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WGR550>Topics>>1/8 Former Bills tight end Mark Campbell on playing for Doug Marrone

1/8 Former Bills tight end Mark Campbell on playing for Doug Marrone

Jan 8, 2013|

Former Bills TE discusses Doug Marrone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Howard Jeremy good morning -- right Dolan. I know are -- report great thanks for Helen -- nice to hear from you. No problem so looking. It's all of bill's fans that are listening what tell what first off what you thought of Doug grown since you know you obviously don't from your time in New Orleans. Oh my god. Why aren't -- out there -- -- the bills -- what to say who. Are entered -- -- which -- victory you know I'm back from Katrina itself. Not bad luck -- bad though a lot of is a great deal where obviously. It got was you know we offered the coordinator now would that be. I. Don't actually Sean Payton's job there to get back all the white chocolate that coach. At a lot of responsibility. Besides you called the play in in on the offer and week two weeks ago are not dealt with -- Can't -- go for shock you know it always been able to return they'll and to all of -- And that's why rarity there I don't double going to be a -- to appoint I've got a -- -- -- and are you wanted to be here are -- good drag in wires. It off with a YIQ. Could you want goes -- what the Y and there as well. The player thought brought him but respected -- there are you you know you are around that. So I don't you have -- what are thought to be back or not I'm not a fair value. There are lots irk you -- -- -- what they've done all that year but I don't know about three and out Burma out and I actually -- -- -- well I've coached to. -- -- -- part where Doug -- buffalo it you know well you know somewhat. Familiar with the area I think got -- part for him. But you know he's -- to -- -- the baby or -- you know it's here and not as well at that could have done. Yeah it got a man -- are here with them. Pick -- culture and not have -- people and all of that's what happened Merrimack. It work we got a pretty bad being rocked at your -- your parents are to be opted out. Always great play -- you know awful play. It would if it kilowatt paying I think he take from Sean Payton and go -- that would -- -- unit stall. -- I am. Glad that the players. Culturally. I guarantee you one -- there -- that argument and Acura next year all walks for the bills. You got the right guy Doug were allowed in the deck cheaper beer market all you know about what -- I -- soccer -- it. Look like a lot better budget deadlock that Robert could you got these big duck he picked that third out there but I would say. You know who do anymore we are all are -- You know that the computer correct that there. -- wanna ask it one of the maybe either the concerns that fans have is what you talked about when he was in New Orleans it was Sean -- offense and he and he he granted he called plays all that stuff. From what you can see though he did talk a little bit of out. The offensive abilities -- that the offensive mind if you will. Of dug around it's a projection because it was -- -- is often spoke could you tell us any give us any insight. All -- offensive mind at that point. -- -- that point. I thought was. Mostly not to like strike took a little different. Period bank in the apply coaching. A little bit we're right they do you think about god and pull off an epic about I don't care how many guys we have -- you know people out from running out. Coming out I get to protect the quarterback -- -- not checked out well. I think I saw that trip or -- air. And god you know from the three year I was there from. If you are a lot you know -- that -- You know it but any other team did. And are your wallet so offensively speaking out they -- a guy that. It got to -- -- you gotta wash away and mosque are pretty good pick. Yeah. You know I think right now what you are -- happy Munich could escalate. -- I want to go to struck almost the attitude is you know helper immune quarterback play. It was well. So -- You know pick then epic that. You know dug in its effort gonna have -- -- or the direction of the game. Market analyst for bills' tight -- was in New Orleans when -- Rome was the offensive coordinator he -- said from what we've read and heard about him. He is said to be a no nonsense. Disciplinarian kind of guy nine you mentioned a moment ago he was hard. On the guys on the offensive line no nonsense straight shooter disciplinarian does that sound about right. Yet if it does sound about right but I will say it's allocate one -- that it -- hard you just to be ardent in our. He has reason for doing things. -- I could be our product at a younger guys -- going to be an older guy that is earned it. You're gonna make guys earned his respect will say that you know the first year. Opera -- -- -- is probably going to be pretty rough the person that training camp those sort they couldn't talk fire out. Who's gonna states equip what are are -- Certainly some follow up here the one thing that I will say though is is you know I live for any coach. To be part on a guy and yet they still like camp it's still see you know the personality that I coach in India closed one of those guys can do that. Mark Campbell is the don't ask about -- before that to go defensively. You know that's. The defense is a mess up their markets you probably well know. And -- said yesterday Maroney took exception summits that hey you're an offensive minded guy how to fix the defense and he said he took exception. And being labeled an offensive guy that that he's been attacking defense is his whole life how do you think you'll do. Trying to fix the defense here. Republican -- -- gonna be different. -- -- -- -- are part of coach you carry a label that directly softer right. -- girl and her coach everything our in our minds. Other topic for me what I think about what the coach -- object I would -- point pretty soft defensively want to you know pro ball out of field. Yeah I understand what I would -- -- reported. It area are in the top -- part of coaching and you know I'm. Habitat for sale last night. I actually -- you know he's clear but not being addressed he offered any tougher not to address these are. So you know there's there a point from our perspective. That you're trying to read your leader it. How he reacts. You know I don't admire them buffalo we -- you know. Great audience there when I first got there and Greg that the -- mentality as well Jerry -- So really really good -- -- Bob well. -- -- I think that god has put you you've got the mindset to be here -- a soft besides the moderate guy as well. I think bad you know what happens next step again you know look out into the corner yet nurse who got what about parents. You won't see how walks out of and that's kind of looked the part of us that no one knows yet it's. You know that's great -- don't wallow. Going to be Cabrera got a two -- there are a lot of work. Right well you know at the one blessing when asked about you kind of touched on a little bit it goes more to his his personality I guess he was very. Close to the -- yesterday mark you -- revealed very little. It seemed like he was big on he kept talking about how I wanna talk to the players first I don't wanna communicate through the media. I want to talk to these guys have got to earn his trust can you talk a little bit about what you know. Man to man. That relationship you had with him it seems like he's really big line you know. This kind of not circle the wagons but it's few and you know you players we coach is we're in this together and were you know we're gonna you know we're going to be a tight knit group kind of thing. You know I -- I I think -- you know for AM. Every few yards and a power beyond regarding the war just stands there and I'd let her opinion -- right now. He definitely has willow bit of that -- mentality you're not gonna air. -- -- Player strip and you are right debt so for airport it's harder and harder to get a really good every year. That's what you haven't altered you know but you know you know you -- -- a -- relationship -- the players themselves. I recommend your whole lot of media. Well listen mark it's good to talk GO we appreciate always enjoyed talking to you when you're up here thank you very much for coming all of us this morning. Reverend or as Mark Campbell for bill's side and again if you just join Islam -- -- -- Monday.

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