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WGR550>Topics>>Darcy Regier on Decision to Keep Grigorenko in NHL

Darcy Regier on Decision to Keep Grigorenko in NHL

Jan 29, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- -- goal is he going to. -- tonight with. Less of a distracting a lot of pressure on and on his shoulders we'll see maybe he didn't. Free -- a little bit not worrying about -- had back to junior hockey but tertiary care sits down with us here at the -- -- -- time -- And that those few days it. Games yeah our -- appearance here would have brought you by always impulse power of attorney by Paul's view casino resort Niagara Falls Canada. -- error one -- overriding thing that made the decision for you weren't like most things it's complicated the keys -- No one's over. Two things. Two dominant things we talked. The ability to continue his development and his ability we. To help. Elizabeth to guard forces. How about. The development point of much. Or do you think there is for him to learn here than in juniors and not out of that breakdown for you. Well I think that if he had gone back to junior he's been very good situation with Patrick -- Plain statements in a lot of situations. I'd there might be some question whether heart would have had a taste. National park and you know that things kids or. And work -- should over. On work on things. But I think what we waited so. He more than anything else helped himself by not -- in the liability when it was a place and you know. It. You know it runs better and I talked to employers and times and -- -- them you know what do you think the first. The first goal business and help the team and I said yes right after columns -- And and not -- that he means. Getting an opportunity to be on the ice with the trust of the and the confidence that your teammates and coach. And be in the situation where from that point you can do to create something and and so. In in that regard even though he doesn't have any points he has done a very good job being defensively aware. Responsible. And and that has continued to minimize. If I could use the the plus minus just for this point even though there might be flaws that these pointless and a minus one. Is that what you make to say that if he might have. Three goals and three assists but still be a minus one -- every exit even strength right he's on for seven against. That you look at that as maybe not as good as always been for you. I think that there's points and the others and that's even better. In -- taken a minus seven if you are not sound like this one minus one -- you might as well as I got asking if he scores but. The goals against the liability point isn't their freedom make is. Is that that things worse off well like I. I don't know like you'd have put in the ads to look at the into the girls look like -- your initial answer that I could energetic you said what you take the points right yeah. Yeah yeah absolutely take points. I think the other thing that's really changed things is this isn't a September decision and if you haven't in this September decision -- Really can't imagine us not having sent him back I mean I went into back I saw him play games early on in the year. And at that point in time he was -- good player but with a lot of work confront them and he he has done in conjunction with this team with his coach Patrick -- Has done a lot of work he went to the world junior team. In him and played for Russia and came out there. Really in my view had been the best Russian forward. And I think that's that's helped his confidence and you know we just have to keep building -- Would you go so far is to say that he worked while he was of course playing at it differently -- junior league with a different coach. Different system. At a mine to be working on the sorts of things that would pay off for him once he got here assuming the lockout ended at some point. I don't think he had a choice could Patrick why we you know my conversations with Patrick. Revolved around a talent I'd tell him that he needs to do these things if he's going to play in the national hockey so. Even though there's there's a there's a junior perspective. And most junior players most most coaches did in the junior ranks are content and happy with a the star that they have in the office production that players putting up. And not concerned about his NHL. Future I think Patrick focus very heavily you know about him in in so convincing him that. He wanted to be better and he wanted to play national -- it followed that he had to do these things. By the way and I notice in the past now but as a junior coach get lots of calls from NHL people and do -- poll that he sway over what the junior coach does as far as you know coaching his concern. They're very level bulls players belong to the junior club they have their own operations have their own culture -- -- the wrong way things and and they'll take input but generally. There. Are other times what you might have said through your career to a junior coach hey I don't like it. Tell you to do this but I'd love to see this guy on the wing element like that no well. Richardson on my wanna talk about it with somebody I think probably some union organizations. It has from time to point out that we think it matters. Offers solid. Governor Patrick -- tournament crisply hit fifty point four you can do whatever. He was producing delegates -- -- -- majority leader. But there -- sure you're thus of course another point made is Powell. You know your team needs him to some extent here at recognizing that he hasn't deployed up yet let's let's hear more about that kind of shaped either accurate up -- I