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WGR550>Topics>>HOFer Jim Kelly Talks Bills Off-Season and Hunter's Hope

HOFer Jim Kelly Talks Bills Off-Season and Hunter's Hope

Feb 8, 2013|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunday that's right at three point Sunday and then we put the number up. All right thank you Matt here's Jim Kelly hi Jim. Good I wanna tell you -- not speak for bull dog but I still get very excited when we when we talk to you I'm always I'm always thrilled to do it. And I hope everything yeah. -- -- Nobody here. -- -- -- -- -- I I think ideally he can't speak for me and I mean you know that I applauded awkward but seniors like -- my favorite football you know wherever shall we love you. You know note -- regardless of what else. What do you do another day like this hopefully you're here outdoors. There's not -- I just caught my -- off hunting lodge. It and I have I have been near park about three weeks I had some bodies raucous burger King Abdullah they've marked secret so -- So my buddies are Super Bowl. So all of the -- much larger still putted pretty sure it's a couple weeks as I walked in and never looked pretty clean some gold content types. All I see they were there without you today where the -- and come -- it and you -- come make sure that there weren't. -- -- a mass slot behind. Exactly was our start -- this wasn't 48 -- taken marked by Brothers my high school football coach to the Super Bowl. I usually told my father. I just -- on this one what Parker was so I was -- 4728. It's. I we used to. My dad and as -- about. Three years ago might might sets its -- I appreciate to a boy he's about Kim hang with the boys -- anybody guys. Goes to -- will be slow. Down out of the business support a couple of years and but it's interesting because. I picked -- certain I'm. Are surprised my six my nephews that who was born eleven days before -- was. My hunting parties. Pretty much have -- In my under my -- what I could do anything before his. Sixty were there at my daughter entered into -- an envelope on Tuesday. The blog Tuesday before Super Bowl -- about -- came after it was over. It and I had to those doctors should what do you read out loud I read lots are quite figured it's it's as it's funny card though. He opens a card up and it says stop pack your bags you work or choose your -- Super Bowl 48. You're almost all our bureau locals occupy accurate and would go to court locals. And and applied back what private jet which was pretty call it and and then. Of course Peyton Dahlberg and street being shown what destroy like those sixty -- to a ball was is that. Was pretty special so sixty or it was celebrated Super Bowl. Not bad not bad. As food supply outlook on political -- of the game in the controllers also. Well hopefully one of these base sometime soon we will be don't go back under Rezko Austrians -- -- some time -- hopefully not. In fifteen or twenty years hopefully some can't so the the. -- it ever got to present oil local. From an uncle -- no I have one -- which semi sweaters and that was great -- about that's probably the that's probably were like opt out is. There's a sweater sweater that's why in this way. All right Jim well -- of the talked about football and other things too about life but let's let's address the main reason for your visit today. -- day of hope and prayer for children and -- of the Wendy's promotion is ongoing. Take the floor. Cookie dough ball the Wendy's one that is pretty cold and -- boat orbit. Wendy's is they're not doing this for five years it's. 01 distraught she implies uses the -- -- -- -- wonder if you go to Wendy's the last -- you want to donate one dollar to owners hope. If you get three -- crossed -- in three Q enterprise. And last year they handed -- check for 63000. Dollars indeed. -- total is almost. Quarter of a billion dollars -- Wendy's has donated hundreds opened. Aren't so it every year they continue to break records from the previews here so. I'd certainly be out there on the coast -- what do you don't and one dollar and get stopped reaching under our preacher -- like coupons. -- you can you know. Giveaway from our ties to speaker up 86 they greater whatever it it's your little girl friend or whoever you're lucky in the -- And double -- with a -- against thank you very much to Wendy's and Leo and by the way it depends on talent on the rise another -- you could order up right. It and then we'd have a -- -- angle from countries they're hopeful for her children out of tools they'll also -- result. We've been doing that I can't believe that we've been doing this for fifteen years to a new week used to have a bit. Delaware park you know he added that chuck Roberts partner and we're very fortunate that they also want to go over here even though for some years were really cold it was kind of hard at the outside -- a couple hours. So we do the fuel cost on now we humans are a thousand people. Everything so everybody knows what it's free. Wendy's -- cereal -- saying that Tim Hortons hot chocolate or coffee Olson's case. CDs into hostile. Everything's -- -- -- -- Cranium. On this record -- bastards they're under so so nobody activities for people we have. -- dancing and singing and of course we colored by what we're doing Parker open and all the things there but it's up to retool -- governor would do it to make sure that people. It pales in the -- owners and -- pork barrel kids are. Insult -- that they whipped us as they have resolved