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WGR550>Topics>>1/24 Ted Black on ticket sales, what he likes so far, tv ratings, etc.

1/24 Ted Black on ticket sales, what he likes so far, tv ratings, etc.

Jan 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Germany and the -- guys. -- well be careful out there. Out here are thought that it's fine. That's that's that's okay we might still listen. You know to know I know it's only two games -- Google was on with Kevin yesterday. Said -- I cautioned the fans don't get too carried away but to -- you know what do you like so far in terms of how the team -- -- through the first two games that. Like that we once again and then. Not with no no injuries prominent of those games that that your kids are at a around the leak out. Well. It's it's going to be a weird seeing it and then you gotta get these points. He and the idiot could think truly is an orwellian that you better regulation. So we're not having any three point games and again we've been involved that. You know what I had gone back to the end of last season when -- -- -- we're talking about you know ways to improve the -- he said you know. You guys wanted to make sure you made the team tougher to play against can you assess that through the first couple games because it appears to this point mission accomplished in that area anyway. I don't think so is it that it -- early in the days and let you know I think. He's got style of play is certainly as advertised then. Well played that she brought an awful enough on our guys interceptor. Always throw a lot of kids are not necessarily -- -- or -- split and they get out of autumn. And that's fairly up while lighter note I'm Betty age. -- body around and it goes back on us so all I I think so far so good we need when you start. But it just bangs on in non stop every ship. LP like may pick up behind you -- -- bought it yet at a audience. Narrower focus away try to -- It might be a little difficult to got to admit they don't get into any accidents by your ominous. Well I don't it's sudden you know I know ball below my experience in driving is that stops I'm really mean you'll probably always. On the look out anyway and I also lit at a community where the word Jeep owners of our. They come on you you lived in Pittsburgh that place is built on hills that you can drive through Pittsburgh I don't know director anywhere. -- mainly it's what somebody says have you been T bone. I play at the first summer hurt that -- that will be talking about. Well please be careful savored president debacle -- to take your calls too he's he's that. Talented that he can. Deal with the snow and take phone calls -- real five pick duplicate your calls in a moment for -- you guys had big news on the ratings it's not just. Not just here and around the league. We are seeing that NHL television ratings really hide your guys eat what -- the flyers game was the highest rated regular season sabres game since the winter classic is that right. Yeah outside if you but the -- of winter classic at the highest rated game we've ever had and probably one of the Irish it's not BI -- -- NBC any region no matter who was playing a lot of that that is great I. Yeah I think about the excitement around opening the season a home opener. You know no obviously a lot of coverage. Locally which you know thank you guys -- -- all the other media outlets. They get really draft they're -- -- -- -- right until all the election all probably well. That you like to get out and meet the people I know obvious you take the phone calls and anytime we get an email for you. I forwarded along and I know you answer all the emails as you route to work in the crowd Sunday what what's the feedback you're getting face to face from the fans. -- -- player came out. What and the doors open the gates open around and you just can't and one guerrilla -- how many people show that early Europe. A hockey game. You know what. It's. When a player and I have always been an. You know. But it they're excited you have players which is which is appropriate. I'm just a bit -- up front office. Try to get all the feedback there there are so excited to see -- But it ain't coming out merger these that the terms of that feedback it's been greatly. And we are still blocked these banned. Passion they have people want -- -- they're a little go to that's sketch so you know where he would worry is people just I really don't care one wire and other anymore. Which -- -- -- figures out what a lock out. That people just unplug and don't come back and peer traffic picked up a lot of what Terry said it the very all of -- -- He went away for awhile. Well I I think you know Internet. As far as I can tell. You bring up the ratings we we will get an update from in a moment ticket sales. NBC sports network whenever NBC when they were doing to -- the other day said. They mentioned that you are. Week long 50% off sale netted about two million dollars so I think there are it would seem to be a number of instances they're number indications that say. No one's holding a grudge in buffalo. You know it was really cool about this sale where we actually out against some of the final numbers and we -- -- -- under 50000. Pieces of merchandise. And to put that into perspective. We sold more. Merchandise. Bought more merchandise and one week. Then it -- -- and they had purchased. Through the entire year 2002000. All the. We should be surprised at how much went. I was blown electorate thought that the folks who worked in our store. You know they deserve. All the congratulations in the world not only work long long days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they had they would then work to restock shelves clean up the store and do it all again. But would -- surprise I. Dumbfounded I I just can't believe. -- response that we got that -- -- that makes us feel about it it is -- about you know selling Africans you know that was the dramatic discounts on about the nickel and dime. What it showed us is that people remain proud to Wear sabres gear and an apple remains more -- than anything else. Meaning it -- call here but I'd be remiss -- -- and ask this because I'm sure a lot of fans wanna know. Kevin Sylvester is -- game tonight powers -- feeling any idea when Rick we'll get back to the broadcast -- I haven't heard today and I thank. I hope it should I don't know that's that's the last report I got is that certainly feel that -- and we. You know -- -- -- sparks so we want to make sure that he's ready to come back almost. Almost like a player. When -- -- Agreed this year to do all all the games it it -- -- -- -- it was in response they have enough. A schedule that was a little bit more spread out less compressed. And I I think I know I speak for myself I'd I don't want to rush back into the -- -- -- Do it because. Others going to be a lot of where terror on the back to back trouble. That not only our players go through but everyone travels with the game all animal and you know probably accept that as well you know you're not playing that back -- is difficult. Obsolete larger it'd be back and I'm hopeful it's within the next couple games. Industrial 550 to join us sabres president of black with a symbol take your calls here on WGR. Tim your -- -- already have -- your question or comment. The good guys good morning. Mr. black