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Jerry Sullivan on Te'o Scandal and Sabres Season

Jan 18, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not not now. Still January says -- -- -- -- -- -- me as though it makes you think ruffles and in Belgium and Tuesday -- right that it's Tuesday mostly Brussels. Brussels right you know I tried to find that quote and then -- the Internet it's all on reliable sometimes and you know I'm not -- -- I could not find the quote anywhere Art Linkletter kids say the darnedest thing that there. Applicable not I remember watching those shows acute Art Linkletter with the kids in the chairs -- funny things they would say as a critic is free weekly Internet. Yeah it was a it was busy I'm not a that's been guy at that I just as lot of things I never read really read -- and it. I think they did a heck of a job. Where I mean they'll -- stuff in there as well report and its standing up to the extent that we get to the steer the -- Opel and while. The guy might. -- -- for his friend. That might be the case here you know what and how I read that kind of predictable yeah I've read this thing this morning. The full transcript of swore bricks press conference where it took questions and it is in my in my wrong or did he say. This private investigator. That they've talked to him put together this whole thing so quickly that. Made them believe the whole story. They're never gonna tell you who it is -- come company is the PI and they're never gonna release the findings right right so in other words we're just gonna take notice board for this right. They were adequate choice could you reveal velocity can -- -- it is Internet chatter that was the the big proof that Notre Dame. Well that there investigators I was Internet chatter that implicated. Some people in you know chatting about the hoax they were -- of the joke -- on net sales expense. And yet he was asked will you make that public we. -- It's like they're treating others. The public is that the public were being catfish what you believe anything we're gonna come out today after this comes out and -- and that they all having sat diet that they have having SATA three weeks and tell you well we gonna tell you next week. And that the fact that this story was their during the lead up you know. To the title game. And we knew. Well that that no innocent they don't like while. And how do you like him breaking down and then saying the most trusting person I've ever known really like the first time I saw that -- -- Your back and you're back in real cynical mode here because I'd I'd but he was. A but it. I'm sure to some extent he still believes -- -- is this virtuous guy but. It was it seemed orchestrated I'm gonna reach for the water here on crying. And perfect and tell you this as the most trustworthy guy government really know how well they -- -- on hold anybody note today. And he's on your team to spend a lot of time with them if find out more more more that people don't really know people all of the people vote in this town. The idea that the athletic director however old he has. Would call a student the most trusting play person I've ever known is -- it's absurd the lawyer. It was a pretty hot so lawyer before -- -- this to give people your personal life you might say that about. If you know what I said the most trusting person of her -- like -- Reduces muscle but -- -- and that's not a good comparison but. Ridiculous thing and they don't put all I know. I wanted to let somebody younger but whatever. Is going to say I well no shortage of topics here today oh and then. Lance Armstrong which a -- talk about here since it's somewhat like -- And then we'll get to the hockey season to -- lines are open for Jerry Sullivan this hour special Friday make good parents. Eagle 30550. Is the number -- -- from the Buffalo News 1888550. To 550 for your comments football playoffs to get to. I do like -- say like 430 and him and Jerry's commitment. Now. Keep it casual and like I think their people they know you're talking about. You wanna be on that sort of class friends I've known for twenty years though animal memorable call always -- -- -- -- by themselves but their full names like. Are -- -- twenty years. I kind of know we are. Are these the most trusting people in your life is that a habit because they are in your business and they are used to call laying offices to talk to general managers or coaches or whatever. But is that. Maybe now why I -- that the person that as though with identifies himself by his Coleman at it's thank you after that. What it would do Lance Armstrong did you did you know -- yesterday all of. Up at 830 yesterday and was quickly instead go on that -- basketball on -- -- -- And I've been in the night before on the a little late with a twist it's it's -- is amazing night this it's broke it broke. Happ off right at the my computer and I feel like a bad journalists because I don't know them tweeting stuff and you brought the golf slowly William Bennett spent half hour the area anyway. 