over -- those who else. You know. Coming up February 16. Of the so everybody knows it's Saturday but we're 61 to four. Next Saturday -- field house good good. -- -- I I want my kids there I've got something else that day and I'm working on seeing that they can be their anyway. Is it like I won't be there but I don't I know Julius would -- mean this guy. Even. And the -- that it has so much fun and I will be signed autographs sit here and of at the end of the day I'll -- my white marsh also. It's usually a lot of fun. We go there as I was told you before direct talks are usually calms. Do we know with the snakes and turtles in the month seasons -- so these -- sort and use these there. Our broken quizzed about music it's everybody -- a lot so it's a great paper every one out against Edwards sixteen ounce article one the sport and builds up. -- -- -- -- -- I asked Julius to -- Bulldog if we get a New Jersey like for a frame in the house who shall we get. And he said Thurman Thomas. As a well we have we have -- -- number and many said Terry Bradshaw. -- -- -- -- -- And I'm brainwashing you to think it's 1978. General designers and Juliet -- -- three years old now is great all they -- they want the federal highway dvds like that's. -- I -- you know what got all our hard to critics I've got to watch the gold ones are you guys are pick up more people got are not a -- option goes -- those fears that. Notes and character sub par border super Warner your hotel room get ready irbil and supports a 31 before and you're gonna go to -- Super Bowl won all the way through and I know what -- -- -- but. Super Bowl 44 I sort happened to give the shop or. A lot of war. Qualify them to do a couple of hours almost running snow no doubt what -- -- glad I don't wonder what -- group. Our promised she'd almost be our donors could check for -- I'll vote to us up. And basis it is that I noticed caught doing pretty -- just -- we -- are donated -- -- parliament genome it has been -- -- -- very much -- which -- is our number but thanks to our we've heard. A lot about their foundation over the years doing the radio monster in the summer the Pepsi. Jim Kelly to us Jim it's actually tell your career missed New Orleans your Super Bowls were in a window. You know seems like New Orleans is the definitive Super Bowl city is -- a slight loss that you feel for 44 was played there I think may be 31 was played there. Might have been on for. -- it is yeah it's fun it's where because of the blast -- in the war that was eleven years ago it was a very good I was in. To build support for all time was right war right. -- almost early in the course. We are all open for a bit -- -- -- would be -- this year soon. Are represented -- all of those it is you know hawk pro ball -- but -- one particular about that whole thing. The -- deadlock of all of those were receivers who have been here for so many years trying to get into pro football -- Probably Chris Carter that is so that's and help all entries called the war who did make talked and even though -- Harris and is coming up next year I think our church should that we -- -- -- -- marketers and it's because. They're both numbers are awesome blog is the -- up 67 years now. And he's been making the list every single year so. I've appealing next year who got beat Andrei he might turn fifty years old while. On the Super Bowl week is done or so that would be a pretty good stop present form and so I don't BI -- and soon. Jim Porter run out of time here now and I'm I'm thinking you're sitting around watching tape of college quarterbacks but I'm just curious citing the audits will be curious for your thoughts on. I'm on what you think the bills may be a should do and will do as far as addressing quarterback in the upcoming year. Well I think you definitely have to look at one arm he met Matt Barkley when I was here and -- And of New Orleans and I contemplated Joseph Coleman you know talk about turn out to him he can get themselves ready that's almost you know what. Rate your ball on not talk about doing what I'm not talking about how shall not talk but -- others and don't talk about upload New York. I we have not prepared very well other tall order quarterbacks -- for free which we how big deal out or review. Who knows I don't know if you need to -- in the electric truck parked out by it we do. We need to turn around the world for awhile for four billion dollars a pretty big hit these. The job -- very well spoken very Smart. I don't know what type of course I don't would have watched lot of old guard to see what is doctor but I do -- workers are second Robert -- are we up to -- hard. Is there a quarterback that we could take in the sector work on what it's what we do even though. Still exceed what right to do with the system that -- it happens for -- and I know it is similar. To what I used to run in buffalo are -- Iran to know how old church whose work it broke a water records -- I'm like dude picked any to a trucker called to do there's Asia PC we do need a couple of different propositions to -- But that's one -- Arctic each. -- outlook or future. Are whether she'll sort broke records are broken -- we can do and and Roy evaluate. -- -- he really fits into this officer screamed at. They act and springing from Syracuse and this summer recipe for all of what we used to run are -- -- one. Jim Kelly Jim best to jail and the girls thanks for your time today. -- -- thank you Jim Kelly no USC. Quarterback has ever started a super bull.