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1/26 Inside HS Sports

Jan 26, 2013|

1/26 Inside HS Sports

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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-- 300. In a 760. Sat and was pretty scary as his brother. Let off and the next -- with seven straight strikes. Can you imagine if you -- problem following brother with consecutive 300 how awesome that would have been and seven sections of that reason the other two games he -- forces actually which is a -- thirty average. That in and of itself as a -- every. And also congratulation to actually freeze of cam or west I believe she has 209 average. Are twice this year she's eclipsed the 700 -- -- mean these kids are good every every wishes or seven Charlotte averaging 234. Key. And it's not too shabby Tony. No considering that thread about what my -- it would be true character Gloria I've had a couple 234 sets to set tiebreaker sets -- -- -- Well congratulations that we a lot of great bowlers we're chat about that I narrow FaceBook page last night if you wanna check that out just. Do a search when you're on FaceBook for -- high school sports we loved it. Have you a part of it I guess our big news out of bound maple Rocha talk -- that that merger will go through. -- one year experiment if I'm not mistaken where. Maple Grove will provide the head coach and shift and then each school provides to coaches a piece like that so our. And if you're the one thing I I didn't realize and right you just talk about this before the programs started was how low meet the goal was going to be numbers wise. Next year they may not be able to feel the team if they weren't able to pull off this merger. It just does agree I don't know I didn't think they have -- mania sophomores and freshmen on their varsity. So I'm wondering what their TV program was like this year I really don't know. I didn't look into it that deep spot. You know maple -- football you just take for granted it's going to be there. And like I told you right before the show. My biggest disappointment hopefully won't be a disappointment. But I think somebody alluded to it on your FaceBook page. If -- class these schools have to play all players these schools like they have in previous years that means there will be no. Maple Grove vs Randolph scheme this year and fall Trudeau's you're not familiar Maple Grove Randolph was like -- -- Tunisia is it's the southern. Cheer version of that it is a big key mama. Coarsely both schools have big enough parking lots accommodate all the people show up in that game but that would be. A travesty usually I look for that Maple Grove Randolph came every year when the schedule comes out and -- All the rest of my schedule around that keep it -- we call open for Jewish. Drive down under so that would be as big a disappointment. As anything but fortunately it's you know. We'll see what happens when these school districts of the population picks openers. Interest rates can both be on their own because let's face it he school gives up at least one other home games in there. All field I assume we're gonna play at least one game. And eats each of the schools opening a load lifter for home games in the regular season. Right about it you know again if you're gonna have enough kids. At least they took a step forward to saying look we you know we want our kids playing football. Try this for years he would happens in. And go from there but it's strange and I think it just reflects the times it would have been in a space in Western New York is losing population. Like crazy actual mental state is losing. I can't figure out why why why would they want only it was -- while runs they've all -- left over money this -- you know around these by the -- recently read it exactly. I let's get into talking hockey with -- -- As I mentioned every captains from wings -- Mike Pedro from Hamburg son in the metro news covers doesn't such an amazing job if you follow. Mike and I'm twenty you'll see great updates -- things that look forward to once and my offices. Follow and you might -- in getting although those great update it seems like your everywhere. I appreciate that Tony should be and as many places possible you know to cover. Recovered again in all sports you know obviously hockey basketball big book to get their little bit of everything. And -- as Roger mentioned this winter season has gone by so fast. Sort of be talking super Sunday when is that and let's keep it in the pocket but with the format. Is going to be like this year his era I was super Monday's -- Monday on -- because Otis did. Terry I forget which all of fine jewelry on jewel of -- them out of love to see that we already asked for me to dislike the guy. And he had yet there they got receivers on that Saturday. They got on -- Sundays and move it to Monday. I notice -- at the as a solid theory is still there I'm not sure of the schedule though you know when games are going to be I thought it completely and I thought it was Monday Tuesday. I don't think he's on Tuesday it will have polished but -- the club I forget what it was on the siren real fast with how many games -- total will be played. He usually is six. This is an opportunity to get fired -- the largest when I don't think counselors from all. Ultimately -- I don't Chloe yeah and you go Western New York club so easy to close their idea because there I know there's a small school big school thing I don't think this federations. Yeah now cracked -- -- Roger million dollars for a while law. Between girls basketball boys basketball