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Rob Ray on Deer Antler Velvet and Grigorenko

Jan 29, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Roberts -- Airbus bound -- -- on game -- brought you by the -- family of automobile dealership -- actually lands and by independent help. When he unexpected happens expect the red -- treatment. Regarding the Iraq -- visibility over here out there dealing with the Maple Leafs fan who's coming to the the good side here accuser to ought to sabretech so you could sign thanks for coming down two -- to play hard got to lose. Okay. We're rebuilding the the question -- were counting on you to enlighten us about dear -- -- velvet extraction. You know hearing about this. The year where I don't think it's -- so much they use this -- -- Oh really actually -- out to do this -- pay for it. And I think part of it is an effort yet to date certain people in the world views and they'll -- -- these -- outgrow it there is obviously they'd end. But there in velvet when they start growing and velvet so it's like -- suits you know. Thanks velvet suit that that we throughout got somewhere else. But these -- -- well that -- so they're still growing. As the as the -- it's not hard as a rock like the bone that you will want -- -- as. Before their classified yeah says this is over the ill side have been inside this. Dull motor fell to reward call on you it can hold it in there well it grows. And it's high. Really been heard the guy called an NC get the name of whatever I -- -- yet wanting that bone growth so I can see how guys use that I'll itself. Fix himself as some kind of something so today they'd take it where they were they read these L yeah so they can get them velvet. Today but take the antlers off while they're young and they re grow again if -- girl -- call up every fall anyways okay. So you know they grow and before they start getting hard they they caught on the cover offered at the base the scope or scope. And they use it for whatever por -- rehabilitative like riots between nice and an entitlement and nearly meant to waived our right there's a couple makes all -- That's like it's a solo and others know. Everybody that creatures that -- Yeah it was a part yeah I don't like OK okay and on other public it's almost like now with of course. You know somebody has a baby. And and that the blood from inside the fact that keep it may end case is the drug ever get sick down the road they can build a they use it to two you know fight up leukemia or cancer like that is it gets really high. High quality high and I -- potency of bad blood or whatever is in that. That they can use to to do Arctic. I appreciate knowing all that limit when that when -- horns thank you get hard they bet that. Felt -- drives companies birds treatment and they wrote in an expert hanging -- and I've been working my way up to asking a serious question I've done that well. I don't have a -- that's like life right there in front of a lot of preparation. Well this or we're asking of course because this Ray Lewis story. And -- -- mean. It's all the time we're here -- about newfangled. Drugs at the baseball story out of Miami today deals going on. Well what's your attitude about this do you think. That will. Just to get to a question do you think sports is winning this battle now. I think it's. OK when you played I can honestly say it was it was their guys that that probably is Eric never seen it but I would you know there was. It happened other individuals you look at and say okay there's something fishy there. But everybody else's play the game they play the game the way -- -- and dealt with injuries and issues as -- -- they didn't always look. You know the big thing was you know what a caffeine pill or or something at that time -- that got your defense or offense. And that was a big thing and in or -- -- it calls -- what did puck promoters use. In some situations now but. I don't know I think it's just become so competitive and it's such a business now that it forces guys if they wanna stay competitive and they wanna stay apartment then you know other Forster extreme sometimes I any idea yet but he's at the wrote it how lomb. I think the NHL is doing mr. Al -- potty thing. Arnold they have random checks and at some point during the season every player will be checked and and some player I think. There's a certain percentage of -- they get checked twice. So you just don't know appear that one of those teams and you just never know when I've been in the arena when there have been standing there in the morning at the where it's coming in and you know they're doing their testing. So I think it's get I think that you know they've they've been out for a -- it's not something they run around and promote and say this is what we're doing because -- -- are promoting then people start they -- there's some kind of a problem. But. Now -- I think -- and they've done a good job of it and you know use your inside the business and and I don't think there's an issue whatsoever of any type of drug use. -- -- All right the big story here today is real work real -- well. Beard. At all plain guilty apt here cleared an awful lot of things. But it off the guys there -- did you do that together. -- -- you know in these guys are doing these other things about themselves they -- are hiding itself yes. Right we did it as a group you know there right if a player we tap this -- baby and it's gonna solve -- we have the team. Edit drug thing he might have one -- two teammates consider confidence but I. Guessing it would now wouldn't share with their actually it's more there's -- isolation -- by any body hours -- let's say in most cases regularly if you bleed away from the trainer -- because you know I think the trainer would have a responsibility. To the organization to report things -- that management or coaching staff for something. So I I I think he would be one of the last people that would known about it. All right to or court events greater Ringo job. What do you think the move to keep them. I think it's good because you look at