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Sabre GM Darcy Regier Talks about the new season

Jan 25, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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You spent in this story it's not not very much available I think my wife spends more time and I needed walking and grab stuff if you want. Again but I using it got did you that robbed at that goes goes out and rob and rob Rob Brown doesn't surprise -- confident that it. -- Darcy just because. We want it all the time in the world let's just pick up where people organize events or talk about Tyler Myers we're wondering if he's in top condition. I would say he's a little rusty not unlike some the other guys -- and you know I think that that is one of the reasons why. We have. Decided to keep -- 23 man roster because we expect some of this and we expect some guys to get a little more tired than they normally would and maybe. To play the some at some point play some fresh guys who you know made it might be in the lower on the on the roster. Instead of tire guys. We saw the Toronto maybe was doing that right away it was a has been good guys out for your game they give us Eric you know they they've they've brought -- Apple's earned. Frasor replaced them -- yet. And -- -- backed down there and he came up and is already back if he gets them back anyway so. Conditioning wise with with Tyler Myers I guess they're there was some to disagreeable or warning sign when Lindy Ruff was talking the middle of that brief training camp about his conditioning. What continued to. Now that you're going to be playing three games four games that we. To get him into easily cheat because to me -- maybe the key of the season but certainly one of the keys -- Ears and for us -- I think he suffered a setback with his his ankle when he was playing over in Europe and had to take some time off. And so I think it's a fact in that regard and on the other side of it we're we're going to have to. You know really figure of -- little bit what we just talked about one to play him much to plan. When when they need rest I know is an example -- given the guys days off already. More than and I think he would have otherwise if we started started the year so there are there are adjustments being made and changes and I yet. In in Tyler's case you know we can speak specifically about Tyler but the reality is it's going to apply them to -- number of other players well. Will you anticipating them. That being an issue here with the with the lockout having happened that you might -- it sounds like even if guys are so much struggling. You just get -- -- guys out of a lineup just because you think they may need to blow. I do expect that that will happen right now if you watch Christian -- half Christian looks like just as he was. Playing from the start of the year in Germany. And so he can log a lot of ice time he didn't suffer any injuries over there and he's just you know he looks as always -- mid season form. The guys some of the guys who have not played. Don't appear that way some of the guys had played like Cody Hodgson in Rochester -- he looks like he's benefiting from that from from a conditioning standpoint -- I it it's an individual thing in the coaches are on -- -- Doug McKinney the strength conditioning and our strength conditioning coaches on button and from. We're going to figure -- best way to deal with a. There is you spoke to a little just there that there is personal responsibility involved -- -- you're not just at the whim of where guys in the whether they got hurt. I I -- think I do think you want to think that with miers or anybody that during the lockout they were just going to. Be the best they could be at the best prepared they could be physically for the season and against. Sort of born more out of your control their regular season. Well we had no control you you do count on you know here. As an organization you're counting on. On on the maturity level to prove that professionalism of the players. In fairness to the players. It looked at times as though we weren't going to play in and I you know the reality is. Some players are more mature than others and this isn't I'm not speaking -- time -- -- -- -- unidentified. -- 2.0 and any one individual player but there are differences there are differences and inexperience and immaturity and professionalism. And it comes into play from time and time. Do you feel that he's got a grasp of how much is expected of him here yes he does. Yes he does. And you know I I don't take it. This play has been in at certain times very good I I think that. From the conditioning standpoint. -- other players you know he would like he would like it to be at a higher level and and if you get caught out as you can and in in the game today I mean one of the things that's changed. In the game over the last few years. Is. Because. Teams are defending the center of the -- Because there is a lot of shot blocking in the game. You will be able to control the puck along for longer periods. Teams are more patient they're gonna block shots again defended then the net front area more. And so you can be out there for prolonged periods though without the ability to change and if you get caught in one of those cycles. Did it can be pretty devastating news certainly from you know scoring chances -- parents west. And not just for that ship so I mean I think. One of the things especially maybe with a big guy but for anybody you can get that long one and -- met my body of the rest of the period you -- about the author of the game could not. Well -- that comes down your ability to recover and some players. And can can get up into the you know 16070. Our rates and and and be sitting on the bench in a minute to back down 209 Ian. And and that's your ability to recover and some guys are better at it and others in thirty plus years in the game. Will host who -- the guy you think of us the best that was or -- -- with Tyler guys maybe you're a -- I was just like. You you marveled that physically. This way or another well I I think would have been a modern day player because back then install smoke in the about the