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Rob Ray Steaks Things (Not Really)

Jan 25, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Usual feisty here as per usual again rob ray's appearance here that brought you by the re elect Bentley automobile. -- relax relax. And by independent health when the unexpected happens expect the Richard treatment that was based energy and a threat that's who -- here. You working in noise. He's thinking maybe like bill to make a percentage of -- skipper of cost. Were in the store this year rob. And I'm guessing you took advantage of the recent 50% off sale. I'm happy to be right up your -- got some great -- I like coming in here and just pretending it was supposed to be here and -- just -- it was something. How. Where it took a look out they never say anything they. There always -- music they can never that's on him to let go. Seriously -- etc. -- -- -- work for me not -- a -- I want to work out of college it was huge draw. -- you if you could be budgeted for that sale. And I'll never even thought February that he art in -- market it can work just looking like you think you belongs to do. -- -- to a ball game you'll feel before you don't Wear a -- into an arena like this may be -- read it to go that's mostly. You know also working here -- played up his in the backs on the player. There are a question income through the doors to an extreme noise can be in the visitors room at the and I feel it would not confirming recreation dump them but the god let me -- another and others did not appear here they super tell you they searches are they're super tough. They've got to have the credentials. So -- what I would say about last night's game what what. Was the worst part of arm I think it was up frustrating maybe the way. That day. The start you -- to know that this team was gonna promote hard because you know -- -- -- -- -- challenged you know I don't challenge the team with the goaltender and you know there in a position on Tuesdays at home. That they had to it and and I I'd wanna hold to the sabres realize that is -- -- They -- extremely hard it does seem like they did with -- had to do first period and -- kind of had a good feeling about it there was. You know going into the intermission and then saying it was a different story after that would've been nice for them have the power play that good yet as early power play that another one. They really didn't threaten. Yeah and I think that's been a big issues have something museum practicing and knives in trying to make better because they need scoring they need scoring -- and not just stunned -- -- online news across the board there's some guys have to step up and not -- invisible as a group they needed to start with some numbers up but. I this think last night became a little sloppy at times you know turnovers things we haven't seen in the first couple games reasonably sharp the first game. Second game they're good back to back good enough and just. Just mental mistakes that that cost them and too many times I think because the intensity level that Carolina brought it. It almost looked like the sabres were standing still points and you know Carolina was was taken place. But it -- when. The next second later they were competing as hard as Carolina -- -- the game and make things happen and then. You know tied up because of them boo yeah. I wanna I wanna give them a little credit are battling back to get the game tied to -- it at that dissipated quickly but even to start the third fourth three. We don't sit there feel like this you don't win this game yet. Lord adult why we set they're -- like -- like they're coming back all the sudden Carolina's gonna -- here they're gonna fall vacuum that. First game -- and they're gonna take this game but. Yeah I think they had to put the well and they were given it to them they just sort of let off that little bit and then you know Carolina does seem like to capitalize and they don't want an outbreak you know god I got a -- -- they've inherited and we just -- -- We could use to save maybe elements all the -- installed -- -- -- great shot at the great player. But like at the sabres had the momentum in the game and there was that one chance in -- admit that despite recently tonight. I -- think the support that came up last hour I would think rob that this is a good defense of team. They were thirteenth in the league last year goals against everybody's in there from the goalie to the old blue line nobody's out. And you know you have guys like Myers who were one year old -- I think they should be good defensively. About wrong nobody should that I and I think curve. No sides can't judge three games but it served for the most part of the two teams they played they were there -- very strong and we and we even mention -- a lot of times works. You're the first half coming out of his own has been very good you know that that you've been able to. Make that pass before the Winger they've got at exit -- the zone pretty easy. Yeah I think too many times -- yesterday they just it's just like there was some confusion. For one reason or another and it's not as if guys are blowing his own and then there's nowhere for them go just. The more. Time that the Carolina hurricanes Panthers and hurricanes last night had the -- it is he might be started -- -- they lost that patients very quick. It's at a maintain the positioning cover your peak earlier Winger and eventually they're gonna you know make a bad passer occurred you're gonna create internal or. Started chasing the puck mentioning you know you see in two and three guys download -- but in the defense's own. Which were leaving guys wide open and and that actually start every from the very beginning and that was stalled that got you -- point blank shot in the