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WGR550>Topics>>2/22 Bills HC Doug Marrone at the NFL Combine

2/22 Bills HC Doug Marrone at the NFL Combine

Feb 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you maybe just your general thoughts this being your first go round in this world. But today you know it's always the Celtics for me to come back to. Come by and I went through as a player. Obviously I've been through and as a coach you know at this level with two organizations and come back as a head coach so. You know for me there was a lot of work put into account -- when I was a player get myself prepared and with a lot of work as an assistant coach and I think that. You know the higher you go now that it coaches it's really all day you know working you know from early in the morning to late at night. It is something that you know it's it's it's fun it really is and I'd much rather be on this and and the players that. You know that that's tough I remember that the player and I give these guys a lot of credit. -- the student evaluation process what you have on your roster. Do you see not only for the scum behind the free agency review. Mysterious -- -- I think you know we you know obviously we we've we've looked at the roster and we're excited about working with the players that are on the roster. You know process for the -- -- you know we're fortunate as coaches you know knowing that our jobs -- the -- to people that are on the roster. And win football games and -- Nixon Doug -- and -- you know -- you know they give us an opportunity you know to have an opinion on the players and and we have an opinion and we write reports and we handed it to them and it's part of the process and I know as a coach. You know it's something that I appreciate. At least she can have an opinion on on personnel. You say you've been through his apartment now here's the guy with the -- your development stage in that way for the -- and all you. Do you think of it all mean when -- in this position. But really you know -- For me not only really think about that I I think about you know getting back and work with the players and it's been such a long time. You know -- so much time between you know when you get the job and you meet your players and and it's very difficult because. You know people -- gonna ask a lot of questions about you know personnel rosters about violations and and you really wanna deal with the players first as the players are the most important part of what we do you know none of us would be here -- -- for the players so. For me my excitement when I think about all time is. You know our players voluntarily be reporting on April 2 -- having a chance to meet them in person face to face. Is really what excites us and then from a standpoint of what we've been doing this coaches. -- -- -- put a lot of work in the platelets in the kind of sneaky sure earnings prepared for when our players come. Because that's that's what our job is that people -- -- -- roster we have to go ahead prepare them develop them and get ready to win football games. And -- and I think you know. Again with you know you always come down nearly look it is to upgrade itself wherever it may be. And you know for us I think you know what you premature its all time I think it you know each position has certain characteristic speculative floor. But people do talk about the quarterback they talk about decision making accuracy. You know after that there's a lot of other you know intangibles that people may differ on but I think those things that you look for what you look for you know. Overall and all the players that look for big Smart strong durable. You know players that you know give great effort. And you know love the game of football. There. -- -- But they don't feel it's been difficult for me is that you know we do travel a lot of information obviously on the Syracuse players as well as a lot of players that are within our conference of people that we played against so. You know whether we don't know if that's an advantage or not. We've we've tried to hold it close to the -- so you know it's been very difficult for me because you know I do have a lot of friends in his profession close friends that have asked him about the players and and like I told -- I said. You know they're good kids they compete like -- You know what you see on the tape is is its value evaluate them and that's pretty much all I told about it and you know like I -- the players you know you know meet with them and and I wish them luck and I and I wish him and where the team they -- go to. Lifeline to the Senior Bowl. You present it didn't think it on -- -- situations that the Padilla. Now look at that. No I I actually took myself out because I think that if I asked him a question of how we answer. So I hope so for me. You know and and I think but you know what you can say that a lot of about a lot of the coaches that have come from college that that come into this league. And they're asked about that players it would be hard for me asking -- question went out laughing really it in the today. And it. I think that's probably a question look for buddy having concentrate on the coaches who get prepared for the players that are you know that are gonna be on the roster -- -- and and so. You know for me. You know my job again is defined as the coach and and and I I'm a big believer in that you know there there is my responsibility coach and win football games so. You know that's what I focus on I don't really focus on the things that I don't have much control the college guys that are here when you get an interview process. How much are you looking forward to that those conversations that things you talked about him winning and winning play much -- important that those conversations with the count. Only curry started that last night you know with our interview process and and really what you know you only have fifteen minutes so it's very difficult. So for us you know Margolis and find out a lot of football aspects of what they do so. For us you know hopefully it will put -- tape politics some clips and we're only what