830 next one it's like a lot of responsibility because there's so many elements of media in this in journalism and how did we fail like among write this column my -- there Miami stupid. What do I think it's so I spent five hours like part of the TV. You know ESP and it's on all day and Stephen Smith there at all everybody's there weighing in and that's on ES not. CNN to. I've finally sit down at 2 o'clock to right by the time Dionne of the shower I mean I've been around the story for too long I'm gonna go watch. That's I don't know -- and Iraq you know I went and I know I watched a -- -- Melinda I mean we we kind of forgot actually. But I didn't want it I didn't at that point I'm amber ready the electoral something I've got both stories exploiting cancer and I'm just. I'm I'm happy I forgot to watch. Lance Armstrong with the -- because I would have been screaming. -- right now you I think there is only so much you can I think you walked in while I was saying that the last segment like I I didn't forget I mean I chose not to watch it and I use that one man. -- side and with the most of the guys in so many. Eggs. The assault and rape victims at Notre Dame where that things were never really -- you know that that's there. Lance Armstrong call one of those -- a prostitute. And then he comes with a joke -- but I didn't call you fat how does that play with any woman -- evolved in any way. Indeed I wanna shoot the guy. They are for you know that for that but you know I mean it's -- -- didn't do real well and and and I don't but still want Lance Armstrong. At this point I don't need to listen them. Really don't know the story and know what happened I don't wanna hear I don't. You don't care or whatever how we orchestrated. You know confession with what he feels might be the most sympathetic interview or to. To make his case why do I need that why do we write this you could argue whether we need ten Al mainly that's fresh stuff that's fascinating. And an interest in Lance Armstrong. What about. How this goes with -- not knowing. Whether there's a confession in or whether he somehow is exonerated or whatever however however it goes. How it may be that this can't be answered without knowing but. How -- the bills. Analyze him. How much of what's happened in the last few days. Would matter to them. I think and matter a lot. Of back up here -- -- comes out. Is the top ten and is no quarterbacks and it it's ridiculous I don't care. The last twelve years a quarterback has been picked the top three. And on -- -- quarterbacks on top three but that list. To me isn't it it doesn't take reality into account some quarterbacks are gonna move up -- tale to me was an an eighth pick anyway. I think he's overrated I think he -- glamorize the weight Tebow did. And Tebow made a lot of money before ever got to go on a field improve that he didn't know how to play quarterback. He didn't millions who still like him millions and I think Taylor is the same type of guy on his this virtuous guy who reflects the the glory of the student athlete under the golden Coleman all that crap -- He's right out of central casting -- yeah like I actually for two days I heard the story he told on the Jim Rome show on the radio station back in the fall public. I want this guy in my team he's instantaneously about a linebacker because of the story. But keep your city you're gonna start to see which one ST I don't want to root for this guy's guy is you know any good linebacker. Except Alabama but it just -- elevated I think the Tebow comparisons are good ones. Do you think he's -- pods. In Ponce island by in the national and we we came at the deposit over rail did was make a lot of tackle has been any one man now on -- like. Fortieth that -- -- to be a middle linebacker and go eight nowadays. -- going to be. A terror and I you know he's -- -- plays well in coverage but. I've I agree that that. That he was. This start to happen at the same time. Mean it's incredible the way it came together the timing of -- fake his grandmother's death no it was the game after that that. He had the big game against Michigan State he's dedicating to the girlfriend the grandmother all that and like he becomes a larger than life figure you don't think that. Scouts and general manager isn't in the league who screwed things up all the time for all kinds the wrong reasons than they drop people. For for reasons. Aren't influenced by what they think about this all the talk about character. So if character matters. It matters. So is it I would say that because this is what tends to happen no matter how old. Wacky. All this is and how embarrassing it is that. If he's good. It's it's not. It's not more important than how good a player is I mean ultimately with drip -- in terms just drafting them but going forward his career. I wouldn't. I wouldn't -- -- the bills say. Will never get over this if he's on our team or anything like that because it does tend to fade away I mean look at all the countless examples of sports guys you've. At the time may be can't imagine them ever. Reclaiming their image. He even actually just Marv Albert popped into my head like who would've ever thought there'd be a time when nobody would think about him for what that other stuff ones. So you don't. Maybe with -- oh even by the draft this is sort of in the background. Yeah I was on as vice that they -- allowed just that I saw of the new. Tiger Woods commercial the Rory and it is sort of a takeoff on the old magic bird yeah