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Sabres GM Darcy Regier Gives a Preseason Preview

Jan 18, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Her camp for the pre season games for valuation. Yet where whereas you might like the idea of using some of these early gains of valuation of course. -- the shorter schedule means that you know in a certain way these games are more important than than ever. So how do you balance that -- what do you think. You'll be you know thinking about watching these first -- these first few games and do you think they might look kind of crazy actually because of the lack of -- Wonder about some of the second stop by period in against tomorrow I'm not certain I'm watching the flyers -- -- And same level curiosity about how the game has gone a lot is it going to be mistake ridden because of the lack. Preparation for lack of content or preparation. Side I think those are reasonable questions and it is an old Indian it staff has focused on. Trying to get things in order and hopefully to make some restrictions this possible as quickly as possible and bug but I I have the same question. Yeah it. Recognizing that you work here in buffalo in 1995. When the season started around this time maybe January 16 as the date I've got my head for one that forty game seasons started. You were called what games were like early on that that have season. I I think I do and what I think I recall as. I level and intensity. Recognition by everyone that. -- mattered right from the start of the sea and in this case that you know January. Vs October. And -- just a higher level of intensity. Around the league every night and I think you know there's there's other things that are gonna grab the play that. Our fatigue factor that out -- air borne -- announced. Mostly by the coaches and the players -- measuring out how much each individual is capable of doing it -- -- conference. Our series here with us here on WGR this season starts on day WG -- coverage. Sunday morning begins at seven. And goes all the way up past 6 o'clock before the AFC championship game. We know you you've talked a lot about -- Greg -- go this week. There is of course a lot of curiosity about him what will you be looking for here are starting Sunday from him. -- as you evaluate. Whether or not he's still on your team past next Sunday. Well I think the big challengers for someone like you know coming in on plane has. How quickly they can adjusted may not usually revolves around. -- quickness to react screen plays. No other offensively or defensively. -- young young players -- struggle -- struggle and an area and the area of the reaction time. And innocent just whenever you -- out and make and I think that'll be up you know it just like -- -- to make as well. Continue resist the urge them if -- if this is you know you wanna do you resist the urge to. Of value laid him on the basis of what's going on around him for instance. You know hole how good your team might be or. You know things that happen. Line mates just different variables or is this his five game thing really about. Analyzing him in a vacuum and saying to yourself how how capable is he helping us verses the benefits of his going back. No I don't think anything and in that situation you're in a vacuum I think you'll take that into consideration I. You know how to. How did you work with all I need it or library. They -- they're they have good chemistry and it will develop chemistry. There are an advocate of -- Like the water stuck in your previous question. But I think that. You're looking at weary years would have a stance where he's come a meeting. It started it isn't Ali would last through the fullback agent during this season. I his performance of the world juniors is Eric on the training camp and then you get kind of measured you know -- you expect that he plays. How much you play them on any project got a little bit but also recognize that. You know he's gonna have to appreciate -- you're gonna have to be able to contribute. And the team this -- in the law. Darcy when you re willing to give us your opinion at this point recognizing it's only been a scrimmage in and a handful practices. What Gregor Blanco has looked like with Ville -- because when when this with a lockout ended and we -- them finally got got down to this I started like. Writing down the line combinations which I'd like to do. I I put him in the middle -- in Gregory coaches knowing what those top two lines will likely look like. And I thought. Between -- and -- I should say. And I thought to myself boy if he could be the key that unlocks you know because last year were so disappointing. The way you know for you guys for him. How he'd. Booking with Billy -- -- -- I would include Steve our history. Good chemistry they've they've played well together on a very limited and com and on the plane making an error and I would -- Jew in in the case -- Austria. They were performed well. Sort of salt water it's you know what appears to be that they have good chemistry and and that -- -- How optimistic are used. -- ankle. Will not be intimidated you've talked often over the years with -- us. About fear the fear factor for young players coming into the league and intimidation. How do you think -- -- measures up or is it impossible to say he hasn't played anyway. Well it