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WGR550>Topics>>1/11 New Bills O-Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett joined the John Murphy Show

1/11 New Bills O-Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett joined the John Murphy Show

Jan 10, 2013|

Hackett on WGR

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nathaniel -- the brand new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills he returns to buffalo after spending the last three years says the offensive coordinator and offensive coach for the Syracuse Orange. And we started things up by for his welcoming if Daniel -- back the buffalo thank you so much I'm so happy to be here and be with you right now you read two seasons here oh wait no nine. A bad postseason there was a lot on out of it and you learned a lot of those two seasons here and -- yes I learned quite a bit it was a very unique situation McCain -- -- -- -- -- -- apart from the standpoint -- -- that -- can -- -- -- -- -- well let's talk about that the last season your own nine when. Things got a little bit hairy at the end of the pre season winter -- was let go yet. And our mutual friend Alex Van Pelt went from quarterback coach took offense coordinator and you had an increased role to play then you work it it seems to me of my recollection is correct. You -- a lot more than just a standard quality control. Yeah I I had a lot of duties and name news it was a great time I love being busy and I along with the the quality control stuff. Alex really leaned on mean in one immediate help him with with different facets of the quarterback position which was. Awesome and I was really privileged that he had enough confidence in me to let me do that. And I mean -- it was it was a great time it was a great time to be with Alex learn from Alex and in being put in that position and see how he he reacted and and then it was a lot of fun you know it's things obviously did not go well -- season as a whole but. You find that sometimes you learn more when you're under duress like you and Alex were that season. You learn a lot about yourself and you learn about which you can handle you can learn about how you're gonna response negative criticism you can understand how he got to fix things how things might not be going right and -- really need to get to -- law changed -- Learn from those things keep on moving well you kept them open it when you left the Buffalo Bills that it wasn't long before you got the call for -- -- -- Who just they've been at Syracuse University talk about that and how you actually got the job that you with coach -- IA it was it was kind of crazy actually interviewed for a wide receiver job with him a year prior and decided stated at the bills and in and then. Right win and everybody was kind of like go with the bills he called me right away and say hey come on in here love to talk with you. And have sat in that room with him for solid eight hours and and it was an awesome interview it was funded due to know him better he got to know Meehan. I walked out of there and he Palestinians said you know what I wanna work with you want you to be that guy now long wanna do it all you coordinator all that stuff passed in -- quarterbacks I want you to run it and I was that -- -- this -- this amazing compliment because it coast -- is so known throughout and and you have to be so. Particular and everything you do and yet to be exact and I -- that -- -- -- short period of time and it was such a compliment him so awesome -- -- try to jump on that right away and you had a relationship -- back to morals for entry to the NFL when he was with the New York Jets I did he -- to New York Jets when when my father was there and I would always go out there wants our season was over when I was at Stanford. And I go out there and try to shadow when you guys -- just wanted to learn football learn from them that was when it was a real good team out there with Curtis Martan and all those guys and I think coach -- Sami as as the coach's kid that was around to really work and really wanted to learning and love -- love the game was passion about the game and I think that kind of stuck with him -- -- -- -- median -- when he interviewed discount the team knew what he's gonna get a little and I locked in that door but that. But AA it was a it was a good time then and in all that. Naked with a -- what did you learn about coach Tyrone during that period what did you see from him when he was with the jets. I learned that he was that he was. Very. Very blue collar he was a very tough coach he was a guy that demanded a lot from his players but did in the right way he was very professional. And I think that was really nice to see game -- the players really respect it and they really liked him and and then I mean and they they won the rushing title that year -- I mean EE it was a really good team and a lot of that was cut because the coach wrong because a lot of it starts. Really all that starts with off the line let's face it and and I knew it was fun to see his success -- and be able to watch him and see how he worked you have that eight hour interview beef you know brain he's ready to offer you the job at Syracuse. What are you talk about -- those eight hours to talk about offense and scheme to talk about style collapse that we talked about everything from from years all your different what -- foundation would be what -- philosophies are how do you look at the offensive line that was the one that I knew I had to be on -- because we talk about offensive line play and we talk about the running game action. You have got to know which talked about coach around because he's he's very good at that and he's one of the best there is in the NFL and I knew that going into it's I'm nature that I was gonna. V news sale the right things and impressed him and I think that's what kind of won him over along with understanding his terminology lately he wanted what he was looking for and we've really takes a long time it takes a long time to express that and show your knowledge of not only the other positions but the operative line position and I think. That was good comfort level for him and I think that's why he really liked what I had to bring to the table we must elected he turns over the offense to you and you spent three years is the offensive coordinator there talk about that and especially