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Jerry Sullivan on the Bills Coordinator hires

Jan 14, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nice play by the G dog here giving -- some Dave Sims we know Jerry to begin -- -- -- I in fact told Lofton that's divided since forming. I interviewed Lofton for the comeback pizzas one -- that knows -- we'll be back. All right -- you -- -- about that maybe he was sending that what you were mine that. Broadcast yesterday if I remember that now known -- And you know I just told you something you didn't ally when I I did -- Harrington wants a while I never catch him on -- and once or twice side Newsom he didn't know. You do noted. Bobby -- the Margaret Court before the -- before the Billie Jean King I'd ever knew he played murder -- real proud of myself I'm. Delighted to notice -- Narnia -- are talking about football again okay enable better as we know we haven't seen you since. The coordinator 400. You haven't right so -- I don't know thoughts. Does this we toppled. We talk a lot about -- last week we certainly talked about it a few times. You know they -- the offensive coordinator he said after their bowl game of irony in a -- -- the album -- hold top guys of the cold all the stuff. Just what are your thoughts on the on the two liars and media. -- furthering of the Syracuse connection if massive in his armory. Well for Bristol. Of the patent things seem like a steel. And I even Barden. I think negative -- you might. And pass over the mile on the east. Who's he beaten enrolled playoff games Grady rivers and Manning yes ready and Manning and well whatever you think about IBM both. And the other guys look 33. I'd rather like a young guy -- new ideas and a little. Little this little cozy though -- NASA. If he -- the fifth. The fifth choice out their -- or about it yes you know. Wilson was able -- go -- -- probably I don't know but it's like it seems a little true to pad at this point and I think that. These guys. Only him I mean -- people up as a quarterback who won some games. And he's got the coach in the NFL I just hope they don't think like they don't see him in a more favorable light because of that points separate the this aquarium you might need -- Nixon wailing and some of these scouts who were like you know from the 1912 era. To say you know what let's let's come down here he maybe he's not our guy. Great point the obligation. The potential for that is very even -- it's unspoken right. Well sure I'd like to think they'll do that that flies a little bit in the face of something that that got us that talking about massive last week it's scary like that. I said for. While want weeks I was preacher gala was gonna give him for a few weeks so -- think a lot of new coach he needed to answer one question above all others. Or have the right answer one question that -- -- really Ross or whoever was opposed him what are we gonna do work. And if they really got into -- of all the talking about their guides or can we win with back and the answers yes. I don't know. The smoke inquiries. Is. It's you know it's it's error if you want it. Not what they'll do I don't know but. I just I really would love the Knoll hollow specific god but if they were pointedly asked the -- in the second round and win and he went in the. Second -- only be there that is not pressure these quarterbacks will fly and a drop them I don't watch much college football he's played against you know is that the beat them. And outplayed them so twice why would be so outlandish that he might and the the bit being better than. In the pros and cap X better than Gabbert. Russell Wilson's better than ponders side it. The guessing game -- I want guys that know. -- -- growth -- -- -- with Jeremy this morning and it's all guests you know I want a guy that looks a Catholic and says no I know he's going to be that I know that but guessing. But can you say that that's there can you say that. State Jim Harbaugh did that or is he just guessing right it is their Q we know the difference between them knowing it and guessing right. Did you get this question from Jeremy -- -- With the. The fine line to protect that victim they believe demeaning what's that -- mean knowledge and belief but like a little more well founded belief now. And just pick guys that are good in the -- caramel is what they know there. I -- why is one organization keep doing it right another one not -- Light is one Ariza is a good coaches you know they know who coaches are they just -- -- good guessing they'll. And the guy and -- and -- a lot of people are now on a -- he misses a lot of picks. But he also does a stockpile to get extra ones it was time to pick. You know great guard like Mankins he does it at 32 -- overall he doesn't take two oral troop was it got a bad back. Now they've they've. Guessed right a lot again. Here's Jason with us on WG -- -- Jason. And calling I think the Brady hurts and many conversations. Never is not interest. It's always interesting to me and you know people say you know. Mangan and they're not yesterday but that formula that's field of football outsiders that they. Andre at 95% the wins so I mean. Other than you know I guess because an -- touched down there and -- Mort I am but I. Are doing everything we can do and about -- Brady and his seat include a lot for eight years and even when that happens it's the patriots lost but when one no matter excuse -- to Ali's. -- Manning lost and that just seems to be. -- it and I guess could say that that that's because Brady's one more championships therefore he's he's earned that. But