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WGR550>Topics>>2/25 Joe Buscaglia talks Te'o and the combine

2/25 Joe Buscaglia talks Te'o and the combine

Feb 25, 2013|

2/25 Joe B

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Also tea -- is. Forty time. I doubt you were there to see that but I know you were there Saturday what. What will you remember about -- oh when that news conference he held. Well first two the first thing I'll remember from that press conference and that shell was just. The sheer volume of reporters that work. There are mean. There's a rumor going around that used he's going to be coming through the meter of around nude. And so I was one of about actually I don't know 300 or 300 secure portion standing around the podium. In anticipation -- we get there are seeking get a gonna stop against. You know I have to worry about it -- to get much out for the whole radio saying so which actually the ball. So that so we are all sitting or standing around waiting for and we get there. And finally were sure go through that. That he would be coming to at least -- -- clock. From -- it was it was very interest -- when he finally did come through the room I mean just. A silence throughout the entire room they didn't even bother bringing any other prospects in during the time anti tea tea spoke. And one of the one of the things I'll never forget about that but a press conference. They've buried tongue in cheek question asks you which was the second elapsed. Probably someone from the New York Post patched and are you dating anyone in real life. That's that's the question and I don't think I'll ever forget and and the way he handled himself throughout the entire ordeal. Was was very -- -- He can wait very impressive in their perspectives. He looked like she was humble it was just it looked like she was ready to move on and was very sincere about a lot of stuff so. I -- emanate watched her for the effort but -- proved that he's actually good football player in the NFL. Do you think he'll have a tough time at this point. Convincing teams that he's not some Joker like do you think teams will. Look at him. On the basis of football going forward. I think a lot of people want to know and we'll take into exactly what happens because. In part they're going to be likely be spending either first or second round pick on this guy. I don't think they'll just let it go completely -- From -- -- he's been very consistent since this -- single has. Has really come out and he's going to be it is going to be. Analyzed. You know articulate striking that most prospects don't have to go through but -- could push from the show they're gonna. Start to get back to the football side of things and once they get those answers there are so I don't think. You can necessarily only go to just football only focus on just that removed from your board entirely. But it all plays into the equation. That he's gonna have to live up to because there are legitimate concern whether or not is. It whether or not just call eight comprised saying -- What are not -- which some could also wire you've come across that way apart. You know people trying to or -- -- at a press conference so he brought it to their due diligence and and rightly reckless. About it like it was you know you'd think that they had been to the senior prom together or something like him it just the whole thing still. Discount it stinks to me so yeah I'd really worry about that are repeat the guy in a million dollars to play one. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure it's gonna stick. With a lot of people all the way out just to tell -- all. There would stole out of order to have questions about it I think one of the collection -- -- -- and go see -- first if you care of them so deep that it deeply. And in well I try to but it obviously didn't work out -- an -- I I -- That we don't really know how he was brought up or anything like that through. And it all. It all plays then Bryant yeah I I think this thing is going to linger we actually have -- -- Until he troops themselves. Just beat one of the guys and and B&B someone action do things going on a football field not -- you know grab attention off the field the way this whole thing has. And you know it's Sony's gonna continue to -- of course. I would think the forty time didn't really do him any favors today right four point 82. -- not what you're looking for out of the first trial linebacker and it. I don't think so but it never released. -- are you would have all that fast to begin with. Believe it can look at linebackers and in themselves. Are the fastest one today with the or force ever occurs is that it was Eric took from Missouri who -- converted safety. But. Like you know it if you wanna compare -- to last year's top linebacker taken particularly from Boston College. He ran a four point 58 at the post details right or a war regulatory pro today. So I think. I don't know that it's necessarily going to. Hurt his draft stock because -- -- that you have all that. -- to begin with but I I think you'll probably see him and that somewhere in the late first early second round ranged. So morning you can look at the rack up a bunch of tackles but probably be a little bit of that. They exposed. Expose the defense has all -- improper yet this year perhaps the cupboard and advance so. It's not it's not crushing to them but it should play a better times certainly would've helped us. Joey don't wanna spend the whole time Ontario and we're. Which require a lot but just quickly what do you think the bills think about the idea of drafting -- or order in court. You can hear me now -- no. We'll try to get 20 fixed to do what the bills Pickett missed the remaining question. I'm still gonna go with I hope. -- that I I was describing like some teams might look at it that way imaginable scenario I laid out about how he described their relationship when he thought it was real. That that's how I feel like I just I don't know that I could trust that. You know so it's I don't know courteous the whole thing kind of freaked me out in India than -- that the matter how good is because he got an element. Joseph real quick with the bills be open to taking them in your opinion. An eighth overall I don't -- that it would be a bit but at 41 that he was still sitting there I think I think they would be open to taking him just because. They need linebackers and it'll probably be one of the federal linebackers available that point so I think I think. If you would bear that 41 they think that's what they can. Are your back from the Columbine the bills. You know the quarterback position has been that the lead story here with respect to the draft. At the