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WGR550>Topics>>1/24 Bills assistant GM Doug Whaley down at the Senior Bowl

1/24 Bills assistant GM Doug Whaley down at the Senior Bowl

Jan 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us live right now right across table from us the man who's the assistant general manager for the Buffalo Bills. Doug Whaley thank you very much for stopping by to. Pleasure to be here glad you guys had to make it down and experience a little bit what we do each year down in Mobile, Alabama you sold me on this trip -- right around mid season when we were talking a little bit and I was asking about the Senior -- was worthwhile you'd -- Toby we get a lot out of it you're absolutely right. I think so I think it queues of people a lot this perspective. The top. College athletes all in one place and competing he'd give against each other. Went -- I was I was they couldn't. Earlier today. We're only three weeks removed from when the the entire picture changed when -- Brandon became a the president in a less than a week later you had Doug wrote in place in the coordinators are in place now in the entire coaching staff is in place. It's been kind of a radical turn over here in in really less than that we'll just over about three weeks in the in the Buffalo Bills a franchise. Absolutely and it changes that sometimes that necessary man nine changes also sometimes uncomfortable. But it's something that we were gonna have to attack with with aggressiveness like -- said like a -- said we're excited. We got a lot of work ahead of us but that's what makes it exciting. Things have not changed that much for you correct I mean you're pretty much doing what you have done that you've been with the Buffalo Bills. Absolutely. Astounding the most -- the best talent out there on the collegiate level. Also it's starting to get ready for the unrestricted free agency period and making sure I have all the information available so when buddy comes in and said this is what. We need I'll be able to give the best prospects out there to fulfill that need. You know what thing that strictly to win. Before in an earlier I would think we were winding view I was one knew about. How hard we're working down here us in the long days were put me in but I had a pretty good sense that the guys the early -- may be working. Longer days and -- are you in your staff of scouts right you get evidence of long days this week your mobile. We do but it's well worth it because it's part of the job that we into weigh in and that is the scouting process and see in the top players competing against each other makes the case. Long but exciting and information. Take us through the typical data on here this week you know you got the two practices the first one starts around. 9:30 in the morning so you guys that get going before batters the first order of business relief effort right. First order of business the first practice what goes through the first practice afterwards won't go to launch after that we'll go to that second practice. Then we'll have a little down period where guys can go catch up on some film work. Do some -- on writing some reports and then around 830 from 830 to eleven we have player interviews scheduled. Every night Monday Tuesday Wednesday every night and then the rest of the week. Especially myself. Chuck Cook for the college director buddy -- indictment just keep wolf's head over to what our scouting service the plus discounted service -- Two days of meetings on Thursday and Friday. And those last from 730 to probably about 6:37 o'clock at night on Thursday. Friday I wanted to ask you about that to let's get there right now the blessed -- meetings and tell me why in this day and age when you know what fifteen scouts and staff. How do you use less so now -- -- best -- for you. The thing about blessed so it lets you work more efficiently what they do is they target. The up cut the rising seniors so when they come in we go in on the supreme moment of the blessed to meetings. They will narrow the field down of colleges and prospects we should go see in the fall. And that likes us laser focus on those guys so we're not spinning our wheels were -- guys that don't have the chance now there's always going to be some guys that pop up. Which leads me to this fall meeting and blessed and so there's guys that. They looked at it over the -- that may not have started or started to have a good year and they upgraded them and that's what will go wrong Thursday nice to see any seniors. That had a good year that hey this is we didn't have them rated that high in the spring fall they played well. That these are guys who are might be here they don't usually usually guys that that aren't here -- there -- one guy hearing that from BYU. And speaking of defense that he didn't start. His junior year. He started half beginning of his senior year because the guy in front of them got hurt. And he came on like gangbusters so he did he he is here. And then we'll -- over and then area -- the less than that covers that area it will give us our here's his lineage. His -- may have Hawaii where he's been what he played. Here's what we thought about it when he played an obvious that we had some scouts and their because of information world today we knew about him and once again such plan on TV you like it. Only it to our area scouts going -- we'd like to use that resource as well to get as much information on the -- those are safe to say the -- sort of leaves the ground work for you when your scouts for the following years you yes following year and that's that's what we'll do Thursday and then Friday what will happen just because. The official declaration of juniors was January 18 those guys have been working on those juniors since. The rumors are since the eighteenth -- and the rumors. And what will they'll do is give us a breakdown of what they think each junior is about and how they categorize those guys -- round draft wise. And that will help us narrow focus too because that also -- buddy and at all these I think they're seven. You only need to look at these top forty or fifty or whatever and that helps us narrow focused because you you what