you know I just solid feel that that's a weird -- of of looking at individual gains. Also in time I get some more in despite its most people I feel that that was significant and it's. Activism reluctant but if you look at what was done the biggest fine in history. Well look like duke coach and the tapes were destroyed and for me it's significant I could I don't know you know the late in the most -- all of -- field goals. I'm Jaworski it's time saying you know. -- knowing what to each country can do would be such an unbelievable advantage. I guess I I think there're a lot closer than a lot of people perceive that to be that kind of Wear -- our habits and. Well done. It's that it wasn't all that these -- -- gone for years. Now -- settled though it's close and you did say a simple pretty betterment and so. Of course it's close it out Peyton Manning I would take Brady hundred times out of a hundred over Manning. Put it that. That does not mean it has to be a blow out like it's not intentional. -- I'm about a thousand a million -- bill. At what point can someone say if that sounds like you're saying it -- close and the guy -- you know presents is arguments a little Italy twisted side. I mean I think it's operating and they lose super balls and I think he's the best ever he loses. He lost those that bubbles wasn't just that. Some guy got a ball court next with head and then Manningham and a great play Brady could've done more to win those they didn't even -- public sixteen straight completions here. He wasn't good enough and well -- and the eleven times in -- -- as Peyton Manning losses these little loss. And this season loss every time line and and he had some rough times and the other one syllable and going -- Eight years so I wish you wouldn't want a couple more than that make smarter and stronger. Yeah but it is it it does fit. The narrative that he's not as good Brady's still playing we don't see them had head -- who lost anyway. The worst -- made in that game the worst decision made -- what whatever that the safety for Denver which. It's worse than flux and that happened and make it. Better not -- and. It's not fair does not apt comparison but it it's gone through my mind twice when I hear about what how he left the with a left the field a winner in retreat back to Rob Johnson now and I don't wanna hear. Yeah if you lost the line is still in -- where what is Flacco now. It's Flacco he would -- as he ascended to that level while he's got to play another AFC title game in New England. One he would have won last year we Evans could hold on the ball good or -- played already depressed all the while it's about doing so usually all right the Google -- It right I mean all right but so Flacco -- failure rate of the goal line interception. In a game in the middle of the season but he's just the -- now he throws a seventy our rainbow that some safety is like I is high and make them. And he's at this level again in all Cowell cake -- like oh look in radio like it's. If if your if your gonna get caught up in that. -- comes hockey. Where every goal is that -- -- Spoke to get at it. I'm like you of course you know -- the same -- But I just think Ryan Miller. The -- does he Wear some of these losses did and the seasons on the puck is that there Heineman over time I a lot of things that contributed. Contribute to teams losing. But his record in playoffs and in big games and -- is. He's not aware you know he's got all of more than any other player and I'm sure we would -- he would thought they would. Agree that. I'm rusty on hockey what games or -- -- what are what -- those games the gold medal game. This is where there where we say we're not the matter is still the playoffs. But that there was excited and clamoring to get in that you don't really well. April -- is the winter classic here the first one of those I'd appreciate it and all right but but you know. Overtime and Carolina. Overtime against Ottawa next year. The Olympic game is certainly I had in my Israel lost -- number -- I'm picking up losses when we're tight games it's hockey game -- recently. But he's got he he's Manning. Without a win yet. -- game seven running a little -- it's it's he should obese men and he doesn't have right but it's the narrative is similar and he can't win he's always find a way to bush. It'll always really -- insurer. Well somebody should say until it does it to win a championship you have to have all Lotta things go right and a lot of those things are outside your control. How good is the rest your team who -- you playing -- mean there's so much to it. In the top seven rated quarterbacks in the NFL this year or -- on the playoffs. So get the quarterback. And then you're surrounded -- start to get a lot better and yes they have to play well to you -- -- the past the Manningham in act on the pass to where that guy is. Retiree David Tyree hand and then the very as five but there and all these from. He's the main reason and the coach is pretty good on it the cheating thing I didn't watch the the you know the win over the rams and Carolina and the Eagles those three point. Super balls and take this disgraced he's getting some secret edge here he must be secretly watching. You know films of the other team you know I'm. It might help you may employees. Somebody might have set it now and like watching films but for a while there is -- didn't make cents. That was the story line for awhile and -- that it didn't make sense that he would have been picked sold late in -- so good. But that's a long time ago to.

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