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2/27 Joe Buscaglia suggests the Bills may not draft a quarterback

Feb 27, 2013|

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It's -- was -- but it could deal with this schedule you -- anything -- about. He's turning into it it's there I -- make sure we're all. Be in the same thing Joseph likes to make fashion statement you're what you're saying is that the wrong statement I think you'd feel comfortable doing it because it on the radio and nobody really -- On WG. So fortunately you'll find fifty. Regular jeans look like a clown pants on the that being Paul yes -- goes with the tight jeans I might take a picture him being weeded out or they're getting. -- -- -- -- -- I felt fine. Joke coming up in a moment. -- What you would. 80305 -- to join us this morning 888552. By fifty sabres beat the lightning last night we've been talking about what it would take to get you interested in them again. And I always it -- to readjust column this morning at the WG Arafat to deduct kind of they said earlier an epidemic calls your questions on the -- averaging. It was on that and certainly if you have any questions on the bills in the draft and if you had a chance to read -- column. Heresy at that that is you called out industrial 552 I said earlier Joseph gave me a heads -- -- texted me yesterday today. You know he wasn't gonna be on the show today said -- get on the show after you read the column mom about the post. And you know I thought maybe he was advocating the overthrow of the government he was not but it was pretty darn close. The idea of the -- not drafting a quarterback. It's ten observations from the com by Joe's got it at our website alliger pocket -- on number one is. What do they don't draft a quarterback. -- -- -- that I really wouldn't go so well and I know there are no well liked that. Our I can't I can't talk you -- that. I'm sorry go ahead joke seriously tell you -- -- you're kidding around like it's just it's one of the things like you throw it out. So if -- sums to crazy. Think they don't draft quarterback is that you know I put out back in. Nine under after that the -- did not series. That well I go to actors will director at about spirit oh yeah I look at all the website that's. Don't know that without Carter I think there's there's something to let our. You know I don't know that necessarily. -- guarantee that -- that they'll take one in the you know a couple of loud now if you ask me that before. You know what coaching staff train them and you know during the season one but index was talking with you guys. Out of that -- this is the year of the the year of the year but you know -- just the way not a record actually to serve themselves. The way that the bill have opening needs. All over the roster and they need so many different position the comment in and be starter. You know I think. If it could be. A year where -- -- here are saying OK well the bill might take. A quarterback in the third or fifth round rather than it in their first or second round Granger and -- reasons. First of which is the overall quarterback -- -- not really having any having a dynamite player to take over to pick they go all or even. You know I think there's. There are legitimate questions about Philip number that's like well pick it. Because because I'm anticipating the it you know there's going to be some players at that position -- for the -- come around 4041. Overall. So you look at that and you look at the fact that. The bill do need a lot of work a lot of -- replaces him you know -- there's -- -- out there are worried watch. You know -- even placed a forty on rookie quarterback Jim Barrett in OP the overall incidence of not setting up a guy to itself. And right now on offense the bill that CJ Spiller Stevie Johnston and projection. And you know there's this story out of five it's offensive line position that we looked like -- -- order. -- you need you need another playmaker wide receiver you need to add another wide receiver besides that. He need to -- A tight end because Scott Chandler is coming up according yell late in the season and well you know here to create -- after the -- thirteen -- them. So unique piece off and put that guy you know competent defense so that way that we would be the rookie quarterback. Doesn't have to throw the entire team -- back. -- -- quarterback to start opposite that but don't want you need another pass urgent need linebackers. In the safety of your expert doesn't come back so. There's a lot of different questions that the bill have all of the roster and they might have too many holes to. So aware of what you're putting the rookie behind the eight ball it's very it's bickering and name him and put too much trouble. I agree with everything you said plot and it does lead to a second question about all these -- but. This is what buddy knicks basically did it. Three years ago he inherited a team with -- and that was a mess with a lot of holes he joked about I wish we had more picks. You know in retrospect he says now -- he