slot early like. The first few minutes of that game and you know from that point it just seemed like you know Jason a little too much it's. To me and you guys are better for this and I am but there was a Carolina power play where you had. Maybe was Eric -- behind the net and and Myers on on one side to be Robert ring gear and it was just so easy for them to get the puck to the front of the net. Whether there was one guy just stepping out in front by himself purchased you know. That that should be tougher to do I I just generally think. That they should be pretty good defensively and they think they've gotten worse in each game I thought they were veterans Philly then in the Philly game in Toronto that. Better you know there. There's a couple goals where. It wasn't so much the defenseman. Maybe make that mistake it was that that down low forward that's. Occidental College in the one where he did he got. Also bought positioning and you know it didn't it keep himself between him and the onus. Another time he made a little bit of a -- -- turn over down low behind the net. And you know Jonas. Trying to redeploy couldn't get back across into it was a very -- -- right you know -- to score that goal but that it's. That down low guy I think it needs to be a little more responsible and in some cases mean to make the do you look like they're they're the ones making mistake after they broke down but. Other times you're gonna see those do you read opt to Wear that forwards going to be. But. It's the other way around it should be the forward reading -- -- would these doing. And and filling in holes so I think it to salute communication there last -- was not. Clicking -- they're gonna. Leo good defensive team I think Myers has to be the guy at the front of the line there is being paid like it. And is his plate they'd like Mike is saying really he was ID really like him that much against Philly. But he was to -- worse against Colorado and then last night even worse still. I think just bad decisions and and we will take as much as we we'll get a confidence thing and Mike what do you what do you do with that you must've had teammates over the years treated yourself where you. Competency is on the ropes and how Carty of audio bigs that. Do you have one good game you know and that's I think that's what would would turn -- -- tied for garlic him. You know he's he's a young guys coming in I guess we still calm young is young but he's got a lot of experience now. And he. For the amount of ice time he's logging in and that's the positions that he's put in the responsibility has. You know morning the only thing I can come up with three now is you don't normally handles pretty darn well and he didn't the more he played the battery was and you know hey that you know is he still battling injury and he is he had that condition level that he needs to do beat him play when he treated. Point 2.3 minutes a night or possibly parents. I'm maybe that's just -- area you know because he did not played you know during the lockout and and it was something that. When your blog it's different predicament way you know 6810 minutes you know you could have played and coached -- hold lockout. But if you're all of a sudden playing when he tube plus minutes. That's some serious ice time and that's only killing in crucial situations and mistakes are going to be glorified you know because it's going to be either scoring opportunity here in your net so. You know I think in a lot of cases for him. The mistakes that are napping maybe could be fatigue you know mental. Physically and mentally. Which in turn are escalated only because of you know how much she's out there. I want to ask this -- -- -- of big question but I am thinking about wires when I asked if you've got a guy who skill set as a defenseman your coach and you've got a guy who skill set. Is really. It's it's really broad and he's capable. Of doing things offensively just doing more than your system. Allows -- needs from them. I would think that's a real challenge for coach like if it is applicable Myers for -- to figure out the ballots. But they can go he could he could draw confidence from that make plays for them but you know. -- is pretty rigid I think it doesn't want is the getting beat that I I don't -- order. I don't think -- would ever tell them to stay back. You know Tyler Myers is guided the likes me and up in the play and I think when you're seeing him. Really on his game you're seeing on them up in the offensive zone creating opportunities. Because he he he normally is so fast that he can get up and get back in and recover. And get back and so big yes and that defenses that you know mode so. I don't think that he would ever say don't jump up and player don't. You know pull back from from getting into the office -- he's gonna allow the general because he's proved he could do it. The only thing you'd you'd you may say hey. Pull back pull back a little bit until we get you to the point where you know you're feeling that you can do it a 100% right the -- that's where physical condition yes a bit because that guy would know. If I go up there and go hard that I got to come back -- as well definitely wants them to get back to him -- who doesn't right. Venue depending eurozone and now -- shocked yeah right you spent fifteen seconds blasted car down there. Fifteen coming back hard pretend and now you're thirty seconds into a -- and yours your now they've got in your loans are your opinion there employed now all now. You were shot and that's a bad -- you have to be very careful about five picking and choosing your spots. You know line. That that would be the only thing and it come up with -- now that you know that you just don't lose your ability you just don't lose your being able to read the play or. You