I I've noticed it from you. And coach were on the -- that you have been what you'd restored the Syracuse football over the last couple years Mena. We go in there and and I was just so excited to have the job that I had and to be with a guy like coach RO. And not even realizing where Syracuse was at that moment. Syracuse being I think we watch him like 116. Out of 500 in nineteen whoever was -- I really realized I got there scenario what I get myself into. We can have a quarterback at that time I mean it was a brand a brand new young sophomore -- it was going to be a freshman there were so many different questions that we had to answer and and then maybe even just the mentality of the program at that point they'd just come off four and eight and you could tell they were bleeding and understanding coach around. In infamy you walk in there and see how he ran the team and work with the team and how he built to mop the confidence started to gain. And then we go in in my first year there we go eight and five win a winnable game and depends -- the first win in ten years I mean it was. I mean we were also emotional -- and it was such an amazing year and then to do it again this past year with the offense that we had in I mean. What we were part of it is is you can't even talk about the people -- that rumors from the only guys -- don't know that because it was just it was awesome. The Daniel how would you describe your working relationship with dug around in terms of putting together the offense during the week and then on game days calling play to call the plays when you're an issue I did I did the best thing about coach -- she's a great sounding board. He trusted me with with a lot of stuff and now I always knew that there were some things that I had to be ready for some things that I had to have. Planned for him when he wanted to coming in here it was a game plan -- and -- on this side on this I -- at all my answers ready to be ready to go with them. And I think that was a great communication that we yet but we can always communicate say hey this this is what we have to do to be successful for this game. In the in during the game it was great too because if things were going good he just let -- -- of things are going bad it was more. Hey let's fix this this is how we can fix it okay we got -- Watsco and we were able to make some great adjustments with some gains in the second -- I mean it was a great relationship between during the game we have great communication and we understand what we're trying to get done you love calling -- well. It's it's awesome I mean to be able to have that that control and can have a vision of how you -- winning game and score points. And then watch all those guys out there work together and believe in what you're doing I think that's the best thing when you look at the player. And a player looks -- -- and there's total confidence in both guys and everybody knows what to do in any situation when they're bringing an all out pressure when there. Bring in one when they're playing zone and everybody's in saint. Mean you know that you're part of that today it's it's unbelievable. Everybody sit at home with the -- game thinks they can do it. Let's try to give -- your -- I had -- -- and I -- I had -- that is most of my four year old son -- that -- -- there's -- a lot more to -- -- oh yeah -- the play Italy it is it's not an easy -- -- I mean you -- -- -- all week trying to get -- -- trying to prepare the -- the best you can because as well as you can -- no matter what you do there's always going to be some things you're not gonna be ready -- there's going to be some things that there's some -- something records show you and it's really about how you can keep -- keep your composure. How when things get a little crazy when all the sun -- -- and adjust for the players they look them in the night I gonna make them feel confident you're gonna make that adjustment. You'd be able to find a way to score points. That's the beauty of coach Indian out there on game gains -- it done talking with Nathaniel Hackett is the new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. The John Murphy show presented by no Coke so Nathaniel explained if you can your style your offensive style which ran at Syracuse. What you hope to bring here to the Buffalo Bills we were very multiple multiple offense I think the critical thing about. Any offenses you have to be able to do a lot of things 'cause it's it's a lot about the players -- to evaluate your players if you see what they'll do good. And you got to figure out how to do it all want to waste and that that's the part of pathetic coach has to do that's what he that's his that's my job my job as a -- with those guys do. Put him in that position to it over and over and over game because that's what they're going to be successful. So I think all three years we were a little bit different each year because we had different guys in different roles and different things that we did. The first year we were under sinner every snap never gotten a gun one time we want. Next year we were little bit of both guns and gun gotten that next year we were full up tempo nonstop let's go. So I think as a coach it's our job as coaches it's our job to a Justin and put those players in the right position and understand what's gonna make them successful. So really. It's about a violating the players right now and seeing what they can do and and how we can make them successful in the and that's what we wanna do we wanna put that on the field -- I keep and I -- Turkish football as an alumnus and I have to say -- massive did jump from last year to this past season was pretty dramatic. I mean I would never think of him in terms of being at a Spotify early round NFL prospect that a year ago now he's right there have been a big -- He -- talented player he he -- a funk attic coach he was great to work with. I think you look at Ryan massive and not only was Bryan NASA -- but the people yet around them more or fair Rica who we have in another -- -- -- back we had two wide outs. That are very very productive we had two running backs that were very very productive we -- tied in that did really well. And it was a lot of the people around and we we had a very good team around him so he can excel in all facets of the game and I think. That was exciting thing about this year there were a lot of