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John Clayton- How Does Te'o Story Effect Draft

Jan 17, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or just getting started though. John Clayton of ESPN -- -- hello John. Good we'll talk about -- anti tale of course and also the NFL playoffs. But on first you guys wanna play again. -- and -- game boy game. They don't want to do it what do we get -- You're not eligible for prizes are there credible when prices on your on your behalf and on -- -- -- gonna play for what's known as the law of the game. Yes even going out of the game the game is called what makes you feel older. Is it eighth that the bills last road playoff win was twenty years ago today. Or beat. That Tyrone Wheatley and Ike Hilliard around their coaching staff. I would. Say eight. -- over a debt twenty year while. What is there -- three. Ever. Road playoff win since the merger not ever they had -- sixties won in San Diego. Don't they avoid or even. Can we can counter that by saying you remember when the last time the San Francisco 49ers. At a road playoff victory. Who I wanna play this game. I -- Longer ago than that might be. 1988. At the bears. 88 NFC champ when he took three little bears that is cruel. -- right not the Tyrone Wheatley and Ike -- are also the aisles of the gays well by way of the game away from. Buffalo Miami AFC championship game. Before the Super Bowl in Pasadena. On the heels of their second. Place we tested in Pittsburgh week in Pittsburgh regret either of those names John and I was. The ending on the yet. I look at the comeback game no. I missed out one or the other one -- buffalo Pittsburgh. Yeah Pittsburgh you know once he definitely likes to play and that Kelly's return in Miami. And I believe what the Miami into so the one side the one night this was the best. Historical game of all times so yeah I was gonna. Still there right all right. -- I take -- John everybody's talking about this guy. First before we get into what may happen with his draft status just what's your take away from us. At some weird because first stop and I'm sure this is what he's gonna go through for the next four months as everybody is going to quit -- saying. Is there some emotional issue with you still dating a girl who. Now we find out doesn't exist but obviously you're communicating with that person. You're doing it on line you're doing it -- phone. I'll how to -- all developed and how emotionally attached to and you beat as somebody who you're not going to be around. I guess video game getting you kind of wonder because it -- -- kind of feel at home in South Bend, Indiana talking to somebody on the phone and talking on lines. And so you kind of wonder about how that attachment is affecting him psychologically. But I still. I don't have to think that. Then you go to Notre Dame investigation. And I think that a law as far as story turns out to be. Somewhat plausible which they've investigated it will have a chance to investigator reform months. If that's the case I don't think -- downgrade his draft status. Yes it does put a little bit level warning label on taking him but I don't think idiot he's gonna check out and be fine. What if as I think is the majority opinion at this point the story doesn't check out. Well that's sort of -- check out I think which you'd probably do as a team. Is that. You know you just attributed to just somebody being young and somebody being gullible and somebody just making a mistake and then finding it out Q so embarrassed. That yet to come back and that's held different tales about that but. But but it does play -- mean how many players have issues coming into the National Football League -- a much worse still is being gullible and then. Finding out and being embarrassed by it. And having to maybe you lie is one wave as opposed to somebody coming in with a drug problem somebody coming in with an assault problems somebody coming into. You know as they maybe have bipolar issues something of that nature he I think those -- be more serious I mean this is obviously. Those series is gonna put him under a lot of scrutiny and he's not going to like the next four months -- what he goes for the com -- -- If he thought the Alabama game was -- seeking. What do we get a hold of 32 teams asking him questions what psychological. People behind asking those questions of the many. He'll be quiz and you'll be if he's telling Oprah or ESPN or whatever -- that's going to be mild compared to what teams are going to do it -- the teams are being. -- -- Bad about this I mean they're just gonna ask very pointed questions that are going to be guided by psychological people putting those questions there. -- -- due diligence I think that's what teams would call it it's not like when you're talking to the media you can say no comment. These teams don't wanna hear no comment due back. They do not want to hear no comment they wanna hear okay tell me how he's started the truly patient ship why it continued like this. How emotionally involved why did you become so emotionally involved in this how -- you become so gullible all those questions. -- again knowing that is going to be a lot of psychologists they're gonna get the import into that I would not I would not be surprised. If you know team consultants who have -- again most -- have. The ability to go to site psychiatric type people work that I mean you know I'll bring that person there to do that the anti interview. John I saw -- paper still had -- going interestingly enough for us your Buffalo Bills at eight overall. Are you surprised it's not. Prior to this story didn't drop more off of that performance the national title game -- he was -- awful. Yeah -- because I'm looking at the big picture and I don't like the picture right now I just look at this is