WGR550>Topics>>2/21 Buddy Nix from the combine shares his thoughts on potential draft picks

2/21 Buddy Nix from the combine shares his thoughts on potential draft picks

Feb 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And so. What are -- doing well thanks for coming -- buddy you know I I I she went and talked about the bills but. You know you're up on what happened here yesterday big news from the sabres you went through that a a GM. Here. Really emotion and our -- voice when he announced the had a fire is very friend Lindy Ruff. What is that day like I mean obviously it had to be tough for you to tell Chan -- -- you dealt with everything -- dealing with a -- Maybe even worse for him to Atlanta was here fifteen years what does that they like for GM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably twenty other. And -- -- and storage are. It's -- yet. Make it difficult for anybody out by Kara. The bottom glad it is when you reached this yacht. It each year. If your goal always always to do much of the change and sometimes. Without any any follow. There have to be changes in my shall. I'm you have to then but not dramatic about it your. But as you prepare further up the com buying you guys get your interviews in. You get to medical seeing you get to watch the work out how much do -- of everything you see in the next week how much of that. Really influences or factors into your boarding your valuation of a player. Thought I can't and you -- get out of -- and Amelie apart everybody part of -- what you. You're actually put your basic to -- all of it as a very let. You know -- are drastic change is that the board. It app to beat up my pre -- and how are you. That that would get that award anyway Eddie and ask any. Estrada thing -- It's a shot at bear what cheap foul or make you go back and look at the end. If they're in very -- match. Attracting. And what you expected but. It's important and it is important but it about it I think what -- they're the most important buying bottled -- here in order. As they used to pretty ineffective. Against. Make huge gap while the -- Their program shall. You gotta wait -- all that entrap actually what do you after that actual almost I think -- -- they're they're changing but they're they are important. Anybody would would destroy -- -- man -- tail or the do you -- with Alec Ogletree -- you to take either or both of those guys off your board that you brought up off the field a moment ago. You know we're we're still play like -- process from a little weird look at how -- football players first and then their shopping at. Habitual -- at me you know it can and yes. -- conduct and then we we give it consideration but that note that this sport that then -- -- -- multiple. As you know is a lot of talk going on here about quarterback because of the the position here and a lot of talk about the group of quarterbacks and it doesn't seem to be very flattering can you. First off overall body give me your assessment what you think of the group of the quarterbacks available this year. You know it's EEE hero kind of different buying them up front that we keep repeating. Particularly here but -- That will be -- water quarter action group. -- Go route to the cup I think that that they have enough talent there that app now that. -- Keith thank is there are which were able to. Bennett so we need this a bit stronger and I don't -- -- but database from our unit you like to. Let's say if they were in that perhaps now -- -- -- -- -- amount of this group. That's I wanna ask you about do you think they're you have guys that you think are going to be. First round quality in this group -- first round quality in your estimation. Well you know operate it out by what their arms down Taylor's. Strange. A valuation that the gap what they're looking for. I wouldn't let it take to put any -- -- around at this point. You know we've got our great -- we come out -- and and and we can coordinate our help but. I -- yeah ours and a data. You know under you go back at that I can you go -- market Russell Wilson and you go. Look at lack quote unquote -- and you would like pit stop can't expect they would -- day. You know I think it was at the senior -- -- mentioned that you're you came away more impressed with Tyler Wilson's arm. That you had during the season but again overall you look at this group which guys impress you which quarterbacks do you like. However about six or seven under certain that you lack -- things about -- at least that many wouldn't go in that. You know they are coming here in the intermediate every editing any. What do you -- one got a dish and do the best at what we call and well we've made it thank you might can't -- a -- Target has I mean well we don't know if you're in the -- Who forty what what kind of court you said trying get the guy which is the best fit what you want what do you guys want in a quarterback has that data as it. We know what you want that you talked about us during the season. Is it the same or has it changed with the new coaching staff at all. You know they've got any issues. Bob their political Serb but the good -- -- -- a good trying to hit it there's. I'll -- and that they managed to -- gas. Our goalie you cannot yeah I cannot doubt. What the player in -- so we're not going draft like an Austria. I'm absolutely. I think would. When they're out with a -- -- Olmert got stopped instead what what the quarterback -- -- -- and what. -- topic to tackle it and hope. I think he's got that much flexibility. I was impressed with everything both sides of ball -- -- -- makes a lot of -- -- Are you plan on an interviewing all the main names at quarterback. I'll probably get most yeah well well what we will be all on one summer either here or. -- real mayhem Marcos Aleman and spend time limit their. A couple of things -- ask you real quick you guys just announced the resigning of Tarvaris Jackson can you talk a little bit about the the decision behind that that choice to -- to bring him back what was the thought process. Where are you know it from our veteran -- -- when he went according then we go -- adding Eminem take away now. You know -- exit and I am. Run would be the only. Quarterback Randall rosters -- -- a little actual or always shares. Which ended air corps and the percent to Marshall went old boy aged -- -- actually he's -- he's under this art land option. So you know what street where you want to adopt. -- you guys made any decision about placing a franchise tag on Gerris bird. You know that's an option. I -- -- can we got to make sure we got killed mark or. To make a decision. And now we're -- -- always try to work out that they don't I am not that I had got. There and additional branch -- -- and her option that we elderly. You know what article ever. Is tagging live featuring an option over the price be too high. You know -- still option you know you're always yeah. So I am you know you -- departures two -- what you get to -- -- we're pretty good shape and you know we got we got capped by a single. I think sometimes that we're in trouble -- -- you know I live where you know where did what and that option will use it. -- what works album contract. Buddy can you get can you get birds signed and the draft picks and whatever other free agency might wanna go after and hit the beach you don't need all that make it off. Can't operate when that picture you know -- -- him you know aware. You know where we're going to bring up why are probably and free agency at some point one might not mania. The course later say that we are great for Catholic incumbent and then. And opposite thanks in extra pressure off the draft so we wouldn't do you know when I wouldn't be acting -- pleasures. Your com net interest in the guys cut from the jets you can any team can laughed then now right. Yeah any interest in Bart Scott Calvin Pace Eric Smith any of those guys your plan and I'm. Not a lawyer way to look at all of my -- that was very you know again you got connected actually thanks you know out there. An assistant coach adamant that that. -- coaches don't I don't get about it. Or email me. We don't we don't take -- -- got a lot. The last thing on asking about body is what other positions you've talked with -- us about quarterback and I think even wide receiver. And maybe even linebacker. -- other other what what a quarterback what about tight end with Chandler coming off an injury are there other positions that you are going to try and address this off season. Well certainly he -- out there you know tidy had he did occur which earned the course. You know got -- generation detail. Scott Vietnam clashed. Game -- the year and really really limit cheap tramp or read it happened you don't know out. -- that out come back we get. Airport out on the roster but where. Where. They don't look at it and somebody -- -- a difference there -- fourteen. And cornerback what what's your thought on that area right now. You know -- we and we got some good young cats. Actor and match and -- we're pretty it would -- they. And you know quote Leo bitch beer or other -- Freeagent. We -- -- he would -- keep our gas shot. I know you've got to understand it saying it. And then -- and ask about how and when you can't keep everybody you know that it just doesn't get any. If somebody else. So leader that he has a lot more important what we didn't -- And good luck to you and me and didn't predict there for the fire. I'm buddy joining us from Indianapolis Tom nine underway and jobless guy covering it for the station buddy thanks for coming knowledge and enjoy all the work -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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