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Jhn Clayton Says It's Been a Great Week for Bills

Jan 10, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- We're just getting started here John Clayton. With a quick clip from your ESPN. Commercial and and John any any fund interactions. Have had anything like that come from that -- you met anybody famous or. At some point encounters. -- I would slayer have and I kind of like fast. Their reaction around was great -- never like when the first came out of September. That LeBron tweeted how much you like the commercial was always good. When you go through airports people come walk a lot covered checked out of reordering of hiding -- they're all those different things so now the reaction has just been fantastic. He'll. Thank -- that that ESPN has such good advertising people and a good advertising agency. The table to figure out these commercials because when they called me on -- night did it it was like I just followed their instructions and it said just. Do we tell you everything is going to be fine and they reaction has been fantastic. I know that that commercial came out a few months ago and we talked about that is it's funny to me idea of message today from a listener. Who I must've just may be seated for the first time on TV recently or whatever looks -- Mike dodge of the mixture US to employ about open it's like Newt. -- have to idiotic and cycles because you know clearly they don't wanna try to overuse it. And I just noticed in the last two days they've been going through a big cycle of using it because whenever it goes on as an explosion on my Twitter. Saying all that was great -- -- all the comments thank heavens are so positive about it so that going through it a little series and I'm sure that. You know go dark for awhile and don't start coming back so. Don't think they know how to tried to get the word out on this one so that it get. Still maximum exposure to make of all fun. So John the bills have a new coach what do you think of them. While by the Levy would have been a very good week in the first stop it looks like Seattle basketball coming back -- the Sacramento Kings that's good. That put Seattle with the arena it all works out Beckett hockey here so that's good. Hockey is back. Buffalo as a coach before Cleveland. -- -- -- Before Cleveland and it's not Chip Kelly who didn't go anywhere. Right well you last week we talked about Chip Kelly you're gonna downing general -- party response about Kelley specifically. Wallace college coach me in the transition the bills ultimately hired. A college coach so what are your thoughts on the admiral -- College coach but also to -- in the same vein as stated Jim Harbaugh. But the same thing has to be careful most of his career in the national football again yet two years of Syracuse but he had seven years the National Football League. And felt. I think that that makes him more positive on the ballot on you know pure college coaches you know maybe Brian Kelly said that he would go to Philadelphia from Notre Dame. Maybe that would work I just didn't have a good -- on Chip Kelly coming out and being able to work in the National Football League and fortunately that ships sailed. But in the case have done wrong and I mean he's. Well based in. What he's done and I think that you could see the dynamic of how this all came together that Cleveland was I wanted things fell apart on Saturday night. Was the most that the -- and offers start pocket contract but thanks to the relationship and I think Doug Russ Brandon have they were able to work out the GOP war. Cleveland had a chance to make the offer and then Cleveland at the reboot to search right now two point work they very well they hire Ken Whisenhunt the next few hours. John that's one of the I'd certainly I don't -- our favorite things like community wide but certainly it is one of my favorite things about this tiger is that. -- couple times in a row the bills hired Dick Jauron mentioning -- nothing against those men experienced NFL coaches. Nobody was beaten down their adored the bills didn't win any race to hire -- -- those men. Maroney was a sought after candidate and that makes me feel like gum doesn't make. They can assure that he's gonna be more success than those guys it just makes me feel like the bills accomplished something in in giving him here. Yet but they didn't they didn't take as second best or -- they they cut the guy that they ended up want. And I and they got it before two other teens are all said and -- to jump on him because he dealt. Clinton was all set to make an offer because data Chip Kelly -- was starting to die on Saturday they sense that. They pullout and so now next thing you know they're -- -- call Doug -- on that kind of deal was already done and Philadelphia. He'll still trying to figure out if they're gonna call from around the country the Barone was finishing in the top three or four so you'll hear that sense where I -- Very similar to the Mario Williams -- -- -- Like them or not was the best create an available this last year. And the -- locked and in the room when they got and in the case of -- alone there were able to get the deal done before the other is already the point consult if that's the guy that you want and that's the guy that you hoped it would look good for them. John played with -- us from ESPN. Judge you have opinions on either or both of the two coordinators the bills tired. -- but I think it's a very good coach and so. I don't know what he's gonna bring the topic I don't ultimately -- definite -- at the press conference transcripts yet to see -- -- not -- they get him -- what 34 -- if they -- Like I can tell it like I -- not to interrupt you but I can tell you what he said that he said basically will be bowl and I wonder if you just keep that up talking about you know oldest seed. Changeable. Now what I said that's okay because the minute you could have a hybrid and in many ways the new -- a little bit of a hybrid. That does all the bases before three could I just think the talent. Pretty well goes to that because I think the women made that transition like somebody that have failed. You go to Cleveland San Francisco early in the package. It just you know you have to have the right type of nose tackle to be able to do that and yet how Williams hit an OK job. But he was better than three technique on the defensive lineman. Don't you don't linebacker didn't think were well suited to do it and clearly