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1/9 Darcy Regier looks over his roster and prepares for the season

Jan 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sure that you guys that had your discussion about roster and and have everything in place isn't like. I got the -- settled what do we do now right you've got all along -- even planning for a season at some point. We have and out personality in place for the most part I think -- terms of you look at. Are the schedule. In which it sounds likely didn't play 48 games and -- and around a hundred days so virtually go -- and the other day. And that planning process when he's undertaken. Most of it and everything from travel to -- to. Wore coats comes in the play and then of course the depth of media personnel command comes into play as well. Garcia said he mentioned that -- and -- would be a possibility. When it comes to your defense you mentioned it's a G a -- -- take a call someone saying -- a have a lot of defensemen when you think about the opening day lineup. In your mind how much of it is set. Most of -- -- and it would only be tweaked. Unless there's something that comes up that we didn't you know hadn't planned on or or someone. You know you can really take a deal that would make a lot of sense for us and obviously another team in order to change. What about. You know you talk about most of -- set. Even defensively -- it's like you guys organizationally right now here Rochester I have a glut of defensemen. Who we do and what I -- except that without personnel exactly which which players playing in which situation. Is it still won't and and and and we're going to take the week I think we are going to have a week of training camp -- -- take that week to assess that. And at -- start out a group of players we may have one roster situation where. You know we may have one too many roster players -- 24 -- 23 putted that depends on the injury situation as well right now McCormick derby. Are not ready to play. I'm so old that provides similar to roster -- -- so it's much it's still a little bit blocks but the group of players that we have will be the group that we share for the most part. You mentioned yesterday you know you'd immediately pulled Hobson and illegal out of the Rochester lineup. What are your plans staying on the theme of defense what are your plans would -- McNabb would you like him to be in Rochester and anticipate him staying in Rochester for the rest of the season. British. Are more this season so far in Rochester I think could be more beneficial -- -- remained there this time. But I think that would depend on what we see here you know one of the unknowns it's -- Well -- You know as everyone healthy and we didn't even really have the ability to track got going a -- we have players that are playing in Europe we have players that are practicing. Either locally here in our own cities. And and so that's a bit of an unknown once all of the the did you see you -- ratify this deal that will be able to have physicals we'll get the players and we'll get an assessment both. And elk -- where they are in physically where they are -- from that bull wall will be able to. Will be better form and make decisions. Darcy one of the things have reported that tie is against your LeBron that. Trading Capps stays in the trading salary that'll be something that's going to be in this news CBS am not sure if you if you know that to be true and I yep that's something that's been reported. On does that make your dot your job more difficult more -- more interest in -- is there. And -- our crash course in fact that it once the CBA comes out -- as -- as an organization we'll look at and say all right this is what this means in this is what this can. Lead to because the old CBA -- GMs always trying to find ways to circumvent -- and get around it and work -- and with this it seems like another. Added to layer little tool slash layer that can make things very interesting. I don't think that it -- it is contrasting. We're starting it looks now that you're going to be able to trade some dollars us maybe as much as 50% of the players contract. And then the last CBA you need your help to keep the player and his contract or you didn't take the hiring now you'll have the ability to move. Blue -- player either to receive board or will balk -- player. And negotiate. At least up to 50% who's going to take. How much of the -- and so that flexibility I think we'll tell you about. These behind improve the trade market. Hey Darcy or talk about this yesterday may be in clarified that when you if you trade a guy you said you could take up to 50%. Is it. You pay 50% of the salary and take 50% of the cap is it toppled -- -- split those two how how would that work. No they they go together so appear taken my understanding and as a this morning is that if you take 15% you're taking 50% of the of the -- salary and you're taking 50% of the cap. Do you envision this as being something that will lead to more trades I quoted. Could you do could you sit in the past you've had scenarios where you'd like to get a player especially if your team -- up against the salary cap but you can't fit his full. I don't know six million in so instead. You would offer a team an additional asset would be a prospect or whatever. In order to get them to take three million. I I I guess I wonder if you if you could envision this new thing this new tool. On previous trades making them much more likely to happen. I -- hear me I think it will really. Allow for more flexibility for clubs to move players too drastic situations. I think it will be different kinds of different clubs depending on whether you're closer to the floor -- -- closer to cap. It may allow for club to to get to the floor with last election more cap it and non. If you if you were to trade someone -- -- capital lol. -- Sully as an example -- club that is trying to get to the floor with the least amount of cash possible. Would that be in the position to do so. And you know you would you -- at the opposite he would look to take I cash and and and walk out if those players were available if you were -- so that those types of scenarios and now possible that -- before. As you ready to open camp whatever day that is who are your forced centers right now. Well I think that. Aren't certain and that certainly. Nadia Alice is you know you can can play medal on the fourth line and and and I think there's some flexibility. And he has talked about putting land on the Middle -- talked about -- -- in in the medals do you botrus the very good faceoff man played a lot of -- took a lot of -- option doused. Soldiers on the options. Yeah that's probably the starting place. If it's a big if I know but you mentioned yesterday -- triggering go here you know you'll see it if he plays well enough and it's it's good for the hockey club -- you you can see and starting here with the with the club if he makes the team is that the fit right there he's your third line center. If you would play in the center positions definitely. And I don't know what would be third line second line fourth line -- and special teams situations they hit it's it's and it's really an unknown and so when you get asked these questions. The only thing I can tell you a it will be a player -- organization in the future option that comes. Will be dependent on where he has relative to his teammates and and as I said yesterday the one thing I do know what's he showing a lot of girls from. Start the year. Through the world junior tournament. And that Patrick was even a big part of that soul you know itself as being and he's done the work obviously Matilda workshop. It's it's it's exciting and I'm excited to see him and hearing excited him and what our group than get a better sense of where his game -- Enough growth to our Shih Tzu at this day I mean like you guys you guys are fairly cautious in terms of young players you know on any rush to get guys. -- -- juniors are up from Rochester but as you said he got better it competing and got better and all these different areas enough growth that you think he could make it. In in some areas he does have the -- offensively when he had poppy he has the ability to play at. You know he's got -- -- skill level already. EC DIC has their hands very soft and he can he can make plays and look at doubt. We can -- the -- guns you know he does all of those things he has the ability I think you can play him power play situations. It would be more difficult area and in one that remains a bit of an unknown is is how will they play without the -- is he going to playing these expression doesn't play. Someone played a lot of hockey in the chip Reid doesn't play enough talking with partnership that's where the reference to. What did that you understand his responsibilities. When he doesn't have the park. Where it needs to be what needs to do and how he needs to be involved to get -- blackened and and so it's more about. That that's and I -- at this point. Any any update for let you go in terms of when the schedule will be out. The world and yet something. A little more insight into it today although I don't know that all I don't think there'd be -- -- public I'm here with for a few more days but. I individually we're hoping to get a little more and site for I -- -- -- it's. It's a long at all. If you get a chance if you talk to Gary Bettman has passed on the message -- I got -- -- a ticket -- sitting across the table from me he's getting -- just wants to know what nights he's got to read have a draft here for just drafted fantasy drafts of an all that stuff. And probably have to get up yes. However now I thank starts you for your time but yet thank you guys.

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