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2/21 Bills President Russ Brandon at the Combine

Feb 21, 2013|

Brandon talks with the media about upcoming free agents, the draft and other roster decisions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- in these and you know. Processors. The players my main responsibility one yours side. Typically spend way to much time with him over or and a we've. Meet -- many agents. Our perspective -- raised over the next two days ago. You know -- I've pretty much let the evaluation process. The -- to -- -- waiters. And talking. And audience and don't -- Victoria work on basic cuts. I'm my main focuses. -- nations which. Pretty much what most other than any issues with us. Talking with us. Here's what's the process and isn't that what it's done here terms. -- Basically. It's like any negotiations an opportunity. To sit down face of space that many people need to community. -- you have relationships we can sit down. In sort of talk about the parameters. In the opportunities all of our guys that are coming up. So and we we have I know people focused on your burden of the tree what we have a pretty cool breeze. That'll be coming out. March well so we've given -- a lot of work to do in the yeah it's an opportunity to purses. Two. Get a pretty good understanding where -- come from and what there you know what there. There focuses on move forward in an inning in the had a very open and frank dialog Apple's side so. And it also gives an opportunity to make some progress to sit down and later that day is the next -- so. And continued well so it is both best actors -- students and it is -- here. Do you anticipate you you can you can typically that doesn't happen. Well you've never pretty damn good framework. Coming out of here. You know all parties are in the position to strike if that happens you last year. Yeah we a lot of there's a great example right there we have a lot of dialogue with those CJ Laboy and -- and since last year and probably about three or four times while we're here and that's that lets you know -- deal right for reasons. Four calendar year. Not yet. We have a meeting scheduled over the next three days. I don't have an exact timeframe tomorrow will meet with him we will meet with -- -- -- Eugene we will meet David -- And -- -- will mean we will meet with. Every. Representation. Of -- lighter over the next news pending Europe today over the next three days. Birds and others but -- are. You -- I would say yes we're we're gonna sit down and talked to them about us. The status -- where we know what our position is what you have an understanding where there as well. You're never -- a percent room -- any way to improve our roster we can whether it's through free agency. And an art institute the draft so. You know we're. -- coach Rome has been about the job six weeks. He's been spending a lot of time in the personnel department and in his coaching staff of failure waiting the roster over the past year. And then we'll take a look at when -- Opens the Europa is we'll take a look at what free agents are available. And see if there's any players can improve our franchise as I told you guys -- the press conference on January 1 -- attack. Everything that we do to try to improve this team and and get back to where. We need to be in this playoffs. -- -- And much of an option and he. It's it's an asset that's available to you if need. Obviously. There's a variety of reasons why you don't wanna use it. But it's and it's available to us that we need it. You prefer not to for you know from a cap management standpoint. But. You know we'll see how it goes. And because I mean -- you maybe elaborate. Somebody were franchising. It's really somebody who want -- -- what's yours or you want to -- it bit desperate sellers or you know I mean it's. You know it's just. It's a tool that there you know is collectively bargained. But you know from our standpoint -- you were were focused on. -- try to get along. So. Consumer Natixis. Yet. Commission was. But. It's it's. Or rather large poster in the first America. Well will he be on the roster at that point. But I think the main thing there's you know. And -- so little repetitive but we'll continue to anyway and that's really more you know in line -- -- audience and don't come out. That it's we're looking at everything and evaluate every aspect of the organization. I'm I'm very regular physician. From top to bottom those guys are doing roster so. We'll see. -- it's yes no this. You theory I think it's too early to talk about that as. Its roster and this is -- -- -- -- But you know there's allotment box on the roster. It's yours -- some injuries. And it's -- well. You foresee potentially or. Clearing a space. From some veteran guys who work out. Well I think you know last week was typical week. You know Terrence and and George have been a fixture in our organization and our community and in his long nick is obviously Ben. A guy that is not a lot -- -- the last couple years it was it was -- week we work closely with these guys and and then there are great citizens on top of being very good football players so. No I guarantee you we're going through the process. Woolsey were all comes out we've got a lot of work schedule the next two and a half weeks a lot of decision's going to be made an excellent athletes but. This is another of the comments and other layers an opportunity for us to get togethers and