mean -- federal connection Scott dressing for every game when you signed or. You're -- and you know maybe he was off the radar like where you add up front and your -- Well work word relying too heavily on one line. Can't even won a member from one. Line wasn't there the other night another line produced but the other one you know the other three did -- and and so we've got to get production more than one line and I think the defense of late you know and we run the numbers and defense and we -- a good place -- good place as to how we're playing defense is well. But offensively we that if we have fear related to become more productive and and hopefully when you look at Cody Hodgson -- Tyler -- hopefully that. You know -- -- control that that third goal there at all. You -- I'm guessing sorry that. Those numbers -- shots. Shots again lets -- I was gonna ask you target goals against like -- the equality champ the -- like that what kind of numbers other chances that your chances and -- You know different variations of chance and percentages. Right for again instant on net you know that feel right to your. From what you've seen in five games of feel right yes does does yes does the shot totals can be misleading. Yes yes we can. -- to give up stuff out here nobody's -- Right to quieter and -- got a good look at it that's not that's not a concern right that's right that's right they can media. You know -- with you -- You go at the statistics that you know. Historically. You know. -- ones Losman. Girardi explained how you know what when it is somewhat the decision to keep Gregory go here so this might seem look at. But needless question but I ask it anyway it is game Sunday. Portable over the top there's -- played the most minutes he played played with. Paulino at one point and -- that looked like your best. Dual I don't know who was that would have been different guys on the other -- throughout the third period but they -- dangerous. I think it was he in -- very important game. For him and for the process of making decisions really helped you really helped himself. Let me. Made a decision this was the game we've really had to get a better sense of where he was. Maybe to -- better sense of -- us. -- and put him in a position to play regularly in in in the in the top. You know arena against good teams that who has had one and and and he played well one. I think now I'm remembering to ask you what if he'd been injured. In his five games. What happened he could still be returned that's or -- it would when you can send them back with an injury yes -- you couldn't do that. What's the situation where you couldn't. While -- trade somebody who has her. Well you can of the other team -- aware that agrees to a and you can't send players down to minors. And nationally heard. And I think maybe a lot of fans don't know this but it also may not be a fought anymore you could still send it back yes we can't. We we. We are allowed to. We are allowed to up to trade deadline is April 3. And so that that remains an option -- the only thing you we really have done is is using the first year -- three year contract it. -- if it goes back the years garment that's. That's and he did we get paid -- -- ultimately what you're paid to lose and you all over the years of -- talked often and in and give it to well that's up to the coach. I'm wondering giving his age eighteen years old -- skill level. If you guys had more meetings than normal of course to this point I would assume yes. Deciding whether it's gonna be here -- Talking with Lindy Ruff about how to handle it. Like how hard to be on him what to encourage discourage it back and look at the good organizational tat if you well for. -- -- We talk about a planned for it and ended. The plan is really a number different scenarios on how we might be used and it's predicated on his play. And you have as an example you have an opportunity to use him. And can't protect him in certain situations a lot more and he -- road when you've got the last change. This other advantages for him -- at home verses on the road to the extent you wanna you kind of protect the ice time. So that's one example we talked in terms of well what -- -- we can't complain what what other worker we going to do with him. What -- that consistent off the -- On the ice. In and so we we did go through all of us. Tertiary gear with -- this year while it got you Garcia mentioned Scott earlier just about your forwards and has curiously. We we haven't -- this about him what. Are you getting. As you watch the team now through five games or are you. Thinking that that was a move worth making I mean he's playing in these games he's up even on the ice with Greg regular the other night which. You know will not talk about that but just you know what what did what did you want to what do you see happening with them. I am happy with bulls have been on the team have them play. At this point and you know who knows how many games and play whether you play all -- -- -- I'll ask Clinton questioned what what are the things that coaches get a sense that he can't give you can't it -- -- standing by the benches. Watching people come off the -- the expressions the attitudes. Interaction with -- other irons and other players and and I you know having having -- on on the bench. And have an ammonia ice wineries on the base. Is. You know as safe working environment for four a lot of other players and it's encouraging. And and and he feels that. He brings. All right good we -- have this extra session with viewers or to talk about. Gregory go whichever way it felt -- -- question for us you know keep up the good -- that stated our secure -- thank you -- --