not being a very good trapped. And so maybe his stock has dropped that also may be the stock of the way that the draft choice are coming and have dropped and this system needs. Now we find out reminds me so much of 2009. To 2009 draft was. Very disappointing spell we thought that it was gonna look good -- some real good defensive players you know what -- a real good quarterback draft. But what ends up happening is the defense of -- the top of the draft is really weren't that good I mean you know weather is going to be herein may Denver. Curry or some of the guys that were taken at that turned out to be a disappointment -- not like these guys it's not it's not a real sexy draft and the you don't have. Real big name quarterbacks -- gonna be up top he don't have wide receivers like AJ green and Julio Jones. It is kind of you know -- off the year and so because the data -- -- -- stock drops it's not gonna drop it too far. John Clayton from ESPN. With us and of course we'll talk more about. The draft here in the coming weeks and even though John -- -- every week we may -- try to touch base once or twice between now and then. Okay the playoffs. Let's talk about these games in order San Francisco at Atlanta John -- Colin can't predict be stopped. We can't I mean he could be I -- because they can be contained in and I would have to think that you're not gonna see a repeat of what happened. With the Green Bay defense because Dom Capers was completely lost and a how to try to do this I mean first stop. I think that the lesson learned is obviously -- -- up by Atlanta because they've faced. Cam Newton twice and they had a game last week against Russell Wilson who runs the read option. So they're not gonna be caught in man to man they're going to be in probably three deep zone as they're going to be a treaty zone have a better chance to try to. Not allow cabinet can make all of those big run that mistake the Dom Capers made is that he was in May cancel all of a sudden. You have a running quarterback like that to get. -- before bat burst speeds. And -- -- -- coming off their -- to try to get that many downfield before they are better so I think you'll see a better performance on defense they'll contain things. Even though you look at San Francisco and probably right police say they should be favored as -- mark that they should probably went I just like Atlanta. And meet one thing that is been missing part of all of this is a big guy who really built the main talent base of this team. Is indeed as the coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons -- no. He knows his team better than anybody he put the whole defense together and unfortunately it didn't work because the office was intact good. He's the one that of this what seventeen players that are pro bowlers are Pro Bowl alternate he trapped assigned problem. Would that -- -- a tactical point let me ask you just about a about it kind of evade. Intangible type appoint John and that would be. The idea that in the -- finally as. As risky as it got there as -- as it got animals bullet point point lead. They did close the deal they finally won a playoff game is there a chance that maybe that you sort of settled down and play he. Play their game that they've they've they know they can do it in and that would be great for the conference at the point. Yeah I think so because once you could see the -- force now is Matt Ryan because when he's at home. He does amazing things in the fourth quarter and at what 24 of the 42 games. He's been at home here at one point Portman decided by eight points or less and he -- and fourth quarter comebacks in the Georgia Dome including. Still incredible comebacks where -- Game against Chicago back his rookie year he had the ball on his own 36 with seven seconds left they got a field goal drive. He had the game this year against Carolina he's 59 seconds left it on the one yard line he gets a field goal drive a big deal. He had 31 seconds into the timeout going against Seattle and he got to completion of the field goal drive so he. Matty -- -- Matty ice and I think he proved that in now that he's got that off his shoulders as far as losing every playoff game. Now I think that he's going to be more relaxed but he's very natural the game's going to be close. Think he's just making sure that San Francisco that the dropped to a big lead because a peek at these one possession of what that game. The falcons at four for a half point underdogs the largest spread. The largest underdog any home team has ever been in the championship round. At that number Baltimore New England game to John New England is a bigger favorite of course nine points or so. And you know they've had home field Baltimore just came through two games one on the road in double overtime. What you have two teams that have played very close games lately going back to last year's playoffs so which is it. I think it. Very similar I think the home team has the advantage now again we know that severance Cisco is the favorite team but this is still Tom Brady and Foxboro and it was close last year and they have Lee Evans not drop that ball it might have been changed that would have. The Baltimore Ravens and inseparable but I don't necessarily think that the ravens closed the gap enough. That they can win the game in Foxborough clearly you saw that they were able to win the game. Down in Baltimore they did when I came in a very close and I think it'll be a close game I think that you can see the Joseph Flacco is really maturing as a top flight quarterback and or at least get the better performance even if it's on the road. But I just don't think this is Tom Brady now it's gonna be a little bit of a different type of an offense without Rob Gronkowski. Who was just output on the injured reserve list so he's now