organization's staff we spent a lot of time together. Is this organization. Outside of what we talked about with the -- community and there's going to be you know quarter quarter. Sort of -- -- he's been gone over the next but you're not necessarily ruling out more about to -- I'm not rule out anything at this point oh it's too early to say and I don't want to say anything that. You have to. Look back on them and map accurate so or else we're gonna continue to look at everything. What are your expectations for the season -- -- -- that you know enters. You know sometimes the cumulative as we -- that where this team is. I'll never say the word rebuild I don't believe -- Reload. Not rebuild we do we need to show improvement. We've worked our tails off ripped through over the last couple years through this roster. We under achieved last year. You know we're hoping that we can hit the ground running under coach -- and his staff. But. In this game they'd rebuild is not a word that makes a lot of sense to me. Anybody in the position -- resentments are -- going to be very aggressive and attack everything. And we've we've got to -- and others. -- Work. I'm relieved more so those conversations to body in on the personal side. Border's general manager to run the football sides so I'll let him I'll let him answer those questions and easy take another step today. -- Absolutely you know I meant. It and I told you guys couple weeks ago I'm not a couple months ago I'm not gonna look back at last search seniors. But it certainly is on the minds of a lot of people and understandably so and we've got to get back to playoffs and we've got to start -- Dancing shoes being. Significant and being relevant in this league and we haven't been relevant for way too long so. It's time. It's time to change that time change a culture. And changed the focus. And that's you know what coach was brought -- to do very confident -- -- dead -- when you talk about meeting with agents have anybody in the community and your colleagues of yours other teams' hands. Is there a need you -- you -- -- Let people know that this different that things are thing Jeremy how do you do that he can say that the that the these are the bills. What looks. What's that. That it's a good. Much tonight -- -- I don't think we're compelled to do that you know I think there's an understanding you know. You know that were we mean business. In not to say we did before but you know that we're you know we're very focused on -- taken another step. You know I've heard from so many people just in the game happened and hear about. The excitement from about coach tomorrow. And what he brings to the table. In in this staff that he's assembled. I think he would get aggressive nature of how we we went about it was well received here amongst my years. If people that mean. Substances to us in this business. But I think that right right there's. You know -- my focus really isn't really -- really. Put a lot of stock in of that because it you know it doesn't mean and then -- 1 morning. It's like so you know when you're trying to -- to -- agent it's that is you can put money down the date yet knows and it's just money right they know they wanna know what they're signing up yet and I I think that's -- of -- it's been. Very well received suspensions do you approach it both grown and his staff had taken. And communicating -- guys in our roster it seemed like dogs on not only at the college level. But the respect he has from his seven years in -- I mean I'm. I'm blown away by some of the responses I received from the fears about. Were they saw. Coach -- elevating too at some point scorers well so. I think you know that sort energy that he brings that level of accountability he's -- sort of culture changing guy. You know he's holding that you know old all the linemen as we don't know so. I think it's going to be very well received I think pat is going to be very -- in defense -- side because his aggressive nature scene at Baltimore New Yorkers on under his watch. Defensively. So I think there's a there's a quick bit of excitement plus I think the other thing -- People are very. You know we've got we've got a strong roster and I know it hasn't translated to wins. But I mean that's one of the other selling points of apple is we have quite a few pieces in place. And being a part of that and understanding what is like when you win in buffalo. It's a pure football town with a lot of excitement that we don't know about. That's very good people as well so I think. Prom season tickets right now our peace and both were were a year ago. -- the -- word all plays out but there has -- a good level of excitement tied into what we've done. But there's also a little bit of a wait and see attitude I understand as well. But I think people are generally. Pretty excited. About. Coach Ronan and his staff that we put to him that he's put -- in the old. Most anticipated -- -- things or they have maybe even going to. Get tickets that are. Drafting a quarterback and nobody -- comments from a few months ago. I mean it is it -- stress on this -- department franchise guy. Or I mean I know it's easier said than done by the but you know a bit. There's a certain level of expectation with fans based -- what your GM to. Yeah no I I understand and then you with the fans. But you know it if you know. Buddy and I know you guys know what it pretty well. He's not gonna reach for anything he's not -- reversal