this guy back in junior he's he's a dominant player in junior ranks. Is he gonna get better probably not the only thing by gaining going back there is he's probably gonna play. You know maybe thirty minutes a night you know get a lot more playing time. But that doesn't mean that you know he's going to. Here despite being around the organization and be around the guys and -- plays every -- not sure how much he plays. Practice. Practice he's gonna get better he's gonna improve his speed he's going to be able to work every day from now until whenever. -- -- the Kenny in the training staff to to get him physically to where he needs to be. You know work with different individuals have to -- that that gets his head in the right proper place being around veteran players. He's not gonna learn anything from some fifteen or sixteen year old kid in. You know where every is play a bush winning in -- whoever the heck he played -- to bet your background hurt. So he's gonna learn from our Robin revered in Jordan Leopold and those kind of guys in the dressing room and and being coached every day by James Patrick and Andy and Kevin Adams you know learning he -- He could take this -- even if we took this whole rest of the season and learn how to take a faceoff when a faceoff. That's gonna carry through the rest of his career. That's benefit that's worse you know I a year his contract. Everybody put such an emphasis about it. In here now I don't think that a year contractor that big a deal without a financial thing here I game I like I'd like to make that point you know it. It doesn't mean they necessarily will have him for one last year puree your on the other -- and if he turns out to be what. Everybody's hoping that he could be. They're they're gonna retire in this guy up at the end of this contract anyways for a long period of time we ever got to worry about. Well and anything you might be happier to -- a year before he gets really got reporters talked up comes up into that. If it takes him two full years to really develop whatever. They're at it it's restricted free agency anyways so I mean it's not now it sits next to me it's not that -- you know it's not. And he's not gonna get any better going down there and he sees he's they've probably not gonna get the coaching he's gonna get here in -- -- get the attention. Off the -- that he's gonna get here he's gonna have a chance to learn the game needs. It's such a condensed season that he's going to be going all the time and there's no down time. This -- he's gonna get a feel for to know what's expected of them. And physically and mentally for other hopefully the next fifteen years here I wanna say that it was it was encouraging that. My eyes the best game he's had so far was the one on Sunday afternoon in Washington he got the most ice time each received. And played with the best players well. I've got like that is used to playing time now and he's like any easily case upon lower or Thomas Manny can you set those guys in the match and played him six or seven minutes a game. -- going to be near the players that they are playing you know eighteen minutes a game. You know there's a fine line of going over that too much ice that guys start having trouble with did you find that final line for him. You know why not get -- -- -- get a win if there's going to be games this year whether you're in or -- wrote that you comment. There for the score that you could put him and you could use them on the power play amusement every situation you wanna try to use him in as an experiment. Along the way did this to see him at what to do it how it progresses and how he handles that he's gonna learn from do you think ET. As he takes the ice tonight will feel a lot less pressure -- You do I think even an eighteen year old Katie sit there wondering and and even have a will more trouble communicating and maybe understanding everything that's going on. -- I I think that now they've. They've guarantee they sat talk -- say look you're here now you're here for the rest the year now this is what we wanna get accomplished this year this is how much you're gonna probably play in this is who you're probably gonna play with. He's he's in such better place right now that he was yesterday at or whatever before they sat and talked. To explain this to him so I think -- you'll see. As you wanted to is gonna get better if he's gonna be that player. Rob -- -- thus we have. Brendan ends Webber both going in the night for -- here who is hobbling. And results -- reflect I think it's good movie you've got guys who was sitting on the show for five games down. -- Webber hasn't played a game knocking an awful long time and it you're gonna need these guys you're seeing that it's perfect example five games -- him and Robin gets dug up a little bit unique these guys rated ago. And you need to get them my you have to make room for them. To get them -- to make sure there. You know physically and mentally ready to play when they're going to be called upon so. You know apparently he's talked about it since the beginning that he's he's gonna rotate guys they're going to be in the going to be out to be playing good you're gonna stay if you're not that you're gonna get sat -- And not only that if you need -- rest then you know you're gonna get that opportunity to sit and get these guys in. -- -- idea I didn't really think about it until we visited with Darcy -- which will do it about 545 again today but on Friday he was here. -- talked about just what with the how truncate the schedule is -- hockey. Few days. That there'll be guys it's not just gonna be performance -- -- look at and talked to Doug McKinney meaty -- -- they would normally hear of some legal. Look at even probably isn't as the case straight you know he's played five games in the last three weeks she's been on there it's an awful lot not a lot of rest a lot of work you know coming up from doing not mark started to be had at all day every day. -- -- -- catches up the -- -- -- is a young guy I'm not say in the eighties over the hill understand. -- gonna need some rest