explained it I didn't trade up to get a quarterback is they need it all those picks because there were so many holes so late this gel as an organization. Okay let's. -- all these holes. And then you know we'll get to the quarterback eventually the -- maybe they thought that was a guy but it what they decided let's not get that drafted quarterback right away let's fill the holes. And it blew up and that's the most important position on the field so why would they think they tried three years ago it didn't work out why would they take the same philosophy. Well mainly because the quarterback collapse earlier and all that great this year. On the news and I think that certainly plays into the equation and then you've got. Some guy out there and I notices that is convenient but you've got some guys -- there next year that's what could be you know the better prospects than that. Than they -- then go this year. So. YouTube channel all that out then and you also have to factor into the equation that. The bills and best to look totally fixed they thought they had. You know. Picked up at a starting quarterback in Aaron Williams and and he hasn't really shown too much -- and so far they thought they had -- starting. Middle linebacker intolerant -- -- and he's been average to below average this throughout his career so far. I'm not saying that those guys can't turnaround in and be effective. I think they're willing to probably have to do it safety to be effective but. But you know you look at these ministers and that's creating holes again for the team and if you don't have that team and play. -- mean it's its -- it's almost like banging your head against the wall it was in all of or even trying to just this rookie quarterback. Government and in all that great things so. I would still like to see -- draft quarterback in the and the first couple well I think. There -- -- cases needed at that position. You know -- I am I'm not going to sit here and and -- -- -- that factor in all OMB stop what -- because I understand immediate and I understand the way to import the build out their roster before. Before. Rookie quarterback and brought them in -- and a lot of that makes sense to me and I didn't go I don't conceive them. Drafted well by you know actually I just don't think it's it's as much of Lambeau so that was may be in the rubber. Your calls coming up in a moment I just wanted to follow up -- show here -- -- 515 as they said -- I agree with your premise and you can read his article at WG Arafat to -- there are lots of holes. That's what I'm wondering about as well. How is that -- -- the right back in the same spot where they were three years ago but he next takes over in late 09 early 2010. And has all these holes and here are three years later. Talking about linebacker cornerback wide receiver tied and may be left guard maybe safety quarterback. They do last three years. And that's well that's that's sort of oil belt you I mean they've they've made some here. You know CJ Spiller about -- But you know -- hasn't really them that overall. Impact that they wanted to of error of quite drastic. In and that you know you look at the quarterback position and it and I supported that without my article -- I think the cornerback position is. In place for eight overall that's if a white guy is fair and I think that's what could be. So. So when you don't have Eric Williams. Being able to -- and Adam. In -- in what he can do on the field when you don't have Robert shepherd vehicle. You know. Perform up to global expectations that you -- all wet AM with the new coaching staff that that likes -- -- -- -- that the players. Then you have to think that. That there are still gonna try to address all of these mutant. -- -- that expects this year. They don't have a sort of well under which the you know that would have trouble making the team anyway but they only -- expects to -- Oberstar. They don't have all that much cap room in in free agency especially. They can add may be water Q freeagent parts. Outside of that thing you know they're not going to be making any Mario Williams -- exciting this year. So -- -- -- trucks there they're stuck for the draft and and by doing so they make him if they can do that with. In -- not potentially not kicking the quarterback and holding off for a year. And and hoping that. And I'm hoping that making an open part. Positioning themselves well enough to get that kind toward fourteen -- that and that being the case so I can make an argument -- well -- -- -- -- You know that the overall team needs of fifteen. And is is pretty outstanding. Joseph whether it's a jobless guy 8030550. To join us then your -- -- -- read ahead. Flying -- I read the article and you know -- candidate Gucci armed. The thing is called and then it's not. You -- corner exit the corner I think is pretty that I lodged. Town's -- and now what about a receivers there I mean at one receiver what if he's available Sanderson you know who -- think it would take out of that and I know they're not technically -- but in the first round. But then again. -- -- the rest and ice where everybody is taking. Geno Smith is C there. I joked about what that good. What about like receiver there. Well it brought up the -- even brought up a quarterback. I think all have a good shot. They're or who are within the the light shaking or that -- overall pick. According well Paterson is someone that I've been talking about a while it you know power -- He's someone that's a playmaker stood just a shade under 62. 