is an analyst and so -- and that's and that's never this putting words you'll not reach. And and and any level for a draft pick he's going to. Pulled the tag and who he feels is the best individual at that time. You know you'll have to ask him about his comments relative to quarter but you're just being around body that many years I've -- -- He's very true to his board and how you value which players. He's -- -- nobody around here. And we'll be reading the craft yet one of the one thing and people aren't. Pending transition. A lot of transitions and don't really. It's. Sort of -- GM and leading role of -- meeting place. -- and that -- know there's no timetable for that I know it's that's also a popular -- there's no timetable for that -- dog. So well is not going anywhere these -- assistant GM and is in he's in charge of all personnel. And in -- is. He's locked in to buffalo for you know for the foreseeable future so there's no transition. Timetable planned. Body will. He will -- you and I will meet on that when it's appropriate but we haven't discussed that at all possible. Players have been -- already. There talking about earlier about it's free agents. Are there you have guys talk. To get started to. We've -- you guys who are our guys a break. Yet. What will -- tell him that he had no no no -- Know what we'll do is think we're gonna sit back down his staff and talk about that in our personnel or personal department thought that's holding it. So we'll sit down and see if there's anything that we need to recalibrate now. A relative to guys that are three right now because I know there's been quite a bit of movement over the last couple days when we do that -- So Jim and -- Schedule may Alter a little bit based on that but that's. It was so depending on -- -- time -- -- here US -- do you hope to be able to jump into the creation tool not to extend that right if you didn't Marlins last year. Well you know I think John one of the things there was. And we had a plan in place going in the last year and the Mario situation presented itself and we -- So we're always willing and able. To Alter our plan. If it's gonna improve our roster and it's an opportunity that we think is while this. This present itself that we weren't anticipating. Power and yet. We're ready we're ready to -- again and I use that word attack that if it improves our roster so no we're we're in we. From a camp management standpoint music we've done a pretty good job on that front you know the goal is obviously to have sustained success. Which we haven't had but you know you wanna put you in a position where to your point you can stricter pre season don't have to. You know kind of -- in your roster in the position Q. It. -- Well I think you know last year plan. When free agency began. And you know we continue to have dialogue you know relative to our these communities and -- two different Mario -- You know -- we figured he going to. You know missiles when we were able to sit down and strike a deal he struck a deal so that this amendment. You know we were very aggressive you know -- her position as a community. And so -- -- I'm really pleased about that. It. Happens and we'll we'll let him continued on in committee goes. I can't. Keep him an offer another -- in his although my comments over and the ability. Just. Not specifically and -- New -- branch does -- when -- erupted someone with people involved. But them. And that menus are very good friend of mine -- was a that was also a difficult day when I heard the news yesterday he's not only. A great coach parties want the best individuals and I've. Been around the -- and I were together in Florida. Before we came at the exact same time to buffalo -- both when he was with the answers and I was with the Marlins in mr. highs and own both of our franchise so. We've been friends for a long time and what he's given to the community. The success of these head. And as a player and his coach here going to be sorely missed. I text him and you know just expressed my feelings and you know -- Friend for life and he's. Legacy is done so much for our community and wish him in this friendly enough and corporate successful for. Cougars cougars -- your first. You know. It's it's what you ultimately strive for -- our business you're -- Jerry Sloan and you saw. I think there's another coach maybe in Nashville that's been -- mr. prosper along time. It always points to. Big organizational. Structure guys so -- And I've always -- Atlanta Braves you know Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz. And they ran that. And so much success for such a long period of time. And continuity. Can bring that type of success when you're on the same page. Ultimately. That would be the goal I mean the goal would be that I hope -- Rome where having this conversation fifteen years from now because that means you wanna. And I think when you look back on that -- which -- indeed he did win a lot think about what is -- Bankruptcy. You -- this situation. He served. He didn't only survive that he flourished during that and it says a lot about his character and what you and what you brought to the organization to the community. They should direct to stature and royalties on. For owners of account of the NHL were -- It loses its soon. It's amazing what a great stories I think and and in all sports what he's accomplished. Dangerous as best legitimacy.

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