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1/15 Lindy Ruff talks about Mikhail Grigorenko and the NHL season

Jan 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning how -- yeah. How. Good did you take garbage out. The garbage how. Remember -- okay well. Little bit hectic out that shows circuit like -- -- the -- that little sore. Well quite Ozzie let me I was concerned for three months that you does that piles of garbage at your house. No matter what kind of walked out my driver and a -- you guys. And that. -- think. Thank you very much good to have you. This coach. So you know -- scrimmage last night we're gonna get to a gazillion questions about Mikhail -- ankle in a moment but overall -- what did you personally see. Take out of the scrimmage last night. But -- to -- -- -- the government that thought was that actual. I'll be all -- scrimmage was big get. You know rely on an important. 42 -- try to simulate and that situation more players that make quick quick decisions under some brush. A lot of players special -- all or action and then play well effectively. I know that we're especially in Bridgeport opera Jordan. But I thought we accomplished most of up. What did you think McGregor Rangel. I thought it played well. You know we're just for showing what an original player. You do a lot of chances it could play. You obviously critical not it was a good for short -- -- Yeah I how much. How much do you judge on him based on -- you know -- scrimmage that was mostly non checking there was some hitting but. Certainly not like a regular. NHL regular season game so how much do you take out of last night from him and how much do you just say I was a scrimmage we'll see what happens when they play games. Well if you didn't notice some should be disappointed. Are so I think what you're doing noticeably different policy opportunity on the play he. You may you have to get credit for that because he's making out against. You know the best players that we haven't -- no longer that it can junior player. Make some players that are younger than him. You don't junior's legacy of 1617 year old dole you make of those players to get settled plays against good players. It. Let you are our noses they were a little bit of -- buzz and RN but it seems to have gone away. I what is your plan with him. Are you gonna play in an off five games are eager are you gonna see how he does in the first game and wing it from there what have you thought through what you would like to do with him on this in the five game window that you can have. What we -- been got that far I think the first have to try to evaluate him and in this first three or four bit amp. You know it looked. Evaluate players that work. You know possibly coming off injury here if you were up. You know we've got. They can Kirby isn't. They're all contractors we're going to court Corbett who allowed caught Derek and are ready to play. You know of course scored a lot more we're sick -- chatter in this situation so it just valuation process he worries that. And and -- always fit that he's ready to play. Many that line last night Greg -- -- and Leino in spots a new player -- second season after. How many would consider disappointing season last year what what do you think about that group of three together which -- -- last night. Well I picture a lot in their history and that -- got a lot of fire viewed. Physical guy he talked a lot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Believe we got the right side I would open -- -- situations implant. Left and they're shot outside that I like polite the -- Well what it jitters triggered the chances. I just like if you -- -- create you'd like to see him out and issue a little bit better but. I know that are very imagined he would be like playing a little men so I thought overall it it looked good. With regard to that idea of putting -- with. Mikhail for. Gregory over such a young player like other challenges that he'll face it obviously there's the the physical adjustable. And how much of it is psychological or mental or you know worried about. Pressure Earl Warren about trying to impress the coaching staff especially in such a condensed schedule here in a short time frame -- is one of the bigger concerns how he will react. You know psychologically or mentally. I think our young players you know worried all the you know every -- -- -- way. Last night you know that -- situation. You know he's electric -- There I have -- gonna make it seem it on the -- case he's coming from junior had a real world junior tournament. Idle all -- optical trichet. And I and I know how do you feel as a young player. You know almost an -- actually you know you're gonna be just physically you look around you see some of the bodies easier. The players that are six warships are the bigger stronger. All the emotions are wrong. Our culture your -- It's ideal automatic here. You know I get mail that if they can't -- -- -- can't handle. And puke -- -- a -- and not to play them you know it's out of it but not quite ready to play. I wanted to follow up on that because you went through this the similar concept the player. Up