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1/30 Bills D-Line Coach Anthony Weaver is excited to be with Bills

Jan 30, 2013|

Anthony Waever

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to John Murphy show presented by no go the Buffalo Bills coaching staff here at work at one bills drive all this week as they go through their. Personnel evaluations and in studio with us right now the new defense of my coach for the Buffalo Bills Anthony -- coach thanks very much -- that we appreciated thanks on appreciate -- tell me about this process of getting this job obviously you work with Mike -- with the jets. Last year when you became aware that he was in the lead did you think you might have a shot to go with a support. I hope so. You know obviously me in my -- a relationship prior and being consistent threat in Baltimore so I'd known him for lots of popular -- On them into the death last year trying to prove my worth showing wanna work hard and put the hours and I've seen you've seen something and something I mean. Let me get this job so feel very -- you've had kind of a quick right through the coaching rate to be look at it that. Graduate assistant at University of Florida one year than linebackers in north Texas right to the NFL thinks of him pretty quickly for you and your coaching career had for Sharon and the thing about it. I didn't take that long period off between being planned becoming coach I -- probably about a after the fourth marker coaching them wanted to do. So assume that suffered a knee injury notes that a year off like numbers to back in and not as a player -- -- -- -- that being said. -- -- -- elect called guys and two in the NFL and have been given me a one does the walk in the same cubic I want to go to zero. You know want to wonder earn my stripes. So while this have been fast. A muscular work. For every bit of -- long way Anthony when you when you say that as a player you knew that you wanted to coach many players take a look at the way they're coaches work. How hard they work the hours they put in. And I've come across medically to say that's not for me that's ridiculous -- biscuits were don't know for certain deftly that the gonna put the time and bought. I've always -- at such a passion for the game you know and that that your that your -- sit out -- killed every second -- it. So I have no time -- no. No problem putting the hours and never had. Never did as a player -- that they should go it the pitching that we wanna talk a little about your background of the bashing come as a kid grown up in -- down the road in Saratoga. Before that really you know I've been a phonies are my parents will be -- verified as well probably like ten or eleven years ago. I was doing something around house you know trying to earn some money to an odd -- often and whatnot. And they're like we're gonna save money for -- -- folks like on the monthly monument to scout because there have been at the time they were recruited that a delicate and if congress and so. I've always had to pass from football -- underwater decrease in the Korean unfortunately not fast enough -- the soda into the playing the fifth event. But no football -- in my book for a long time and grown up in Saratoga I'm guessing you're a giants fan probably here. Yeah both all over the place that it developed an army brat okay all right so I. You know moving a lot. There is there's never that regional tied to a team until I got to New York now when I got a New York. It was in the times that there were -- times -- not -- that -- and that your team all of these candidates for qualities that giant down so I actually actually lean lean to the bills well I have some that's a rough you know outfit number of years there you have thoughts. In the lot most talked me. But about the fifth applicable worth their that he felt irritated automotive market order or where they got this so the dog went towards the -- when they're really just guys. United server when your their leverage that got penalized if there associate solidly toward the bill's words. New York to tell me about your time at Notre Dame what you've got out of that you're duke coaching influences and Notre Dame that's. With obviously the players are there other west. There -- in the situation room with -- foreigners but coaching -- -- -- coaches. You know my first is likely Castro's strong there was not a go to Guido. Greg -- took over after that the -- that occurred there was Urban Meyer. Actually announced a recruitment -- -- Steven you know when -- new circuit ended up in Notre Dame. So over four guys who have all I've worked with malice at the coach and that played under. What I've learned so much from those -- respond around. And I like my whole career on the football weather imposed in -- Great coaches document Anthony Weaver the new defense of my coach for the Buffalo Bills and he came into the NFL's second round choice to the ravens and 2002 -- missed their Super Bowl year but you went to a team that was pretty good defensively and that had to be kind of an influence on your -- a player and maybe even that was a coach that no questions for certificates that are coming office admirable. You've seen the way they play defense and he knew that they were known for playing defense for me to get trapped in this situation with with off as a -- not that being said. Once I got their -- all the way to Ray Lewis worked. Mike McCurry was their departments all the way he worked. Like I got to follow suit like I got to do about you accused together. And I'm just their influence on the as a player. -- -- to partner I wonder if that he fits an underrated part of the game may be that the culture that did it takes shape in on team like that with leaders like ray Lewis and later. Ed Reed and in the fact that the players got to pick up on that without coaching without go to tell them. You've got to do this they look around and see they have to do I think I think that's I think that's the same thing we're trying to build here. Where the standard is here you know and you see you see your main -- doing it in you better follow suitor you know the way. And you had a chance Saturday as you said a moment ago work with Mike Pence at 3% counted Mike Patton who was. What a defense of quality control -- two quality control he be basically the assistant chief of the line while there. And tell me about your -- his influence on you which you like about working with him. You know coach -- is obviously you know phenomenal defensive mind. -- home you please. Tremendous attention to the tail and you see that in the way he he comes up with things dramatically in the port to the game so. We don't let real with small things slide and become big things you know we we pay attention of small things and that's what makes a great. As a player you go from Baltimore to the Houston Texans. And you had a chance to play and again pretty good defense -- tell me about that experts. That was that was felt different because now I would be -- of the old guy on the team you know and got going to be looking to be at that example. So. You know we -- we did some good things there defensively enforce -- -- accomplish our ultimate goal to make in the playoff. -- -- But I elected elective like take a little bit credit for the first but the third guy