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WGR550>Topics>>1/10 Paul Hamilton on possible Sabres moves leading up to the season opener

1/10 Paul Hamilton on possible Sabres moves leading up to the season opener

Jan 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Watching Maria I never understand just quickly whether it happened is I was there is that by three Kansas has a chance -- come down. Why not follow. You know with like force second blast by element what little alive for two shots. And -- You know why let him take a three and -- the -- -- overtime and then of course -- fell apart bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Adults aren't we applaud -- -- -- text and I thought you know -- who's gonna leave it because you know that would have been a huge win for for your beloved Iowa State Cyclones. So you were there yesterday for Lindy. Let's just -- -- the good run right off the bat Doing a series of season previous strike and one of the ones they've done. This week one of the ones they just post it was five coaches on the hot seat. One of those five coaches in their estimation might have been Scott -- side who wrote it was Lindy Ruff is -- on the hot seat. Not until -- our series here is now no longer. I don't understand why people keep writing those things saying those things. You would think after what is it fifteen years or whatever it now people would understand. Long news. -- -- here's the general manager of -- sabres Lindy -- as they head coach of the Buffalo Sabres. And simple back so. Yeah it doesn't. No he's not a Nazis there really doesn't matter what goes. And in so such a time where that history -- were no longer be here then. And all that would change. As Garcia on the hot seat then that if -- if things go poorly this season. I would think there's slight possibility that -- nor have a lot of respect for both men in. It never entered his mind last year when although all everything was going on news never enters the mind of -- demands so. Expose a slight possibility that I would say no. Even -- what are they get up to a bad start on that that is certainly more problematic in a 48 game season and an 82 game season how could that impact things that happen. What are they deal last year it was a Q who's the rest of the union -- service for the rest of the sea and it would be fired. I let him. Dominique and everybody gets I mean not everybody but -- let's -- nobody stays around forever they don't win. Well this is so unique situation around here. What dumb. What should -- tip from yesterday's chat with Lindy. Well just -- you know how excited he is seeded going in. In. So long that. You know he's he's been telling people what they were going to play. He just. But there's just no way that these two sides couldn't find a way to come to an agreement. And he's just. But there was no question in his mind that. Eventually they were going to play he's you know he didn't think it would take that long but it did. So like you know he's happy you know it's it's kinda new territory for him because. You know last last block out there was there were no games and now he's got to prepare for 48 team's season ending and -- -- We're basically preparing like we would any January February boasted that schedules not to be all that much different. It sets the schedule usually ramps up in January and February you start playing a lot of games. You know get a lot of practice time. And it -- so really it's not going to be all that much different from a schedule standpoint then. It's been before. He's not -- it. Changes coaching style or approach really much much if at all because of the shortened season the compressed schedule. No because -- so that's. If that's what schedule -- anyway. He steps saying that it's thrilling not going to be any different in that the schedules that -- the -- -- civil lot of good date will probably be the same anyway that they were going to helpful -- And you know but he did talk about Ryan Miller once again 353638. Games somewhere in there. I think that's precedent little bit. You know -- you know he handles goaltenders. So what do you think would be a good number for Miller out of 48. I don't know I I'd Mort I don't see the schedule person I'm more tempted try to look at the schedule and is that three games in four nights you know I I would -- -- I would never play them back to back. But. I a and I just think you know ten games for Jonas said -- Of course Hillary he always what it what do you say last year at the beginning here you'd like -- twenty for Jonas and expose. That probably is pretty consistent with what he would say all season is looking for twenty games in the full seasons and games. Season would be about right her in his mind. Aren't you the guys that always tells me lady doesn't like the players backup goalie so you wouldn't be surprised right. No I'm not surprised at all yeah yeah I'm the guy that. If if I have quote -- huge criticism over the erupted unreasonable -- sources -- how to expand here. And I've I've never agreed with -- handles goaltenders and I just think it's a weakness is the coach that. So I don't expect that the change anytime soon. So you know I. I I did not go to -- easing as they would the -- and I was in to buy what cars had to say about the cal. Triggering go anyway. This huge blunder when you work. I'm sure he did during that. Geez I I don't know how he's remembered remembering it take the garbage out he always remembered that garbage out on Tuesdays because he was some nuts and abuse policy always thought about garbage. Or -- if I got a garbage backed up this house all over the -- I think that and why you wonder what your yeah. -- -- -- I'd appreciate the reference. What what are they upset about Greg Greg because you know this this story to me is really getting interesting in terms of the fact he's coming that he's gonna you know hopefully get just playing games because -- say something about may make you might have been in your question about maybe trying him out with Vatican common -- Well I actually that's what I thought what happened -- -- really not gonna do what he said he would like to. Given a look at a practice that they're too but it that he said that wouldn't get this ready for the game during the game it's going to be hot. He he wants he wants to it. Try to capitalize and I've been playing games in Rochester using that momentum and he said Thomas Bennett liked playing. In these things you know they have a little bit of a chemistry together so. It felt like that's going and of course they're not gonna bring you that they're not gonna break up the other line. So. You have at least you're going go with Steve Houghton -- you know basically so. -- and I don't really think there's any question he he's gonna play because. They're down two forwards. Mean they're gonna start the year with our -- him McCormick not available. And that puts you down -- forward I mean they had one extra. Value of one last. So leader Gregor Blanco I have to play or somebody from Rochester supporter or Luke Adam would have to come up so. And it didn't sound like either one of -- are going to be in the training camp situations so. With that at all you can use seven defensemen to be addressed them and -- an effort in which he hates doing so. I just think there's no question in the world -- Gregor Blanco addressed an opening night. -- how likely is -- trade of defenseman. That the TJ Brennan scenarios interest because he would have to clear waivers correct. Yes than I wonder what they're gonna do about that he says he's gonna commit it to happen. Also partner Oliver -- -- And he he and he said he goes he's been