from juniors and in in the trial window and and Tyler Myers obviously -- at times looked extremely poised and very competent any any stock and for good reason. So far from what you've seen from Greg Greg guy I would assume it does not appear that he is intimidated by his surroundings in the -- You know what does not. I think you guys write I think he's it is reported young man -- See you complement -- but his ability. Again it's. You know which I don't hear the prospect camp and -- -- -- a couple days campus and I hit it hit it short period I don't value to fair. You know if there's the week goes on here we'll get a little bit harder and situations some of the drills Libya. A good way to look -- you -- some do that physical capabilities but. It's a short period of time to make they're up to that tough decision. And and don't get the play against that. You know opposition -- the outcome after you play it in their. Does that hurt his chances of making the team the only have a few days of practice. -- -- -- Does that does that you talk about how you really don't have a lot of time this week does that hurt. Triggering those chances because it's such a short camp. Well I think you -- Obviously. Immediately -- The world junior tournament to evaluate it. I would be nice to evaluate some of our players want it that jail. You know -- it pretty decent game. We don't want the competition is really get wrapped up. They. Don't -- It was real good. Please be sure you're aware. -- -- on the next lap later. You know I their opposition to become an opulent and and not be able played some of those games. It's a little bit -- a disadvantage if you don't get the game. Greg. -- erupt with a sabres head coach -- realistically how many roster spots do you think are up for grabs. Well it it is not a lot of roster spot at the -- We're looking at a roster that. You don't get back into. -- -- did last night we have night that we can play it. It ended up I -- those. Is set to look at each other -- root -- and at this doctor Erica are you gotta pick oppression and I've got competition. How can also thank -- good up front I think there's there's a competition or couples spot. Depending on which way we go in the actor looked like role. You can't keep nine defenseman canyon. I know we can't no no. I never have kept Knight Batman -- -- thought she worded that a little bit larger impact here. What do you how many defenseman you wanna keep would you would you keep. I guess first let me. Phrase it this -- would you keep more defenseman than normal because of the compressed schedule maybe the risk of injury back there and that he might wanna have more than normal depth. Well based on last year it it ought to as your previous question a padlock to keep I -- -- you know perhaps -- that's -- I don't know if you know that started you're repair their rockets are still at it but. But asserting that you could never have -- -- as Anderson you have injury -- you need to adapt the Tibet and you want to keep this much is your depth but the fact that you came up. How many would you wanna keep. -- -- -- 978. Or your other choices obviously. Probably. But I thought well you know I think yeah all right I prefer eight. You know it is always uncomfortable for the players that if you know what you're shooting where. We don't normally. Elect -- beach area it -- -- -- -- players that aren't playing but I think it short. Beaten you know a picnic and that we have talked about what direction that we can -- You know that's a possibility that there could be other possibility that the -- that we as an organization that staff. Along aren't yet talked about. No -- approaching 48 -- Let -- talking about a defenseman Adam parties and other new player that you don't have a whole lot of of experience with and he's trying to make an impression in a shortened season -- -- You go back and look at video of him with the SARS and how do you get a better idea of what -- -- -- you're gonna get out of him and whether or not he figures in that eight. Well that that's exactly what his future is if you -- backing you look at. A lot of the situations. That it played a lot here you go through so it really put through. You know you're defending your skills you -- -- -- -- skill than if you look better handle better feel of what this play areas. You -- -- -- almost at -- I get to know personality on occasion practice and work out what. What you do go through a lot of video when you're not accustomed to seeing a player a lot of them -- kind of player -- give him. A lot more -- better have a lot of you're out of straight NL west -- we have watched they're quite a bit if you want. What do you think of him he looks big -- looks like if if you're talking about your team. Getting big error and -- to play against -- I'm not I've not seen a lot of men in dallas' GA physical presence what he had. Certain -- dear team is tough for anyone tell that last like being a scrimmage but he certainly does add the size of the Blue Line. Yet -- you know I put them in a category good defender first. Good luck over. And the big man that can metal band I think he has the physical -- -- Definitely. I decree reached the respect and that -- -- For the most part it sucked out of place at. And here you anywhere whether it's -- defensemen extra forwards will you change the way you coach in terms of healthy scratches were you rotate guys. We have almost like a taxi squad and and rotate guys are normally they would be out of line up for a week or two weeks maybe it would only be a gamer to adjust to keep people fresh. Look at Motorola -- you're gonna have to take into consideration. Well the fact that we've got a lot of players and happy to play YouTube might start. Oh start there's forty games -- peninsula some guys or restart the drop off in May you have a game awful album. -- recover Soria I think those are possibilities that you could bring. He doesn't different players. It and carry it -- especially player in one night to get physical guy the next night. Those are all the things that there that we talked about and you're happy Geithner. And you're you're due out the -- some players that definitely gives you an option in this short. Do you they wouldn't win the the last time there was a short season 9495. You were an assisted in Florida right. Do you remember the staff doing anything differently coaching differently -- philosophically changing anything because you had -- compressed 48 game schedule and -- that experience. Being on a staff at that point help you now. Well I've had conversations with what several coaches and our duty and I think that period back and the consensus is. You know try that short can't let it try to keep saying there's direct and what kept them and rely on the -- -- -- well. Or. And -- and injecting a budget news -- that may take some time or burned inside salt. The experience Perry is -- -- I -- on on what you know about your game at the players that there are best in certain situations got a little. And trial period to bring somebody into -- role. The couple. Got the game. Don't practice -- it and then how we want -- -- and how wanna get better every day and that conversation captivity. Because -- -- the a lot of perky personality how they're dealing and what's it like in the next few days and take some input from them. -- on where they people they the players meet the most works or. It all negotiation off. Lindy Ruff was this year I'm -- he'll ask you about what do you think is going to happen in terms of the way the game is hauled officiated. Last week -- talked about how you know he still believes -- need more scoring back in the game he'd like to see it opened up. I read something yesterday that said Steve buys him and David oil said they have not been told anything about any kind of obstruction crackdown. Or anything different coming out of the lockout have you heard anything do you think anything it's going to be caught it are they gonna call it tighter again or not. I have I've heard everything absolutely return to comment on or or just the -- -- I know we have -- ball. If you haven't coaches their moral beliefs so it may have a better handle some becomes that -- What would you like to hear from them. Again I figured if we can keep it we can keep our kick up people -- -- basic game. It's a tremendous hit it the big games start. Get bogged down a little bit where along. But not so much that the puck carrier. And it's just my opinion are not plucky archer. But it is a guy away from the pocket trying to fight to get to the net. Whether you re not sure tree entry and that you -- -- -- your -- Get that actor. Better or strict like -- at at the -- A lot of cross site -- -- you're your take them maybe they can put out. That let me just forty champ I think the older players that are that -- out. And maybe crept back a little bit in our game and -- don't you don't see a lot of it but look at air. There are in my opinion I thought like you got eliminated. And you said you're happy with Tyler Ennis and Tony Dotson last slide up playing your basing your top two senators. Comparing it to the last you know 56 years where do you feel you are from roster standpoint at yet at center with the top two lines. But I bet that's going to be interesting. Part I liked the way old he -- it says you're all excited that it last year outlook interests. The Eagles stop lying. It brought it well. We ought it is ready to kick that next step that that the next step is Greer. I -- had a great summer tray here that they start in Rochester. There are -- they're the one injury he suffered. A lot but I thought he had will be a -- but he did real well. Is truly -- and the situation Tinker -- It if it's a situation where all guys. Are you get a few wall play situation bad that -- -- -- that -- -- Davis head coach Lindy Ruff -- here as they get ready for the opener. Sunday against the Philadelphia Flyers that he will be -- every Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock part of receiver shows here on WG Errol -- thanks again. We're looking forward to having on all season thank you for your time and good luck the rest of the record all the practice and camp. All of our respect looked order in the future.

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