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1/8 Whiner Line

Jan 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is -- it's the light on them they never -- eight point 30234. This is hampering relief to the listeners of WG ER Sports Radio 550 this season. She are literally underline that drug do you buy that premier group wine may be easy. The reps are equipped and strongest while won't hurt searchers where the water out of proportion like so insert. The national championship it got there aren't you know what think a lot of stuff below this I find what's. -- -- guys right I've heard a lot of people doing that a ton of -- like your show but the -- All day yesterday. They that they called the NCAA -- petition that that that Syracuse get a shot in tonight's game. Because all lot of people are treating it as though he won the national championship yeah -- them into adult content okay continue your column glad you're making this brave stance. College football I would go straight drop all in all orange -- all. Week we are. We are bigger all blue -- that you don't call it -- worry. -- really look at all. Yeah as the instrument. -- -- top pinstripes are invited to that game -- you'll -- articles on place. -- -- Forget it plays -- around so it's it's every person's perspective you can yeah Allen's screen doesn't calls -- plays you can call up and say. Well last guy called zone plays and he was terrible game managers who made it's good that the head coach doesn't callers. Well -- No pro guard certain but it. You know it -- -- Allred you took off what so -- people do it further job period six demand for well what else. -- -- -- -- On the global awkward football scene well what I've heard -- report you. Are you fear of yup. I just -- that was act that was a joke that joke just a joke early April bulls rank and politely not really welcomed what they called a press conference so well the camera. They -- six candidates. -- -- -- -- -- -- Won the Internet anybody other than Andy Reid put -- the Rooney rule. That's right it would I don't know they interview on the -- did -- mean that bears are interviewing every candidate known to man -- make with their fans feel any better that is. Ridiculous there's about note stone unturned. They go turn over five stones that you finally you're looking for. Appease right a lot of senate -- -- potato bugs. But that's what I should -- what buddy nix said yesterday that he was asked as they go fighting to do more interviews -- with -- out he was asked specifically why didn't you wait. And talk to coaches who were involved in playoff games is that's weakening said. Rep when you do that if we we found our god we had our guy and if we waited any longer we would have lost -- so they decided this the guy we like. Why screw around. It's like taking a quarterback you know -- around a -- to around three for life quarterback go get him in round one we spend so much time. Explaining totally reasonable things. Let's talk more candidates because they like exact. -- put it why did they like him. Because he got a 2525. Wrecked yet at a -- have that because comforts his theater program nearly united in high school has sent thirty so before I'll. Obviously they've never heard the legend of for -- There -- jobs that are more important great. If you actually look at the stats you actually board or get caught. And -- got to get asked. Because of Mardi -- as we are where we are artwork we've still stands still -- -- -- -- there for quite a lot lot of golf. Published here are not accomplished and then get a little worker for the ninth hole. Which is well salt or what she's -- level they're at this note shortly church here to tell if you -- well quirk. Well off aren't cheap shots well adults and just what we call. -- Who had the -- the defense. Punishment for the Benoit itself its customers bills and some of them. But until it sure we get this through this commissioner I will no longer be effective. Yeah I'm not worried because yeah I expect that the vocal favored -- they'll -- anyway and it's all thanks to mr. Abbott who. Also is very tight lip service commissioner -- national ice sucker. So listen. I'm sure they'll do well I won't let some old -- that would get. I'm not -- you probably should adds we love you -- what is that I. Below one more way and a lot of lime rock to by the -- who you would particularly like sucking today wasn't you know.

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  Not yet. I need to see him play well/stay healthy the rest of the season.
  No. He's not the answer. I wouldn't re-sign him.
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