commercials I'm like. I don't follow close enough to know -- You know tiger has lost all endorsements but he sees -- move beyond that a little bit. The major -- and ESPN and no one seems to be warning about what happened with -- all the women. So we do forget and with the reality really was great if he was an X Ray Lewis. I'm sure they would be thin. It's gonna help us will get by this but I won't say I guess is there now looking at him differently. In a more objective light in several today. These -- people who look for any doubt. Now there's doubt about his character girls are gonna say and how good really is he has line America let's look at these this through different eyes not you know with the reflection of them. Sacred golden dome in -- And doubt about his character are you hurt you -- -- -- doubt about with intelligence when you design a character today -- that he got he got played that badly if it's actually his story checks out. Which I'm pretty skeptical of you know he he. Its all time. -- oh my gosh it's I mean I know there -- some talk today about. That he wasn't in on it that's kind of been the the theme of today's updates Ontario. There are so many questions will have to answer to be able to prove that or maybe he won't have to take these questions. Mean I've got to think somebody's NFL guys will put him through the ringer. When -- when they chat with them if they're considering drafting them -- a couple of points were they to me that I haven't thought of they think maybe I'm too old who have thought of some of -- stuff but. You know like a guy. Of college age in that kind of relationship. There's all kinds of technology now where you would see the person and you know like maybe that's just to deal breaker if you don't. Take advantage of that what website did they meet on -- It's not just that there's one website. Or that you know you wouldn't they feel like we remember it for a little younger. Just you know you can chat with the months of kind of an 880. Well program. Personally I'd I've -- that word has come up. -- and to me but it's what about. That question been asked how hard as early part of that I've known. My friends are stepping from China might -- the buffalo. My my my kids to. Our friends and now they know how to do a facetime for any game since you know whenever. Maybe that could be easily explained by she said she didn't have Vodafone that was the law and the parents were in his what -- -- -- -- I mean. That might be an easy way to explain it away but I mean my mind. Things are. Easily explained away and then sometimes you say wait a minute. Like the idea that well -- the parents that want the publicity and that's why Nolan in in the in the media got that her parents -- all this and any time. Any family member or friend really any family member any friend wouldn't talk about her because they didn't. Want the publicity during -- difficult time ice a couple of police I've done a lot of feature stories about people of died in sports and out of sports. I've never. I've never. Not been able to get one person around the dead person to talk to me you know what people like talking when people -- But of the double that all the time of -- that people their kids died. They wanna keep the memory alive for there and at that period they like. Keep the member Euro alive and glorify and that's what we have obituaries in the paper the notion that the that the media that her family did want publicity is load. Chris this'll make us a little bit less a -- Clinton will talk about the sabres later it got to get this in now but I need askew. On a scale of one to ten if you like how bad a job collectively to the big media do. Did that a bad job we did a bad element in the big media but I used to think they had fact checkers for everything. And and I'm saddened. To know and I know I've been here I've done and my other. Wait wherever there -- video by the platform I think I've taken some big shots at Sports Illustrated in the last couple months. There's third thing on Marshawn Lynch was brutal it was like -- a sophomoric feature on him. Which glossed over his problems in buffalo was an embarrassment to them they ramp and Notre Dame story which. Got around to talking about the bad parts but had the miracle Notre Dame on the cover. I -- a year and Penn State. A good football team is going to be a Merkel -- Betemit. Made me sick. So and then when I'm reading that Pete Hamel. I know -- -- I'd be at the went to Syracuse but certainly been a good good reporter well thought -- but in his explanation. And he -- the -- transcript in my view -- of the interview the day after his grandmother died. And right the first sentences I had two hours. Two hours. -- -- get this incredible story and write the transcript is him saying detailed this is incredible. He has a deadline two hours later on a major national magazine almighty god. One of the interview on Wednesday didn't get it until Sunday. Deadline. Overnight or into Monday morning right. Yeah kind of the standard is. Its people are the so much pressure to produce so much that sold fewer people at that level of journalism we are in trouble. And guess what it's it's that's what's happened to our business.

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