we wanna do is we want to play too. Unless you know what's going on here what's this play. You know and really -- described -- you know what he was thinking what is thought process and just really trying to find out from a football standpoint. Maybe a little bit about instinct how we can able you know how he's able to communicate what he's supposed to do. And those that are things that we trying to find out in a fifteen minute block -- time which is difficult to win in fifteen minutes and you know changing opinion about it I mean maybe you thought you don't want to. Well you know I've always wondered this myself when -- position coach you know because obviously this is more personnel oriented you know how you do it. I've always believed in a body of work of a player you know what he's done over the course of his career how he's progressed. Whether he's been a three year starter two years are when your daughter and I and capitalize and -- that mean -- -- news stories about someone that really performs well here moves up or moves down. So you know look for me I've always believed and it's what you do on the on the field. But you're going cellular -- and those are observing Nixon during the season that he thought Stevie Johnson was shooting at us plus. You can run through your evaluation process do you agree that and how would you assess your right receiver. -- -- Well again you know and I haven't worked with those guys it's very difficult for a Sissy because again you know the route concepts and schemes. But I'm excited to work but all of them I think that's the visa. A good player a very good player and and and probably play all multiple positions I think. You know we have a lot of players on our team that can do a lot of different things and that's what's exciting for us as coaches to get out there and start working with them because. You know we don't know what was asked and we don't know what the opinion was prior to buy by the other coaches so for us it's like -- clean start so. You know we got a clean start -- -- the players out there and and watch her run we'll tell what you know what we're looking for Lauren and get a chance to work with them and I think. You know we'll have a better sense when we -- work with them really where the put them whether it be to slaughter on the outside India transceiver. -- it's always cool here. -- Really work out and you hear those comments. Paulino I haven't you know I have not discussed those Thomas went on because you know I I really believe. The thing the reason why I'm so excited I believe -- face to face you know and and and being able to reach out to smell the breath of touch somebody you know when you talk to -- so. Again. You know that that's when I'm looking forward to meet those players so it's very difficult and I and I'm not saying that these questions that you have -- great questions they are. But again -- you know put yourself in my position I've not been with the players I've not met most of these players it's it's pretty much scattered. And you know really don't know them out. What does it happen. Well I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't know the context of it I don't know. I don't know what the players so I really can't can't answer. And you have analog face to face meetings but richer interaction been ranked Patrick our cars -- -- Parsons since you takeovers. But the virus has been on the phone Ryan has them on I think Ryan's been by twice prior to him going back home. And really that's been it because by league rules he can't guess it amounts are talking about schematic and talked about football and talked about that so it's. It's kind of been just kind of likened the angry. -- -- enemy. I'm sorry I like what. Take. It. Again I keep going back to the same thing and it's not them trying to put anyone on this you know. I'm a big firm believers again you don't watch -- -- just part of the process. If if I was gonna talk about a valuation of a player I would wanna do it right in front of him first face to face what we said. I'm not going to be able to do that when the players report when I'm gonna have to be able to do start building the foundation of our our system you know three systems of offense defense and special teams. And start working with those players on the field and then even when you're on the field and -- I run into this problem before when I've been asleep. You know you're in shorts and T shirts you know until all the contact games so. You know it's it's not as easy as that decision if people think that you could just watch a tape and say let's go. You know you wanna watch him play football and things that you do. That really absolutely were never we're about we're about we're about. Again. The one beauty about what we have OK if we do have multiple systems that'll that'll fit to our players' strengths. And that's what's great about it down and we have to you know figure out with -- -- those players may go within that system with the strings are to a look of war but again. Enables us you know to to put those players in the best position to take the best plays that -- available sold. That's the one thing that I'm excited about it's it's it's it's it's multiple and it and it fits if it's whatever we have on the roster so you don't try to you know fit. Square peg into around home. The senior that we can take these bills are not even -- that individual players. What have you seen that that need this team. Let's hear what in your name was what there's a bit. -- me you don't know you really don't I mean you you you go back you look in and when you're not there and you're not. In that situation you really don't know he's not in there with you know with the players -- the other coaches so. You know it's very difficult to put an opinion on that. The old but. You know what I do is I don't look about what what's gone on in the past I'm -- to see what we're gonna do in the future and get with the players so you know I'm more Custer I don't know how going forward than looking back -- and what's gone wrong. Sure and I look.

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