and look at senior is much -- he is used to colonizers. Can you totally. Now you betcha we are talking downstairs before we came up that that the girls are gonna have something different this year as far as playoffs go. Yeah you if you -- if you want to. What area are of the girls federation. We're excited the the sectional. Champion. Will be able to go on this year to the state final four which is going to be held up and keep it in. On New York on Friday. February 8 and that was already set he kind of meant we had an accordion our schedule little bit because our federation. Playoffs are actually the following week but. We're excited about it I can Morin in Williams -- both had an opportunity this year to travel. To the east and north than in played scrimmage some of these other teams and it's. You know it's section three sections seven and -- -- we'll have representatives there. February 8 but -- Sectional champion will be roundup February 6 at the north town center in Amherst and it will be the top two teams from the regular season standings -- six public schools that are in the federation and right now it's a three. Three team race between Orchard Park frontier can -- and Williams though on the next. We can -- is going to be your next three weeks is going to be real exciting hockey. The the federation and the section is excited about the champion this year going -- to represent the the league or the first two years we were able to do so for those who don't follow the girls hockey. Seen. Give us all the teams that are -- that make up the girls factory got the federation there's the seven original teams are still there we were excited that we didn't lose anybody we could gain any one which would have been nice but. With the a budget that's the way it is you don't have to teams in the leader self funded by the there's the Lancaster. There -- the only school. Going at a -- so to speak their they know combined with anyone in the via. They've struggled a couple that the first two years two and a half years of the league bit. I look at their roster and I -- healthy numbers is you know chairman of the league had you know. If we have. Good numbers I mean wins and losses yours you know purely a USC participate exactly in the in Lancaster is very very healthy and indeed -- Taurus and a great job out there cubicles -- positive and you know they're getting an opportunity to earn varsity letter in in ice hockey in. He's got to Orchard Park frontier. Coach Jim McCarthy doing a great job out there that are. Right there this year they've been in it every year they won the section title two years ago actually in the sectional title and they have another strong. A real strong team this year Jim Ryan coach in the orchard the sweet home. In Amherst team. Very deceptive record I mean there's balance this year you -- they've won 456. Games but they've been in we -- we beat him twice in overtime. We lost the monsignor Martin by two goals. Their strong. Can -- having agree years coach or allows skis. Team they won the fifth the sectional title last year. They would have gone around the state tournament if there oh was one they're very strong there right in the mix of finishing in the you know with top. First second or third place -- first via. The public schools. Goal. Monsignor Martin what can you -- -- Lackey Steve. Undefeated right now they've they've lost two game all they did -- -- two and a half years all I don't have any how hello I'm achievement found a lesson more velocity or one over and over there and I'm. How much are looking around for -- called my guys do their very strong. The guy they have. Balanced lineup three lines that can come matches they have solid goaltending in their undefeated we've. Williams and we've lost to them twice in overtime and once -- the goal and a there haven't another. Real good year so maybe you'll see him in the federation championship but that's the you know the seven schools that that started this their you know still there and it's it's great hockey west Seneca you know they were the the top public school last year than they got upset in the in the regular that the post season but you know Pete times like -- that a good job in his first -- goalie. I'll this year and again the mountains mean she's two and a a great job so it's a those seven teams in it's it's real balance this year which is exciting. And any given night I mean you look at the standings you see that you know my senior -- is undefeated in Lancaster isn't one team but there's been a lot of very close games is there -- -- -- -- -- any schools. In my -- -- to be able to go it alone an -- spread out a little while -- he there's you know others talk but he again it's you know if you of 23 or four kids and you divide -- in half and then the argument is -- what schools would make up what what teams -- they also have enough you know as far as number of all right right Adrian Williams -- -- the -- You're the program we are supposed to divide into two you know we have the numbers with Tony -- but they're just them the money. Wasn't there and you know -- doctor -- and he he was hoping you know the league lost him is that the whole community did. Apparently -- -- and you know it was his vision to. Have these combined teams play for a year to. And then divide up so the league would just get bigger and bigger but like I said with a budget mess it's tough. But the one -- -- we talked about this with men and -- last time. He was on and we are talking hockey innings -- mean. In the boys' side of it we have a few teams that have. -- goalies