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2/7 Ted Black on state of organization and team's play

Feb 7, 2013|

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And I wasn't. 361 this could get really really nasty thanks for coming in studio for. Sure facility as talking about the yes on -- to talk and sports. Drilling hours about the Weathers the storm coming tomorrow. So you ready for the repeat of last season's questions. And sure enough in the same quarter let's let's start with Darcy Darcy has some comments in the paper today was asked by Mike Harrington of the news if things don't go well this weekend. Which you be forced to make big changes players or coaches and he said it isn't the coach. Is the coach not under any evaluation at all as far as the sabres organization is concerned. He's not part of the problem at all. Which question the coach. Is not part of the problem not he doesn't get a value of the question that Darcy was announced our first first and reacted -- first -- follow if things go poorly this weekend. Basically -- you get rid of the coach. I waited. Wonder if any GM in the league asked the exact same question would have said Yemeni -- and my coach things reported this week so in terms of fairness. I don't think that answer is should you know blaring headlines. Your other question was the coach part of the -- art of the problem. Sure yes coaching staff me -- -- all we're all one unit so. No one is above the problem. Terry -- you know hopefully would say he's part of the problem till we're also gonna try to be part of the solution. So what we all have our hands on the dagger but don't you think when you read a comment like that from the general manager the perception is that. Lindy is untouchable. The comment was if things go poorly this weekend we get rid of the coach now. That's what it was kind. Is Lanny that's so that then. His and I -- you know I don't think it's fair to really blow that beyond what it is okay we'll ask you what must have been wants us follow up to -- to Darcy which you know. -- -- -- on your show -- do you think the perception amongst fans and media for that matter myself included. When when Terry took over the team among the things you set on day one was and he ain't going nowhere. The perception is the owner is a big better than head coach and that no matter what happens he's just not and neither neither is the GM. Knowledge and -- to head coach because they believe that -- is the right guy no matter what. Don't you. Eight is that the feeling of the organization. Be if it is is not a problem because it would seem to make it like that he's not accountable. No one has ever said. To our coaches and accountable. So he could be fired. I could be fired you could be fired me. We can get into semantics. Of course. And -- job -- is to make this team better is it isn't that right and he's all of her job right now. All of our jobs -- to make this team better we've worked very collaborative league. And everyone's job that people have different levels of responsibility within certain areas. You know I don't I don't hold the coach accountable for for me doing a lot of my data they jobs. Nor does she hold me accountable but. It's it's one organism one organization. Who evaluates Lindy is it just Darcy is -- Darcy and Terry is that you is that everybody who were primarily because it's that's the GM's job. Primarily but it it's not exclusively. And who evaluate Starr she's job. That would. Probably be a little bit of everyone as well. Why -- putting himself yeah. Why is the team 36 and one. Because we haven't scored more goals than the other team. Enough for the games. Or two of the games are one of the game I mean it's you know. I wish I know. I can sell it in pill form and then. -- -- sit downs each week would be very easy yeah I mean you guys obviously did expect to be in this position absolutely after ten games. So as an organization. What do you guys talking about how do you rectify how you change the course of what's happened so far. I'm a lot of that's going to be internal discussion. A lot of it is going to be you know the it's really starts with the players and that's not criticizing the players but I can't willed them to win. I think they take a lot of pride they take a lot of comfort in the fact that the players of the ones that basically voted to have a practice yesterday. That was it a CPA mandated day off they didn't have to practice they wanted to. So there's there's you talk about accountability there's a lot of accountability right there do you come in here on your day off to that. Detect a no no way I would probably do the political price you're allowed program directors called go to voicemail usually on -- no no but you deal he probably have done that. To prepare for things and could you take a lot of pride in your job. Do you so there's no CBA issues then with the guys coming yesterday. If there is then -- and asked -- to rewind the tape in a race. -- like the Watergate tape I I we assume that if the. It's it's not mandated in the player's wish to commandments they can command and do whatever they want. Do you and I when I say you I mean you represented the sabres organization. Do you guys still believe firmly in this roster as it's presently constituted. I think you have no choice but to leave believing your current roster. Why you're still seeking to improve. So my gonna come on here criticize any one person -- or group now that's again it's incumbent on every when. To play to their potential and folks that don't work. Skating with the puck to do the best off the ice as well. But you can also talk about yeah I mean improvement like. Actively seeking trades not actively we believe in this roster let it have another ten games twenty games let's see how they are. March 1 that type of thing I believe him whenever