I'm a big fan of attending game and this weekend I came in with high hopes that one thing would change and it looks like it didn't. And then have to do with the what presented on the Jumbotron there were two disputed goals in. Well what they disallowed goals in the Philadelphia game and I had the entire crowd in unison looked up to that scoreboard. That high -- screen. To get a look at exactly what happened and after -- well after one anyway he went to a blooper -- and the other there was never any mention -- but again. What the reasoning behind it not showing. Replays for the crowd that are paying to be there to see what just happened on that previous. Goal of that's great question them. And adult actor Ricardo calling mr. black and I'd that it that around. I don't know the answer is probably feel more it a league rule but I'll. That will be item number one on my agenda when I get back you know I'll find that out I was. I wish. Look cannot achieve so I wasn't in the end of that that trichet -- my attention. On the it is I'm kappa league rule and and those depleted -- you know. In our sport other what others that you don't wanna you know trade a monster and it -- the controversial call. But that's fair question and I didn't answer for it. I eyes would've assumed its it's a league thing. I know like I've UB football tickets -- and they have a you know -- a little it's not a big scream and have a video screen and if there's any. Lot of times calls that are being reviewed on the field because they have instant replay. They don't show anything that's controversial you -- kind of look in the book you know that the luxury boxes or whatever and hopefully it is a TV monitor nearby so I just. I think callers right you'd you'd like to give you feel like here you paid for the ticket -- -- getting shipped because the guy at home is able to see the replay that you can't see but I just assumed it's always a league -- conference thing. We went through it we have sponsored the current and so and so sometimes just a limited way Connecticut sponsors and but he did mention it was a blooper -- and which I believe his sponsors as well so. They're they're look much different factors and -- people here that they're like oh great you know. We lose we don't get into it again because they're a sponsor involved in on the -- are developing. I can go to find out it's it's doing that would have been a violation. And it currently rule -- find that out that's not. This. Merger folks to. Two be more mindful of the palace that the fans that are sitting and I would like to see it as well. How often do you guys review your game day experience. Not much you -- still. So we say. Jennifer -- earned -- -- game day. I think she did a fantastic job. I try not to -- -- much but they always find myself doing that but we don't accuse. It's an important -- -- -- experience. It's actually our. Our commitment. Tires and there's only one power play and they are so few hours -- so -- others thought it is it is -- or early. I think it's amazing over the years I've come to realize. The video board the goal song the music in the breaks you know just the other day I was stunned we were getting calls -- getting inundated with -- about. The goal -- Edit it it wasn't the same it was short -- it was a long -- somebody changed the way the goal horn was used and it's amazing what people pick up one. I know -- bad. You know Germany if you let them get an -- that it -- We're still we're still like our sanctions on how to make the logistics of it happened but we have a group. -- we'll probably have graciously accepted your offer waiting for the confirmation. Are you we're still in negotiations. Are yeah. Yeah well. -- Jeremy is sort of spearheading goal or negate what I offered to do it and he's so graciously accepted is that we're gonna have a celebrity. Important goal horn blower and I'm happy teacher or a business card that is that Jeremy. I -- -- -- it's going to be that the only thing we ask because it's not a but he didn't sound. His wheelchair and stood up there for a -- just an idea of logistics and and we rule. Lightly publicized that probably won't do your personal cellphone number of people on -- on particular. Format and and you think about -- France Britain and the Mexican and her. And wait a minute hang on you score a goal the -- free points the lights go -- he hits a button it can't be that hard. And -- that's great can now we have this celebrity's Howard will be doing that shortly after -- -- And -- and you know what in fact you push whatever you feel like it don't even worry about her and the other a -- crossed the Blue Line maybe they're getting -- -- chance. It won't hit the button your rattle the guy he misses the net. I get up and you can do you. Committed that there had been no mistakes -- -- -- Practicing. Also a practicing when I pulled my car in the garage and -- -- the -- yes you know so -- and yeah I don't get very very. They don't real life if that blacks and women that it Willis Jim your -- -- -- go right ahead. Well yes go -- Jim. Yes -- to what extent I'm molester on the American hockey when he -- a lot of good teams. And the parent club insignia on your upper -- a woman -- the ever stopped. Well. Can I -- I didn't I would have to Wear black jacket when I got to Rochester I would bet they're they're Rochester American security is. So sacred do that and base which is our fan base home state. It's just one of those things and there's always an electoral board meeting -- -- we have entered -- the wall and I walked there what do I think there's. I would finish sixteen of thirty teams. But do -- the last time I looked. That's really the reason is that this can't pull that Jersey shaker. Dead before that you go let's get a ticket update I know work they mention it on the the game the other night -- five ago or at least there was 500 tickets left for Carolina tomorrow and for Toronto on Tuesday. How many tickets overall left for the season. I'll say it about 101000 the lower bowl is is basically full single seats remaining. Which are hard to note that made it together as a group we're here for your buddies and and you want to sit down -- can -- if you meet at intermission. Well we know about it at five under for the game tomorrow night but they really tax went -- they'll. Yeah that information try to publish Herbalife to our web site. But we have about 101000 remaining. Meant 500 currently teacher next few games. Very very happy that the ticket sales were all we start a fight. At this point is the perception that there are no tickets whatsoever. And there's always it's always a challenge -- -- -- it but it's a wonderful challenge. This -- last 234500. Tickets. Well good luck tonight obviously Ted drive carefully and we'll talk again next Thursday. Our your party on election wait until -- comes out in with a bag origin are competent. First player accountable and distrust noble I don't mind I didn't play at this time. Well that's good because I know I would fight you embark. Knowing yeah when I can't wait to tweak the latest comments from Ted black Ted quote I will fight you in a -- But it didn't look import did want to push the button too by the way are to push buttons it's not. -- -- chocolate factory. Too much drive carefully all right thanks -- Everybody every president's had black this year on W.