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Greg Buck Is a Little Too Fond of Tim Rosenbach's Girlfriend

Jan 9, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Well -- most burger caused some controversy. Raving about the looks of the Alabama quarterback's girlfriend. During the BCS championship game on Monday night maybe you heard that. Ask yourself ago was was that worst than this. Complete Roman boxer shorts that don't make jump but he. Scope and -- sharp gain and it started long for the cargo. They ticket I'm not the top spot here but I'm pretty proud viral box with the rain coming down here -- beaten up pretty advocate. Ever shot up wrote doctor Oprah. He had pretty beautiful block. Night that it. -- You would need that national got all the way. And do it. Just one -- Certainly I would do anything -- I -- wanna -- -- QU I would -- you I would I would do it right now if you. I would -- -- -- doubt. I'd jump right in front of opponent. Treatment out. One Q -- Who would you wouldn't think he want it it. Didn't think about. It get her and could I possibly. Kidnapped me. Just to get for an evening. Now that beautiful blonde -- and -- mind. I'm going to state my hair. And use them to make a victim wrote. Not grow. -- -- in my house talked to pass and beat date and never do it again and I'd love a marching -- now but no account but nothing that. But I doubt that complete -- -- -- market dirty jump on the back nine. I -- went down for the -- -- -- He didn't get in the trouble that. The cardinals won Nolan and he would have been noticed one other team with a lot of fans listening on the radio problems there to bring the tour card pick. -- the year the deafening noise. In the background.

After what you saw Monday night, how do you feel about the Bills playoff chances?
  I feel better because that's the defense I was waiting to see all season.
  The same. I was expecting a loss anyway.
  A little worse. The offense has me worried.
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