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WGR550>Topics>>Jerry Sullivan- New Orleans S.Bowls have been bad

Jerry Sullivan- New Orleans S.Bowls have been bad

Jan 28, 2013|

w/ Mike Shcopp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- We really clean up our game from getting away. Some -- -- bad decisions we made it. In the previous game. Very low blood pressure that it achieved -- for the most part we. Got any good at all. Lindy -- speaking there to what sounds like he's saying a little bit of that the sabres are playing more the way he wants them to. How sarcastic one of the year perhaps. Just a coincidence that they are losing now. -- -- hockey was terrible. When they were to know and now we're just trying to be more structured go figure -- struck. Sixteen years you know you can't -- from their term find out what our identity is and you know defected to camp pushed around any longer I think that's encouraging I see. I see another girl grundy -- and Mike and I'm pretty excited about it. America is your chance to use that. -- speaking of lines. I've been thinking about this reason for existence line a lot the last couple days Jerry. Mean I I know that Derek Roy was traded -- know these things don't happen in a flash and all the other stuff I need to say here but. Two years in the Terry put -- out to all put it this way. Had I known his thinking behind. Our reason for existence. Would mean. Really trades that come too late nothing real big coach still here -- I'm still here I wouldn't have been as excited as I once. You know get the Robin -- gear type move it seemed to know a guy who. It a little old to live up to whatever reputation built for your team. Think of the defense and it was in the forum the name escapes experiment but football -- but. Yeah yeah Accra today instantly whether they ever has this game they were. All the way back and -- I mean that's. That's the one that didn't cash and then had just wonder what all the what's the justification but again that they're ready to make some kind of run and can't just be that it happened in the league in that you know LA it was like not there and suddenly made their run I mean I just don't see the talent to do it I mean they have people. Alexis Stafford that I don't -- -- is good news. What people want him to be and then it's like if you wanna get back to his original statement winning. Kept -- gear and sport police just -- them that's on right away and I didn't think that he knew what admit. To back up that statement. And to your credit I think your credit you were saying that at the time was an easy time to begin the and I was and you know in my defense and hours. We just don't get that many chances. Are proud here so I like the chances when they come to feel really good and I still. Will tell you I do feel good I'm glad to have -- Golan but. I wonder what he thinks. About that statement now clearly he was saying by how we said it it was measured -- and met -- Starting today he was saying. Well before now the problem here spend money from the owner commitment and I'm going to change that you know Jerry. I would I would think he's learning a little bit about how much more complicated is that. I would hope he isn't. Mean he had a lot of people thought that I hear it all the time. Some people wouldn't think they know hockey that well. -- hands were tied under. The other guy Pellicano who personally did spend quite a bit of money and spend it well then. In the idea that just because you've gotten more money than you're gonna prove great I mean here we are talking about the -- still trying to decide what. Apparently he like getting to gain. The guy has coached. More than a thousand gains this week. What can see I've been saying for years if if you don't have the team -- general manager hasn't delivered a roster that. Reflect what you are as a coach you -- resigned along time ago. I just don't get at this continual. Redefining of what they are and who's good and you know Roy and Connally here top twenties senate we're going to be tough now. And I just don't see it as. -- -- a legitimate identity. I don't think they have one. And the owner doesn't know that. He picked identity it Lindy and Darcy. Our stars in the league at what they do and it's -- pay -- okay. It keeps spending money. Jerry solvent and Buffalo News in New Orleans take call from Jim go ahead Jim. Is that the process a little news here telling -- -- these things -- -- general editor net. -- my question. So this isn't -- it in the next season and beyond restricted free agent. We look at net so it's a major contract. And -- -- time. You do you think that I'm a little tenderness you know and take what can city. Mean these -- the character than his green and forward as we as we thought it was there really delivering. A Stanley Cup team Norris and decided to love move -- of the -- -- -- Think that might still running. Well it is a two way street Jerry. But come on the money in none of them has justified the money that they've made in the biggest -- to -- to begin with so. -- but you know how it is it is someone. Continue to throw money in college sabres and and believes the don't -- ever underestimate. What can be out there for a guy who's perceived as having. -- -- -- -- -- -- the medical wanna stick around -- rough in the I just don't see that. I think they're meeting in the last year. That then it was a big part of that didn't like the way was treated. And when you are still here -- Thomas is playing very well now and maybe -- have a career year and what is after next year I get back ahead of ourselves out. I I don't if you're gonna resign those three guys at your core two years from now and try to. I'm back -- I have a hard time you've been just. You know saddening that that time period in that happening in. -- what you know I mean I don't know what they're gonna achieve between now and then and they're gonna -- playoff series they gonna make the playoffs. What do what do you make going to be rewarded him for the district rewarded him already quite a bit for not winning everything on their own merit. I was talking about. Actually the same