playing. Because we have to wait that if he comes in here. And shows that you know he's got a little bit of -- veteran guys who haven't played any games because we're in the business so winning hockey game. And he said it if if that's the case still flooding. Now lol I know and you know we go back starts to hear from a couple of days ago he. He has not ruled out it all trading -- defenseman conflict actually he might actively be looking to do that. So I think that's the wildcard right there -- Is spreading going to be traded or is somebody else do you look to move shortly -- -- was in the last year of his contract. You know that the bunch of different scenarios there are so. Either they're gonna try to open up a spot that. German I think nine defense ministers I think eight defensemen and workable but I don't think you can really work with nine so yeah they gotta do stuff may have -- Either if they don't trade them but they're gonna have to Wear them. And take your chances or -- party or -- somebody. And take your chances that way or they're gonna have to make a move that I just don't thinking go to the season with nine defenseman. You don't real factor DePaul joining us here that the talk of -- in -- It's it's almost like if they had a full pre season they can they could fix this quickly about. It's going to be very actually I wonder if teams are more likely to be -- in a -- starts he's gonna. I don't know. Find a way to have worked the cap because of now being able to trade salaries trade trade cap space. Who will be the first GM land a move that does that I'd stick with the defense the situation it was crowded before Brennan became a real issue here. And you know you've always pointed out there are sugar doesn't make moves before January 1 -- -- attacked -- after January 1 but it's so. The start of the season is not something you normally does. Well yeah it's it is sure I stayed up but he also warming was before the season starts though you know usually once you start the these and that's your team and that this is who we go to war west so. That's why it's a little bit different that way and I think it's a very interesting conversation how much -- trade here we gonna be in the national hotly. Because we hardly saw any during the summer. I mean I keeps saying that there record trade was the last trade in the NHL -- that maybe was one after I don't -- Barney I don't although it. If there was there was only one. And nobody was making any traits in the summer because everything was unknown nobody knew anything but what's going on. So how does that affect now the next week. I mean long gulf where is he is he going to be traded. You know what the sabres -- do with their defenseman is everybody that in their line up her or you know did to people still think they need to make -- -- so. Are we gonna be a lot of activity in this next week are we gonna be next to nothing. I think they're very interesting conversation because. We really ever hit the unknown here. And you know I wouldn't seem to think about their rosters in the house that they really think they are. When you think GM's I would think we'd see more everything we see less trades I would think guys would be. More conservative maybe more hesitant especially in a shorter season not to score around you they would be the obstacles that's -- shorter season. Well I think it makes it more interesting too is. You know you you can move money around now. Where you couldn't do that apple or take a salary and and that's that the things so how much is that affect trading market that make more trades him that did that make fewer trade. You know now that knowledge you can do that so. I think it's going to be a very interesting week in a few days here before the regular season starts just. Here you know how much activity there is and how much talk there is in how willing people are to make Eagles. And -- that they really feel their roster is now now what they have to make decisions in hurry. Paul won none sabres question for you. What did you think of the firing of Brian Burke. I can't play are expected -- especially now. I mean why would you let him take -- -- to block out and you know go through some of the negotiations and things like that in and do it now. Now. I kept you know reading articles and things like that and there's some speculation that he did not want to trade for Roberto Luongo. And management did. And that that was the fight that kinda ended. So. It's you know and that would make more sense. You know not just all of a sudden he's not good enough to be your G average -- one week before the season starts -- -- of that some movies you make. After the season and in April day. Don't do that a week before the season starts so. You don't quite know who knows if that's true but that does make an awful lot of sense to me that in. The older one at Longo he didn't and they sort of every. Stroke where we wanna get a good -- Yeah it makes sense from a timing standpoint because 11 of the things that being speculated the articles that I was reading is that his personality didn't really go over well with the new owners well. They took over months ago and at first thought they knew with a guy was to begin with. And they've they've had time to deal with them to this point so. Why all of a sudden when you wake up on January -- ago. You know I don't think we like this guy he doesn't play well and others let's fire himself though would make more sense from a timing standpoint that it was a hockey related decision that might have been. You know the whole straw the broke the camel's back thing for him. It reminded me and I don't know but -- view a little bit. It's it's different because the bills were winners back then and believes aren't but I -- me a little bit of the Bill -- Situation where. All the sudden Bill Polian now wandered around here because he in the ordered it BI guy. And you know so I just think -- that when you know what -- all this was started to come down. Paul held -- -- again -- -- on the hockey beat and glad to be on it we will check in with you again shortly I'm sure once things get going. Guys are still skate on their own right took camp opens -- I -- actually didn't -- is up -- they about it they tried to ramp up the practices. All they the coaches can't be there but they -- Now they can discuss things -- Peters and of course what what -- stop the onion abuse or actually I mean it's not like he's. You can talk and not what your players. But they've really you know talk to him in Jordan Leopold and they actually are suggesting drills now. For that to use in practice and you'll see a practice now drilled a little different than they were. -- other points. So you know -- the -- started in all of -- you know they're they're making suggestions for what to do in practice to try to get the players wrapped up and get them ready for. And -- Monday said I have. Schedule where we show up on Sunday and have a schedule if we show up on Monday that he doesn't even know what exactly what he's going to see is players. I you ramping up your interview skills and practice and and you know taking an all that stuff. Yup -- well I have one more day where I get to George opened the Bulldog today so I'll be on the -- today and then. It'll be back to normal back normal hockey team. Operations after that. Yeah which means which is basically saying you can't stand being around us in the building you like it better being an occupant. I won't be ready got the bill in her full blown your life. That it didn't even sound sincere but thanks for trying. I think people have a good -- And went back.

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