know your timing you lose conditioning you lose put. But the everything else it's they're just a matter of having everything else working to allow you to do that. Rob ray -- us here on WGR the sabres and hurricanes 7 o'clock even for Friday. This year these Friday night games are at seven snags that 730 business that half -- seems like three hours sometimes. Also different to the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It adds up after after the game two of the games old. Earlier -- -- And especially back to back your play a lot of Friday and Terry is that you know little extra time to get to where you're going and it's a huge difference and in order I'll still. Is the new rules so if you land and -- -- nine -- -- so you don't land 'til midnight you can't be on the ice until a minimum of 9 o'clock the next morning was that with so. I cannot talk about it can kind of you know -- -- getting into 2:3 o'clock in the morning and you've got to -- nine hours sometimes you're not getting a practice time the next day or. I'm not sure would accounts for meetings and everything like that. So there there is a big. Different soul by polling that half hour earlier -- scheduling games can can make a big difference the next day. We have this this nine -- business we have mandatory off days now -- right -- things end. Solo rooms for everybody on the road and I saw the people wrote a piece about this and what are your thoughts on that. You know what I mean everybody at the time he always think we should have my own room which among them but it's not it's boring yeah you know I think a big part of the game is. You know you sit back -- your friendship you upset a hundred times you don't remember the games you don't remember remember the good times you know with -- -- your roommates the stories and and in a lot of cases it's good to have somebody there to bounce things off of you know oil that not everything is rosy all year and sometimes young kids have questions or you know you have questions about life in general instead of just the game. And if there's somebody there that you know you know 100% you trust 100%. Then it's nice that's a time where you can insert throwing stuff around and and say hey this in this and you really get close a target guys that you. 99% of the time the guys who are with on the road. As a roommate. They're the guys that you know down the road even continue to make those phone calls too because you decreed that on. And if you don't have that person they are sometimes. You know it's not good. -- your favorite remain so -- Warner. Brett was a good guy we have an awful lot of fun to do you choose that happens later your career you choose your room with -- does not ever happen -- -- -- -- tell the coach will match you up with somebody. Com and you know sometimes they like put a veteran with a young kid is rational way. Sometimes in and rest my case they'd put to a bus together so we wouldn't ruin anybody else I think that's a because you always heard the same type person and you know he looked after you know after him in it honestly kind of in all I can we -- so but yeah. -- the kids by the way my -- Okay my son skating you know there's going to be equipment. It doubled what you just said so much by -- you don't keep it themselves. A lot of it passes are. Kids are good yeah when you ask that question and things start popping in your you know you never remember that you're asked him about the city matchup something I wasn't even there they know that I. Jersey you know is like -- that those blue. Else we had never. Take anybody else down what was it about your son and not much on his cousin first equipment in talks that he's taken lessons and he's out there he's four and Austin and be ready to play this ball. Have realized that number -- can't wait -- Quit my job and just hang out with them. -- Marky you know. But he never -- home will you will you -- up will you. -- coach I'd love to do you ever done it before I coached the empire one summer at the time in my life was at a gain and and you know all those kids and allowed those kids moved on and had great success and we had so much -- so much fun and I just an assist and help now right right that's the -- is our coaches the -- got a lot you can have that connection with the kids and I'd. But I had fun of them and and you know you know pat Fisher was the head coach and he was another case of the group the -- with a guy that you know. -- if I look forward to -- it's something that it is a good time I enjoy my daughter whoever that coach or soccer last year you only get involved in the -- to the school and and you know she goes to those other things outside and now my songs it's time that he wants -- -- playing him. Sold down pollute and assistant coaches that is the best spot -- every round two years I've been doing Matt and it's great account could have go to media responsibly. All right there's no news conferences not what but it just it's just it's really good -- and it is really fulfilling work with the kids is really respond it's 100%. Exciting. Because it to see their faces up there and oh yeah I see my son and my my that neighbor kid and and their of their learning to skate and they just can't wait to get out there and you know every. Part of it is so what he's got to come out to take a key part way through just tell me how much funny -- and what they just did you know even earlier watch him right to -- does do that and don't know. -- -- score the first goal administers an economic team scores the first goal it's like yeah it's just it's such a tremendous. Let's zero out they see you guys we'll talk again -- OK we're just kidding me Jeff Stevens on the way to time for the break up might show.

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