weapons out there for him to go to and he just did his job drop back and got to the open guy and that's -- telecast from quarterback how do you think his game will project the NFL. He's he's a real Smart hard worker so I think that he's gonna do find job I really wish him the best of -- I want to ask about tempo and gets -- -- that pet topic of my temple when it comes offense. And the pace of an offense are you believer in. Keeping the tempo up it looks like it based on the way you guys played last year expects you let like I said -- when it comes -- the tempo I think it's -- -- it's about what the players to go and I think it's if if you've got -- -- and they can run that style offense it's a great deal -- you wanna do that and if it's not. -- you need to slowdowns but from a tempo standpoint there's a lot of benefits to a there's there's some negative things about just like any any kind of system that -- -- there's goods in their bats. You have to take the good with the bad and understand what position you're gonna put yourself into. But that the tempo is unique thing in and it definitely did it real nice job forces here it's their keys there's been connections made because of your. Time here the exposure they had to Alex Van Pelt and Jim Kelly. That Kelly kind of talk Q a little bit about the -- got up and what they did forty years ago by the way what -- -- with the without a doubt without a doubt Jim Kelly who was awesome when I was here he came in. And we talked seas -- and it's great talked and I mean he's a legend I mean even for me anybody in their right mind not to listen to a Jim Kelly it's assays crazy. And I was lucky enough to take advantage of that and here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I was at Stanford record mattered about him out there and in some practice one day -- was that wool I don't know that guy's gonna come to Stamford. But but I remember going out there and seen in the -- so that there's there's -- good players on the senate try to get them the football -- tell me about your relationship and maybe the importance of your father. In your coaching career the influence that your father had a matches. Maybe in terms of scheme and offense and approach to offense but even in terms of the lifestyle in in the life of being -- -- -- he's been amazing. I mean just as a father just grown up in this business it's funny because I actually never wanted to be a coach there was a time when I was younger I was like this disgrace and we knew he'd be winning in people would be criticizing let me be losing him to criticize what is this and ever since I've decided to do this profession I mean he's been right there -- now that he's retired he's even been there more and it's it's just been awesome having him around and whenever you have a legend like data guy that's been through it all he's won a Super Bowl won a national championship. Been around the best quarterbacks that are played the game. It's so awesome to be able to say hey -- -- rapist dad -- -- we just watched -- coach -- doing a good job and you get some things that. Nobody else can give you silly it's just as a coach you always want to get better you're always striving to find and managed to supplement you can somehow. And get a better relationship with the guys came to play better and to have a guy like that that's been through with the help you with that is just awesome I think it's a lot. Has a lot to do with who would help me get along up to this point and you also happy for a with the lifestyle of a coach that the moving around a little bit in the archived at places definitely. Alia. My in my life she she's absolutely unbelievable and the divesting them my dad did was he involved mean -- with everything he did as Ankara from -- doubts cowboys to. Pitt Panthers I was around players all the time so so I mean I grew up in the locker room my dad telling it was a ball boy forever I was at the -- chiefs of my friends. I still see you guys coach in the lead and I was a ball boy for an every time they've seen you know all my guys are everybody knows they have so. I mean he did a great job it even though it was hard work even -- we might move even -- we might do this and that. He made it fun and he gave was Hackett pride in and to assess all being together and in living together and and really support each other and I think it's been awesome kind of grown up that -- likened. Kind of put around my children and I can help my wife and my mom's they're from my wife which is awesome because it is hard and but it's fun it's fun and I think they love it and it's given us some great opportunities in life you left here three years ago with two little kids and you. You've doubled down it appears yes yes ever since -- -- in New York we got a lot of babies out of a visa for three at two in about a four month old -- they are unbelievable and my son was born in buffalo so we told me what you think about buffalo he started going crazy because as the favorite team already it's Scalia he's only four vote and every time UC BE -- and being in. Is -- to buffalo he starts freaking out buffaloes on -- out of you but I don't watch. If you turn it off you get screen that you get tired them out KG AA you've got to watch buffalo and Ottawa. With Daniel what's job one for you now again you're just you're just getting your feet on the ground what you have to do first here in buffalo. -- -- gosh I think now now I'm a feeder underneath me a little bit I think you've got to put together great staff and we got sort of -- these players and just being in sync with -- -- making sure anything that he needs I have to be their form to its to help him with anything you need to think -- those are kind of lumped up together. Put together staff you probably get calls from people -- great you you tend to get a lot of calls and and you've got the guys that you've been thinking about and so forth and and you wanna be respectful and one and in nice to everybody in. But but there's only couple spots in the and you gotta go with what you feel is the best thing to bestseller Q thank you very -- a good to have you back here appreciate it very except let's go Nathaniel Hackett the offensive coordinator for the bills. It is the John Murphy show presented by no go from one bills drive and all the -- WGR Sports Radio by.

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