if they would go to affords them to a 34. Mario Williams now is not going to be worth a hundred million dollars -- can debate it was. Discount it based on display last year but of all I've met that's that's look at water that's what you got so I I know he's a good coach. And laundry doesn't try to over do what's not there as far as. That personnel that's fine I don't know much about the offensive coordinator but also to think that you know overall. You've got to trust -- now to get to kind of deputy once sent the only world based -- The Bill Parcells system and so I think -- I think I have no problem with the. It seems to me that and he even said there's room himself and his news conference. -- emphasize NFL experience but then followed that up with especially on the defensive side of the ball. I think and it's reasonable those of like even though he's not calling the plays on offense in three cities he's not -- call plays. Like he's the offensive guy so he's gonna have a guy he's comfortable with and they know how each other they can -- stuff let's go get an experienced defense of guy. John how eager republic John -- from ES PM by the way how eager should we be four. Jack defenders to follow -- their former defense coordinator here I've read some names Eric Smith Calvin Pace. Cap casualties is that the for the linemen in there is name Imus is escaping me maybe even more on Landry who may be a free -- I believe. -- I -- I want the bills don't look at one or more those players. Maybe a couple but I wouldn't get too over enthused because. Predicting some of those names again they're getting pretty old not not a lot my Andrea I think that. He's still -- one out and could be a possibility that they could go for him I think he's a very good safety. -- very tough. He plays hard at body had a very good season and so that would not be a bit when you start department Calvin Pace goes back to the Bill Parcells days when you know he. He'll accept some of these guys are you Bryan Thomas -- that typical back so far. They're pretty much at the end of their career and what this team needs to do if your credibility into concede that with Maroney is an energy there and you get. The one thing when you get a college coach you do get energy and the fact he's already gone out the coordinators are taking care is already working on the staff. That's fantastic. And so what you wanna try to do is get younger or at least not get to -- sure you want guys that know that system. And you want guys that he'll fit in nicely but I don't think -- necessarily you know getting a lot of the jet players because. -- -- -- We're getting pretty old -- that. John yesterday we talked about whether that the bills hiring the head coach from Syracuse. And the offensive coordinator from Syracuse. Might be an indication that they plan on drafting the quarterback. From Syracuse maroni spoke to that it's in the bills email -- they sent out with with quotes from the head coach in the new coordinators. And he said this I understand the rationale for that question but hiring Nathaniel as their offensive coordinator. Has nothing to do with which players we will select in this year's draft. John I think still. Between now and the end of April when the draft comes around. In buffalo at least people are going to be wondering if NASA is going to be picked by them. Yeah but I don't know where. I don't know that the answer to the quarterback equation right now maybe they get the feeling they will look. And take a quarterback but also to understand that the quarterbacks are not as valuable as quarterbacks the last couple years. This is not what you would elicit more than 209 into a seven -- to a six class of quarterbacks. And so. Where that all sorts out we're gonna start to find out predict the two by January 15 when we have the final. List of who's going to be under class -- out there are so. -- I don't think necessarily. You'll Syracuse is going to be the pipeline for the future success of this team no knock on Syracuse but I think that. -- what buddy nix and Doug Whaley and all that they've got to put their heads together and and figure out what bright young quarterback -- -- to build the franchise around. If he is right now and it depends on what list you look at and I don't honestly know where where you're ESPN guys -- -- -- carper had him rated. I've seen him rated as high as the fourth best quarterback in the in the class NASA if bomb. Call how old much can the Senior Bowl and come -- Elevated. Lot because you know -- particularly to. And I'm kind of disappointed that some of the top ones are not going to go there like I understand Matt Barkley coming up and injuries so that's understandable. But I mean you know Smith is just crazy not going there because he was horrible in the Baltic Schmidt. I think that the one thing he -- there's some bad quarterback plays and guys are going to be trapped this year and a bowl game -- -- and compete because of it now you have a week. Allowed all the scouts all the people you know you can convince. Some teams that you were so coach a bowl and then you go to the call mining compete and this is the competitive league. And if you go there and start winning some favor you know that it really cultures stock that's why it's you know sometimes it's -- hurt it better to sit out. But if you're healthy go in -- compete because demand as a matter that the that your audition for the national football Reagan if you do a good job is going to elevate where you're going to going to try -- Let's talk playoffs Robert Griffin and then Junior Seau here John. Griffin. Was -- wrong. I mean maybe not in the sense that they -- -- -- and at that game. -- constantly was asking his doctors. If he -- a place. And then the answer was yes and so from that standpoint he's probably taking some unfair criticism that he's kind of being mean and nasty keep the guy out there. With a bad -- -- he made the mistake. It'll not changing the offense that's the problem nicely because they still stayed running read options and it still stayed in the pistol. And when they probably should switch to -- offense where he was doing three and five step drop and not running. The fact that he was running option plays -- bad bad needs. That is same mistake. She took the offense because when he was hit at the end of the first quarter and that it at the five yard line you can see that is and he was affected but it wasn't like it was. At the end of the game when it was you know -- clearly blown out worries -- He was at least no warning was painful for. And watching him run most painful -- why they allowed him to run as the mistake. Boy it's hard it's hard to listen to though that he kept communicating with doctors if the doctors aren't saying that they -- Griffin heard. They're they're the mean Andrews changed his story a little bit it is it really that hard for Mike Shanahan to have had a conversation with the doctor. During which it was clear. What the prognosis ones. It came back and set on Monday there was a communication. Mistake and you know ultimately. Both I think have to take criticism for that because what Shanahan kept on doing it could ever RG three only came opera like one play it. And so. Anyway right back on the field and so I'm hearing Amador says is to be okay and my editors say -- played out there is okay but probably just thought that somebody should check out that needs. And built the doctors there and so. He should've done more work somebody needed to be forceful nobody was being forceful or whether it's communication or -- That's where the problem -- but you know eyesight Shanahan look and over there all the time and say hey -- OK and could get the Pope played OK so. -- it's reported that got the answering want it is -- your talking about the playoff game against the original injury John. No such talk about oil okay just wanted to make sure there was a. -- they -- -- you know injury and I think he wouldn't he wouldn't have been out loud out there if doctors didn't clear him to play. What that -- maybe four member -- Andrews is only working with the team now on home game it's okay because before. He was the one that what I go to road games stupid because of a busy schedule and a ticket at Auburn and Alabama to. And we can't he just wanted to come home games and so they had home and away games after the injury and never. The one road game I think it was. Doctor did not put that. The Philadelphia -- -- damage he did doctor which was not entries go that was not called game didn't clear him so he's only here on home games. When there and FedEx Field. Okay. Were going to speak -- -- -- like he's not going to be back. Here there and yeah and there's not going to be back accurate they get pretty safe to let it. Go get somebody also give them the answer they want well John what do you what do you think of the the the four games and got this weekend. -- drama in the AFC I think it's inevitable it's going to be Brady vs Manning for the has to go to the Super Bowl. I think that you could see that once the playoffs are set up at once Denver got a chance to at the number one seeds I think it's inevitable. And midnight and a half point spread I think delicate there's some big gap between those two teams don't Denver status -- season -- eleven games have been won by a touchdown or more. And that's rewritten the National Football League gets back some margins were at the game may be close but not that close. And New England at home against Houston what you can cannot stop the pass I mean that that the team right now. Because of the injury to Brian Cushing and the problems that they haven't secondary has really dropped out against good quarterback play -- NFC games -- really compelling because. What you have is. You'll have will -- Matt Ryan first went in the playoffs. You'd hope so because he's such a good quarterback that if you don't want to have the mental being alone for you don't wanna be to coach. Mike Schmidt who would be a one for the Seattle the good team. And -- I think agreed they had a great chance to go out to San Francisco and win. Just because Aaron Rodgers is so hot and calling cabinet could not play the playoff game yet. John how about the -- news is anybody in the league surprised. They shouldn't -- because there when he died. People look that is injury reports and they didn't see any concussions and by the -- head -- That they'll possibly cause whatever -- demons that were within am I think we all expected that. Because we know how we played we know what a good guy he was and were all stunned and hurt. That this happened because number one we all like him and he was always the most pleasant guy you could ever deal -- -- he was always there with a smile. That I would make it over when I go to San Diego games on sandy. On Saturday night. Statistical over the say out restaurant just to say hi to all of the fact that that the diet and so. Something has to be wrong and so this confirms that something was wrong and it does not like you have to be on the injuries sheet. With concussions and that comes up now so I think that. What his stature this is important in being able to help make this game safer and figuring out why this app. Right how how in your opinion decent job. Did the league do this year given that you know the stay out who's the narrative of the summer was. Player safety that he cautions that we had bounty -- all this stuff did the game look different to you this this year John. Well not at all I mean you know it's still going to be the problem of trying to take a whole generation of football players and abdomen just they're launching point as far as tackling and the you can hear the complaint from the defense the players. We can't do this we can't do that but I think that you could see that the -- intention is very strong as far as that. Clearly the commissioner over what is bound by not having enough evidence on the players on bounty gate. To try to do that they did in the ideas safety. I think now which get the watch is trying to make it Hussein. Because it's still football and you take it away. The football parts if you want -- to kick off I was proud of the players association and the players this week coming out they Hayward up for eliminated it can cost you still -- -- play football. So I think that it's going in the right direction but there's still going to be this slips in terms of all the different things. Trying to make it all right but I think that -- it's going -- -- good direction and it has to because you know you now have a whole generation of parents. That are looking at their kids think is this really the right thing to do to let my kid at that young -- a lot their play football put these restaurant Eric. They've got to try to continue to make its saved so that's a good game for everybody and everybody enjoys -- and everybody else say per about it. Amen to that. John thanks.

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