the main thing you wanna be we believe. They're Smart efficient in your work. And you wanna give the good guys right. Are -- it typically do you feel like you're playing catchup when it comes with the juniors a little bit because you have such a small -- it is in. And that that's the tough part of the job and that's -- that's. If it. It's one of those things where you more one on lean on a scouting service like that so again. You can get some basic background information and build off of that because the timeframe so. Press document Doug -- -- the bills assistant general manager director of a personnel for the Buffalo Bills. A meeting that happened with you when your scouting staff earlier this week I believe a Monday with the new head coach Doug -- he will we talked on Tuesday he thought that was critical for him to sit down. With your scouts most of whom he had not have a chance to meet yet but talk about why that's important and maybe what went on -- that we. What went on an M why we think it's important is he wanted to stress to those guys because. What most people understand its various counts they may come into the building for weeks out of the year two weeks. In the middle February for three draft meetings. Two weeks in April for draft meetings and then two weeks maybe -- week and a -- it -- and I -- so a lot of times it's almost out of sight out of mind. He wanted to meet those guys and let those guys know. He appreciates the work they do he appreciates. What all they bring to the table and they are part of what we're trying to do going forward from now -- he wanted this to show there's guys that he's not a coach that. Doesn't understand what they're all about and let them know hey. When you're in. You're more than welcome to ask me any questions get to know that. Other assistant coaches find out what they're teaching our guys so this will be beneficial for those guys when they're on the road they can no. What type of player assisting coaches in the head coaches. Kinda like and what they're there expect you know players that they can when their doing their scouting they contain -- -- you know what this guy may be a little off on this went. He brings this to the table which I know the coaches like so he's trying to get everybody on the same page get going forward in one direction. The -- there'd been so much coaching turnover for the bills in recent years obviously you've been around for a little bit of it in some of those counts have been here for a along time but it's got to. Be hard for them to mesh with. But they've been doing maybe with what the needs are with the coaches looking for when the coach changes like that. Yeah it's easy to adaptable as scouts we know I mean you can tell a player and that the job of us down. Is the paint a picture of a player to you John Murphy that you never seen before. So will paint the picture you just tell us what kind of frame you wanna supported it and -- saying. We you may want to tweak this frame a little bit or this is where the type of frame that he fits best. And then we go from there so discounting part you can you can be a little flexible with that. We just need to know what you're looking for. I like that analogy but he always try to paint. The best picture -- pretty picture when you talk about players not -- -- that you can't you don't wanna you wanna paint the realistic picture of the guy. Amid everybody's not. An all star Ray Lewis guy but. You also do need those backup guys to play back -- swing guys that may not be able star for you for sixteen games -- can get you through 45 games. Those guys are just as important or developing young guy on the practice squad that's got an outside. So there's different types of pictures yet still photographs got action photographs you campaigning since you know so there's there's different type of artwork I would say the. Guess they got one more question about the process and -- -- wanna get into some of the prospects here. You have those fifteen scouts for most of them. Area scouts as you said although this week you can redeploy them. For the Senior Bowl in the concentrate on individual position right. Right right so what we'll do once we go through this fall. Quickly we use the does this time a year will break them up my position freaked out and we have what we call it oppositional cross checking. And we like that because we'll have one -- look at the top. Running backs and they can stack those because a lot of times you're gonna have scouts from different areas looking at these guys. But you'll have one voice on stacking these running backs and this is just part of the process and helping those guys -- those running backs are each position. It's a form of cross checking that you guys are pretty. Active in doing all along absolutely yes. Doug -- is -- guess it's a Jabber we show presented by no go we're live from the Senior Bowl and that would be the assistant general manager of the Buffalo Bills is our -- talk a little bit about the the guys who are here the guys -- you've looked at all last fall when the guys who you look at all this week here at the Senior Bowl. Everybody Buffalo's you know talk of -- quarterbacks or I guess I'll start their -- no surprise right. Give me your overall assessment of the six quarterbacks who are here and how good you think this group of sixes. I I have to say. Fairy impressed of how the hardest thing for quarterback it's time. And it's tough to get timing with receivers that you haven't worked with. And I think each and every one of these quarterbacks. Has done a good job working on this some days are going to be good Sundays are going to be bad. But I think they've competed and all of these guys have some qualities that you like. And then they're working through some qualities that you don't -- -- struck me today that watching quarterback to thinking about what they're being asked to do on the practice field you when their plane their colleges. Coaches is their job is to put them at a good place put him in the comfort zone out here this week they're being asked to do things that they might not be good pad and pencil in sort of exposes them if they're not capable of say thrown deep powder