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WGR550>Topics>>2/19 Sully on Pegula, the state of the Buffalo Bills, and loss of Lakers owner Jerry Buss

2/19 Sully on Pegula, the state of the Buffalo Bills, and loss of Lakers owner Jerry Buss

Feb 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. -- and happy return from vacation how hard. Well thank revenue don't -- -- what am I thought yeah -- -- -- well it's really that's one of the vacation hotspots everybody here Ottawa. Yes your question may -- the upcoming tulip festival. Did you wanna just wait on the the canal or something. Her did you have to Lewis walked comic element here and I. Why got to ask why Ottawa. Political and historical are always want to Ottawa scenic -- -- capital of Canada you know let's let. Our goal with Washington with a lot less to do -- but it was it was lovely -- girl must expire in their cold. Well you -- you you went away in the sabres were having their issues come back they're still having their issues I wanted to go big picture with -- selling yesterday was the second the two year anniversary. Terry Google officially taking over as owner of the Buffalo Sabres it's a it's a short question with a big answer but give me your your positive and your negative of the -- -- two years at this point. Not a part of his physical activity here on fifteen minutes since its security you have an owner what who'll spend money. It is committed -- have been a lot of you know cosmetic changes which is good if you're concerned about not just the general long term. -- franchises and and they're worse me in my opinion I don't I don't see any change there. They've -- average for two years -- I think I don't care about streaks they looked great and get -- -- Races make the closest first year at the factors -- an average two years at some point you're it's very well and Richard. The -- argument. And mr. -- about the coach mean all guys that are sort of -- invoke her reputation. Not the only one on the team I just don't think Barack is as -- made out to be. I think buffalo he'll -- it's not in good educated about what's going all of those teams. As we should be. We try to pull all of the possibilities of both players. Then so that's and I don't think he's a potential but I call for the day he got into that's -- -- -- -- those two. The rhetoric here -- I would to bring someone to oversee the operation and tell them. What the problems are you there are problems that we're seeing now the problems persist particularly. With two years down the road sort of that's my long. And valuations deterred Lehrer how much. Do you think an Odyssey of you know if you did an approval rating two years ago -- in the first week of his ownership would have been you know sky high through the roof. How much of where do you think is approval rating would be now how much of the goodwill that he had do you think has. Disappeared with the fan base because -- still here -- east of here. Well you know I've put -- on a B minus and that is still among. The staples fairness fiscal boot -- -- -- but there's certainly growing. Discontent with him as as an older. Able to make -- these domestic and talk about the good feeling that that. What this is Eric discard it was -- mostly -- -- feeling he was crying it was emotional. This guy in the world your team and he's the next few. Win the Stanley Cup. And after -- that that was good not when you know you're you take an objective calculated look at what's gone and you think -- -- you just -- and that is too much. Police in power and -- here and rob well most other. Observers think that. You know that and has not succeeded -- you need some kind of change we need some kind of shake up and I think to -- that then it's like. We sit in the public culture almost like you think of the children record as saying there are gonna tell me what to do -- that's just not. Political up and acknowledge the problem I don't know what's going number I'm saying I don't know to what extent so black really -- sees it differently. And they don't know right now. I don't -- so it wasn't just visceral that it was the idea that. You know the budget the mindset was going to change and it was it well you know there's three guys can only keep one. That that they do a better job of retaining the wrong players that they would do a better job you know -- -- -- -- -- make -- -- -- dollars in dollars out well wouldn't have to necessarily be. Dollars in dollars out to me it was not visceral it was. Hockey department related things would change. Well tonight. I think that was largely over I think the people are too willing to give -- excuse -- political attend -- -- template types spent a lot of money. I'm regards I don't much about you know all that I can expend money look like -- they were. Police aren't able to bring players their little puppet type of player without -- play hurt that Ricky Aaron Ross. You know -- -- until brown and it's still the same old story. Don't not talk about. Somehow not result in tumultuous first employer cost and another alteration that. Panic and in -- game and then type situation so. It that much money you have to continue to not. Put together that the team that. We can compete -- Stanley Cup record make along -- between -- spent a lot of money over the years and in all of baseball team from -- The order is most salary but. We -- index where we're seeing it over spent three years and more because they didn't know what type of players -- The gap so. I don't know well the thing of it is in part because you know the company is on the hot and saying it's like. It's only in buffalo this over this inflated. Heightened need to -- Police and I'm hoping by what apple with a deadline should get a first tropical all caught then suddenly become some genius -- -- I would -- it was OK but very little -- the big picture but not good enough and they might get worse than they were two years ago. -- -- -- Right the deadline moves in my opinion more or great moves with the results. Need to be more important hearing you know -- I -- here he was. You don't -- hands -- I'll say he was on a leash he wasn't able do we wanna do with the the the problem with that -- -- is that that defense. It doesn't even really work anymore because what's the best contract he assigned since being taken off the leash tail off right. What's the second best. But Myers also looks like it was done too soon Leino has not been a good deal. What's the second best contract he assigned. On these -- trades which denies that but at some point I think it's what you mean we are talking with a visceral reactions at some point results have to be more important than reputation. And the reputation of this coach in this goaltender are that the two of them together. Our delete defensively and the results do not match the reputation. So when -- the owners say you know what strong reputation I'm not getting results. -- I thought I would say about Longo but I and I -- mean they didn't. Think we're both much of last two years have been under siege in her own end of the as much as I think there was not upped his reputation. Sometimes they're clearing space in proper shot in the equivalent go to look into the let go they get combat. But I needed that he he need to step up to look at the numbers. Say