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1/9 Herm Edwards on Doug Marrone's style and ability

Jan 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are joined by Herm Edwards who hired -- our own way back when in 2000 due to be -- -- line coach with the New York Jets and -- of course now the Espionage -- -- six -- sports and yesterday. Herm Edwards was the 6 o'clock sports and yesterday coach it's Howard Jeremy good morning thanks for coming ominous. Thank you very much appreciate. Well you know look bill's fans what we're trying to learn this week all about dug her owner as much as possible you know the man first hand you madam. Work for you what are your strength coach. Well Ali great communicators. Knowledge of the game no doubt -- not. About it on the offense. Especially you run game is in ninety try to keep their without. You mentioned that that packet well. Worked on the Paul -- next Nathaniel Pakistan though. There's a reason for all this he'd learned under Paula. He's our defending him up there you've got a great job Foreman and no offense but -- the dog is really about fundamentals and technique he's about developing players. He'll be good at that mean eat you he believes in building through the draft. And developing guys. He's very competitive. Apparently -- did that come across that we would stand on the sidelines. But he's always they -- he's always on the edge of trying to. And trying to push the envelope especially offensively he'll create formations where the wanted to pass kind of bind yourself together. Very hard to defend I think about war and you know what they did down there -- formations and personnel -- Very difficult as a defense to deal with that. Well he's he's going to be aggressive coach he's fumbled the ball down the field will be -- -- after run the ball. To protect defense and that's where lies in -- in my opinion that it -- buffalo game I mean it was. Is last year if it went to a period of book acquiring a -- to be present players and look at their defense. Didn't play very well so you're gonna have to get that straight they have offensive weapons. What will they do defensively that that's the main concern you're you're done wrong. When asked about that -- the second but -- you know you mentioned a -- -- -- real quick here and I get back to Doug Brown do you do you know about Nathaniel at all -- -- with his work at all. -- -- -- -- -- Analyst say that out but it's good that the academic myself go way back -- Aoki fought back with my GA at university California Berkeley. So I've no Paul Hackett and his family -- them watch these kids grow up and he's he'd like is that he's as sharp -- goals offense he's been around football hall of life. So he target coordinator he -- data need to trust. Let you know he's in college -- they had -- report -- a lot of guys because approach spared of it but but he -- the offense. He knows what does want you know -- -- becomes CEO you -- become an office according to yell. So you don't have to walk round ability to make sure it all the old media room. Special teams offense as well defense but the message that he offended at being delivered -- coach. Is it a problem that that you know that when when Doug -- -- press conference this week he said he would like to get coordinators quote with the -- NFL experience. He brings in the Daniel Hackett who obviously knows but his NFL experience -- four years as an offensive quality control coaches that. Bottle that's a problem now he's been around football and Doug as they're not done adult also but that doesn't go through the game plan. Does could have hit kept on during the game mean so it's not go to the gym by himself he's going to be closely tied with the Daniel Hackett. On what they do as far as run game pass game you know just what they need to make. So he'll be a ball. But he got a guy I would you have to walk out of that room -- -- -- -- sit back and rolled. Seemed -- defensive coordinator in what you go through Q so now he can round a little bit weak. In what spot in anything you have a guy that he knows what don't want. -- -- and so -- -- -- read this year from ESPN you mentioned you talk about -- -- competitiveness. You. -- well known for your competitiveness dare I say fiery personality when you coached and even as a commentator. Do you think. It did Doug Brown have that fiery personalities that you wouldn't necessarily notice it on the sideline that is competitive so is he not necessarily like regular screamer but burning inside kind of -- -- We have he's still very new data that -- will -- the demeanor of Bob -- -- He's gonna have that demeanor on the sideline and you'll get over there and you know he understood even former player he'd get to what David -- -- plate he's a teacher of the game is about just how do you would you. Well you you would just on the silent basically when you come down and visit with the player because players don't like make an error. Worst thing a player wants when he comes up -- vocal department at him and Holler at him. He you know all chemical like get a coach. And that becomes. The incident of the day revenue in the game Doug understand not get him over there are cooling down a calming down I got to fix this GAAP -- thirty seconds the -- player. That we've got to go didn't -- football. Now he has NFL experience not a series you and we Sean Payton in New Orleans but he comes to his first head coaching job. Out of the college ranks is not a problem