and ask why are they playing with the girls. I've paid that much better that they should be playing with the boys. It does that start hurt you went when you when you've got girls that I think that there Lee in the don't wanna play with the girls gathers died. Again believed to with a three goalies are -- it does schools that don't offer trolls like you assess in New England from west Seneca. Who's a very very strong goal I mean she's. You know being recruited by some of the top. College is already in. You know I think in her case it was you who. If you wanted to get better she wanted to face harder shot right you know. There -- a lot of girls in the perilously good player that like to lead to get from -- your Marguerite who ripped Williams will but I'm. I think city maybe just an exception and Regis and exceptional athlete and she chose a plea with the boys but I think the other two goalies are. In schools that don't offer on girls aren't the ice hockey. That makes sense I hope this Sosa phone sex is totally calm -- backyard golf shop bought non non non knowledge is the point is once they put all that equipment I'm there. All the out teammates care about -- who can stop the clock better than anybody else. Gender has not the door that stop in the park is mainly game. Are marvelous playing youth hockey and we are in the a clinic in there was -- goal lead and couldn't get up fast starter I don't attracted me that's. Thought oh good luck to the boys trying to beat to beat them but. I mean it's so it doesn't take anything away from the girls federation are -- great advocate. Run of the strength of the league this year as does all the teams have very strong goaltending and I said of the west Seneca did -- -- the into the boy's team. -- that's -- line and his staff don't agree with this girl and be my news field hockey goalie freshman in the course last -- But notably please audit don't tell you know I operation for a first your goalie she's she's great no you know -- was allows you from monsignor Martin very strong and I'm fortunate Williams -- recently skis or third years. Starter on the varsity Kara. Reaffirming ever sweet home is. Real strong and you know -- -- take your -- he's got Loren Prater. Caitlin Simmons is coach Welsh he's got two strong goalies there and in Lancaster with -- -- Norton -- Heck of a forward too which he skates out but she's. He stopped when he 52 shots -- all wallow. There's a lot of strong goalies in the league in this year which is one of the reasons we appeared. -- let's take a break or come back in a more hockey talk it. Take a look at what with the boys -- -- how the boys are shaping up as well sort of to look at it. It is close at the end of the season -- which teams in both the girls in the boys are going to be moving forward meant -- is next which which were back. It's Sinai school sports. Tony Caligiuri or Roger Weis might be -- Rick Hopkins -- talked hockey this morning. And a lot going on we're talking boys and the girls switch to the boy's side a little bit here might kill. How shaping up as -- runners. To head to super Monday. That's super Monday by the way you will over the times in we have some from the -- call so yes it will be Monday the twenty. Fifth or sixth whatever that's. Monday the 25 fifth -- 4 o'clock I guess is small school championship 6 o'clock alarm -- -- and a large and we simpler for. This does get confused -- don't care now all let's put this where we know what 8 o'clock it's a Catholics and their parents it's hard to start today fortunately today games. All 46 and -- though. That's schedule there. Yes as far as large schools I think never -- came in looking at weak field who won this the sectional title last year. That had a nice year. Just be -- or north as the -- right by year what will north having a little bit of a down year you know very young young team that's just so I don't know I don't know I'm not used not used to seeing that it's it's it's it's pretty incredible idea because it happens every program -- David -- efforts along. Bob. Rose -- to scratch and has -- the ball is -- this is it because -- graduation currently actually losing any of these kids of these junior -- all program yet we have a program like north of that elite level they lose keeps the juniors. And and not only graduation so. But I Eaton went toward Lancaster for awhile that Lancaster was unbeaten for a while. I think they got to Steve's number one. Ranking. And if they've been hit by the injury bug now so -- Clarence in frontier of both knock them off. Sosa which you have is is a wide open -- here you got Lancaster and we field. Atop the public schools. That thirteen points and and you got Clarence frontier right. Right behind him at twelve points -- got fourteen ticket. Widget a -- win this thing at this point -- you and you can't count out north. Even know they're young. I mean that's still think they could be a sleeper and orchard park -- them -- -- playing better hockey as well lately. So you really have to -- a wide open race at this point with a large schools. So what will determine who's going to play. I was gonna go to class and go down to determine who plays will be they split up. They they split up the the division of the large schools and a division one and two. But then ages three you know the best point wise and -- come from there are some others -- taking out of the equation -- isn't in the shoes. You have eight teams there in -- and rain combined points. So you you'll start with a quarter of top -- federal plate bottom one need to -- and you know 3645. This