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1/24 Jim Kelly on Bills new coaching staff and if they need to draft a QB

Jan 24, 2013|

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Always wondered whether TrueCrypt our Internet appreciate -- coming -- -- we got to leave we're gonna get the football in a moment but Jim I know what you know we've we've been involved with -- open the radio -- now the last few years you've got to the big event going on right now at Wendy's who has come up huge for -- help. All the last years and has been done a great job raising money talk a little bit about what's going on Wendy's I know having -- gone through the drive through it's very easy to help out -- open at Wendy's these -- Yeah it is in god well first ball type Wendy's because you're a road that you're doing -- when you talk to -- pride and they've please -- almost a quarter of million dollars for actress opened by the year or so I've bought them each W we meet with a little bit present to check out. You workers overwhelmed. Not only by the dollar amount but but how -- -- understand what -- congress oak harbor and you won't sukuk. Exporting to people and. Tell people what personal assault bots are solid not always about -- but sometimes what you -- as soon so. Based Wendy's and it's Qualcomm now until balance aren't they with you guys probably know more from mister -- are open. That was Martin probably mart -- you for -- more importantly don't soccer park they have. Orbiter by the pocket it all Wendy's what New York in one Pennsylvania. -- -- -- One treat carnage keep one ball and boy you really get fixed coupon so it for one dollar in its four treat junior across these. Three value brought to explore value only of one dollar guitar again. It's all the way up chill -- we're fortunate so it turned out thanks to Wendy's for what you do each and every year our country so. You have that going on right now Jimmy you also have the -- day of hope for children coming up next month I know it's still. A few weeks away but can you talk about that little bit. Yet -- worship in this is can believe it's a -- -- go after their hope for children and we try to do Iran belt as they were trading results and how to loved ones what -- -- -- bird or a girl and we are errors to bring their kids not to vote beat your arm copies don't feel cost of those fuel -- Aren't everything screeners who won the war. And it's it's a great opportunity for the -- to a sort of an active -- law so Wendy's again will be there. Again like to bottle goes for allowing us to have a better especially sometime Borg he's cool. -- be inside the there's -- -- last week almost 5000 people in which it will cost is just amazing and all of entertainment Greek food and really learning more about country so what we're going straight in the eyes are so many kids are so. Again Jeremy the guys know -- bit. Western -- has always -- -- -- what -- it is I mean every every week -- -- figures on the screen door and he. Summer months but it. Sort -- winter months you know victory people hear what your continue to support -- -- mark Andres which so many others and and thank people or misstatements. I've been big supporters of borrowers know you do on your Olympics were on -- always -- for many many years so thank you -- Note that one person and it takes a lot more people smarter so don't do such a great job. Reproduce my home now and what are we can do to make at least two -- moral better -- that's what we're -- -- Howard Jeremy with Jim Kelly here are few minutes left him I wanted to I'm sure Pitt would love to get your opinions on what's been going -- at the bills it's been quite the off season. A -- so far. First off let let's start with Doug Maroney have ever get a chance actually to meet -- talked him at all and what do you think of him as the new head coach. Yeah are you are not at arms and should come and talk to Coleman and I like gratitude. He has in the launch and Scotty comes in here with. An attitude that so we're -- best putters on the program go out and that people on the Arctic dot. People here -- you wanna hear even though you wanna hear about people watching so. We all LC and you know I'm not made it two up you know made over the past few years because he was. With the bills -- or control got no experience out here and just got to know through gotten. What has worked epics like you know allscripts Apollo and the other day early packer great repairing and not like like what he's stolen so they can't. Pocket change -- we shall see I think her on the right out the pick in the right guys so far looks pretty good all right Tyrone Wheatley. I've heard a lot of great things about -- coaching style and what he's about so. This is. -- and I think we needed to change. And assault bills -- not just in the corner but will go against. They don't wanna just here they want she spoke problem Arctic could move won't see what happens on the road only -- culprits not. From what I heard so -- something that caused her problems. You were you picking at Daniel Hackett sprays or is she picking your brains. It will blow because he was here when. Alex will implement a lot of ball -- placed from. I played -- -- wind over on what's the most funny because when I walked into his room. He had on the bills Balkans game it was a the championship game it was like of course -- -- walking he could not believe. -- came on right now watch Oprah to congress without -- passed back and two interceptions weren't very good the they go to one under -- we are looking. Bill -- -- -- go back to achieve some of patent is doing try to exploit and some things that we worked. Can be offense now date has changed somewhat perceive it cannot do but. Execution of what it's all well you can pull whatever place you want true. Are you people pay pre order you want but -- execute properly it's -- community thinks so he understands that and and you know what just it. He's here are some good things you're saying about you -- -- -- -- play and defense and things like that he understands the game today know what it was like 1520 years. Jim I -- I read a story that went -- it which here. That either you or Alex van pelts I've got like a hold of some year old -- gunplay books and that helped him institute that kind of offense at Syracuse last season. That's exactly right you did not know it was played a picture of what's incredible. I know he's probably