or move and on the runners up like that. And that's one of the things that is very quintessential to a bowl game like -- you wanna put people -- stressful situations and see how competitive they are. And how they respond. Because in the National Football League. Everything is not going to be the way you drew it up -- that the coach who when they screwed up in the classroom. You're gonna have to make some -- midstream midstream adjustments and we'll see how you handle how you respond and how you how productive your when that happened. We've got there Ryan -- coming up on the show just few minutes of Syracuse quarterback obviously he's been linked to the bills a lot because of Maroney Nathaniel Hackett but give -- your -- side view of -- of -- aside from the connection with the Syracuse coaches. The first thing I notice about him is some of practice late December and I want to pinstripe bowl. I was -- sleeps with that's mostly when then when it's cold outside I like -- can tell he's got a little bit toughness a little bit edge to him. And that war permeates to the offensive linemen and the other guys saw I liked that about him I think he's got strong arm. He can as we -- spin the ball. And he makes good quick decisions so -- a he's a very interest in prospect. The North Carolina State quarterback Mike let it stand out because of the size the size. -- about him and it may be the mobility questions about my Clinton. That's that's the one thing that he's gonna have to to really work on it and prove that he can and there's. Two different types of mobility is the running mobility like -- Michael Vick in the -- Kapanen. But there's also mobility in the pocket like the Tom Brady's. Because I can what we say do the Fred Astaire dance in the pocket and make people miss so that's gonna be his calling card and he's gonna have to make up with some of that lack of mobility. And he does with his arm talent. Note that the question is come up in a lot of it has to do with the the recent trend this past year in the NFL with running quarterbacks -- -- Russell Wilson. Is the day of -- pocket quarterback like perhaps of Lakeland and is that over going forward errors are always going to be room for a classic pocket -- What Tom Brady went to Super Bowl last year AC championship this year I think it's just going to be a multiple. -- whatever this if it comes down to. If your pocket passer you're gonna have to have other things to make up for your lack of mobility if you -- mobile. Quarterback you're gonna still have to be able to throw the -- -- you're gonna have to have a combination. Now what percentage of that combination. I don't think there's going to be definitive answer. I know you took a look at -- -- -- from Miami when he. He played the buffalo probably several times after that we give me your thoughts on and his performance so far this week. So smartest with it's it's been sporadic I think he had a first good day the first day to day he kind of stroke -- and that's. To be expected here because a lot of things are going through guys that they may be thrown up until offensive plays and he -- women and you start to press. And when you start to press anybody that's ever golf. You start to press you start doing things it's not supposed to do when you see in the -- accountable to those that type of things but you wanna see how he works through these things and then by Saturday. If when the lights come one. Can he go out there and and execute and be productive but I I like the guy and I think when his biggest qualities. Is and I'm not saying he's this but he -- could does a great job of keeping a lot of them. Play alive similar to the other guy from Miami they came out again. Let me reiterate this he is not to her office and look anything like. And what he does a good job of that and that and that is another way of being mobile. It may not run for a first down but if he can be mobile enough to avoid -- -- keep the ball alive. That's another wave. Helping out your team. That could get those six with a left quarterback when askew is about as Tyler Wilson. A buddy came on the show last night talked about how he at his arms arm strength was a little bit more than he had thought it was based on his performance last fall in college and and as I look at this group to meet Tyler Wilson may -- seems like the most complete. According -- actually well rounded against the best word I can describe. And that I think one of the things that. Impressed me most about tireless and if you look term in college he was always under arrest so I think he's getting here he's got time to throw. And time to step in and time to put some zip on the ball so it is. How level of skill levels start to shine because he's got some time and he's got some pocket presence and he's not always run -- life. I -- -- -- -- and all the -- quarterbacks so let me get you through some of the other positions us especially the bills need positions. Wide receiver anybody particular copyright for the first few days here at I don't know. Quinton Patton he's he's been on a -- had a great day today guys catch in the deep ball and with Louisiana Tech guy. -- Hamilton from Arkansas he's done a good job of a making contested catches. To Faris came from Georgia he had an outstanding game what was yesterday Tuesday -- she's -- member on the road for two weeks. You start run and together. But those guys have been pretty impressive. On the -- school on. You have to say marquis scored when he's a speed guys gonna have to try we need to work on getting off the press that the gap from texas'. Aaron Dobson from Marshall another guy that. Has a nice combination of size and speed and can and can judge and go get the deep -- he's been pretty good and Aaron -- From -- A big guy that smooth. 