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1/10 Whiner Line

Jan 10, 2013|

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    defense and what they've been doing lately obviously. You know shutting down Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning Let's talk a little bit about how. How the defense gone from a very good unit last year. Tune out top ten
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    one. If I agree and let bots are just like I said. Philip Rivers has hurt. He's they're going to see it but Cisco is a prime time game at home. And guys don't wanna get
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    any that is the big story in Cincinnati this week they're asking Marvin Lewis about it yet thought about yes. Players about it because they do an option they have not faired well in prime time
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    conservative plan. Less risk less reward. Kotler is the aggressive 401K plan. Kyle Orton is the moderate for Mike how is no better than an average of maybe slightly below average quarterback but he doesn't have. Wild swings like Jay Cutler Jay Cutler could throw for. 280 yards and three touchdowns but he also throw for a buck 97 and three picks the way the
    yeah I guess if it's for sticking with a baseball player analogy. Kyle Orton would be the guy who can hit 275 but only has like two home runs. Where Cutler can hit the home runs to put up the big numbers in certain games but. A caller earlier said how many wins but they have a Jay Cutler this year and my answer would be. Who knows because two of his games this year were so bad that his team had zero chance to win. And there are no games that Kyle Orton played where he gave his chance is team no chance to win just by going by QBR which is the ESPN stepped
    to EJ Manuel for your first four games. As opposed to a Kyle Orton all those things factor in all those things change so. Yeah I. I could probably point to a game which lets you know take one accused him. A guy like Jay Cutler could beat Miami Thursday night down there with art for the taking but if you wanna regret that you have right does she make a critical Larry Wright is so again absolutely. Uneasy that might Russia does he throw all but all Orton got to pick but does right now Auburn at the Minnesota and as she messed up somewhere in a one point game and you know a Mike. My point is all that does washout but you gotta think they're gonna play the game differently offensively. With Jay Cutler as opposed to add and has. But my point just to finish up Matthew because I think I wanna bring a point

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And rallies to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio -- -- fifty this season. You GR lawyer lie and that brought to you by the premier group wind may be easy. Our coach speaking cause sabre fans bums sitting out recess. We'll be with the black -- and hear them you know eight and oh yeah. I. Don't know I really thought -- I thought the Berkeley was in a recovering well -- I thought that was a great hire for them I thought it was gonna turn that would pop. -- -- -- at least get him in the playoffs started a little gym more than forty years no playoffs. No goaltender suspect moves on defense the trade that now -- than we yell and scream about castle where they gave up -- turn out to be shaken and Doug Hamilton. It it bombed miserably and I'm kind of snickering as I say that but. -- I swear I thought Burton's gonna turn that thing Tim Connolly Clarke MacArthur well. And they picked up a lot of so the sabres options and -- actually eat it all right up there right. I think on the police are. Positive close but. They're they're not quite -- pushover they -- in Alaska he brought that they were human there were more jocular and yes that is true. How much sought after program. Or -- coming. -- -- -- The trek property that we. Let it out at. So I'm not only 36 points in seventy games last season which was a drop off from his last year at the sabres. -- -- two dozen that it doesn't and Connolly at 65 points. His numbers almost -- 50% it was a minus fourteen beliefs last year so all of these. So I'm -- I can not and Gary tuck your comment that you are ready to welcome you act -- open arms but would not -- There's no reason to welcome back a -- we should be offering to clean up although vomit or not all close -- This whole person the situation that they created it well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- New coordinators. Who picks and coaches you know what it's something. Just like Groundhog Day we -- Sitting in different good you know what I have to agree that doing the -- eighteen year year year year year. Something -- -- -- A horrible. Horrible -- got up. Stoppers -- -- -- I just. It's trying to figure out he's done about the bills are sabres OK let the call continue. -- energy dot com. Eight and there's real accurate. It's fun. -- -- -- while I brought you by the -- group -- -- -- that the mayor group one of the week is got a -- cabernet to seven and Unita magna.

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