there's -- And I and I think. You know unfairness towards our GM Mike I think. In the two years. Coming up on the two years that -- taken over the team he has done some. Something -- to move that forward unfortunately. You know the record doesn't show for necessary. This is a pass -- business I want you -- you don't win. Charm and get some calls and -- got a question and one last thing and then if I could could you mentioned two years we are coming up on anniversary. And you know obviously he says you know that the sole reason for existence is to win the Stanley Cup two years almost two years removed from that remark to the organization believe. It is better than it was two years ago closer to its stated goal. Where are you in terms of how you how are you need to get to that spot. We'll let you know after it happens you know that's one of those things you don't know I mean. So manic lies are we closer winning a cup sure because it's in the future. We it's we have a lot of work to -- And were very blessed to have an owner that is full and committed. Financially. Emotionally. In terms of giving everyone anything that you need to do your job better. Across the board. Are very very blessed to have had somebody with that level passion. Between harbor center project be just look at that two block area. And only look at finances. The amount that -- put into the team. Without the any bank financing whatsoever without partners and what he's intending to do. The harbor center project you're looking at north of 400 million dollars -- -- questions Perry's commitment. -- seriousness. -- check yourself and. My question is about because a lot of this I think and that we make that point from time to time about the investment that's been made in the team in the area. I guess what what fans want to know in the suspend. An issue before -- ownership is that. The owner and the people that make the decisions -- like they do and I believe that did Terry doesn't you you know you talk what that that often. I guess what people are probably looking for at times like right now. Is -- A statement that is as strong as the you know the sole reason for existence is to win the Stanley Cup and I think with the -- In this in this spot feel that they want to hear is that the people are mad you know even goal. You don't intend to fire a coach if you do it kind of portrays that anger that it's not good enough so. Guess the only thing I'm asking is is there anyway to. I don't know rapid often say that internally these discussions to the talk about improving the team like it's not -- Passive kind we think things are worked out but there's enough and aggressive approach to trying to get to where you wanna be. I don't know how -- strongly we can say it. You know we have an owner that this isn't a hobby for him this isn't something that you know he inherited with daddy's money and he's just. This turnaround. This is an extension of him and his family. Where we you don't see this level of family commitment anywhere else in sports. Our people frustrated that we haven't done -- two years absolutely in my absolutely. I move my entire family up here and and and I'll be damned if I'm on leave here with the Stanley Cup. And I'm very glad that we did the one thing and I never realized that I that would happen is that is how much I would really fall in love with the city of buffalo. And that makes us wanna do it even more. We've pissed when we lose yeah I wanna throw my -- through the TV sets sometimes. I want to yell scream but. I can't they can't always do that affect. But but I I I can speak for myself I share my views very very cleanly with. With everyone organization. That has responsibility. But I'd like to think that that we need to do better and we need to improve to even though. You guys are strong in terms of ticket sales were strong in terms of season tickets is a cap is a season ticket waiting list you have a few means. A little amount of tickets left for games. Is there's there's still a sense of urgency there's no hey. Why about it people love us the passionate were sold were -- sell out most of the games we got a waiting list don't sweat it. -- note taking program that I gasoline up. Absolutely not. And we don't we haven't sold every single ticket under the new CBA actually. The whole lot more tickets. And we'll be announcing some plans on how to. More efficiently get those tickets and people's hands the next few weeks were working on. When a program to do that but. We -- we aren't necessarily sold out every game we're pretty darn close -- we do fight that perception. Or TV ratings are first in the league right now I want them to be. More pre game post game shows -- So there is that there's always a sense of urgency and it even if we are number one and all those categories I'd want us to start lapping people. 80305 that description calls got Jimmie just gets you as well. Let's go to Greg you're on WGR with a black go ahead. And gentlemen I noted briefly touch on the flatly. Start your gear was given an extension. Of Ford. And actually -- Well and Derek Roy and -- And so the team clearly did get worse from a point and gentlemen expansion -- More. And yes -- -- had a rolling out in black. And. You know. I'm all in all. Each year mediocre product that I got our. Needs change. Greg thanks for the call appreciate that I appreciate the fact that you do. Buy tickets from us we we take that. -- very seriously that we have with the fans. -- extension. I don't think it's a mutually exclusive proposition that we we. We wanna win and do everything we can win by extending his contract. The moves that he's made albeit haven't led to. The Stanley Cup than last year didn't lead to the playoffs and this year we're struggling. Do you we can look at things and isolation and and be pretty pleased with the draft. With getting. Craig