quarterfinal Singler is -- like best to let us really single single everything single. -- it is -- goaltender no doubt she couldn't get back you know you'll see that you'll see you'll see you'll see an upset or -- especially -- with a wide open race lately this. So. It should be vary vary interest and with a lot of tools at this point and then what -- Alomar senior Marten are -- -- monsignor Martin you'd take it that through our schools saint -- -- issues and then you throw in the small schools a time in Saint Francis and -- marries and -- Five team tournament. At this point you know saint Joe's going to be number one seed. If they had a great season it looked just very very good fourteen to 11 this season. Two losses not to Western New York teams from you know out of town tournaments. Says they've been good. Tenacious and completed play in overtime games I can just last Thursday so can you -- you know can play right with them. Com and then you have the time in fact there. You know times -- real kind of wild card this year yeah quality in it. They can beat any of these teams at this point you're talking about teams and another very very good year fifteen in threes this year. And and they if he can be she's 321 overtime earlier in the year loss to Jill is in in a pretty good game from what I hear. So so they can be right there in -- actually going to get the two seed because it because they'd be tenacious and then Steve Francis who won. Private schools last year is gonna one of -- four. They they were decimated. We we would losses seniors juniors and their -- team you know so they have they have three different. You know teams taking away from from from the federation and they have a lot of tradition tougher in Israel they do and always do a good job over there with -- that would with what -- crank that he had you know has to deal with every year and their coach over there. -- does a great job really for returners you know from. Well from you know Tina had a big year last year but. Interest in saint Joe's and equally you know -- big time year last year and they're the -- -- you want -- you get knocked off by. The -- issues who want to lose in the Saint Francis in the finals so. You never know I mean like Rodriguez said single elimination you know anything can happen especially with our goalie they'll definitely and finishes not high school last year so and course the top players that that -- -- and out for you this year. Well in the large wise. Yeah. Have to look to you know Frontieres got a few highest point scores at this point they playing the same line pop controlled -- and cabinet and show. And in you know extremely good this year. Lancaster as I said it nearly hit by the injury bug. One of the guys many -- Was leading the league in scoring I think he's missed. The last couple weeks he's easily it has in the plane in both Clarence loss and the loss -- front here. They also have willfully -- got nineteen points he's there you know the Neal Lancaster got a lot of offense. Basically. It was usually what we're talk about matching tiger weak field -- will we feel good -- -- of offenses. Yeah that they they lost a lot to graduation but there you know there's still -- top top teams are some of the smaller schools. Going into the small schools that's sort of little bit more of a race between. Will east and west Seneca west at this point. The west -- west and 91 in one. And he that we released at nine and one. So what Seneca west to be will leads. When they open the season against each other actually league opener west Seneca -- west won that game 41. I'm sure a lot has changed since the first week of December. There so. I think you you may see those teams. Get to the finals book but you also have. You know you have -- more east it says that -- 2012. Plus the chance right here. And they lost a lot that there are there have been very good season they're in the same division as well at least in their only three points behind them. They're gonna be one of the top teams in the playoffs. Yeah I'd make mention of Hamburg as well who said. You know two real rough years. You know fourth year federation team. And and now they're jumping up there right behind what -- west in that division. You know three points behind. And then obviously time to small schoolers that are dominating. That other nation knows small school division. I was reading one of our listeners Susan sent me. An article goes about Cheektowaga with dusty thirteen those crew there. And you know how they're getting their numbers back copy and they got a bunch of young guys that are doing now very well we've got to us seniors. India phenol. Kyle Love and ask me. Macro formats go they've got some young guys in -- -- balls key Chris bonds arch. -- sounds like -- as to -- some things are right there too of course very Tino has been a fixture. Yeah I was -- cocky numbers since time began in that it was who's now kind of powerhouse in the club rankings. I was wondering why they never with the federation has just seems like they would be an international. But maybe it's a numbers because you know in this article I was reading about how they've had to build their numbers back up so I imagine a lot of the club teams are facing that problem. While his watery and -- his case. How many units. Those schools are actually school sponsors or some of federation teams probably do have -- school. You know as part of school budget for -- -- we're assuming I think. I think and the voice idea I think all I think all of on. Really care about -- -- you know a lot of it's either