end of the Columbine. Working what do you think the board might look like for them. Well you know it's it's a little stole a little bit in what speakers. Couple -- or at least one of the big names didn't throw Matt Barkley didn't throw it all. Geno Smith was a little bit. It permits same thing with Tyler Wilson Mike London was awful -- watching it worked out. Tyler -- words words fairly impressive but. That was to be expected because. He's really -- and throwing the football but it's the stuff on the you know that is to stop the locker and that has -- a question mark. So I mean it it really didn't answer any questions to be perfectly honest. It still think. -- here's a good chance that you probably CG knows that the the first dial the border in terms quarterback split. After that it's really it's really a correction to be honest I mean you know you know who. What team -- As a certain guy to beat the right -- For their franchise record dictate a lot of what and it's happening -- order. In terms of the order of this draft because there's no overwhelming two or three prospects that have really just. Stake their claim as being the top quarterbacks this year. So it's really gonna be all about personality of it -- published it in with with who they have in the scheme they happen. And -- as a matter how -- going to pick I would expect to expect. Anywhere from three or four quarterbacks just be taken based opposition in the first round murder. But you know who those guys are people who remain to be seen -- -- huge question mark. Running down realistic guys you didn't mention massive name their how did he look at the comeback -- Well airship you know he continued Serb could be stronger over. A bit intermediate throws but. On the -- down field he he he lacked the -- And that's something that you can see throughout his entire. -- threw out all the game that you watch him as a quarterback. And at Syracuse this past year or so. It's going to be one of those things where. Does he have the in years you're the -- worked for quarterbacks and draft a champion and able to overcome that. And will you be willing to invest an earlier text in the -- despite not being able have the correct touch on the news on the -- close. It always is some have our ordinance say they expect to be the third quarterback taken I still. At the end and those you know the seventh best quarterback to wrap won the popular opinion put in -- -- I I just don't see a lot of the same stuff that other people do. Seventh best. I thought now everything -- Marron says about quarterbacks about NASA especially considering he seems to be very. On willing to it to give to disclose a lot about about this to this point he's come off that way I think but. Eat eat the other day he said something about evaluating players and probably was when talking do you -- About. Guys in shorts. City and even with all this we can play it here I think I think -- -- found it. You know it's it's old guys in shorts and the way the way the way my mind is focused on NASA and the draft. I think well NASA is the guy he doesn't have to settle for having to watch in shorts. He's who's watched. Soared up and and played for real for him for a long time. Yeah that's right and that's what -- the barricades for the sort of built taken obviously with. If they want to -- sort of hit the ground running with him -- As their next. Eight of the franchise parts. In Dayton but you know for the counter argument went that. There have been cases in and bury your recent history of young quarterbacks coming in and being able to be successful with. Coach is that they've never play for -- It's really. In the wake of they've approached the coaching staff it's all about familiarity so I can totally foresee a situation warned that it could be big guy. But I I don't necessarily Awad it. What pigeon hole them. Having him be the -- because Kleenex said just because Doug coaxed them doesn't necessarily mean we're going to take it. And I I take him for face value at that because I think it would be a mistake to believe that the scouting staff is doing their due diligence about it guys. Just because the fact that coach coached want OneCare itself. I still think that -- others are and chancellor someone else. Some other quarterback -- and let the bills. But you know it's it's hard to ignore all things point -- Think it's really interesting. In this Kansas City story. If there correctly identified as the partner with San Francisco. With this much reported trade that San Francisco is attempting to. Bill works through. Kansas City gets their quarterback. And they're off the board and I just. The spots followed all through. And see if you're right joke is I'm inclined to think like you're saying three or four guys on goal -- quarterbacks it just happens I would goes. Whether that actually comes to fruition or the bills reduce it. At eight take the receiver from Tennessee and then grab their guy in the second round -- and maybe even haven't been answered I just. To me it's may be way too early to make that call but it's increasing the point. Yeah it certainly is. You know. Back in 2011 always go back to this one just because. We all thought that a lot of guys were gonna drop and then as a bloc rose ever -- ten. Ponder -- twelve. It is just it just happened in your -- in a bang bang bang sort of way and a few things leak of that one. The overall -- for quarterbacks and two. Movie. I guess the lack of and having patrol ports financially they start to the smaller contracts he's got that side and so you're willing to take more risks on a quarterback. I was so. So I think that. I I still think that bill and that being three or four guys got their first round -- It is it is I guess it's way early in the process -- ball. And secondly I mean. You know I concede. That -- are happening at or at least. One of the lesser guys were not considered one of the ones who could be -- -- first round of the Buick title or play -- like that. -- and out there and still being around 41 pick. Some of their guys the lower regard they want a guy -- -- actually -- You know maybe maybe they might -- kick it away so. There's a lot of different ways the -- go in the strapped tactic that he even not even had not even addressed the quarterback position at all for two days thoroughly -- -- In other troops. Right now it still looks like they're going to be doing that within the first two days. Yes close your mouth shut your mouth of the pack clothes or drugs because I try to soft -- thank you -- Don't let the other teams pick your most important player for. You want a quarterback don't wait that's my advice. -- a -- US sports Jerry Sullivan at five sabres bills give us a call 8030.