215 pound perhaps four or two I think a -- at the comment this past week and what he has put all of this and special things happened. But the goal. It is it's you know he's a little bit out of all of route rather from from what. From what some have pointed out and in he's someone that I think. You know while he might not be -- -- wide receiver prospect right now he could develop into. I'm a big time receiver in the NFL and in what you that's what that a potential. You really have to think about taking back -- -- in the interview with quarterback my mind's thinking that's -- simple you know like -- over the past. Few years what he's been -- -- quarter. As a player defense has been predicated by the they go good quarterbacks that can take pressure off routes that pass rusher and also pressed the defense so they can. Put pressure on the opposite team and one thing -- Brandon and who are grown and like -- all strapped. Is that they're going to be across. But they're going to they're trying to try to force the issue or try and impose their will are probably a potent offense which is something we haven't seen from the pills. Courts and I'm so you need -- V8 physical. Regarding a locked up once -- the field. And you know I think you guys know that I watched her support -- -- -- -- in -- time. And the one guy that stands out there because. Certificate availability -- will likely be -- support. I understand better behavior wrote shoot six foot 22 -- term problems. Are tied for the highest political all quarterbacks were irked by jumping forty debentures. Has and it won't be longest Carol arms. -- at the quarterback position in the landing then -- forty in four point four precept and then and he's been known to lock up one side of the field and there for Florida State and hasn't been an. And and you know it yet been tested all that much by a quote important match because they thought they were just thought going to the other fields so. I look at a guy like that Becky could have absolutely be an equation for that -- they go a number of different ways but don't. I figured it would be good political or other names up there that tour but will be going after other -- quarterback -- you know there. And pastor are sure why that the that we've seen throughout the first few months. I want them measure wanting route to guard the mock drafts believed gel over all the mark dressed because Joseph. -- applaud your tires your joke when it comes of people in the world that are in touch with what the bills were thinking from a roster standpoint -- one of the five most connected people. So you know what happens in these mock drafts like guys like buffalo the quarterback geno Smith you know like we we kind of know. Or Joseph does more than almost everybody alive. What they may. May or may not to hear that it is the -- missed the point of the segment -- -- the segment was to yell at you know I'm at a McDonald's and tiresome pumps tires. Earlier written report. Still I think Jeremy is completely off base I would agree with a word of what it is a go to Peter next year college out here on WGR I'm glad Peter. Guys what's the can sense it when we hear about your body -- but that isn't very -- the most talented group of quarterbacks that he's seen. What that comparing what it's definitely preparing that you wouldn't make statements like that they can carry that Q. What can not a policy your report here after that or how quarterback the came out at college while you're performed in the NFL this year. -- night didn't they get it. These quarterbacks earned the giraffe. It looked like -- the ability. To play in the NFL play pretty well so when I hear that this isn't a very talented group quarterback. I'm not I'm not supporting anybody but that's. Just that the consensus. I think it comparing to who. -- -- let me let me have a with a quick question here -- on your comment -- because I watched part of the -- like you and I want to Senior -- all the stuff. I don't know what I'm hearing them say it's not -- I'm -- -- that's right they're not consistent that there's ability in the group but no one consistently shows that that ability as opposed. Last year's -- Absolutely right I mean you look at personal worries quarterbacks they have a ponytail but. They have. A whole other game that mediate. And Andrew Luck were a lot look at what -- Al last year. Or you know there might not be as good of a prospect that even a -- and they know last year which I would argue till I'm blue in the face because I don't really like I can't -- all that much. You know there is you can point out of slots -- each one