the numbers are there its own a money issue and you know it's. Club teams are all self funded and anybody have some corporate sponsorship put. You know for so much for -- For you know we disabled you don't have. Things like ice time we are any other sports you've taken grand the venue we take for granted the area actually to pages from the new. -- -- to cost nowadays a lot of golf. But it is if if we told you right now I Garrett -- Yeah you would LG. We get home today noise Gates's -- you wouldn't believe it up baseball -- -- -- I'm -- that -- when I played it was like twenty dollars for call. To a point I never I never paid to -- Iraqi stick in my life are you kidding me yeah there Cooper oracle. Or CC yet a second beckoning in course or what. A couple of I know just from my experiences girls' softball the little thing and -- room bed. Well and I got a dish out and vote to earn fifty books program. Am afraid -- the -- cost. Got to be to -- Fruitless carries for one. All I used. I just. I know it is not playing all a hundred -- river real might David Villa ultimate it was a Bauer supreme and if you -- dad. What is your dad drive a Cadillac SEC and -- in the in the Bauer supreme of the big -- I had horses horse crazy. Is absolutely there is I mean I knew they were up there for one skated. By the neighbor that's got kids a little older older than yours to play -- -- and the guy and you relish richt do you. Look at to a lot as far as trying to reach out the business community to walk offs that it's it's I think we're we're headed in that direction a little bit because in her sweet home team. They have to self fund. Orchard Park. Has to come up with their own fundraising. Piece of it so it has been discussed about getting. The -- around those girls have to. It to -- as -- our the other public schools are fortunate to have this district you know paying for the hockey and like they do for the boys. But. I -- with some corporate sponsorship would would certainly help because it's. You know you run -- our place timing your looking at you know 200 dollars for a a -- -- -- and then you know he went. We deem -- throwing two referees that eighty dollars the pieces and you know the bus to get there and it's it's expensive but. You know matters corporate money out there and it's it's one thing you're an explorer next year so is it Q would put maybe a sponsor's name man. On the Jersey acting each district is guy -- -- district is you know different rules and regulations as far as that goes but I think it's. You know the time is right I mean let's be honest answer you know a lot of programs so they're struggling. To pay bills you know to get kids you know recorder on the field -- -- the place that is -- ice -- but another school's sports do. If you are in the India fundraising -- please send me an email Tony at WGR. 550 -- Campbell announced that are in the year help help you with your fund raisers might do you know we came here in this program. To help out -- take a break we come back we'll give -- talk to more hockey don't forget -- perpetual follows us at 11 o'clock. One last segment of inside high school sports we're talking hockey here. Talk a bit now Rick about some of the top players that that it. Are in the ladies federation -- called police federation or earlier federation oak at the girls that I wanna be politically correct that so far so good. If that guy. We got the league you -- -- top to bottom -- what they every every rosters is that's and some high level. Tier ones Trammell hockey girls playing in. You know -- after the look no further in the top monsignor Martin that you'll use to -- It's just written about her actually she signed with Plattsburgh which is one of the top division three programs in the country in. She's a complete player strong shot. He had two goals and two assists against us the other day and they beat us in overtime 43 in. It's too strong strong player and when she's on the ice with Rachel Leonard that's dollars she's in the top five of scoring enough for my senior Murton goes to her serve pretty. Pretty tough to defend you know the DC the ice while there there very athletic and can pass and have a slash you know when you have a slap shot in girls' hockey year year player. If he can. Score from way out in -- they're now you know a strong player for monsignor Martin in there. There there loaded but very very -- is as well. Some other girls are real strong this year he embers -- sweet home. Many -- defense and for them she has twenty plus schools that she's like a fourth forward out there for a defense yet from the defense position from the Blue Line while your. Dad that's amazing you've seen it can be even. -- seeing the Olympic girls hockey is the last couple -- -- and all that the what you said about the the girls a slap shot just blew me away because and a two names that immediately come to mind that we would be too and we Granada and really what can -- from USA can -- respectively. Neither one of them -- -- they made their living on the slap ship they were just. All around players and -- the one thing you know you can't picture of free real bull bull Jeffrey had an inaugural in my age does take time. Freaked out that Miller Lite commercial and we whose -- is his one of his grandsons and that is playing area in the NHL numbers they can but still there's one thing when you're just a bit. -- almost all up to each year is the one -- you don't figure out a girl. This year -- a -- -- there -- there some war. Technical players and they are but I have -- interest hasn't seen. I'd argue if