Franco Garrick sends the way that that took place in terms of making trades trading up to get a higher first round pick to get here excellence. The trade for Cody Hodgson was a bold move in and we're very pleased with that. The fact that somebody has a contract extension shouldn't keep up the night Terry Google is committed to doing whatever he asked to do. To make this team. Champion for folks that say. You know you're you're not committed -- -- fire somebody. I don't have any salvation for I don't know what to say. Because that necessarily doesn't follow. When somebody is not doing their job and not improving. In the two years we've been here then off to address those things. Got an email for an industrial 550 your calls -- emailed many teams in the league have a person between the GM and upper management like -- VP. Of hockey operations are senior advisor. They have this they were considered adding a position like this -- who do you go to for hockey related operations advice. We -- I go to do you specifically go to. I don't believe and that. That model we've put somebody on that's just another time if if there's somebody above the GM that's the GM. Whatever you wanna call it and -- the GM and them models and assistant GM. So. Our season is the head of the hockey department. Let's that's that's what he runs on I don't have somebody. Above me -- except for tearing him to go along. On the team but I don't have some. Person hovering above my shoulder wondering what I'd do just as you don't have somebody over your shoulder right now and I don't I don't know if that would. Make you do your job better some news -- in -- ever every time he made -- grammatical mistake -- Yeah so I don't I don't believe in that model I don't think people perform well whenever their micro managed I think you empower people didn't let them go -- I agree I agree with you there I don't I guess I think the again that the perception is -- but it wait what do basically gets to instead. That someone from the outside comes in says while wise Starr she's still here and -- to hear that -- -- cup in fifteen years -- both fired I think that's basically what fans are asking when they say is or someone you could put in between. You when Terry and Darcy is to bring in someone else who would say why these guys to -- that's called a new GM. Not as -- over the GM. 8030550. Join us rob you're up next here it's that black and W Jiaka right ahead. People try to match gets sent out here we are. Are you to get all this the old money we don't chair of the money to mark it was great audits are. I can attaching a fair I can bet that our our problem -- the people that aren't gonna put in chart to do the job and you. Pajama editor who go out there and get along on the trail -- that -- With a coach that has proven over it senior that he can not. Kim Jong -- L. So you have to and are fighting each other I would never want to -- anybody go like that job. Number but something you have to change here in New York advocate change where -- -- -- our players don't worry about our etiquette or chip another crack. -- -- historical aura and bringing in veteran leadership a much bigger than their bigger and yet apparent apartment. Which it works here. -- -- only go go for him it's all right and relying too much. -- check for submarine and the coach can't recruit what to do. You're -- but giving it everything you need to tackle very opposite team and I'm RPI. But they're -- They're fairly -- that young core I hope that everybody and it. And this clip art just a pep the first -- -- or -- short -- it ought to do so. The general manager in my opinion. And John. Critical EL. Thanks for the call around and don't even know where. We're jumping on that. GM's doing a fantastic job in building core Nvidia. Rob I appreciate the frustration and what I love about this fan base is they care if if you opened up the phone lines and that was crickets. That would scare the living crap out of me. So I I appreciate the passion. And that's what we wanna win. We don't wanna win just first self ego gratification although -- lie about it about it pretty awesome. I wanna see tears coming down people's faces so where we get it we get rob appreciate it and go to work every single day thinking about that I don't go to work with -- saying you know like in -- and today and I don't think anyone else does. How do you tell the fans I mean in essence you try to tell me we -- saying we want to win show don't get it. Be patient. Don't need jerk react how. I mean you understand that's -- fit to hear that that why you guys have been here for two years they've dealt with this for myself I. I can't say that it's cruel and unusual punishment to tell people to be able to show the what I think is that true. Going up data that I know that's why do -- so what do you tell fans when they express this kind of anger frustration and despair. Year rob we want to win the cup for you like it like it take my name off of it when we win put yours on every other fan I would do it in RP. That black here industrial 550. If the at the office. We keep your room. You do to me he's obviously thanks so it's on height and I don't orbit masochistic and I knocked it in your private life but we got another call I mean it. So I earlier call -- Dan gets asked me some questions and I it will absolutely Stan we try not to let Dan talk too much on the show it that's that's the deal. Ratings that show us what the team is ridiculous thing happened and for a long shifts since. She gets a couple shift there was an Oceanic shifts yes. Owns. All alone in this I will stay because this is just so much. Dog on the line. I would thanks Jessica. 80305 shipped to join us here on hold hang on. We'll get to rapid fire questions in with Ted when we get back on WGR.

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