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2/20 Whiner Line

Feb 20, 2013|

2/20 Whiner Line

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    they'll ask about your in Detroit so you were you a big red wings fan growing up in Michigan. I was at Detroit . Tigers lions pistons and reviewing stand going up and and actually probably. The renderings are on TV maybe two or three times a year at that point time and I. I didn't see that all that much but I with a red wings fan and this is. This is coming home premium a couple hours away here. Like this is where my failure succumbed Simi. An obvious here tonight did you get to go to games grown up. One game at all I ever went. Mile actual. The red wings weren't we're we're real good yeah you're rooting for three guys are mean right when they're kinda down. And a three guys

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And there's so much preparation that drawl is being pushed back as though they weren't part of what. Ever gone through which troops there are some who knew could. While I'm coming up just a moment. You look at it -- the better stuff. Just to try to clarify what happened at the beginning of the second period if he might have gotten hurt. He comes under the ice about a minute into the second period he is on the ice with -- and villain Hodgson on his regular line six seconds into that shift. He comes off the -- And curbing comes on the -- to take his spot. -- plays the rest of that ship. That it doesn't come back for another three minutes three minutes later his next shift he's on a line with. Any sinful Leno. And derby is still on the line. For the next shift after that with Hobson and how many villain that's when derby -- the puck away in his own end. And they give up the second gold for the Winnipeg jets LI IIS you may be that it got hurt. And and that's why could he started to shift and came off very quickly and -- took his spot on the line with with -- and -- -- Roby is in the building is coming up at eight run holding on committee which calls it -- -- 8030550. Sure there are plenty of calls last night during a hockey game for the WGR one airline. Number is eight point 30234. Car. This is to bring relief to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 550 this season. You GR William airline that brought you by the premier group wind may be easy. And these right here. And -- Know. Where you. Hear me well what are walking around. And all we can't blow. Would be -- -- I'll let thank you for fixing them. -- -- -- -- -- -- a little dangerous. Let's call up and we don't yet again ordered these guys and not worry. Rhetoric and what might work to an optical yet again security groups that wouldn't get in trouble in three years so we're working for -- -- -- stopped talking about that like it was a promise it was a goal. We didn't. But people kind of misuse the word promise there -- -- -- -- us clearly trying that I need our goal but he's not quite breaking a promise illicitly LeBron prompt step. Philip promise if you. All of promise although it was like grounds. Why didn't. All the football -- -- that there's -- hole. But we moved the world with certain -- problem hopeful. So the 245. Question game. Tonight RJ now if you glad that we love this core lawful stops help bring in Ryan go to the bench for the short tracker we wouldn't. 345. Watts. And we have the power play and -- -- shuffled toward the -- Hear what they're both grew up with glitter ball in Little Rock. So what ever the World Cup. -- -- -- A lot of McCormick I'm real -- -- -- wins and losses one high part of all of its troops from large posters or streamers and all of everywhere except the -- Yes I donated it I was getting maybe the good news in college and is not losing because they're getting out half and it's like they're getting intimidated and run into the ground. They're losing because they're train wreck at their own and -- -- not making big saves it to play a little lower intensity -- -- no emotion and play with getting. But. What what could trick or. We're. Not hand out water importance of what else are all. Usually I'll call up and it's something sarcastic well -- know our next -- sabres but I can't say they're just not on the enjoyable to watch. What marketing -- Borger spartans are rich or we will pursue what you or hurt workers -- -- -- -- the world -- -- -- will -- guard. Yeah. So please make. Think shots I've seen teams open floor but they were just -- -- sponges -- himself. The bottom -- brought you by the mayor group wind made easy that -- one of the weakest bully hill love my code red. Just 5993750. Milliliter bottles geology from its weekly specials after a wind dot com.

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