you see a high school game the majority of the shots coming from the Blue Line will be. Probably wrist shot right but there are probably some arrows that have worked on it and you know -- you look at a field hockey you know liberals they feel like it Steelers slap in the volatile lifted. The payrolls Rose so long to really shoot the pocket you know many -- got a heart shattered teammate -- announcement of the the top players in the the league as well drove it pleas for me Rachel grant she transferred from Nichols and she's. You know our girls wanting to -- an -- and -- in practice when we're trying to run tip drill. How you -- way you brought up a good plan I'm glad you mentioned this and I wanted to ask you you all people would know the answers this Howell. Many girls who play -- Pacquiao actually played field teaches. I remember when the girl I want them Michigan State from law. Well unfortunately Miller was made by accident today and I want to see you know I gotta go see this girl plays you know. I has season tickets for the Sabres every year that they were at the odd. So how much difference -- feel -- QB from my psyche. Tony I got there I did not have a close ball leave real late tonight so I'll be cure at all. I would you know would. Say that that -- on my restaurant got five or six you know almost. A quarter third of the team please feel like in the fall and all that a lot of the other teams in the league. Have you know student athletes as well as well that play. Field -- is say it's a good. Crossover especially when you're you know the upper body strength that it takes in the tiny to do it to do a slap shot. However I think always scary you have to worry about your -- feel it just it. -- is not as much and it went and spent the better believe it the first -- you notice in the -- team as a finance because of the body checking being taken out of it -- the speed there a lot of fast girls. -- O'Connell for the Orchard Park -- your team is speed virtue any big physical players that's. Hard to stop in you know is the the speed is is what you you really. Really notice here in gear and you know maybe a small throws in the league which he's been on the first step from west Seneca -- the well -- team the first -- freshman and sophomore years he's. Up there in the top five stories he sees the ice really well. These girls are standout is a safe to assume and or sandlot days are playing all -- -- rollers and real coach probably you know street hockey out in the in the neighborhood and a you know a lot of them coming up through travel. Played with the boys in total you know that the girls travel league really. Expanded and we have agreed feeder system and human -- travel hockey news you know what we look at as well. To make sure that there. The twelve -- fourteen -- programs there are healthy because we know. Those -- the future right. The future growth of the plate and if so Antonio feeder program for girls -- -- that -- -- it only in Western New York I -- -- is obviously hockey -- and yet here and in Western New York. I love it -- has just it's great in. And then Neifi to hit it and we talk weapons -- the participation. Kids out there. And they're playing in -- active and here more more about played multiple sports that's what college is -- We like to see a lot of the college coaches right there also coached girls across -- wanna see that -- in three sport athlete you know I think he can get it. Dangerous when you focus in manages. I want sport but a lot of these girls. The -- in the varsity fed others you know softball cross field -- soccer. It's good to see in this you know they're they're still just thrilled to be -- and varsity -- took six years to get the -- on the ice and with only seven teams yours. -- certain level of respect that we all have I think for one another because we need each -- two survive and voice that is -- I think up to. 24 when the teams -- you know we wanted to. You know as doctor Russians you know vision to expand after a few years but you with the the money that way it is but the numbers are there it plays that we look at the twelve you 1416 you. Youth hockey programs in the area and and girls hockey news you know it's here to stay its neck apparently we just wanna. You know make it bigger and better and we're excited that he we get our federation and that sectional champion will be going. To the states in our playoffs are going to be wide open I mean. You know the first two years of this we have four champions leave him you know Williams who won the -- the first year OP front -- in the sectional title. Last year ten more won the sectional title and monsignor Martin won the -- so. This girl's junior -- -- it's going to be wide open. The girls you know all of -- and make it downstate for determined -- it. How order their chances though there for areas are -- pretty good timing can't please attend more Williams -- both traveled this year -- scrimmage dot. You know Potsdam -- I think in first place. In the area and -- in you know. -- more to hear them so we hope our sectional champion. Comes back a state champion that would be great for our league best of luck to you -- is not always a pleasure Evian studio I -- like always great to see you as always the economy. Your Twitter are handled so anybody wants to check out some good updates Mike he drove a son. -- ago Roger think you always a pleasure self -- was up next check us out FaceBook if you're out there inside high school sports. Jump in on the discussions during the week it's a lot of fun take you back collar we'll talk to next week.