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1/8 Joe B willing to give new Bills coach Marrone a shot

Jan 8, 2013|

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The warning Islam. I don't you know just stuff. What really happened yesterday was it was very ordinary average day didn't spend all that much time at the stadium there was. Well we are and is very is a really boring Presley still had a front row seats and we don't use is less likely to fall asleep. Now that it asleep when -- -- yet -- the front row how did you get to the front row already I thought that was reserved for like the longtime print guys. Well no ability -- The front -- always told us so well over the past couple years sort of like -- Gulfport. I'd never go -- probably I'd never even tried. I would even consider sitting down I made it once to like may be wrote to but it never even thought of trying to sit down and -- lot of leg room up there now that. -- -- It's it's great and I don't really feel it its early audience. Sitting next a solid very much hope that. And a well congratulations on that it was a boring press conference -- he really didn't. And he really didn't say much in and I don't mean it as a way to judge whether the guy's gonna be a failure or or a success because as we said earlier. Gregg Williams had a fire and brimstone press conference I wanted to play for the guy when I left the room that day. And he was a complete failure as a head coach. But you think it's it's all by design he -- the legitimately let me talk to the players I don't wanna talk to you guys before I tell them my plan -- I think it's that what effect from following a few folks who follow -- he's pretty. -- the other intimately. It's the way I believe this simply was -- like OK because that -- evasive he used to that they'll spread -- so. -- and so I think you know he would a little bit. Carded a well what you want to say it was Smart because. Especially as a college coach got into the pros fear of it being your first head coaching job. No lasting you want to do what you're trying to establish the trust as he was talking as who's talking about. It is you know stepped up their code in that initial press conference would never even got the shop. The talk to these guys so well I would. I would anticipate that. Maybe yeah maybe you might open up all the more than he did in terms of personnel stuff and and you know but it stuck on the quarterback and who wouldn't like but. You know it's the introductory clip where they'll put. Yet they're. That there -- very. Don't want to label this a good or bad fire right from the get go because there nobody bearable when it comes to regulate coach. -- I interpreted it and similar respect that. Record label them in they'll either. Governor -- -- -- based on introductory press conference so yeah I was there wasn't really get really get much out there in terms of headlight -- But but you know he did at -- quick the literature string -- -- -- -- We got we got his outlook -- and what you look do. With the team in terms of play calling -- and that he's not going to be the guys that play that call what is so. There were few interesting nugget that prediction but by and large yeah you better if you get really get much. Joseph with a Seattle 30550 will talk about that the -- names that are being mentioned right now it's candidates for the defensive coordinators job and I remember -- you watched the game last night. I did what -- if I remember Alaska come anti -- out to. I I think -- there was very little you know I said yesterday before that you know we're on the show I said you know one of the reasons why like these things is like. You get a chance to start learning about the coach may be philosophies may be something in his personality. You know you kind of start determining all the more about this guy in and you couldn't do that yesterday look the one thing I thought that was most interest -- was what you said. We learned doesn't wanna do the play calling we learn that he wants the ROR accordance with -- NFL experience. But he views himself as more of a of a CEO as the guys in overseas offense defense special teams and it sounds like he's a guy who hire. The best possible people delegate and make sure everybody does their job. Yet there's no perfect formula political to a coach to let -- make sure the guy who is that coach. Is doing the you know -- in terms of calling plays or not calling plays. You'd just have to make sure that he is doing what is best for him and his team because some guy that can become -- -- by. Some guys can be consumed by play calling him and forget about the other stuff. And you know if I think. In Gailey was was a glorified. -- what's important here at buffalo premier expects. You know it could really do much -- a standout in terms over the terms of being head coach so. And so whether it's it's a good idea or bad idea really just depends on the guy that harder. But with Malone and I think it's a good thing that he is he's going with the overseer. Role. And rather then trying to. Trying to do too much. Which is the criticism both coaches -- of bill passed trying to. Trying to formulate. Or trying to. -- -- all have -- be everywhere in terms of in terms of the team the running assistant coaches. Delegate or that. You know that. If it's a coach could bet that would be a mistake. I think -- -- the principal looked. Okay log of -- by my data systems like he's sessions to do their job or job well and that they report accurately. With the tickets are for a guy like him and that would be that we -- Syracuse where we shouldn't let their defensive coordinator Dirk. And in packet as they're as well as record here and he he allowed them to do that thing and they really. You know they've really turned a corner -- at Syracuse in terms -- like calling him. You know with -- being. Bob let the coach last night until. And I think I think -- doing this would be with previous duke situation for a guy with a personality. Good to -- here in his second 8030550. The -- wanna ask you get just got to articles to read at our web -- one is about. Doug -- and and some of his comments and the bills brass their comments at the introductory press conference but you also have a story about. The two coordinator candidates at least -- being mentioned so far for defense of coordinator Mike -- from the jets now -- from the jaguars. Either one strike is someone to get excited about. I think like Clinton would be great hire. It just because. You know carrying it seemed like. -- so -- that the -- really. You know increase overall sense is over that we've seen here in local courts are now leading player -- -- league players by. Being in working with rexrodt. For the past eight years. The -- and in being on the same step as a triumph for. Since 2002. You know I think and respect where. Hackett Obama as -- -- of higher play caller in the NFL one that. It can help build a defense -- it like that there's anything -- Tibet. Thank thank you be a great partner. His first see their defensive coordinator with the jets they were both in the league in yards allowed import allowed. It worked out by the yards allowed in years to actually. Or or and select certain. And in. This last year they were -- in our club so I mean he's so we're static at least certainly get a result he didn't even when they go through some. Some