported. Interest from. You know established if not excellent NFL coaches people who they interviewed. Eight days now maybe unlike. With some people think I'm not negative about everything. That I think your Amazon's part yes he was he was bad that I think -- on -- yes bad -- I have to think everybody's uninspired -- did that in just do that by reflex. Mean this wasn't the greatest choice but I'm readable I'm ready to believe they can work. Maybe I'm guilty of that later accused fans of the point as their need to believe is greater than. The reality at hand but I I and maybe I spent too much time talk into the old players about the comeback. Realize that doesn't always have to suck here and so I. And this is a guy that other people want and so maybe it's time for them to get Smart and lucky and if they don't look. Neck and neck and kill them for this time. In my network. You're wrong -- You know I've felt that could work. In the State's football it's not that the complicating get a quarterback right to work go to work you know Sean Payton was -- genius in its old. -- the side of the -- -- -- might have been as these vitamins and get that. This is what the Ralph news goes from me -- I'm I'm right with few. And I wouldn't be if not for what happened at the top of the organization that's what the with with Ralph involved to whatever extent he was in the continuing efforts made by Ross Brandon and the bills to tell you. That that Ralph Wilson was involved in decisions. Just you know these. Unbelievable. Statements and claims that -- if -- If if he's if that doesn't happen. I am entirely skeptical of all lists I'm just thinking what is the catch. But sure they get the same guy I mean there's a a is a good -- they don't but that there's got to be. I fell into this feeling and I don't know that I should of that they would never win. They would never win if they're touching it you said it if they're touching it it will end badly. I don't I don't think that the ruby because of that there was I'd sitting here today not feeling that way I would be feeling that way if not for the change at the. At the top Mike if he had not made -- Buddy nix has bosses wouldn't event I don't believe what -- I don't think language Cam Cameron and I don't I don't think and I don't think buddy nix does this well. I'd -- -- -- absolutely right. And -- If on some level Ralph Wilson decided. He needs something like this in his someone that would go younger and changed the whole culture but that's what he did it. The minimal credit. -- write finally with -- -- than three years ago. I think it you know -- talk legacy here but I think it speaks well of them that it happened in his lifetime. That it wasn't instead a situation where Ralph Wilson died and then finally it was Chicago Blackhawks or something and there were notes that there was a new rule sweeping through healing around the team within the team so yes I I think this is pretty cool. Let's get the -- 8030550. Is our number Jerry Sullivan from the Buffalo News -- with us Mike show in the Bulldog until six. Here's Jason next hi Jason. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I heard about according to. Storms are urged it'll make this game you know hole. You want to do. Meant LQ but aren't. Is gentler sort of built during the and we look forward. It theory at this point at. The quarterback Kirk. Well. They're there have to you know I I just I might my comment about that a few minutes ago is is like. It makes a lot of sense to me to do with the ponder. Whether they think they can get this guys quarterback in the second or some other quarterback in the second round I was in college football all I'll -- he'd be at this point by. Com. Yeah I I I don't think you have to do -- really. But his connection to the Syracuse quarterback net NASA would would intrigue me. They have the F franchise quarterback right not true. So I I think if admit there have to be guys out there that are potential for an is going to be Dalton's -- the next if there's not lots -- Griffin's bind them identify them and get them. And if if there's somebody who's worthy of top five. Move up again I think this is the year for that nick said he would do it. If this -- so great is they're saying that it that it helped attract a candidate. They can trade draft picks now go get the quarterback if you think he's up there if you're confident he'll be there eight or forty whatever. Fine. But don't don't mess it up don't not. Do what -- said last Tuesday even -- And that includes if you need to move up to get this guy you go get them. Jerry Sullivan with us until six -- talk about the end of the NHL lockout to. -- Second billing here but Tom. Still huge story obviously the sabres will be on the ice. In in their shortened camp by the weekend and then. Perhaps schemes as soon as the middle of next week seems at the latest would be next Saturday the nineteenth.

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