out for the rest of the season. And we all know pretty broad form again but I would have to think that that Morgan type of running offense is going to be hard to stop. Speaking of -- -- Chip Kelly or use are you stunned. Not done the immediately because I'd thought that I was hearing last week. That he was reaching out against the Cleveland and reaching out facility -- try to come back but once the story came out and -- that the deal was done Palestine because you know you think that. -- guy that was so wishy washy about trying to come into the lake and turned off Cleveland it was turning up Philadelphia. It wouldn't get a second chance somebody get a second chance in Cleveland they moved onto a different direction. But you know the fact that you knocked out Gus Bradley whose end up getting the Jacksonville job but he that the court has -- -- -- -- came as a surprise but. Seeing how you Trace things back in knowing that. He's not a guy that isn't necessarily going to be a man of his word and he's a guy that is basically took his word is is so volatile and that the money was from Philadelphia as opposed to us from Phil -- So he'd like that and -- talk at any got a chance to come in the national football lake. How long how how do you think he'll do a quarter equity thing to do quarterback to beat. I honestly didn't really give a solid look at maybe trying to see if he can do something what Michael Vick. Elliot Michael Vick is willing to restructure his contract. -- he would clearly I think get more money in Philadelphia. And he's not going to be getting 475 over three that's not happening. But if he's going to maybe go down to 89 million dollars and not put a lot of guarantees that it. Then. Still why not try to have the instability of having somebody who knows who could run that option read quote our system. That may be can get to thirteen games and then you either take nick polls or somebody out of this year's draft to try to work into eventually replacing them so I I would have to think. Very similar to what Jim Harbaugh -- with Alex that's. Is that -- if you can find a way to make it work financially why not make it work with Michael Vick a one year. John what do you say to this apparent trend. -- new coach's first timers including of course the situation here out of 31. Occupied head coaching jobs in the league only seven. Are by men who had already been a head coach before. -- -- I like the idea of having head coaching experience and I'm not real fond of just giving pure college coaches the job because there's more failures there -- success. But I think it is the Smart thing to do to have the experience. Of having somebody who's done it before because that there's no there's less support anchor. Now you didn't come back and get say OK well why did it this way this time and now I'm gonna do a better this way and I think that's a very Smart way to do what I think that's a good trend but since it was surprising though that. We all know it's an offensive game. And I think that we probably except that maybe Bruce Syrians Jay gruden or. Darrel -- are gonna get the job out and Arizona but it's like seven offensive coaches to want and when you look at the interview numbers -- static. There was seventeen offensive coaches interviewed for jobs and only six defensive coaches and they are there enough to really support that many offensive interviews. Really says a lot about what what teams might be thinking they need to be good -- to win John I mean the patriots and Packers last year for instance. Were wholly -- ban on defense and yet they you know the Packers lost one game all regular season before being upset. New England of course made the Super Bowl again it's you know you gotta be able score I think. The question and it. It's an opposite would only have to do it just look at the playoffs and it's still stiff sentence that -- a very good defense look how many points have been scored on them. Just since they've been in the playoffs the last two years at home. There was an average of 69 points a game in the divisional round of the playoffs that's incredible I mean it's like. It's almost like watching. You know college football what some of the scores coming him. And you can have a good defense but if you can't score it that you can't win. And so. Everybody keeps talking about all we value went on defense that we get on you went on offense. You win on the ability to have a quarterback who can be like -- Matt Ryan or can be like -- Joseph Flacco they can make one play at the end of the game to be able to win. It's still a quarterback driven -- in these playoffs once again continue to prove it. John Clayton any questions for us today John. Well are we happy now that everything that these two dollar and hockey front. Yes I would I would say we are I would -- -- are you. You don't have your team yet I know you like to bring up Seattle's quest for a team. I think the good part is that they are moving closer to getting an MBA team to Sacramento Kings. That's not a done deal but -- the arena -- the arena then gets the hockey teams so I think I'm looking forward to that a lot. Thank you John nice talk -- is always. John Clayton from ESPN and the defense of rankings just overall. Rankings now split them up point six yards Seattle. To beat Sampras fiscal third in the league -- name very good defensively there in the final four. After that Baltimore's seventeen. This year it -- 24 knowing -- -- Does not pronounces lasted five and made the point about mr. tunnel last week when they were were were -- yardage differences. And certainly up for talking about -- -- Say -- until the end of time. But we also have some other things Paul Hamilton and -- at six talking sabres Tim Connolly may go to the miners.

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