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2/21 Ted Black discusses the firing and where the team is heading

Feb 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I appreciate that in. No at least and then you know on my way over here with people call on and things like that I. I just don't want to turn this into you know somebody calling two. Celebrate. Somebody lose their job and it got a couple of those and and it's. Grossly inappropriate so I would just. Rather not have that right now at all on a couple people. Email me that and and you know pretty good about responding to emails but he email me with what effect. Kind of stuff and bounces. Now he's a block somebody. So that that's you know it's kind of throw the baby out with the bath water but. Out of respect for somebody lose their job just I would rather not -- they can -- -- as an organization. What. Cause you guys to get to the point we decided to make the change history. Well I think Darcy said it best the press conference yesterday in the period goals to make the playoffs and now we're at a point in the season that a lot of things have been tried -- And had a -- of working in and and certainly. Dismissing your coaches is. Generally an active of last resort or prove pretty close to it we're committed to trying to do whatever we -- to get into the playoffs and that's really the driving force behind it. I was surprised when it happened for a number of reasons and one of them was that I thought before it got to a point where Darcy would relieve Lindy of the duties that there'd be a traitor to some other avenue call up from Rochester some other way that. The GM would say all right let's give this works before he got to firing -- Yeah and that some they'll be great if use the Xbox analogy would be great if if making trades -- was like Xbox but. There's just not a whole lot going on. I don't. You know that's just the way it is it's it's. It's easy to make fantasy -- my kids play. Xbox and it's easy when the computer accepts blockbuster trades but. The computer doesn't work for any of the 29 other teams. What do. Wouldn't that Darcy said Wednesday was the tipping point was at the tipping point for the organization or was that the tipping point for Lindy because a lot of we were talking about it. Larry played fairly some comments to -- to the Buffalo News he said he watched -- these press coverage after the jets' David never seen him that down. And he just sounded. So defeated and he's never sounded that -- -- -- ever talked to Darcy in detail. I was traveling yesterday. About what he said what his intent was but I would guess that really goes back to the comment about. We wanna make the playoffs and you know you're getting to that point in the season that it's. It's it's tough enough as it is. -- put that pressure on. -- of the players but we're probably at that point this season that if you don't do something. You're gonna resign yourself that it. Wait till next year. With regard to the game against Winnipeg on Tuesday you know it's it's not quite a situation where the fans are dictating our coach -- fireman you've -- you've been on -- -- for the last year and a half. Two years and we've had those conversations felony being fired and in the past but in a Tuesday seemed to be like a new rule. I don't know a new feeling a new sort of frustration level from the fan's blowing. Have you as an organization started to feel that. Because I I I I think that sometimes one of the things that we deal with here on our show is the fans wondered if you if you had felt that and if you if you noticed. In the building the way that it feels like the fans. Had felt about the team in the -- pressed -- Howard's mentioning not a question comes out. You do if you do you feel that the defense hate this team in the and he didn't really fight that idea. Yeah I can't. Penguin fans booed their team off the -- a couple of times this year. Does if if your question is does that you know go into our. Thinking our valuation. You know and we respect our fans a great deal on and I hope our actions speak louder than than any words. But it it it really does not that you don't you don't make that decision. Based on. That shift that game that week that month -- you do that. Whistles with a lot of thought and and what it means -- organization and what you're gonna do going forward should play a role. I don't vote mean they are that the the ticket buyers -- Well we really just Minnesota speak and -- well we had at the other end of this discussion last week I was here are weather fans should should. Field elected you elector. World only to retention vote. I'm not a strong believer in that I'm fascinated by it but. Now I at all I don't think fans -- of the game. You know. Or games it is should be the in the barometer I guess it would be. Interesting to have a decimal -- something like that it reached a critical stage it you know -- guillotine comes down from the. I had performed -- I guess -- I'm not you shouldn't react 100% based on what fans are doing but. I guess like like we're saying is is it a factor even a small factor because it it is it your clientele. You know. They are the ones buying the product they -- that the season to get all the individual game to -- -- The people buying the jerseys and all that stuff and if there's if there's such an element of dissatisfaction. In the fan base to you have to take that into account as the people running that business. I I take into account. Ever mean everything I do on my side takes into account. On the business side defense needs and wants. Everything I I don't do everything the fans ask because one it's. It's generally hard to get a consensus. -- divot but I said this before or just virtually every off vice improvement that we made are stride that we've tried to make. Has been a fan generated idea and and then that's when I say all of us are smarter than any of us. In terms of of fire a coach you're trading a player and it. We really appreciate our fans opinions. We -- not dismissive of it like -- they're not smarter we're smarter than anyone else is because we're not. We don't we don't make those decisions based on crowd sourcing. -- you you basically do you separate the business side of hockey and hockey side. And you know the fans are entitled to -- side that that part of it doesn't bother me other then they're booing because there's a reason they're not going after a goal they're going after usually a bad play or series of plays oral office. The fans booed very loudly after the second period the Boston game and you know what part of me said I'm glad they are and the guys came mountain had a hell of a third period and the -- the Bruins seventeen to three. So that's. That that part of it doesn't bother me. In that it