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WGR550>Topics>>1/10 Manish Mehta on why Pettine is a good hire for the Bills

1/10 Manish Mehta on why Pettine is a good hire for the Bills

Jan 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning thanks criminologist first -- warning yet so I I don't today. By air -- -- that. Is all about being sort of guy you know when when I emailed yesterday to come on the show I asked -- you know. Which -- think the higher email back it's a great hire why is Mike Patton a great hire for the bills. When you look at what did you have done over the last forty years ago. Obviously. Rex Ryan deservedly so -- gets a lot of the credit for this except that the jets have had the that the way that the jets' defense has kind of evolved over the last forty years and who had been responsible for that excess. They don't speak a lot towards Mike Patton and. And that the knowledge that he has essentially what happened when Rex Ryan retired in 2009. He and Peyton. It collaborative effort he didn't play calling it really -- and as the years went on -- do -- -- more on Mike Patton. Where he was really the primary play target cashier. And the results obviously speak for themselves they worked out by the defense in the first three years we've finished a -- -- here. Even without Darrelle Revis but it looked at the. That guy -- got an attack mentality shares. They collapse either wrecked trying to. But being attacked in a Smart way that it's quite yet they're not reckless they'll. I think that they look like a -- I think it's. You know our guys have been really. And probably -- that that's the neat you know -- -- -- -- -- obviously a lot of talented pieces of buffalo. That argument you mentioned a moment ago many shedding one of the questions a lot of bills fans had. Was we all know about Rex Ryan and his defense what exactly was there -- how much responsibility did Mike pat had as you mentioned so he had play calling and he was involved in the the creation of the defense there was -- all Rex Ryan's baby and he just said here you try to little bit. Well the -- that -- that they expect the ball more one more directly to defensive coordinator Mike. Once and it could be like coach initially an outside linebackers and one. Well let's head coaching job with the jets and Tibet in nineteen -- at the defense of coordinator. And and they shared in the play calling duties that virtue primarily what Rex Ryan bit. I bet that the next three years went on. That gradually shifted -- -- in and day over the past year and it's really been patent defense I elect Ryan again literally get credit. For being the architect of the defense but karaoke that he -- about the nuts and bolts of the defense the play calling. Speaking claiming that Al Micah. Why do you think especially -- We don't look at it from Mike Pence respectively that's at designs on being -- coach it's so important is career you obviously want to. That are Rex Ryan -- so if you have a legitimate chance. A beating your head coach at some point down the road so eight that appeared editor lateral move and -- title that's true it is collateral Luke and I think you can ultimately. Call it to be head coach and actually get and petrochemical is to keep that. I think it's inevitable. That you have to break free from Rex Ryan and did this it would be a good time because you know. -- -- look at that situation there obviously you -- and and the jets don't make the playoffs here -- I think it's probably -- -- I won't be back into a political team. It appears that that the defense of players enjoyed playing for Rex Ryan what's your impression of of how those guys feel about Mike Patton part one part two. Well answered that and I'll follow about whether at some of the guys come up here what do you think of -- They're very Smart and I respect and expect acknowledge. -- note Becky was brought up the right way which is to be. Net cord and Tudor by Rex -- so but you got you know a different person now the Rex Ryan he's I want to keep the play off each other pretty well over the next four years. They they've been really good friend and noted they've been in contact. All out cute signs of that 48 hours don't before. It was interviewed by the bill and then after he's got that job. But I used to recall and I think that people that are each other especially these last few years Rex Ryan. -- don't pay a lot acting out lower and lower overlooked element. Of how does that this tablet defense. You know as -- -- out through the years. And again I think when you -- meant when he that mentor like Rex Ryan. Decade -- foundation. You know it'd be creative into. And it -- take your whole career to the next level that's why I think both of those guys have benefited them for their professional relationship over the past decade. You said these different personality had -- he's a little bit more locate. But right now I mean that I wanted to get misconstrued that he expiring that that it no one Rex Ryan when it comes -- personality in this league you. It's not like that but again he's a very cerebral guy and he's a guy who share in attack mentality. That that -- -- and it's interesting when you look at it get defense this in general opera flock C. That kind of -- to reverse you know most defense they're built. The defense to line out parts that it outlet to -- that. Caveat that this. On the secondary they want. Couple -- quarters a couple of quarters. So that he can do a lot of exotic -- what it comes to pressuring the quarterback I think you let a lot of that this year is that -- -- that the. That the preference would be pretty can't trust the sport guys. -- defensive coordinator is the preferred that but short of that. You're gonna see a different players at different positions rush the quarterback it's different kind of unpredictable. And eat what you think sometimes that the jets are rushing five or six. People there really ailing Russian war people but it's an unorthodox and unconventional. Way of doing it I think that they are liked it except. That it's yet to paddled at the years with the unpredictable element they are attacking -- again they're not reckless. You mentioned the corners diminish. And he shot the safety time I'm worried quite out of here I mean I think people like Gilmore he had a good rookie they sort of -- of Revis obviously but the they have Gilmore a lot of questions. Beyond that at quarterback. How much of a problem could that be for this scheme and is it just corners -- there reliance safeties as well because birds good and and you know maybe they can bring in one of the jets' safeties is a free agent to help out. Look at it like of this day -- they look like guys. But what you are. In the first couple years -- at a guy -- -- -- that you that they're familiar with the buffalo not the most physically gifted tackling an extremely Smart player and an invaluable Beverly. To that back end. And I think that's the kind of guy that indeed. Yet the safety position they were certainly help that issue. A guy like going out. -- -- LaRon Landry. Who was dynamic for them in their first season was and. But -- they made do with Smart guys that the safety position you don't necessarily have to be the most dynamic guys. But if you are Smart intelligent. If you know. To be in the right you know that your tactic you know -- but. You know you can succeed in this speaker tactic that's what players will realize. In this in this style of defense that. Might that look like your skills that he'll get everybody up and I think that's what players -- that the Baltimore really enjoy playing with Rex Ryan is that. It'll be you'll be involved at some former action to take advantage of your skills that. That is very few times well placed elect collect data that not part of the equation and I think that again another strength -- -- Rex Ryan and built in in Baltimore to what you can't -- my pet. Last thing for you whether it's free agents whether it's guys that might be salary cap casualties are there guys on defense who love had enough that they might wanna follow me here to buffalo. Solely as a couple guys that don't really. And it got off the -- started elected veto. Yeah he's -- -- glue guy on defense he's not restricted free agent it wouldn't surprise me if he landed in buffalo Eric Schmidt is another diet eat the you know who can help out you know as a very sixteen also and it has been extremely valuable guy out specialty that should probably ask Brad. Pretty familiar with. With Eric Schmidt and I know that does that different as well. Yeremiah Bell is there is another guy older guy at the same position he's going to be that pressure to create and it wouldn't surprise me. If if you look at buffalo in it it got -- erotic -- that well celebrities like unpaid campaign. And outside linebacker -- a lot of the dirty work where rejects. Statistically they're numbers you know our record may may not jumping out but I don't particularly valuable part. That the central Rex Ryan and Mike in he in all likelihood will be casualties would expect and -- that the money's right I would be surprised if he had an -- -- flows well. And he's -- this from the New York Daily News -- -- little background Mike Patton a new defense -- coordinator for the bills and he's thanks very much for coming knowledge we appreciate your time today. I expect it here no word from the bills. A.