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Paul Hamilton Finally Gets to Talk Hockey

Jan 8, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    people in. Had cold will play hurt. It does make sense today Chris Baker is moving from now to 430 so sorry for the sword is pretty good notes are for the three can lose. Reviewed
    New Yorkers. The hockey be expected to continue we are planning on Chris Baker buddy from sabres prospects dot com to be ready to join us. After the update here so stay tuned for that we'll have. More hockey later Ron Paul able to live from Denver coming up in the six clock tower the sabres will actually be taking the ice for their first practice. Since this week long by the Denon. So law. We'll have Paul later squeeze old NASCAR in the air and at 5 o'clock hour with a brigade Buchanan from past track which airs on Sunday mornings here on WGR. So lots still to come we're not even halfway through Chris Baker sabres prospect dot com after this on WGR. We should recently national and throw every ounce or less droll gel. Joseph sauce
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    hockey ready there he should join us talk about the trade deadline Chris Baker sabres prospects dot com. Also on the deadline and the pipeline. And all that coming up at four. At by a 45
    valley from TS NP three dot CA. And then at 4 o'clock. Chris Baker buddy from sabres prospect dot com the NHL trade deadline. It's coming back his deadline for the bills and Tyrod Taylor. On the eleventh of march we got the NHL trading deadline coming up on March 1 this coming Wednesday so we'll talk about that from a national perspective. With brakes are valid from TS and and then more local. With Chris Baker at 4 o'clock sales in from like on the bulldogs WG. Pat Rowland on a Friday. Thanks for being with us out

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a weird one here's Paul Hamilton who was that first Niagara center. And forty take away from this news conference today. Well I just think they wanted to finally did talk to people. And you have -- a -- you know where we want to be good -- the other thing and and and I think they wanted to apologize and myriad. Our I think that the lack of very sincere what he talked about with the fans. And you know already -- -- -- redundant I thought our spirit here sincere how he feels -- Topic of the little guy not a player not you order but the guy who hasn't been able -- Eurasian and sweep the -- so there hasn't been able to -- our concessions or. But is running a restaurant or something like that so I think it is one -- -- finally -- out of our hockey a lot of people wanted to talk to them. And they haven't been able to acknowledge -- able to sell I think that was the main message is let's talk hockey didn't know what if this thing started. How about the roster Paul US. Revere about a possible flurry of activity here -- the answer part of your question I thought. Do you expect by asking that is that a sign you expect in the next week there to be or even a couple days lots trades lots of action. I don't know because there's no work and in the summer and basically because of the methodical lock out that. I completely wrong -- portrait may have been a lot straightening it now made it to one another 121. And now other -- It is basically just at the airport straight so. I think you're seeing what we speak a lot directing the sabres judging from what I heard today are probably looking to move a defenseman. And I think if he'll burn a bit -- a typical what president etiquette that apple label may well. But I think they would -- -- trade him or and there are already Benedict worry. About the sabres a lot of defenseman -- got -- up here in about three. Pretty good once in Rochester so -- you're -- a lot and guys have what might have the opportunity to light. I think that really is what the sabres are looking at. I heard you viewers are accurate here say he has an interest in you'll -- cash. I'll personally I would like turn the page I'm not I think you know I think it's time to move on they they have moved on from a lot of what they considered horrible -- of what all of the exact category -- I think with the concussions and everything that's gone on and his agent getting up there I know he played well in Germany but. And let it really was into injury affect all I would assume turn the page on out. If they weren't going to. Acted to entertain the -- idea in reviewer said like he's you know he's talked to his agent and it seems like there at least you know willing to considerate. Who what they're -- be parliament I -- Greg rank goes a huge veritable. -- and I was actually happy to hear that. They're not going to take into consideration the first year at the -- -- on -- it's going to it's going to be dictated on his way. And that he -- -- right now -- beyond just an talk who bought back. Sometimes. -- -- -- he can commitments still beyond that I. And you have -- played those nine games and really look good and I'm thirty games and embassies here's Greg terrible happened. And that I think that has happened look forward to sleep here especially an eighteen year old so. And Eddie how do you guard against that I don't know because I think you've got to guard Jamal what you see. And it's going to be a quick see it's not like you're gonna decrease even game but I'm saying. Maybe not supplied the but I don't think but he -- they even talked about really looks up here and have a scrimmage. You know I ending your order up against -- -- -- that has played a little bit not probably would be good for the sabres have become public range that. And you know pull that off but. I mean -- police and -- if they want scrimmage you know like football teams do not built in browser used scrimmage and be able to do so like. I just dictate he gets some sort of adjustment or some epic game and or something like that because you'll just security -- as it is practiced. No you can't use the nine games and still not -- the first European entry level contract. So they would get an opportunity if they want to -- -- -- for those nine games. Thing I think is really getting complicated about him is that he's not. He's not someone. Anyone's envisioning is a role player. Like he's he's gonna if he's here he's playing an offensive capacity I would think -- assessment you're plugging in and asking to go kill penalties and take -- So yeah he's not gonna play between Scott a lot of -- It's -- here. Are telling me multiple. We will it put on the third line he's nowhere blade or not I think maybe you are director art and and let them let them go expecting topical Q what happened. About that Iraq security from here I don't know what you're gonna get out of that -- centering Kirby and and caught her weight or thought her. Or whatever in Russia wants you -- the right shot toward the back don't bother him whatever so. They're very anxious to see how he might fitted in where you might have to play and if you want to keep. Paul two quick things have got only a little time. You know white Lindy Ruff wasn't there. I think it was just an introduction -- talked with GM and the president. Though that it wasn't -- Iraq time to time I think they looked at as when practice starts. Okay paired off maybe isn't. Don't offer much before getting a firsthand look at. And board the team or the players and also for anybody mystic can you enlighten all us all as to what was said about Tyler Myers and is being hurtled. Yeah it is it just three weeks because an ankle injury he got back in their play any game. This week and then they'll lock on an -- inflatable -- somebody actually I don't look back on a plane today on the way back. As far as what -- -- there will sport but they've got the seat -- every of course their medical people have not that you can't see him. And that that he had been gotten back the United States and Turkey he just got here in this but I know he was on point today so. That there was that they wanna do what has become a light is the finger he is not ready yet he had -- procedure. Well -- Hearing I think you know our format that it was one of those sports -- thing but. I don't know that back on that he would not gonna be ready for Cody McCormick and this explains a lot he's had a finger injury and that's. -- -- wondered why at times when he went according part to fight it in secret on the flight that he had last year. And bay or hoping through the summer be fine and it's flared up again so they are you actually exploded or it might be longer. Getting back in derby so that also it you might have two guys and I are to start the season. So what does that help when you're picking up okay you keep rearing or what do we do -- TJ planet. You know if if no trade is made with defenseman stuff like that Republicans start the year with two guys and IR. No any idea timeline there aside from just not ready to start the the season whenever that happens. You saw her previous close colleague put it but didn't sound like derby you'd be long you up McCormick is longer. So. That is how big picture what that stuff so. It felt like derby wouldn't be out too long. Thank -- Paul. -- able to there will take a break and talk more about all this Ted black says today we're back in business. Our fans. Frothing at the mouth here for the sabres lot of people excited along those same people conflicted about it public.

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