the diversity like it that this past year with all the injuries that they -- and young guys -- all over the field. -- for the jets -- like that would be a particular. Because well he's he's got -- he's got to prove him. There -- -- -- track record of the sport so I think I think -- be interesting the most compelling question what Mike Patton go. He is the fact that he's been in the league for a longer the gas. -- -- keep that in that article well patiently for pay extra. And we've seen that they'll try to go to 34 and that and they didn't really out there coaching the -- -- -- to -- to pull it off. Nor the personnel to do it. So if that would be -- the guys that they inevitably higher which I don't know that they will governor typically a collection I don't know that. Well you wouldn't want to come here they are older star what -- The book the one question to consider. Is. What they switched back to a 34 in that case. And -- you know you always have to look at which peace is what would slightly aware of actually about the post a story that a rope. Entitled what would also like 34 with with the idea of like that might be being being a candidate for the job so I think an interest conversation and war -- I would necessarily. Dismissed right away. But but you know that personnel at this point more associates. But fortunately. 8030515. To join us Joseph the -- -- this year. -- your round with Joseph here on WGR go right ahead. Morning guys picture -- -- are gonna cut my. I discussed with this decision you Aubrey didn't get and it must. Opportunity. And we also -- to go out and grab somebody and get body still on the payroll we get the start from search here's. Forty what the circuit which it would absolutely terrible. Orders later they're still bad you know what you can't tell me that the players would rather see -- be reader Lovie Smith this -- -- now look at the jet object or a coordinator there were five -- the judge were -- or hurt it just amazing how one team's trash is another team structure. I I I let me out yet rather have dearly here. So that players -- at the start all over try to learn a new system. I think the guy hit it -- what goal what he's going to be all extra search your city -- off all. He's gonna have trouble with respect -- -- forty year old -- that airplane appear on after the game. You don't -- -- -- may thirty million dollar players anarchy in the sit there and what got too old and it's paid off the right approve a proven coach. It would be out well what 567 a year -- I think that terrible wolf I'm very disappointed I'll bring up an. Way before you hang up could you tell us how Google is struggling okay. -- -- -- -- -- I was typical is struggling is players don't like him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matt -- I was in the NFL as recently as 2008. Which is really not that long ago. He does that seven -- experience he has worked with NFL players you if you read the comments from the New Orleans Saints they love that guy in New Orleans the -- and -- don't -- you know Kevin -- it was with the jets. Was raving about how much they loved -- Maroney was on Herm Edwards staff in New York. Let me -- yes Syracuse actually is much better now than they were before dug around took over the program at whatever -- it that's a person who has decided to discredit everything that is. That that is happened. We can't argue there's no point and we can't argue with a person like -- and I -- I think that person has decided you're allowed to do that. He might be right it might be a horrible. Chore like the bills might never win again. They really might. We don't know what you call Joseph you can step into obviously I mean how do you say. We're getting someone's trash when he interviews a guy who's been around a defense that is per that is -- It's deadly if not -- and the ads that is actually a top ten defense how does that someone else is try to -- the point is also -- obliterated when you're talking about Andy Reid was now the Eagles trash. And Lovie Smith who is now the did bearish trash ever when you mention was somebody's trash. So you know. Whatever you made a decision it's fine ever ever one gets to do it. And he might be right we just kind of hope that he's not. And I think you -- and look pretty well a couple of realistic look at it in more Ellis -- the holy book of people ought to be negative just for the sake of being negative. Where dialect -- look at that purple before logically. And I just don't don't think it's it's you know recruit two days then I don't really think it's. It's time to. Discredit -- higher because we haven't seen everything that the fire has offered her vote. Who really really good -- staff who we believe going to play quarterback. What he decides to do with the personnel that that the currently resides oracle got. What about his -- election Joseph do you feel like that's indicative of a coach it's in over his head. Anywhere bills' tight end Orion and leave it. -- -- -- -- Know what don't cry the set though a lot -- -- cry or Iraq where our order a -- -- -- haven't funneled to chair the chairs look like they're straight out of I don't like a dentist's office it was the bills -- exactly the most modern sad is I mean I don't really care Joseph either your Mike show somebody tweeted a reference to the old Dick cavett show like there was little TV show or get like everything in fact they made by the Kevin on the side they'll show and -- was -- to be the most. I -- -- at air power must have been -- You don't even know that the cabbage write -- are. And broker or one. -- the other like it's just. Our previous caller was a mad -- in how to be as negative as possible. He it's so negative that the players that he was coaching apparently were playing beer -- after their gains something like Syracuse they always play -- right course on. How does he get the respect of the players by beating a former player and they win -- by being a former player that's like instinct. This guy played in the league actually that's what. What did Kevin Hawaii a liar staged home I don't know one of the guys -- alliance quote. This is from the Buffalo -- mark on Tim Graham. Quote more live from this -- an -- news bottles look at -- the one thing I was appreciative of a dog is he played the game you play in college at a high level play in the NFL. That gave my perspective that a lot of times coaches don't have players appreciate that but what makes it. What the build respect she -- -- when he walked through the door like that's another that I was somebody's trash and we're spending too much like Jill thank you as always sir have a glorious day. You guys as well by the way and actually for -- it -- talked about it post that while you guys are listening to that caller so. -- -- I can't believe you're the -- that I there's no way I could talk and and work on the computer and post a story at the same time. Are we really surprise credit still Rebecca what's that that our power would be able to multi tasked with with the computer. Wait he's getting better I stand corrected as I talk to you I am tweeting a link to your store light -- just did it. I -- I'm glad I'm glad to hear that your short yes I want analysts -- generous at nearby well as strike once. Our crowd all right Jim thanks and thanks to -- Order that check out -- article it is up right now what was the bills look like.