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2/21 Matthew on new coach of the Sabres Ron Rolston

Feb 21, 2013|

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-- Emulate that a guy who didn't have much of anything and turns himself into pretty good NHL -- anyway whatever. Who's run Ralston I don't know anything about above -- -- was go to the -- tell me about it. All right I need to send troops and -- with our favorite color is. Well yeah and then after that call them to -- guy -- go to. Well it was -- In the opposite of Oakland erupts basically put it that -- -- -- -- is that -- you know squirrel group employer giving your face that the guy. And the that's what I would describe what I was being more analytical. Intellectual type guys. We going to be you know a lot there are kind of measure in the early deals with players instead of interest rates the -- -- in. I mean what we deal with players that I see in Rochester. It's. It is much of what it's not bad you know white fire underneath them necessarily by giving interface it's more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you say all this stuff are you talking offensive zone starts things like you know you read a lot of our website Matthew about. And the band statistics things of that nature Drew Stafford is -- a -- before -- should be getting more time to get about a -- is that -- you talk -- he sailed stuff. Necessarily. Mean I'm not sure -- consistent he's gonna do can apply in the NHL because. When he went in Rochester this last year he tweaked its own system in the way that he wanted to play to look like when -- Sure would be easier for players going from the NHL the NHL and for players like Bihac and well immediately and -- -- guaranteed and and market Selena. So you tweak that system will it will look like when the ensured that clue what it's gonna look like when he's doing it himself I imagine it would look like. Similar to -- the system well for a little while until we -- we kind of implements his own ideas but I think. That wanted to -- guy who can look at players' schedules like Drew Stafford and say. That guy should be on the power play. And he should not be playing in defensive zone situations like he has been Drew Stafford operatives all our concerns. 48% so far this year it's got to be higher than that and I guarantee you that Iran is gonna -- -- Eight Matthew in your art about him opposite of Lindy and all the stuff more measured in. I'm I'm thinking -- listeners hear that going. That is the is he good enough to challenge guys though can he motivate guys -- I could he -- a fire under guys even though it -- not necessarily -- in your face kinda code well and they follow that up because. Watching me all we know it was a 24/7 dead files with seems to be that way I got that -- and they would show him he would always seem. Measured knew he wouldn't you know they did not show Helen -- -- -- -- -- -- it right braving -- files -- -- to say yes to diplomats to look back home yes right that's the point. And yet measured does not -- spot in a player you know the at large teams the last couple years and make sure that players who worked -- well. Kevin Porter whose goal coming up now is not -- -- it's hard worker you know important -- players it's that Ron likes to have. What you know what you're talking about these teams are or how they've performed organ. Absurd there's never been an issue I have thought since I've been there in two years. And I text -- the player higher ranking player would be -- yesterday and he's ahead. Now that he won't play with the -- but I mean this is a veteran guy. Who came back to Iraq just go to Rochester. Because -- -- because neither had a previous history -- them and that this coaching style so I mean. I'm actually headed out to Rochester are firm practice today to get some more reaction on the record but these are the record reaction. Wasn't very -- for a glamorous players and the guy that I really do right. Last year there was a 100% effort -- Travis -- put it out on Twitter that he was out people probably understand people on each edit -- approach. Great person and I think that's I think that -- a much more personal approach of the guys that maybe you want to. You they don't have a big impact on fully don't. You know -- -- -- talk about the poorly yesterday our pleasure -- has been playing badly. I think it's. The world knows probably just his bat -- collapse so far are we going to already -- at least take -- -- -- -- shops -- presented to avoid. 5% or something like that I think that -- now dispatched anyway and put a few in the net you know it's history -- Ron Wolf and I'm I mean. Leno unbelievable last year when he came there it's. He kind of looked like that do -- regularly I'm trying to find its leg in December he was a -- and he was taking over the HL. And I think you can attribute at least some of that -- Ralston. I look forward to hear what the average players -- -- about Iran and now look forward to hear that and -- and execute thank you thank you very much Matthew. We got you covered Paulson Toronto in the game day skate is at 1130 he'll get reaction.

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