going to be no longer think you know suspicious not doing we used to do again. The -- and a system that's got -- that you -- -- it to help. Whether -- -- -- whether to drop her current whoever may beat. That's going to be in that offense control do you trigger words are strengths and you can't just come in and run and all good example here -- Lester looked into border brought him an Arctic air reducing attempt. Make sure that. What you do soups the people that you are out I mean when you have. Are already bought like does he keeps -- pretty juts into the utilized their talent in -- -- -- -- I'll watch. You will be able to do things that are good are. Put them into the game and make -- more of all of a target you love you don't do that in years screeners also. I think he understands as -- I know we understand what you have here. But again at that particular issue and then it starts where you know they'll order all right -- In the -- about ex Cuban and you know are no more so I'm stronger so me. Different variations of the deterrence took its chip that's all you -- or political. Jim Ellis to go to cup more questions -- earlier it sounds like -- our brother I don't want. I I feel guilty making to talk more I'm -- do you do you think in your opinion is it time to move on from Ryan Fitzpatrick. No that's not my decision to make no -- -- well it wouldn't be right or are you know what she's deputy knows it better maybe this is -- style offense he needs that. You know what that's that's not my decision that's up took note coat -- whatever he decides such do -- -- their walk and -- trap whether it's. Trading down home in the first front try to arms -- mere drop something -- some wondering how you get the not to say to replace try to maybe maybe in the future take over whether this year come up weather here on the road so again and that's what my decision but. Whatever you do to make it at whatever system we have been that the system that they have with the Coast Guard implement it go right to do it. Ridiculous shot you can understand guys. What is out there -- you look around the National Football League are not a lot of created quarterback common outfit. You can bring rate in estate Paco. There's not a lot of quarterbacks in the wrapped in ice seeing that work -- obviate pick of the draft pick up what built up somewhere on their -- from me. You don't want to take a back step I think what could once got back. He said he does not rise ought to let you know the quarterback Tarvaris Jackson not quarterback. You could have -- -- and if you happen to be altered -- virtual Rhonda but I do think they need to low or Trout at Barnes on the and I really. I looked round I can do water started to -- -- -- -- the bills or do doubt that there's not a lot out there I wish it was but unfortunately. Is there anybody like of the guys you watch was there anybody thought is it looks good. Columbia actually here to grow it hadn't been the scene here. -- -- I've been so busy with different things our -- but I -- had chances to parliament and look to quarterbacks. You know what I did my lights are so busy right now. You know should -- do doubt that the war. How got a lot. Started -- drops talk the person in the music -- -- what cotton -- -- final total purse he has this character. The -- leader from Ali. In Watson's -- -- go for all paid coaches and scouts I did do. In order pick prince where -- -- now from ma Syracuse or whoever -- down the road. They're gonna do their homework on because this is something that thought -- have been one for many years. As a franchise quarterback so short there and do their homework and decide you know what you need to do when truck. Last thing I got for you Jim I wanna get your thoughts on there's a lot of talk now about the the read option and he's running quarterbacks like -- nick Russell Wilson and RG three. And yeah a -- do you think you mean the game is still there for pocket passers to -- -- is not changing to the point where you have to have that. -- a running quarterback like that you can't succeed you know you can still with a pocket guy right. Gallagher or you don't which I think that you know even I was interviewed popular out intruders -- apology tour. I said -- at all by an Indian neutral guitar. Could you know and runner on to what he wants -- sooner or later he could take its -- and our quarterbacks or not accustomed to take it's like I don't you can practice. That you get maybe. 1015 times and gained the most remote really really hard shot -- what's what you'll get better to topple aren't sure and they're with. Ari -- you don't -- all good -- when it's worked well but I do not take you to make your career. At quarterback because a lot of running. -- -- To recon regained but that's a lot and I get comes onto the -- quarterback Smart not once we got to treat the football -- -- don't decide to run. But he keeps -- but he gets to the sideline. Be Smart because. That future franchise when you're starting quarterback goes out. You want to puke when automatic below me for bottle those are actually right in -- over to the ball well but. They're saying is you have to protect your quarter but I don't think it's going to be solved and that is going to be implemented all probably yeah you want your quarterback to be able to make plays which is -- but be Smart not to. -- go down and do not take that picture because as we all salt Archie -- -- -- many yet and look where it was out of him this season it was unproductive he was of the same quarterback. Maybe -- -- -- way to look at how strong here but sooner or later it will cut up that they decide to do that you know we can we cannot start next year. Jim Kelly lists and again you can help out hundreds hope right now it. Wendy's -- surprise for hope. Going on now through February 14 that all western new York and Warren Pennsylvania Wendy's locations. One dollar for coupon sheet and you get three junior frosty three value prize it's a six dollar value in the -- -- -- one dollars very -- ago. To the restaurant or drive through they ask you want to. How -- a dollar for -- Albany is added under the bill. Obviously it goes to a great cause Jim thank you as always for coming ominous good luck with the fundraising -- -- open hope you feel better too. Parker. Who Jim Kelly this year on WGR and a lot of football talk and we'll get that -- --

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