that that fear now dad has had mr. -- you play as a teammate with them Mario Williams knew where they're first in the right later what was -- I don't know we got there at the same thing here we get that anything that was the first pick you came in as a is a free agent you know why do you claim some of the credit for his like that don't a little bit of a mentor and I hope justice than -- ornament broke some sort -- out of work -- But the talent meaning -- -- all in -- temperature was he you know it was kind of a controversial pick when he was first overall -- event. With the debt by out of him and all of that rookie year do you think he was aware of the controversy that you know people -- they should go somewhere else for the first bit. There's no doubt he was aware of it just because. Everybody knew the Reggie Bush -- Vince Young with the Houston guy so when when you when you don't pick goes through and pick -- -- today and obviously a lot of scrutiny came. Now hindsight -- made the right. You know but at the time he dealt with a lot and he he worked he worked with a chip on the shoulder and and so and so but he. You know he got better because and what do you think give him as his career -- gone on your career. I'm seeking Noonan your coach you know but what is Mario -- -- his full potential he -- with both the Texans and the Buffalo Bills. I think discuss. That nor the players you never want to become complacent that's -- -- players flee to their lowest test and -- Now somebody that that has. That much. Ability. You know he always -- to try to to protect the little things because. Can definitely gonna make great but I mean -- at all on the world markets of the Scotland he should never stopped him. Somebody described him once on the show last fall it's. They always Summitt said they thought of him as a a guy who gets sex but maybe not a great. Pressure guy is that the distinction that you would see in his case that he's not applying consistent pressure but he will wind up with sex as he did this lecture wind up with. Double digit -- for the bills you know -- America. Mara game changer you know million below you look through the past as -- of coach and your team because he requires so much attention from the -- They've got the puck out of a couple of people loyal to go (%expletive) about part of our thoughts are how do you feel what coach that they I don't know what coach and a former teammate. I have no problems -- on our relationship -- always. Always want more room we push one another to be great to be is do we possibly can be. Much -- that -- I'm here to help. Ensure that more relies on things that he wants to realize that I know how great he wants to be I know how hard he works. I know how tough he is a -- would be which puts himself through to go up there and so on game in and to be that guy that everybody wants from the -- he feels that pressure. And I wanna mixture that he's he's maximizes got to talk to a baby Weaver the new defense of my coach for the bills to John Murphy show presented by. No -- you've just arrived on the scene a week or so hotel we what you in the rest of the coaching step. Has been involved with since you've been signed on here. -- bloodied in buffalo wings and about fifteen spots red Idaho I wanna watch I can yeah I'm gonna give up playing later effort. But I'm committed to finding the best buffalo and both I got a few ideas coming up -- the fact that. You know over an hour and early stages of you guys -- in the guys that are on the roster. You know pretty soon moved into the unrestricted free agent from the draftees. And now and we're trying to we're ahead and we're headed the curve as far as playbook because a lot of guys have come over from the state beat Torino. So we're at it worth of the -- an -- that aspect were dismissed which. It evaluated -- you if you talk to some of the players that you talk to Mario maybe some of the players on the peninsula just talked to Mario talk a cup and graduating. About being named to the Pro Bowl. I'll talk about character and you know we came and visited me in can't -- to work with him in with a great great young player and no actually saw Chris Kelsey. You with your -- checked out for a -- neck but he cities -- -- look good and I actually didn't actually know he was that that they could do. Knock everybody mythical leader guy out of the film. But he joked that they must have questions for YouTube like what it when he got a mind what are we gonna do cursor pursue the got a lot of questions like to give my trade secrets of the on the back -- America America. Ago lot of stuff called them over and the detriment to lift in this -- -- -- after a what if you put this defense together what can bills fans expected these are gonna look a lot like the jets defense of the last couple years. -- I don't wanna compare to the -- I think I think Mike you know Mike while while his name with on that defense. Alone I think to see some very similar we're going to be relentless we're going to be really be tough -- that the court. One of the things Mike has said on the show and I've read and -- several times as. The importance of that defense been multiple multiple fronts not like in the 3443. Can you elaborate how do you do that idea that -- get that -- I just think you just you always bouterse do you around the talent you have not vice Versa you know if you if you if you pigeonhole yourself and a certain certain scheme. Well then your players might not fit in and you'll have success because -- it so I think with what we do being so multiple. You can always be successful -- -- You must have some initial thoughts on Marshall Darius who you what's that. All the talent in the world -- -- a big men that much athletic ability is rare. -- so we just got to you know to do some some some different technique teaching probably different than what you've been doing will get through that but now and I. I'm so excited to work with -- he's got so much -- Padilla. You can truly god knows I know you have you know work to do would be to look at all these players on tape and then that move -- to free agents and draft picks but it. Some party has to think I wish I could get these guys in here he can't formally do it until what. Springtime probably march hearing in April Nokia questions a couple of elect college is almost -- -- -- period now saw him. We have that's difficult I'm not sure how much -- context not context but. But I and -- -- -- through that I've talked. A lot of the people around that that is not just other coaches. A public equipment guys district and everybody is enough but positive positive thing to say about it. You know there's that sense I guess among built into Anthony that. The defense and it probably is better than they played last year -- do you see that from what you've seen on tape I mean. It seems like the potential this year for much better defense than we actually got -- from. That's the pop music that wasn't here right I just nobody -- -- here there is a -- town there's a talent we expect to be successful. No question. Anthony thank you thank combined -- and appreciate it anyway related defense of my coach for the bills. It is the John Murphy show presented by no go on all the bills WGR Sports Radio but it.

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