certainly. You're not going to see -- but archive I've not seen it in game one he has the pocket banquet -- parents -- players that job sometimes there's. They're they're used to having. A lot of you know his deadline may go on your parts on their behalf in and there are more. Relied on or making plays and and Mikhail certainly has that responsibility as the junior level. So I'd say it'll be a process I am getting more involved in battles that are competing for fox which is part of the NHL game. I don't think you'll see and you hear it in him when he's -- when -- in possession of the -- -- reluctance. To make -- -- in the -- and you have got. I am on the other side defensively. In its largest getting used to getting more involved battle over -- competing for. Are your gear here with us -- show in the Bulldog and WGR. -- audio look at as of now you know we heard you talk about this maybe early in the week last week but. How things played out with your defenseman we know -- -- party through waivers to Rochester. Are you right now leaning toward keeping that the two extra bodies thinking about injuries in the point you made about. The compressed schedule or are you one of the you know thinking differently than that. All right now out anywhere we want the -- and are certainly rely on and on these parents should. I'm gonna play tonight Rochester. England -- app that you match yankees fans here. -- we're gonna start way. If there's an opportunity to help ourselves in another area that you know that is if that's available. I look at it but it won't be a premiere it's really important patient that it got enough to speed. For whatever reason. Is there are to a choir when you don't have them -- the gap there's. I still in you into a black participated in a news conference. I don't know with that the Monday the Tuesday at the lockout ended. You referenced. That its budget and other general manager who -- it called you just that day to ask you girls a lot of defense and you've got it has it been. Somewhat busy. Do you have and anticipation of it getting busier once this thing finally gets going in means it'll look at what they've got. I think I think it will. In part because of what you do stated. In part because there will be injuries and you don't be looking to -- Also some holes probably thrown and period but part -- injury situation I should say. Why I think it will pick up -- can. You know where they are. -- the only other thing I'm inclined to ask you about myself is just. As you stepped back from the lockout now you have a new CBA where you have to really be a master of it. And and you know I'm sure you've spent a lot of time reading and thinking about just what. Might certain changes might mean who was was there are some. Gain in this for either the G -- -- for the league largely what was there are some. I guess reason for for doing this that that comes out of it that either you feel good about our fans should feel good about. All I -- I assume that's part of about playing -- you have to pretty obvious is and I know and I I think the other. Maybe that's part -- and here. Collective bargaining agreement. I -- can be lofted an upgrade to these working document for the long haul. And I think there's some other things within this deviate the ability to move money I think -- -- -- the market and allow for more trading players and and generally I think that's something that. You know teams like to do and found like sea diamond and so I think you'll see more of that in this -- Is that something you like tonight. I wonder I should remember may be but when this idea came up I think to Brian Burke a few years ago. We probably asked you about it tonight -- remember you felt about it then. A little close to it because it felt that you made a mistake he should get stuck with your mistake. The problem where oh was that if -- I I think it live at a -- Brian Burke in this situation must correct. It went a long way it is stalling out and arbitrary process with the ability to move -- And so the players were just contract valued you don't need to take some money back. I think we hope we're really we opt out we got that marketplace and I think that's a good thing for the game and -- -- individual players well. Do you feel similarly about the the buyout. Possibilities that these teams we'll have a -- a couple of exemptions starting next year I guess it started this year -- in the case Gomez and -- Well I think it if necessary and that that special. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- an adjustment. That the players in compensated. And allowing them to get back to work inside I think it was necessary. It in the early years. -- thanks for today will see you next Friday hopefully if if you're -- questions for us you know. -- -- I'll keep up the good -- all of or talk. Thank you good luck Sunday -- yeah thank you -- -- appeared here on WG ours brought to you by Paul William belt your power of attorney. And by fall. She's mean and -- -- view casino resort falls in forgot to mention that I draft that a draft the buffalo. To -- now. Could have scored some points by mentioning that the fourth round out top of the fourth round. Shearer whatever they've rated eighteenth last year in points. They were drafted sixteenth today -- -- homer homer.

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