at all going from you know dealing with young kids -- couple scholarships from the BB morbid disciplinarian. To dealing with guys now and agents and salaries and salary cap and all that stuff. But I don't think so I mean -- around the understands it you know he's been around the National Football League he's been in the East Coast in the league so he understands players you understand. Negotiations. With the agent in the in the contract and no Doug he got a get involvement and ability yelled as he goes say look. I don't get involved in the business park these employers I'd like to have. In previously you know what -- caustic talking we can't do it fun. Al Gore noted that the story about dug this one of the greatest stories about -- what he comes to me we haven't gotten Brandon more easy to right guard for. The jet -- player right now he was a defense attack. And I brought him over Doug -- it -- brand. As did you're gonna you're gonna play alternate door and he looked at me like coaches try to cut it -- own a tourniquet. But it but it is a possible pick a year which -- -- you simply call it so don't train game. They -- able to the world that you come back. The guy has to be in the start door so. That's what Doug but he he's about doing the little things with players to get better and he's he's about developing players and that's a good that's a good thing. Just listening to him the -- and -- press conference army seems very. He was big on. Developing trust with the players he didn't really wanna talk about his plans through the media is I don't tell you guys -- when I tell my players first he seems. Really intent on trust loyalty and communicating with -- players yeah. Any he'd go to communicate with a minute think that things you have to earn that in and -- realize that which players and that's one thing about -- the title as a head coach which you have to earn the players respect. It -- you do that they're gonna go that extra mile for an and that support it and that's the part of the process to be the head coach in the way you -- it obviously is every date. You know players watch -- they watch they hit those they watches personnel does the F mood swings. During the course of the game you know he says this right now in the offseason when people start and and you know the bullets start flying and we lose three or -- -- -- same guy. After the players -- And if you're consistent with players about what players what they want consistency you know what -- about -- popular they know there's always competition. Either position culture -- ignite you know head coach if you're a player you wanna you wanna make sure when this coach comes in there comes out of his mouth. Is the same thing that he's still in other words do you know what he says you can trust them which you gotta -- in Doug understands that. For that to go I'd love to get to thoughts on the bills' roster. And the talent level what kind of a roster do you think Doug -- is getting. Well you'd get that he -- a roster -- -- they have some explosive player often I think they need a few more at the receiver position but I like to back. Our offensive line he'll -- back I promise you -- put players in position. So they can succeed especially at the offensive line I think the tide in court -- fairly decent we look at the defense now. Are they gonna continue to say go for threw the ball back 234. That that is -- you know and then that that's where it lies in my opinion I mean. They've got enough players. You're never gonna have as many light is pro football and in the you know defensively what do you do what -- gonna be calm you know argue -- become his defense that. Has some good players -- a lot of talented guys. But these these -- seem to have. You know lose their weight during the course of the year I mean it and don't understand that means you've got to fix is the you've got to fix it -- at the muck in I mean they've got some good players. Yeah I was gonna ask -- seeding it's more so it isn't necessarily that -- nothing to work with on that side of the ball maybe their underachieving or if the scheme or whatever but you think there's some ability over that side of the ball. They've -- players over there. They they have had an in all three phase them they've got some front guys to get died in the middle of the linebacker -- and expecting -- players. I lasting for a coach guy recommendation for defense of coordinator. I do not you know -- I mean they've interviewed melt talker and Mike Patton or either they have you run out at naming of the NB Tucker you know either one of those guys. What I do and I think they're both be good I actually threatened obviously been in division. Meld the good group good coach too so I think you get a view two good guys. Libya -- When he decides to pull the trigger -- one knows if fiscal two guys somebody else but that's going to be the big key for him I think he's going about the process right. Because right now -- good for Doug is that there's still five job that -- So no one is I don't know if coach so he's gonna have a pick -- a lot of guys right so he can interview right now. You can hit cultural right there's still five jobs available so you have to be yet to pick up all these other coaches that have been let go if you. Herman Edwards with -- from ESPN -- know you're really busy coach appreciate you coming ominous this morning thanks very much for your time. My pleasure --

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