6024. Got some size in -- -- in and coming from a small school he's he's stepped up and he's shown that he is this isn't too big stage -- Nobody mixes talk for a couple of months now about the need for receiver -- Stevie Johnson is -- safe to say you're looking for a big receiver and maybe that some of the smaller guys a -- look at the -- -- -- Texas out here Wheaton. Market state not real big guys that you -- geared -- looking at the the bigger targets it is a compliment to your prophet. We would. What we're looking for a good receiver yet if he has size that's added benefit now we may only if everything is equal lean to the guy with a little more size because we don't have that. But we're not gonna sacrifice the players' talent just for some size. Take it through the linebackers and again maybe the couple guys who have and stand -- spurs. The that what you senior the first three days of practice here in mobile. One of the best guys I've seen out there as Vince Williams from Florida State. He has shown some physical talent the out there I'm not -- couple guys on all on -- behind offensive -- twice the size. To a good job hit me on the running back in the -- He's such an ability to close on the balls did some good things in coverage so he's been pretty impressive. Chase Thomas from linebacker from Stanford he's a high energy guy high effort guy may be a little limited physically but he tries to make up for with his with his hustle and heart. Com on the north side. John Simon from Ohio State. He's a guy that it. I think he's not got a good upside gotta kinda get used to playing inside they played -- a lot of different positions on -- state. But I think he's got some outside the cut the Rutgers guys have come and showed up. Too so there's some there's some good guys out there. And it and what we do is especially here. He's just he's peeping EC slashes and then we'll go back and will put instant that the game tape and also watched him the practice tape and dissect them a little more. Doug who are the players who were not here and let's see the jurors decide the players who were not here that you and -- like to see more whether it's. How binder or down the road here before the draft and extreme. What's very important. I believe all the quarterbacks they're out they're not just because it's a -- position but quarterback is such a hard position to. They get right. You -- have as much information. On those guys as possible like Barkley and you know it's not our he had those guys that you wish they were here just to see them. -- stressful position a situation where you're getting an offense. All new teammates. All in a week and see how you can step up and perform in situations like that that's why it's so key for us in quarterbacks here just it's not look more. It's less about their physical ability but how they handle situations. Men tell -- give me your thoughts on what you'd like to see from him he's got. Obviously some baggage city's gonna have to work through but how does that impact your thinking and -- it what if you're thinking and it was -- prospect. Well first of all we always say. You grade the player as a football player. All the off field stuff will take care of that and we'll decide on that sit down with buddy and myself and Ross and see how that. Guys' character would affect. Him being a Buffalo Bill but first -- you don't wanna discredited talent. Because of his character -- if you do that then you start putting guys less talented a bubble. And you start picking guys that are less talented so that's. -- why we wanna make sure as a player we get him right and I think he's a productive guy that has made some plays to win some games. Everybody says well he had a bad game and Alabama. It's tough to play that level but I have to say southern cal again on a national championship. Fourth I mean that goal line standings and what part of that. The interception to win the game in Oklahoma he was made that play Michigan State another interception so he's a playmaker. We like to see it is an exact manageable height weight and I think another big thing won't vote for him will be -- time -- -- on his forty time. Now -- one -- dispel one of the major minutes of this business that. All people all we do was wait for the calm minded she got run forty immensely argues a first round that's just part of a process. If there's a question about a guy speed and range. That helps us with that question it's not the sole thing we go about I wanna get out there on you can keep kids that are high school players or parents. That are seen these kids SP camp. Yes speed is great but you gotta play the game of football. -- it between the -- What what which leads me to this question you hear real one of valuation to Senior Bowl. Another tool -- the way come by the minute court's pro day workouts where does the guy's body of work as a college player feeding and I mean -- I would take -- That's right that's the most important part is what we see one -- and that's when I was trying to tell everybody out there. Don't just send your kid to be worked we call workout warriors. Guys that can look good in shorts and -- jump piled. That's just a piece of the puzzle and what would do his will take. -- percentage wise I'd say 7080%. Of it is what you do. In the fall. At these pro at these all star game to match your bowl games the other. 10%. Is probably. The interview process in your character in all all that stuff another 10% to get a sense and I think that's -- it would be. The Prodi's in the workouts and what you wanna do is take all of that together. And figure out what value would put on this guy and let's say. For instance you think you guys -- similar players forget it -- -- to a guy be offered 10% players but the guy a bigger stronger faster continue to take -- that's that part that makes it makes for ivory is absolutely. I got that Doug I got this feeling last night when buddy nix hit right there the same -- and get it from you you like buddy. Are in your element here to this is best running out of this Christmas for. I tell everybody I mean it's been it's been a strange offseason I've been a part of a coaching change in coaching hire and that's it was an interesting. Aspect of the job. -- that's not that sort of the job that I enjoy in this is and I get excited like you said it's Christmas every -- when -- wake up even though the days are long war in an 111130 just like you guys but. It's it's when I get paid to do but we're doing tonight the -- area -- We're ready if any. Data on jobless thanks thanks.

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