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1/24 Whiner Line

Jan 24, 2013|

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    thomas jones found at 5:46

    Sanchez was the quarterback didn't ask him to do that much that Thomas Jones who but I liked is not Sharma caught. Thomas Jones ran 331. Times in his first season or in that season with the jets they pass the ball over 600 time excuse
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    would do that. And I hear about big names but whatever me Mario Williams came here if you. Plot for ton of money you'll you'll get big names I just wouldn't do it for DeMarco Murray I'd spend my money elsewhere. Also by the IQ is it accuses of really good football play I don't think Jerry uses two years were strictly a byproduct of well Mario Williams marshaled Daria sure he's on a very tell the defense line but I think that's that's taking too much away from Jerry
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    whoever it is but I'm throwing castle. A little bit ahead of Josh McCown . But not far enough ahead that I would say he would be the guy would take over what's coming out of the market in March that. Madcast that I don't think would be much competition if at all for each Emanuel. I think guy I have two levels of interest in the quarterbacks I've heard of level one is mass. It a little too is. And it's not good men as the higher of the yet that Wright problem with the well that's the problem at the sister and Matt Cassel is met is an easy act and well then there was Josh McCown who has also. I'm gonna. It's a little bit lower than at. Joseph mentioned. Meant for me because it just becomes 35.
    is and there's a level of out of open mindedness. With with Josh McCown would have been incredibly low. I can't say that would be much better maybe a little bit with Matt Cassel . But some of the other guys locker I don't know. You know Bradford I think it would have been a higher level
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    could walk up the incidents that he played not out of ten Wii game arrest once the one to deploy US and he said he was tighter. But it would have been re double to plate.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. Curtis he's covering rallies I just thought of one. I stood up at black. Because black days are ahead -- this franchises. To the listeners of WG -- Sports Radio slide 56 season. She well you underline that -- do you buy the premier group wind may be easy. Lombardi -- -- into our host well. You should just chip installed. And -- no sort. When this all who really are better or post ocean -- barbecued at -- job also but Jarvis well the first real. I thought they are under the -- something new you know everything I just have fun to stuff. Hyper on. JaMarcus Russell here's my new favorite one. Blank might not be the first quarterback off the board but I believe I believe this combination of intangibles mental make up and accuracy. Make and the best quarterback in the 2000 -- class when all is said and done. But as it does a -- class includes Cam Newton. That list -- Christians -- Christian Ponder Jake Locker. B Dalton. -- Colin cap for next. Yet those -- Shandling Gabbert. Oops. I turn out to be. Not so much at this point not yet that it's still waiting nine knowing. Hey all -- -- my locker didn't. I like today with the ominous touting -- -- -- yes I like them all library guys these guys miss him. All right well lobster we all are we're all right -- -- follow all of our. Because you're right it could -- -- -- on the radio you know what it -- -- it didn't -- Oh now you've got we would constantly said that on the show with that's it back that's didn't voice I caught that liner Dan. All right at the time -- have gone up fair and balanced it's growing right because we know more than you do is that color suggesting that. That -- with a one suggesting that Edwards and lost or good and the whole time the callers were trying to tell us now listen. There's a -- that you can have you think he might be right if you had said for the last thirteen years everything the bill will -- will not work. You bet right. I did say that I bet you that right now technically. Views if every year you wake you know you start the season like the sabres -- not gonna win the cup ride if you if you're practically you're right Libby was hired fifteen years ago you like that I like guys never gonna win -- how likely is that they don't work then. Then -- party right. Pretty impressive. School. And even real one important. Wants. You know -- no alarm or go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's laughable here with a look it's really fun and you noted that it on board -- the -- -- do you noted. Think they'll watch every every. It. -- -- -- -- Are you greatly cut every Villeneuve I don't know anybody the detectives that the wind airliners are the most educated fans and watched the most only week Colin Curtis. We don't cut everybody partisans like -- he'd -- 93 point 7% of the and it is you know what he's right he's right. If only there were another time during the show where these wanna play callers could could could call in. And defend -- all wrong you know if only there or at time. Where they could actually -- -- live as -- calling an answer obviously you want the call to be free. And really. He time well so it's not like pinpointed into a certain ten minute -- -- there's little more flexibility so when I could call. Why would -- not. Yeah -- and probably have a number one banner off every forward what gore always get up and pillage apple want. -- -- Carlisle are other -- order I am are. You kidding me want the ball always the bomb we never see never. I heard -- desert his first question I'm not sure if you're watching the same hockey team I don't know. Can't think of one notes the -- there you are caught -- collared trying to show everybody that you know more than that -- The guy was right we have we. I plead guilty as charged. Never thought about wider. Audience is much bigger now we got into bigger and didn't -- didn't get -- but a lot. I'm off we will go below one walk and you have your got a lot of no matter. What happened -- certain ports that let every vote at all wouldn't be enough football -- -- -- if it couldn't. All guys really fast and is always open its interest combined three guys who -- -- brought you by the mayor group primates and the very group one of the week. Is there any line you want all lines of 15% off regular price. All spirits 10% off regular price during the premiere center customer appreciation said I have an interesting thing to bring up a hockey.

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  I'm not happy. Too much money for a RB and I hate losing Alonso.
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