professor -- -- I think that works of we're worked as well I think -- near halt to someone like that. You know -- mention him because he and while there he can play and come back -- be -- was so there's a guy who can you know can -- 25 to thirty minutes a game. And and do it not on the basis that with in the NHL's get whatever we talk -- star's name comes up note chart climbed Kilimanjaro that's that's pretty good. Yates halfway up there in Italy. They flew out of the -- point and anyway our veterans at all oh yeah. And we don't know he's he's he's a big cyclist and any kind -- looked like that super cool to me here's a guy who is so physically. Capable and so big I think he probably doesn't need to put the work in certain other guys do but I think that's probably what makes -- great yeah. I think that you can. This is generals so it doesn't apply to individuals but. Generally. As players get older runners in the league longer they they have a better understanding and and are more mature meaning they take more responsibility for the for an end and younger players that are. Her more liable not to do that is as well and that's part of what what the obligations we have as to help them understand that yet it. Talking so much about conditioning hot how about -- thoughts now he had the benefit of playing Iraq in Rochester obviously some reason these guys like -- off that was in. Some degree of gave shape if not NHL game -- -- game shape. But over the summer but work he put it with Gary Roberts I'm wondering if all of the time he put him. Has resulted in him being a faster skater in your rights because to me he looks quicker than he did when he got here last march. He's he's skating better and it probably the most important important person you neglected to mention there's -- skating coach. Because he works on a skating and she works with them and she's very good and and has done wonders for his game certainly you know the -- we can easily here Robertson world -- Played a role in it but. He is being taught out of out of skate better what is turning. Her name's dawn -- -- in Toronto. As she works -- -- full time -- who works real well you know -- you know and George. And cheap cheap work with Cody before I don't ask if I don't I. Don't. Skating coach -- -- in the area though with a few weird guys were for any parties -- going yet anyway yeah. To the islanders have skating coaches in the would stimulate seven or she -- she does work we don't embarrass. Yeah is that that he's -- that our series here with us what what are you most impressed with and what are you most worried about from your group so far. Well if there's probably the thing I'm most worried about is just the spacing making sure that. You know we utilized players in the best way possible and have them performing at the highest level with the least amount injuries. And it's that -- that that is the thing I -- almost sold things that we're talking about. Are not surprising that we're talking to bottom and hopefully we can get corrected so that probably is at or near the top. The things that I'm happy just about earth. You know players like Cory Johnson coming in plain as well as he's played that union went on -- bill banning those two guys have been. Then tremendous. Starting early -- and bill. Was playing was playing very well so I had a higher comfort level but I thought I think Thompson skated very well for having not played. Going back control. I think when he was in Austria for sure you know. About Gregory go so far. Mikhail is the vote where I would expect him to be I think the strongest thing is maybe. As strong as part of his game is probably an area that most people -- policies he's very aware defensively. And and -- Smart in that regard and so it doesn't cost the team and I think the offensive side is is coming -- -- -- us tonight we'll go from there. We're excited to see you don't want -- played with staff -- yeah you know yesterday like that was that was a dynamite thirty seconds there was -- set up Stafford for one great play going back against -- -- the -- -- himself -- -- You know another entrance and then. And I think I don't know whether -- got his chance on the -- in -- of that was an evolution might have been another ship but so how law. You've got two more games and you've got out of it by next Tuesday we'll be talking with -- like this decision will have to be made I mean is it did. It's not a lot of time as it turns out. No it's not that I I've rarely. And staying here so I'm looking forward to watching them play again tonight and we talked about it -- and we'll talk about talk about it again tomorrow and two Washington. We'll we'll get there about late note RC along. I don't know right now it's it's -- today and we'll just see how he recovers from you know the treatment he's getting. It is surgery. And all of our there's been. Noticed no discussion on surgery you know at this point now. Do you remember the lockout. Like here look at this store roll he's a lot all of our locker yet didn't hear remember it on the -- Paul Paul was talking to us today about just. Was it today or yesterday just talking like. -- yesterday. That's right back in the middle this is sitting in Carolina told them -- you know the crowds here and around the league. Ratings records. If this does not bode well for people who don't want there to be future lockouts in sports. How how this is turned out so far well hopefully. This ten year agreement will take care of that for ten years verses eight journalism -- you know and I'm hopeful that -- and and it is. You know you look around store here and it's a tribute to the fans and we're we're very fortunate. I thought maybe they'd be sold out of stuff. From all last but there's always -- government there that that was not the case after assailant did they got new stuff but that's a good job that's a lot of -- felt. Colonel earnings references to earnings -- regional air missiles are good luck tonight thank you will see you on Tuesday aren't. -- your appearance here you know broad view -- -- builds your power of attorney and buy it balls -- casino resort. 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