makes me insecure or anything like that if it bothers me that our fans are unhappy we need to. You know that's that's not what we're in the in the business of -- of winning. In the press conference yesterday -- black with -- this year sabres president. We have an open segment coming -- -- where if you're just joining us Ted always takes phone calls has requested that we not. Take calls today. -- rather not deal with fans gloating over the firing of that coach so we have. Honored his request will get your calls at 830 and are open segment data 3055888552. For fifteen in the press conference yesterday -- mention that. There were conversations involving you mentioned you can Sawyer Terry -- But -- and ultimately this was his decision. Was it not a case to the owner not go to Darcy because again we would find it hard to believe that Darcy would fire -- guy he's extremely close to. Was moved to deep emotion yesterday and doing everything could to fight back tears when he was asked. How should Lindy -- be remembered the perception would be that the owner for whatever reason whether -- any -- Well I I love the guy you love the guy but Darcy we got it. Couple things one. Have you have you ever fired anyone know that I really don't want to quite honestly. It's. I've teared up -- -- somebody that generally know very well yeah. It's a very if you've never done it it's a very very hard thing to deal. And I don't ever wanna get to the spot quite frankly were I don't get filled with emotion and think of the -- impact in the human impact. Before a fire anyone because I don't wanna become that kind of cold hearted person. That said. Sometimes you have to do make big -- decisions when you're in the big boy chair. What Darcy said about having conversations and ultimately being his decision was. Was accurate. I'm not gonna get into the details of -- and and reveal anything that was discussed her timeline or anything like that but but that's the way deeper trade does is correct. What. Brian Rolston as the interim head coach. Went when Lindy. Brokerage last year I think James Patrick for the one game in the past he filled in -- -- daughter was six years ago. You guys go with Ron what was your organization's decision there. My I think -- a good job done in Nam. In Rochester. You know last year with the injuries that we had up here in the call ups. Much to cassette on the show the only only coach I feel worst for because of injuries than Lindy is is Ron Rolston because he was. I think he was getting players out of beer leagues. And that's not too far from the truth. And you know he was able to patch together a team that that is scramble and make the playoffs. And I think Ron is very well respected. Throughout certainly throughout USA hockey. He's one of the most decorated coaches and they've ever had. Developmental program. So if they think the consensus was and again it's driven by Darcy Darcy is the one that interviewed and hired Ron last year. That run. -- be given a chance. What are you and when I -- -- the organization. What are you expecting tonight from the players would what do you think you're going to see from the commit this is for everybody around here. As far as sabre fans are there hasn't been an in season coaching change in 21 years so this is really new ground for a lot of people -- -- how do you think they'll respond. Well I expect to what I hope I gotta give you amending I don't want no part of what I hope is. But I hope is that the guys go out. Winning game for two coaches that they that they care about. That's what they really know for. What I expect is you know I guess it's by the same answer. Really. That said being with any game a lot of things happen and you know if if the guys come out saying they want out you know winner for two coaches or whatever and they fail. That doesn't necessarily mean -- to be disappointed because because. They're the effort might be there and the results might not follow sometimes the fairy tale. Ending doesn't always work in and you know even though Babe Ruth -- home run for. The dying boy sometimes somebody enough strikes out -- to get to home. That was. They weren't pretty but you're promised one minute coastal Kramer and an environment -- -- -- A moment since the park and think outside it was like. You haven't had a chance to talk to Libya. What would Darcy was asked about yesterday what would you say about it in the short time in the two years that you know him well you know what's. Ladies still alive yet in LA it is I don't know what it sound like a funeral in and it's it's it's nobody died again today he's still alive. What I. And look forward to talking with -- Because I really like Wendy I think I think that's the universal sentiment you get with people that -- that have been around him. I've been to his house he spent in my house that's unique for me. For coaching the you have that kind of relationship the Stanley is so wonderful family -- a wonderful person in the wonderful kids. So I hope he's gonna do you know -- I don't know what I'll say tell mother than I wanna continue to two. Have a relationship with an -- friend and and I. I don't know what exactly he calls his. Where he's from when people say where you from but I can say his hometown is absolutely Buffalo, New York. So and -- yeah he's he's. A very special part of Buffalo Sabres that hasn't changed. I hope he's happy whatever he wants to do if he wants to hang it up that's great. -- hope he spends the -- of -- spent a lot of time with his when this family and and if he wants to continue on and hockey and Cisco a lot of fans here in buffalo and certainly -- was in the organization. I'm sure no coach wants to be fired. But did you get a sense could you tell that this stuff is really wearing on him did you get any sense at all that this was really. Driving him crazy. Well I I think losing wears on everyone when -- when the goals to win. I think Wendy's you know certainly some of the characters from terminator you know he would come pot of boiling. Molten lava or something like that with you know with one red -- glowing keep fighting for the death -- I think he has quit in them. And I think that's a characteristic things can carry with him and and whatever his next. Whenever his next phase of life is. That blacks favored president whether -- here. Thank you for coming in -- thank you appreciate it and again we we can take calls for -- you have some comments. You can email and you we have our ask the experts link at our website. You can send it that way if you wanted to send it directly to meet Howard WH ER 550 dot com I -- for them along to -- -- at the offices well. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550. Fault lines are open to give.

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