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2/21 Whiner Line

Feb 21, 2013|

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    you'll be out. In the NFL the New Orleans Saints beat the Carolina Panthers 28 to ten rough night for Cam Newton just ten for 28 their college football. Florida State over Louisville 42 to 31 and the NCAA upholding the suspension of running
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    Carolina Panthers 28 to ten on Thursday night football rough night for Cam Newton goes ten for 28. Within interception college football game as Winston. I goodnight 400 yards and three touchdowns or a state beats
    ball. Reading was below. Below are about below. And about OK below Kyle Orton Colin peppard. Ben Roethlisberger Andrew Luck. Matt Stafford. Cam Newton Joseph Flacco. Andy Dalton Aaron Rodgers to appease. Russell Wilson Peyton Manning Eli Manning these are all guys who throw the ball deep. Less than Kyle or less than adults like percentage of passes the go over twenty yards. Per pass. Those are the guys there like those are lots of good names there. I Peyton Manning throws the ball three yards every past teams and the bills actually showed you it's anyone in that. He's a retirement it's better guys they're a little higher Tony Romo Tom Brady Philip Rivers Brian Hoyer and you're Brian Hoyer. Matt Ryan it's about 20% of the time. At present is that the guys that throw
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    Panthers when he did that on Thursday night football rough night for Cam Newton egos just ten for 28 with the interception. College football Florida State comes back to beat global 42 to 31. James Wentz
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    your on WGR. Yes I am. I'm ready CPI all in and Kyle Orton . The problem that I hear it is. My hesitation is what you see when you. Google his name. And I find it
    a compromising position either. Might the first thing I it is that Kyle Orton too along. OK you government drunk at the partisan offseason. I seriously dark beer. Mark every part of its annual battle is

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. This is to bring relief to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 556. Season. Yeah we are lawyer lie in the rough do you buy that premier group -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob Byrd happy you're back from -- on the didn't vote for that big fat people are up in making. -- -- when you look -- is dark and Bob was it percent coach. I wanna -- you wouldn't. But what -- -- is 8% coach and all funds are back at watching sabres are. The archery here so that's the way they operate well stalker out quietly. Just bought -- What is left -- it can't be creative. Whooping. It up again. We are being brought with it but he. Took a lot of wondered. Well here we get a lot of people here who -- how can be had figured we watched. -- -- -- our network going nowhere. -- -- -- They have talent wolf find out though they're gonna be a team that needs massive roster changes. Or the coach does it I mentioned Bruce Boudreau in 2007 they were 614. And one. They finished. He went 3717. And something Brady Carlyle. Speaking of Bruce Boudreau Boutros done it twice and I've got -- bring up across that a pleasant Boudreau last year and I was in 29. When they fired Carlyle and they turnaround Boudreau and this year that one of the best teams in the league and they have not. Had massive roster changes as a coach available. He gives up the pomp and they'll award was others us. -- -- -- will do everything -- And the black spots. -- -- -- -- So what they. Are. All -- and so are. -- app. BC news. -- -- -- I want to -- -- public thank you -- twelve years memory card catapult. One. -- -- -- -- Peter armored car to call her what you up and as a player no doubt in my English woman -- Was it appears industry so thanks for a lot. Not a doubt in my job line and a more appropriate time we detect the that this will they retired his number of well -- be an all time winningest coach. 46 years of the franchise that will there be any sort of -- Thing for him down the line -- number -- -- -- -- -- with like 537 whatever we totally is -- would retired uniform number that's. The players but you wonder -- You wouldn't do it when he's coaching someone else in the say if he's gonna get another job quickly which you know makes you think you will. -- -- they're not retiring project number -- Henman retires. And with -- I wonder. If that time comes when that time comes what they'll do if they'll do anything. It -- journey to get her ordering this bunch of losers. -- no longer terms suppose what -- -- simple upload preserved better. But how about the tree up. What -- Qaeda mixed feelings watching. And you are now thought choir is what I talk I'll -- it should've probably a performer. While I brought your body -- group flying made easy the -- group what do we could bully hill love Michael -- just 599 for a 750 milliliter bottles he all of its weekly specials. At premier lines dot com to -- president of black joins us next.

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