WGR550>Topics>>2/26 Joe Buscaglia shares his thoughts on the NFL combine

2/26 Joe Buscaglia shares his thoughts on the NFL combine

Feb 26, 2013|

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Very important -- at what you think amid tight tomatoes. Forty time and is that a big problem. -- I made it would -- looks to be expected that you wouldn't. Run particularly well communion. It last year of the top linebacker in the draft were linked to increase the -- -- and he ran a four point 58. And I never really saw that -- was. As do the prospect. As a equally. -- or or Patrick Willis when he -- -- him -- him you know the first twelve picks and then maybe some of these other linebackers that particularly on. But it when that would -- right. I think you're someone that. They used to play until they actually get. Mean you know -- is currently it's in every single. And it it most wave of his game to. Based off while he plays that. And when they Mark Taylor because the public -- -- the Gupta the other you know a guy who racked up a book tackles. Kind of go a little bit -- work. Thank you you know assure tackle -- is able. If you have to move his feet right director of what he's not able to get there -- -- yes go man to man coverage he's struggled mightily -- Diplomats that -- really. Shocking to but until years. You're exactly what what you're gonna get out at you know slightly above -- linebackers. -- do the same in the NFL. And ballot for the matter of so whether or not seek him. You can you know perform high level so I think he's. No one of those late first round speculative that the guys but the big you that this cup kind of picked to to include thought. I have a follow up on linebackers when asked about a second but I never I don't think we had John yesterday I don't think actually ever ask you this question about quarterbacks. You have a guy is there one guy that you prefer all -- you have like this major conviction on one of the guys in the quarterback crop because I don't I'm not opened. So many different guys on the there's one guy that really kind of you know beat the drum for his or anybody for you. Yeah I -- not really. I know. I know there's there's a couple of but I probably wouldn't look like. You know if if our -- of its senior rep are probably wouldn't would be -- but. You know -- If we hear that -- really have that by good player and him. You know I can make peace for -- been -- wonderful to be honest you know I can make a strong case Mercadolibre compressing economic growth mutual Barkley. Could make occasional welfare record make peace retreat a bit. But you know it could do but to say that this is that this is this the year that provides one of those players that. You know you really would like. You know if you have a team he would really like to see one of these guys be put -- team. You know I just I don't I don't have one of those guys who you know they have the stronger convictions. The -- that you know one of these guys -- Covet him and perform at a high level that you are so. It's so it really had a rough year but that's that's -- that -- these guys' income and committed. Think a Little League. Could be a solid starter or or you know develop consultant to -- a great starter because it's well you know -- you do look at. Alex -- -- and -- you're you know that with -- ought to be not so great report back to your ballots that Beverly had now. There anything but there -- rockers even though he's picked employees. And them becoming one of the best quarterback in the NFL and Adam you know he's got a way to becoming all favor at this point so this is. If you'd never really know what you're gonna get out of these prospect well very. Did -- to get into the system put -- like get relief and here they are I have spoken to the conviction political. -- if they if they decide not to go with a quarterback with the first pick let's say they address another position that they wanna just linebacker Andy. Who's the guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I -- on the break anyway we'll get to just not a linebacker.