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2/22 Doug Marrone speaks with National Media

Feb 22, 2013|

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Appreciate it thank you very much. I think it I think when you take over job and if you look at you know what they've done in the past that I think it's it's part of a process. You know. I think it's very difficult when your coach if you don't know what's been asked of of of the players. And you know I don't really like to put too much into it because I want -- we go and look forward. And and get that question quite a bit and I got -- quite a bit today before and -- come up here and I think you know what's important is I guess to challenge. Is that had been head coach for you know months and I really don't have a chance to to talk with the players. Face to face. Until that we -- voluntary workouts on April 2 and I think that in the end of the day in my philosophy -- we've been the most important part. But the organization the most important part of why we're all here this is the player so. For me I'm looking forward to that meeting with them and I'm moving forward and it's going our system. Will it -- coach Coughlin you know both from the same college. Surely you know we have we have a pass like like -- you know have a past with with with some of the coaches that I've -- -- and -- started we played in the World League together. For the on the marks and -- we became very close friends and you know we went into coaching I wanted to coaching a little bit earlier this started out at Cortland state small division three school and in New York. And then I second I was at the United States Coast Guard Academy and Danny had gotten -- plan. And I had an opportunity I I think a I think my first year -- 3500 dollar a year contract. With the coast guard academy and we we didn't have enough money. -- standing and he is something and so on the split my salary with them up first here and -- Eating a lot of all you can -- places once today and it was a good experience and -- started so. I think it's important I think coming into the -- coming back into the league hire someone that has experience in the special teams. Obviously my background on offense obviously. You know I know quite a bit about defense -- -- -- that you know throughout my career. You know with specialties is probably one the lesser types of experiences you know I have gaveled -- -- coast a little bit so wanted to make sure brought someone in that. I've been -- has done -- someone that I trust him I trust any like so like a brother. I think you know sometimes things do a little bit exaggerated. And you know as far as like how I would have better insight to it you know he was an opponent and you know probably watched all of -- games obviously. Getting ready book. I think everyone else at the same type of evaluation process of what they go through it's not like I was able to go in and ask him what you would think and how you gonna attack us. You know -- able to see him you know did do some some very good things obviously. Unfortunately there -- very good things against us so. I think he's you know he's a very good players Longo the other as well as all the other players out here so I don't think I have any great insight into. These players that we played against. You know or more insight than anyone else for us. -- it's probably you know. Obviously I think it all the Syracuse players we'll we'll tell you that you know the reason why his cousin had a great coach but that. No but honestly -- and most kids of all worked hard and here. Obviously I do have a little bit more insight into them. I'm just gonna say that they're they're great kids and whatever you see on the field that's what you gonna get. You know other and I think -- -- -- here today I think it's information that's an advantage. You know for us. What the Buffalo Bills as an organization. Has been very difficult for me have a lot of friends obviously in the league that have asked me these questions quite a bit during the week. And you know I've kind of had the same response that. You know we're in the information -- business not information given you know when it comes out the players and that things and strategically. You know -- I think he can help us along the way I don't know. I really don't. You know but it's something that I don't think that you know I shared all that information prior to and I'm not looking to hear it again. Is there is dispute. Well I think it also answer your question and on the first timer at the Senior -- one and we talked to Ryan. I'd ask me questions why why did you not ask me questions like that all. First -- last month questioned I think I know what you have is going to be you know second while I couldn't stop -- and I asked some questions so. But it's it's. I guess sitting here today is or standing here as good as a coach of buffalo. Obviously are looking to move forward with the organization and do what I have to do here -- do my job but there's a sense to me that looks back and how proud I am of all those players that are at Syracuse. And I'm proud to hear that it -- that the here and have a chance to show their skills. And you know put himself in the position to play in this league which is especially. Here now and take it. Personally and you know it's freezing cold. Channel is -- a very good player obviously for us at Syracuse and I haven't seen him play. -- on my focus when I have watched him felt it was obviously looking at our team so I really wasn't looking -- -- -- we'll look at our opponents as we get through. Later on in the process of what we do and let's go to right now we're about 80% done with -- playbook or cut ups. You know our focus is you know for the players -- roster when they report April voluntarily April 2. You know three -- be ready to move forward so that's that's what really what our objective is right now. -- -- -- I think both players you know obviously haven't known better than and and a waiting game in the NFL I think it'll. I think it's natural. I think we might not say that but I think you know when you look at where we are today you know -- you know competitiveness of the players that are here you know trying to impressed. The NFL personnel I think you you know obviously a -- a coach come in I'm very competitive. Should the security guard in the buildings competitive everybody's content so. I think that you know players whether competitive with -- with themselves to be the best they can be competitive going against people. You know like that position prove that they should be on the roster. I think it's in all of us so for us you know come in in -- world be competitive and what we deal. -- It. I looked really look at the roster and then talked about you handled most of the personnel right now and again you know there was obviously things that he's -- on tape prior to you know his is a rival buffalo that you know we look at me and I'm excited to work well you know. You know I believe in developing players working with them gain that trust not have a chance to sit down with him speak to him face to face I have spoken to -- phone. But again I go back -- the same thing you know I'm