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WGR550>Topics>>1/21 Rob Ray liked Drew Stafford's fight

1/21 Rob Ray liked Drew Stafford's fight

Jan 21, 2013|

1/21 Rob Ray

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-- guy in charge. But he didn't tackle the job I thought. I I'm glad to hear you say that although you must be a little bit jealous of how he sort of stole your thunder here your big. Regular debut is that the -- guy in here comes Paul mean. Paul gets you on NBC. Any don't -- rob. Not really well. That really I would equate going under the radar you know I believe in that elect detention side yeah it's -- expectations. So I'm happy look back. Another line mate tonight though others escape you you be viewed fifty -- up on hold rob speaks your versatility right. There are cultural not want it the way they keep enemy to different individuals. But he'll be back here where a week hopefully in you don't -- Cavagnoud and I think he's he's experience for the TV side so -- -- look reports is going to be on. So rob how just how different. Do you think this team is going to be it certainly felt like it would begin with the group what Drew Stafford did with Hartnell there in the second period. As may be the focal point for making this observation. It's felt and looked like a different sort of team do you think that'll hold. Yeah I do I had to get older attitude. I think throughout the summer and and you know obviously not so much during the -- so -- You know I think both sides coaching and player -- really may have attempts the bigger award issues where. If there was and you look out and work on -- and I liked it more than anything out all the same page now. -- they're all on the same page understanding what everybody's responsibilities. And then what everybody needs to make themselves sick so. You know I think if you got over the biggest hurdle now it's a matter broke -- there's there's. There's no hurdles now appeared to try to get over everything out in the open and that now critical player. About Drew Stafford specifically -- do you see someone him as someone. That it needed to change his ways a little bit. Yep yeah and and I think it's. You know the political side the way needed -- I think it's time -- it's it did it Jews taken that next step in his career -- -- that to ensure that you know he could also -- that power forward that you -- to hurt -- scored big -- -- -- was. Very strong at the park why take -- been active and it onto the down low and yeah you know -- that there -- -- comprehensive -- comfortable and happy then. You know I think you beat me which could get out of them. And just despite him being on the outline and and maybe knowing that markets is on the other side you know that toppled mode on the physical side and and playing what tennis in the middle they're going to operative ability that he got. You know that it's kind of the total package there at a young age. You don't not being at the game like I think you both of you guys were. I I would have bet anything. That when that flight started the way it happened on TV the camera was that shall we sent prices on the -- heard the roar of a company like Abbott Toledo after. If he would just run and is he previously run on the bill. And it was just it's refreshing and surprising refreshing to see that it was a Drew Stafford rob just all. -- -- -- too much out of it but all the same. Call -- long -- part of something like that goal in in the dressing room as part she played here. Big deal voted because it is a big deal because this company has lacked here for for a long time. And and it you can get that in the right guy at like -- -- in its gonna. Paid dividends like you would not leave. You know don't worry about Jon Scott -- that. You know what you gotta got make -- Leno and Stafford and all these kind of guys stepping up and getting involved like this it's gonna carry your team over the top. You know in that department in an intern it's gonna pay dividends for everybody but. -- it its intellectual I've been clashes that whole. It's been in Boston at such a goal of a hockey team when they weren't able to shake it. And it and it just wore on in the war on them. -- I I not to start and it insider I'm talking guys within that room there with a lot of questions started going around. We believe about each other and you know maybe certain guys question being. You know. The integrity of the team and and maybe even you know our our guys like me because they didn't it'll help voters at all -- kind of thing. And that's accurate because -- actually watched a week is the of those questions all the answered an -- -- order a negative thing it was just a matter of not really knowing what to do because there hasn't been that environment for an awful long time ago that environment -- learn how to play like that. But if there's nobody around playing like that were guys around the supporting each other it would -- or something out. And you could go forward or you're not gonna know what to do at the time comes and you know I part time pointing a finger may be. You know seeing that you know they they didn't do it because one way and I just hope they they knew what do. They were just kind of car Kuerten didn't know what to do and it but it you can surround guys with that type of player to create that environment. You know you know to come secondary April. Rob ray with -- us here on WGR the sabres and leafs in little over three hours will be a ceremony before tonight's game home opener for Toronto. And I read 725. Ish for the actual start of the scheme tonight -- in the context of the long layoff in the very short camp no pre season. What did you make of yesterday's game did it look like guys at a tough time getting organized deal. Well you know and and and help them all and I touched on during the game that. I was really surprised how they were reading up each other and how may be sharp thinkers without seeing what the -- early and you know there was times when it when it kind of got a little -- that sparked. For the most part are both good are you seeing guys beating up each other in the defense to zone getting end openings of the there was no. Real -- atomic confusion. But the first power play it was awesome. You know and and that an -- -- He you know from the NRA things started to get that a lot of amateur -- you know that maybe when they had little more fatigued and that -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the the physical factor kind of -- the pretty good. And that's our being sharp and you know doing all the little things that are not they've they've stuck to a pretty good there will be interesting to see -- -- -- -- back to back -- but I'd like yesterday they were way better -- that -- probably would've imagined going into. Rob has not been around long enough that you would have played against him and all of that the intervening in his career did you guys overlap I think you did -- Yeah -- got -- -- more a year maybe you know. A bit you know I was a book with a guy yesterday. I was impressed with the way he gave it. You know he he -- It's -- -- You don't timing was -- he. But something you listen about the sky around part of the guys either. It will take charge guy and he's very vocal guy you need somebody that. And not be able to -- attention. But he doesn't mind being put in that position to be that leader he doesn't mind being in the guided. And maybe have to do the dirty thing here records say the dirty words to get somebody Gordon and I think he gave it up a lot of respect from the guys already because of that. Rob -- here with us on -- WG yards just to wrap up yesterday rob was -- any particular player you wanna say you were specially impressed with -- -- and really out. About hockey season we've got robbery on the line here -- well question about this lady in her -- the year over -- longer. Well well as the public accountant with rob give me an opportunity to tell you while reconnect him with rob and his appearance on the show. Is brought Cuba our friends at the rate lacks family of automobile dealerships relax its relaxed. And by independent health when the unexpected happens expect the redshirt treatment. -- Go to the Toronto star or my Twitter page for an article bodily the US -- dole. She's seventy and they make out ago. What did you ask rob -- rather than hello rob Bronfman. -- -- -- We've put in charge that at which -- the professional. Quickly and it's at a professional -- so. There repeatedly got that I mean that up. -- -- -- Tomas Tomas makes it -- term board passed hazing why. Fix an easy answer anybody that stood out to you yesterday you were impressed with. -- -- Extremely well look -- good. I thought that are -- had a great game. He really stepped up and played the whole line -- figured they would panic in the arts and and -- do so. Yeah I think I don't particularly position there yesterday -- could say. I didn't play well I thought that as a group they. They came through virtually very well you know he's -- doubt what he did that bill can -- about was. Really really good for Gregory echo that he really help mobile remote couple pars -- you know I've made it feel pretty -- -- -- -- I thought -- stated better than I recall him skating last year rob did you notice and then maybe having an extra jump that wasn't their -- like spring. Yeah you know I I think that was probably the best thing and have that kid would get the chance to go to Rochester play. You know and and get a little confidence he played -- and now they're -- every situation. Put some good numbers up but. You know when you do that eating that continent when you do you get a little extra step -- little extra jump then. I I think he really work on his game and conditioning this summer because it that you got to deal last year what was gonna take the play also even. And I think by the time he got here -- shoot a little run down and you know we really never seem to optimum. And now you're seeing a fresh. Better conditions. And and Mort that player to league so yeah I I thought it was -- out. Yes you got to and I think. Go to Rochester go to Gary Roberts might have been -- got a little bit yesterday. They really expect commitment Gary resume doesn't take you dial up the street and and you know what I'm losing you think it's that when you when you go to bat and -- -- it appears now and it'll -- evidence. Yeah that's diet it's it's I mean this is there's a lot bear -- it is more than just ongoing right stationary. You know when you there's a big the big. We're already got a kind of sign up or you're gonna go work out. Well this way he wouldn't take. The three of -- Given that. All right -- -- Toronto trials coming off a win here do you see them as improved. Now I think they're going to be in a position here where it's gonna take a little while -- get things straightened out here you know listening to -- this morning. You know he says we got to get ourselves back to respectability. And he says -- that are not the ice and I. I think there's an awful lot of things here that they after gets fixed in repairing. And start that building the team that they want now what the new general manager and yeah I I think it's gonna be part of this evening here they're gonna look at the start moving some pieces and bring it and some new piece of -- look to see them. You -- certainty and to really test maybe there's some of the young guys that you would they got ten and start making decisions from there because. Are -- that they need to. They can't do it overnight here but they got a good chance here in these 48 games to see what they got. And Antarctic there expect to see the -- start and make too loose. -- it's great to have you back -- us we look forward to your broadcast tonight and your next visit with us on Thursday from. -- And I'm looking forward are excited because the -- spoken to the crux of the green. And we will continue to have those nice little -- We'll see you everyone for that these are still have a new revenue location means not -- to you guys you've been I've probably done show with cabin down there from time to time. During the lockout but Mike and I will be making her debut from the broadcast location in the -- store so that's not going to be in the way of bunch of Stephens group. Remember and I'm not you know what he's he's not -- now he's acting ultimately get it going but he's taken a job I think down in New Jersey. But he is making arrangements that we well. Good for business. I'm glad we're hopes -- -- have taken care of Alexis clubs and a half ago I thank you rob. -- -- -- my way out of the arena yesterday we had plans to visit the store the last opportunity for. All thing in this -- -- bed and not. Immediately display the ten minutes after the game and added 1015 minutes after the game that it. Though lying to get in the store was ridiculous. To get in. It was like that on Saturday afternoon even while it is decided some of them some hockey parents took their kids on the arbitrary. Line and waited. But they knew it was the line to get him I think Robert taken this story about the -- the if he's prepping for this game in Toronto. Via the Toronto star some but it might be able to work this. -- -- is a great article in their bottle lady in her -- the year. Dull is it OQ is it dear -- the merits it'll do your shirt your. Business. They don't exactly make out. But the woman says in the article she likes when the -- kisses her and she says. That the -- kisses -- like command bullet. -- -- You don't know war really which seriously. What a -- that's terrible news judgment that's terrible judgment -- part. -- elastomer for about at all yeah. -- -- has sports and jovial like. Join us here we'll talk to John Murphy about that the prospects at the Senior Bowl in mobile is in Birmingham mistakenly. Mobile, Alabama. -- -- -- part of that.

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