average and -- defense isn't doing its -- not. It's a system that's our -- what that it does that hurt because the sit -- efforts or etiquette now we're talking a little but why. Are they make these mistakes what what's going on where -- the coach failing that. But the bottom line is that -- -- defense approached it if you would know right now. Well listed -- serious that it is another big picture thing. It's also what they -- publicly wanted -- behind closed doors are two different things. Right Steve Ott told us yesterday it's not Wendy's system it's us the players we're making mistakes. Miller can give up goals and it's not Miller's all the defense in front of them has been terrible like. No matter where you look. No one is actually taking the blame it's always like well you know it's not as if that's my fault no it's my fault no it's my fault. When is someone gonna step in and say. That's the reason and we've got to fix that. That's stars -- -- job in the it seems like. You know he wants to continue to ride Miller and -- and my errors and right like. The appalled doesn't seem like they are willing to identify. This is a problem we are going to fix it. I think that's likely to get fired gonna -- -- -- like we're gonna. Where a fire the -- certain words and tell them that there is accountability here and there's no more excuse it's not. Not Miller got the problem is not a player to coach started college because -- that doesn't get is players from -- -- but yeah -- all. Because the standard time under the previous owner really that the pervasive. Wouldn't in this organization. In the long line. You know in the media have bought a lot of this stuff. And then the at each of its -- and that usually come out with a shake that thing up the problem that must be changes because that it's like it. The fit them why it's starting a nationwide -- ladies and the end and this is happening. We'll put all look at how that's where it's so amazing. And hello maddening because well it was very cool assured that you don't study released. Quinn talking about flawless in the fighting the war and how long it wasn't that that's the way it has been here for a long hard right. -- I don't know I don't -- -- have a problem with him sticking with them off the bat he got here and they won a ton of games and went the -- -- -- -- you know what. I'll give it another look but to be at this point that -- addicted of the criticism is fairly to -- walked in and fired the coach and GM he could out. I don't think it's an absolute no brainer for a brand new owner mid season. I have. There was nobody knows what I what I felt I would have felt if nothing else -- in the outside guy insult our -- someone else in the organization. But I want to help tell me what's wrong here what the problem but what I'm sang as -- -- -- -- but what a problem. And you know gave it appears that you'll probably a bad thing because the pin and change anything significantly they didn't win in the -- all the impact that series and in game six in game seven. And what -- had to give you lose primarily due to another year don't make the playoffs there was a problem in the -- up and didn't. Mean that was the problem is. I have had been led to believe he saw it into the side of a critical span the people back or really scenery. About the orientation at that point. And he can and it looked up and it was great to apologize excuse everything we wanted the police yet and help upload you want to believe. You wanna believe erupt Brandon and -- role in every -- and then. And you want to believe. In in this chain that not all that. Franchise required. They need to know that had no clear objective view of what was going on here and out here players who aren't sure -- bear. Still -- cherry black particularly look uploaded to -- wouldn't tell me that we are a problem here let yeah yeah I've. I don't think he's there yet -- I I think and I think and you brought it up earlier we we were -- about this last week I think it can be a strength like -- all I also believe it is the fault of his at this point. He truly looks I think he truly looks at. That hockey team in the organization as family. And he would get very sensitive to any criticism and and I'm with you I think almost -- go. Do you become even more resolute the more critical we are of the GM and two of the coach. The more resolute you become in his support for those guys and not so I I think it can be a strength. From a player recruitment standpoint to say you know the -- really takes care of his guys in buffalo really takes -- government treats him like family. But from at a valuation standpoint the loyalty and the trust factor can be it can be a negative because he'll stay longer with Darcy or Lindy than he should be. I think you're reading it very wonderful of fragile and that is in pro sports nowadays. During that run in the individual season. You need to be tightened and have chemistry but the thing all the part too quickly every QB that's a bald guys walk out the door. -- so what's an airport 050606017. -- all part of the reality that light it's sad to say. But that that level of the -- to the franchise's. -- -- it in there. In the way of the reality that the is that it. They're -- -- can stand as as a guy who made all the money in business and want this to be the way it used to be it sports. Small loving type a family you know until -- never goes anywhere else. That's not a leak anymore. So our hearts our reality. Cellular got a minute left that I really did wanna get to thoughts in this -- big NBA guy. And I was curious did you note the passing of doctor Jerry Buss to try and well where do you think in the pantheon of sports owners where does doctor -- fit because the lakers. We're very successful franchise in LA before he bought the team they were tremendous in the seventy's but then obviously they went to a whole different stratosphere over his 33 years. They need it to start and I'll just say he inherited. What Magic Johnson came on board right about the time you got the -- so. -- perfect marriages are outside a little cold here. But American guys that like bill back Mark Cuban and bodies come to an Indian edgy shall I imported car that I was actually listen in LA it's -- start it was unbelievable. Believe it didn't you know how that worked as -- In the perfect -- the other young David on the -- Jack Nicholson court -- just. Everything was perfect and he was -- -- guy he was an innovator Q1 akin to cable TV star like that's so very much transitional. I think iconic owner in the NBA so the way bill was not -- to Jerry Jones type sold. -- being -- about him. -- -- mostly -- it rings true solid cover in the league in the eighties and early stages and caught a couple of titles out there. -- loose there was something. You know if you didn't go to Ottawa on vacation you would never called. But I'm telling you that we will -- and drag him back and see in the temperature in the this group you know go up and public works that we stop listening to Florida. And then it in the -- we got -- -- -- people play -- You know put on a -- shorts and go get the sticks. You're not electric compare outside belt and went to -- I would I would open. He's in my glory. Eric nice to have you back -- Good to be back have a good day thank you teams.