excited about working with you know players on the roster I think that. A lot of times especially in this situation things get. May get confusing my job is to coach. You know so the players that are on that roster my job to coach them and win game and I think it's it's really simple -- that. It's. And. Really move my conversations between the players a private but I think that you know Ryan if I would say is the most and I. And I really hate speaking for other player that I think that that he he's good I think we're all competitors that mean. When I was obviously interview for a job -- the the people interviewed for the job Buffalo's people into the -- double time I'm OK with that you know on competing in line. You know one out of the player myself we were always. It was competition like this -- whether from someone else so whether it's from competition with -- though. I rarely ever I know in my experience I've never really seen a player that. That was an open to competition. Well I think a couple things. I think what attracts you to people especially on the opposite side of the ball and our people that you you know would not like to face. The world that you would now like to play against the people that give you problems you know and systematically that that defense looked as -- we've done. You know obviously I've I've known about Mike for quite a bit of time I've been able to watch his work obviously when he was in new York and haven't been to -- training camp. We'll break down the road. It goes back further what that you know Todd normally use a quarterback for me answer he's plea from my dad and I -- far back this all goes so. What was important for me when hiring staff was again that was that type of of defense that I want to be you know multiple. And -- Mike. Was available and I thought it was the best case and as far as being in positioning knowing her opponent. I think that's -- bonus. I'm excited you know we've we've talked about like a lot when I was in New Orleans you know -- and or put them I believe when there -- new York and and obviously. You know Nathaniel -- themselves to be my whole thing when one was about bill from the staff was trying to bring in people that. Had the same type of foundation in the system that we wanted to run. Known what we wanna do up. And so -- defensively and special teams. I think when you do that. You know would be very difficult if you think about the time frame right now to bring people went from multiple systems and try to teach the coach's first and go to -- the players. Where you bring in people have the same type of foundation. I think that's why. We're able to sit here today and saying we're about 80% through it and you know work in 3COM I'm in our down time and we should be completed in a while before players arrive. Ali you know like again when it went. He has a minute coach for very long what would put what was long mean. I mean how many years you have to be a -- to be -- it for a long time I consider myself not being in for a long time that. I think it. You know if if if if that age old you know he's been doing it for a long time and on you've been doing well having been a student of the game and I think I think. Like all of us that -- played you know one thing that of people question would be just you know you know obviously a lot of us possessed the knowledge to to go ahead and and he can coach. But again we just work on the you know how -- we communicate that and we get others to respond. Through it I think. Have you ever met. And I was the only thing. Yeah it is that a good guy and a heck of -- -- and communicate very well so I'm excited about him and being with. It. I don't think it's really fair to talk about you know other situations another thing that happened I think we're just moving forward right now I have a lot of respect for. You know. All the organizations penalty itself -- on -- and I'm trying to have a greater respect for the game I would be fans stand here today for the for the game of football. One teen -- -- -- -- the wild you don't read the struggle over it's. Your talent and speed. Well I mean I was any AFC east. You know before I want to nor -- You know and I think those challenges are still there you know for all of us so. I think it's. The great challenge and challenge is also pretty great opportunities and compete against good football teams and -- assists one of the things that we have to do this part of part of what we do this is competing in the house are. Again about. I don't think he could put 11 -- And valuation and a game I think it's the body of work and he's proven that he's you know top flight quarterback and and I was able. You know if I was able to see that you know going back and look at old games and you know we were just fortunate you know we did a good job and then you know we're able to win the game and you know but make no mistake about it is an outstanding player. It. It. He's the question was book and influences Sean Payton have I think I think through life I think everyone has influences -- and I think that. You know obviously. -- on his. Wasn't only just an influence but also good friends so. You know I think I think -- take a lot and I was very fortunate to have a very good high school football coach and you know great college coaches and all payment. You know like -- unfortunately I've bounced around so many teams then we'll see a lot of good coaches for a short period of time. It's like being back here today and I'm never be another player and 1986. Was -- -- mine in the war on. And it was not nothing like this at all I mean. You know from -- standpoint you know I don't either either one I wasn't really good enough which I don't want -- you know but no whenever ethnic question while I was there and on. You know it's changed so much in -- -- -- mine itself from. You know now players believed they leave school and they go to train and they know the drills and you know they know the coaches and question -- -- -- remember back in on the 86 it was like that at all you know the anticipation and pressure. You know the performance that one moment but. It's it's good I mean it it it could be a back and I'm excited and a lot of people -- influences -- and -- -- Yet. Pat how -- might be to listen to bill about his his players. I'd be very -- it and I think that's one of the things that helps is that. You know our our profession you know the whole profession you you gain friendships -- you have a lot of friends that veteran collagen. Know sometimes you can get a different perspective. No different than when I was in college and recruiting you know he's he's you know you know some high school coaches better the other sometimes they can give you a little bit better insight to to what's going on so. You know that bill is one of many many years Michael's friend. But again you know I have a lot of other friends that'll that'll rely on when we talk about that I like to go. I like to go I look further before in the past I've even gone back -- someplace to place. You know and go back there and just get a respectable women than before when -- -- position coach and coordinator. -- --

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