of those games and and that's really the overall demand a lot of a lot of times it's about. You know when the pressure I mean you look at. Geno Smith who like London and in Tyler bray and Tyler Wilson and bit the same song remains -- or mean. When when that when it's kind of you know what the ducks like to call in -- pocket. You know -- bear accuracy dips down considerably and Tyler Wilson who is probably. The guy that has had -- -- the most pressure in the pocket because it off at a vital support. This past year but. You know a bit you look at every one of those guys -- and what Matt Barkley some question your arm strength that. And you know it's what Tyler great choose some question his maturity and leadership -- There are so there's all these different things and with right now it is double your approach it they're all these different things that you could look at what these guys. That might prove to be. Potentially fatal flaw to their opinion what -- of them potentially being a long term success belief. But it's not necessarily something they can't open -- So -- right now in terms of a draft prospects it doesn't work. What to be electorate and he holed one quarterback which is why it has something scrambling and you see John -- writing your strokes cut by an article. And and him saying that no quarterback really dealt but the quarterback really sort of open become quite which is absolutely right. You'll remember 2010 and brought -- up in my column still Brett -- the -- is thought to be may be the top cornerback -- in the draft but he was really under sized. I'm broke up you know to 35235. Pounds put on twenty of twenty plus probable possible. And all the sudden he's the number one -- This year it's it's not that clear cut -- and there's no guy that really rose up from anything and and that's why we're here talking about the -- that we're not even -- -- -- here. It's -- good read WGR 550 dot com even if you're gonna wanna read number one on the list and then you know throw something at your computer screen. -- just it it's a good read and Joseph also mean it's in the linebackers wide receivers cornerbacks. We didn't talk about free agency and offensive tackles and hide and it's all there at WGR 550 dot com as always good stuff John thank you very much for coming on you know are -- about follows. -- we -- our that you're good guy. For the most. Our thanks to have a good -- Make your check it out and read your fight to come Ronald now more calls from what we got the plots and the quarterback and bill should do here in the stuff we're -- about which I would love to hear from -- -- a 30558552. By fifty also get. In a way. And play games. The supply you let your avatar of the make -- point. Back in the day and it was a car and never did that both the car and stop the little its job. Is 1955. He's you're right he's being generous if it was authorities obviously drove the -- check out the new Cary Grant that would put. All of that I -- As it is now. I check out -- talking. Not that. That's it you -- take other -- that I guess that nearly forty -- as accurately as. If the Studebaker. And out on the wind screen. Hang out rumble seat. And we do well this is. Right that's a long way to get you were given white tickets to boxing and some Republicans get tickets Thursday actually team. 7:30 PM first Iverson have been about it -- -- -- 35 dollars courtesy of -- -- general content with life. Joseph Walsh also hearing that 6449878. Collar five with a pair of tickets. That tickets will go on sale Saturday morning at ten at first Niagara center box office online tickets dot com for charge by phone 888. Future 36 out by the way. Clearly Jeremy and -- talking about my parents and grandparents not not. Now year strategic. -- because. What day of the draft April 20 stiffen -- OK so the 27 starts the third round. Right is round one is Thursday Thursday round two is Friday correct. And the rest of the just them in my travel website quickly. Like that's out there and -- they go into the third round without a quarterback like that. I will be flying to let me see if I can Minsk. Minsk is far right it's pretty far book a flight one way. That -- Minsk one leaving church everything Joseph just said. Cam and a couple of -- -- now less than a thousand dollars beat the men's is no way. -- if I will guarantee to court if buddy nix says I'll watch out you know what we got a lot of holes to fill. In I -- a time warp of three years ago. -- here I come. I will not be able to handle. This idea that they all well and they don't for a quarterback in the situation. Almighty. So it was it was a sobering segment our it was -- on talent that the work I -- Or either -- book a second ticket on the flight to come with -- -- -- -- -- technical. What they play soccer over there probably there to make they got the got to like hockey or -- -- -- goes scout for the 24 to limit consumption good. When you're talking other than talk bills if they do not address school about your calls welcome real.

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