and keep them fresh and play in the way they are they're gonna have to keep. You know rotating. Lawyers and soon enough that probably that decision it's made for you -- -- -- -- so while you have the extra bodies yeah I'm. I'm thinking that they had this thought for the season. Maybe five games a little late for them to be. Going to their depth maybe you know Thursday or Friday or Sunday. That could have but it does that say you know -- back to you got to try to figure where that balances. And it's still early enough where he's gonna say okay maybe five games as the amateur may be. He's in his realize now they -- -- three games the limit where I've got to try to get these guys rotated -- so here are gonna know. Where that magic number is or where you should start doing it until you try it. Is five games enough for you to think that you have a beat on them because. I was talking like that yesterday. And -- overall through five games. I'm unimpressed you know I think it's pretty much were they were a year ago ninth place. Should I feel literally interpreted. Well I think that's you know the big the five games they've played obviously the three losses you -- he -- you can look and there's some questions about it but. You know I think. You've got to look at it overall to a news you look where. Some guys are out where they're from where they were last year you know you can go to an awful lot of positives that are going along with this too. Yeah there's a couple that in -- Meyer's name comes up and and a few other guys that. You may sit there -- with -- I wish they are doing something a little different and doing it maybe a little better but. -- offer. For those cases it is it is early to make a judgment on some guys that have proven they can do before. You know at that ten game market it might be at the end of this with a -- next week it may be a little better judge for you. Deceived -- it. Yeah I think it's an early but the problem is the is they've got to get themselves on track and keep on track because you don't wanna be sitting in the ninth tenth position you know all season long because it's gonna hit it where it's gonna make it more difficult -- I really I want Iowa I -- hope that that's exactly right here and it is just too early because it does feel. It's as different as the roster is you don't have with some key guys no longer here. Austin and Roy wood which bring the -- you know -- -- -- the team Steve -- I mean spot in the game's still feels a lot. A lot like a lot of the last 345 years actually have watched. Yet but -- you don't turn to you you'd you'd never had a training camp to get guys you know it'll. Melt together I mean as lines. You know we we continue to put a lot of pressure on the Stafford and this line Paulino. They can that they were gonna pick up where they left off where you want. It may happen again insisted is gonna take a little bit of time for them to maybe -- altogether or may not you know he may decide that. That experiment is over he's gonna try something I would the other night when we don't -- wrinkle all you actually did he did and made a nice job and and I thought markets -- that game he. He singlehandedly. It was almost like KLA one it's a -- I got to do something here and he took that game. Under his arm and away he went and he was the man he was to be so they're needed an extremely good job. But. You know but you've seen moral line combinations in that game and then you've seen in the previous force -- I think he's at the point where he is. Trying different things to try to come up was something that's working and or gonna work so. You know offensively when it's struggling in -- year limited on your time you've got to start turning things you know at one point there was. The one hour the number one power -- who is Gregor Blanco NS and Toledo is the starting. Power play and how many times you gonna see that that's here at -- Thomas manic healthy -- and end it there you go if there was in the third period to -- that meant to urge that Washington games sorry. That you know he put them out there and he was -- an awful lot of trust about it that's a positive side where did you go to Washington Dulles to eat. Now that's RJR -- the first game back he has little love affair with. Tell the city grill or something -- down the street area. And they are the daily drills are available daily growth we had to go there and in the whole crew with them and just try to make -- Davis right yeah it is it's and I spotted -- So nice restaurant -- you know steak and seafood place and now we're talking about though I don't know I know but we were deferential on the Alitalia in ideas and it's gonna change this week. But did you know we have to our respect RGA's requests and is wishes and it was his first night so we were talking about it. More out of the way yeah local the only weird kind -- -- -- -- -- you explain him -- -- explain in the situation the way it's going to be -- and you know he's back in the fold now also you know he's gonna have to. Follow the -- going to be between the badgers and absolutely every home game reviewed every home game between the matches except for the national game obviously right and then either be at the -- Europe's top. So yes and on the road up top that's. That's a different experience you have in there we have Glenn -- maybe one of the -- guys are doing so you know that's not sure even if not every night they have somebody out there. That -- -- Babe Ruth neighborhood although I let go up the neighbors if you guys could. We got to the food I'll have to do this earlier on. He covered by you -- the food city dealing or extra I'm telling him hey you know what why do you think my way every fall sends me out hunting. Honey get hunting before those antlers Harden up. She shouldn't that we got back to that or topical -- -- candidates here and extracted all this it's that it. Whatever it said you know this signals yeah. And it. Got. They erupt they -- guys we're -- it -- Thursday rob ray he'll be at Boston the sabres.

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