three guys earlier today not in terms of their future contracts like the caller -- just what they think in this might have been -- thing to say the middle last season. What what they think about. Their careers and where there -- Whether they think they're just gonna killing time here you know that there was nick and our closing date for the players too when Terry cool bought the team everybody. What was on board with this idea that now things are going to be different and a player might have a a totally different. Perspective on this you know with the locker room and whatever else but. How much different is it and his these guys give you get older and older. Do they feel like they're on the verge of something I guess I would wanna know. Yeah and heard. Doesn't matter to them or are they admit that it deserves but they were called sense of urgency created in the public in this sport. Mean it's more more proven that there's been an happened. When you flip the switch. And you greatest sense of accountability. And urgency wouldn't change and I'm talking a lot of times about fire and the coach summit team that won the Stanley Cup after firing a coach. -- turn things around suddenly that happens a conversely I wonder what happens when you keep detained two guys in place. That the -- but talk. Deep down to these players feel that that's not there that they don't feel pushed that they don't feel. There's a crisis in their careers to win now because -- that mean. I can -- some problem. Don't have the greatest confidence in rough and we give delivers the championships so. What what have consciously happened and in some of these guys that I don't think they have that fire. So there's and some numbers self motivated me doomed some fine things -- pollen go to a total player but I just think as a whole. In the entrenched and of this. Regime. Can't really create or sustain that -- competitive passion again because in the league it's been proven time and again you need to regenerate that -- The way this whole program doesn't sit in the NHL that the people see that epic a lot of people don't see at the feet around the league and let these. That a liar plain Bucky Gleason told me all the time. The people laugh at this organization. That -- founded the -- You know protection. And they they should be capable -- at the sabres defeated after sixteen years. The some of those same people are probably executives who envy. Rothenberg here though for just you know how much they've been through and still on the child in one place. Look at them fired three times that the winning the cup but Hitchcock has been WP you might -- some of that onion and you might think that your career in the NHL. Your you know profile. In history will be greater because you were made. To come back you were forced to regenerate that and to redefine yourself and a real way. And and win and not become complacent which I think it would happen in this organization the constable. Jerry is owner has exacerbated. The sense of comfort great. -- in Rome don't step on the logo. In everything nice over there. -- -- what I thought was urging that needed the opposite they needed to be made more on how to. I like that point. I agree that Jerry -- with us from the buffalo new season New Orleans what have you done so. Or today. At a set researched the history of New Orleans to mobile to good on that from here like I don't know -- in -- and the assumption is sometime that everybody knows it is wrong people don't know which nine Super Bowls and played in the world and -- adjusting to just look at the mall. And to see what a what a trail of like dysfunction and bad football games. We're doomed for great ones that one but even you will load. Thanks the last one there was or rather that it's a pretty good story line here but the game. It it's so hard habit to live up in -- in -- -- had ambivalent lately. The last one there was patriots rams sent a bad game penalty was a great game but it did. And dramatic that what it would take over. Mean bring about a hundred yards passing until we end. If you realize that. And this is kind of obscure there with a guy named Redmond who court three passes in a row in that derived. From Brady to accept the winning kick after Maddon said. Just go to overtime I never I don't know Redmond did it. He's out on your list of running backs that have tortured us. I mean in jail and not to go back but. It's just. Amended a couple of points here one is when you go back in history and local -- argument we haven't and the -- to ease some of the guys that -- He threw the ball to them in the Super Bowls and David Patten caught a touchdown pass from that game. And now you might think David had attended borderline pro bowler he wasn't. In Redmond to pay equity and. There was an MVP. Branch slowness of MVP award and -- -- had an -- anywhere else but it's also when you look back over history it's fine just to remember guys. Who detained and so will I -- completely forgot. I love that point I'd love to do that the Super Bowls from earlier about nostalgia the other games the obscure guys the great memories a -- -- -- junkie when it comes to those. Highlight shows watching them -- Sunday at a guy Twitter told me. Pitcher always the Super Bowl marathon is on NFL network and I told him back don't worry. Having -- year old day. So I'm Brian -- issued out -- -- -- just not gonna get I'm thinking about now watching it. I am I'm thinking about now watching it I mean this. Do I need to watch is it like you're not an American anymore if you don't watch Super Bowl and thinking about I'm just sort of playing this out right now -- -- Remember to watch it to ballot Twitter I mean a lot and I realized I am not in the -- it has so you're missing something. And there in blogging and all that stuff. I'm sure we'll hear about it if I don't watch -- so why not like I won't totally be left in the dark. And the -- oil fields to not watch a suitable. To write about that a radio. Maybe he'll do that you're Sims guy does he have the brought -- maybe not maybe it's not surely its principal that your.

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