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3/5 Joe Buscaglia talks Bills off-season needs

Mar 5, 2013|

3/5 Joe B

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh so arm the castle that's gonna happen around you start -- we that we bill and Joseph from the show for heresy. And we thought okay he's sat out long enough so we got back and showed hides out. Morning guys then right is Matthew put me on hold the first words I heard of our work. No was on track. A portrait. I'm not sure you probably weren't sure the combined they drug test media. Arrigo what good are right. Oh did you really Howard just over the story did you suggested bills really could possibly maybe not draft a quarterback at some distressed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amazing at what what would be the scenario -- seriously for that do not trip to Quebec would just be that they don't feel someone's good enough or. Is it may -- there's only one or two guys they target and they just. If they go before that they wanna take them what what scenario to think. I think probably the latter and if if they don't end up with. With a guy that they believe can move you know the -- franchise guy and -- that -- overall pick or 44. There are a bunch of greenback could be targeting quarterbacks in that early second round -- right where the bill might want to so. If if they really help like guys in mind and it'll take him at eight overall. Then as they might have to rate back up that trade back in the -- ground that that getting back Tyrell -- -- probably missed out of himself. Mean they're they're still believe that the local trick or back at some point in the collapse. I think -- if they don't end up taking more in the in in the first. Two or three rounds and you're the -- on the fourth fifth sixth rather open like that but. They you know I can foresee an instance where the -- don't necessarily to -- back this year because ever laid out last week you know. This team as a lot of pole -- fell and -- in you know they can't that they you know or terror. For potentially -- some graphics and I mean right now. You talk about what they need on the roster in need of her running back they need to pull back they need wide receivers they need -- tight and they need it darkness and they need. Media and other tackle to replace him beyond may need. Any defensive alignment they need linebackers most certainly at -- Castro and linebacker they need quarterbacks they need at safety so they they need a lot of different things resolved -- So they end up not in the quarterback because they don't -- force the issue and and I can foresee that and the development and there's also the school of thought of having to. The having the rookie quarterback wherever he comes -- having him have much say it's 2014. -- state over the taken quarterback earlier this draft. Having him come been with the team but they want in place before we get there -- so he's not. That's been the sale well I'm so I'm not so I'm not indicate one way or the other that that they're not going your draft quarterback. -- and I think I don't think it does open and shut the case as we once thought it would be. If you have any questions about the draft -- -- agency 8030550. -- it was about another ten minutes. Free agency begins in seven days five hours 48 minutes and 28 seconds from now mark. -- -- -- -- But I guess I think teams can start talking to agents on Saturday the ninth and then the actual. Tactical signing period opens up the drop in your gut. I started that it is a few weeks ago I think -- features a goner. And I I read Tim Graham blog the other day he spoke to the atrium of each it said there's been no conversation with the bills no offers been made. I think that's another indication that they feel that they're just not gonna wanna pay Libby to what he's gonna look for on the market. But he -- in your gut what do you think does he stay or -- I can go on the in my gut I. It. But that's not ruling out the fact that they could come to a deal with some -- and I have been -- before about about that type stuff but. You know. The indicator. Which you know we're talking about. Cap space and what they ask them what they don't have. And also how much do you value big guard position when you're trying to. You know bill. And the rest of your roster packed up and not to mention -- and there are. Their leader on the offensive line or would become a free agent after a neck and so I think it. -- -- situation where you have to pick your spots and what I mean by that is quick and it would be tree. Is he going to be worth six and 77 at eight million dollar. As per year over the next four years or can you find a guy to replace him in the draft. Is that you -- -- aside for a billion dollar or less over the next warriors. You know I know there will be a drop off from from -- -- -- starter for three years to a potential rookie. By you know. How public's longer does that is that particular back -- kept up to speed when you got a guy like Eric Wood on the light side and potentially. According Glendon who who started off the year very strongly support the bill on the left side so. I think that -- beat three to meet. I wouldn't be surprised he came back but. My gut is telling me that that I don't know that the builder going to shell out enough money that a look -- might be able to -- on the open market so. But the fact that they haven't. As the wind and Graham wrote its article for the bulk orders. That they had an even giving him an offer to that point. And I think that -- speaks volumes so. So I think we'll beat three. In my gut I think he's done it well. 8030550. Joba sky -- this year Alan your -- would you go right ahead. Good morning guys about Jala in the ER free agent market I wouldn't waste a draft pick -- fullback or certain running -- and -- any second great effect running -- a little bit about it but they need. Our data they have ego that it needs and I -- just hop in real quick. -- McEntire is an unrestricted free agent and it again go back to Tim Grammy had a note in his blog the other day. That of all the real fullback is a part that's a good part of what Doug morons gonna be doing. I don't know what Corey McIntyre is probably my choice on dissect them into that goes to Joe's point is he's not saying it's a priority but the point is they need they'll have to address in this offense. By other commented this is if my other question actually -- Ryan answered by Simon the pinstripe all I see him a lot. He reminds me a lot. -- Russell -- and you will get to two and they played a tool like I personally would take a chance on him -- like this Patrick a lot but I wouldn't wash my hands of its Patrick. And and then that the backup but I would take a chance I'm -- net so there really weren't imaging no it just doesn't throw me aside he looked awful -- game and I know he can't base -- -- one game. I don't know I'm just a little skeptical about -- you know lot of a shorter smaller DiMarco you know JaMarcus Russell locking up -- policy on. Now I don't don't use them JaMarcus Russell. At the very -- right goodbye Joseph went oh my god JaMarcus Russell the very least didn't give a crap about his job geno Smith is -- it's like. People raid went about his work at. And knock -- -- ordered 260 pound Corbett couldn't move you missed it. 218 pounds he's six foot two and you -- -- forty out of any quarterback become by that. Comment it will. Well I I guess that I was going more the work ethic Joseph because I like I hear stories about how geno Smith. Would play the game on Saturday as soon as the game was over he would pop back into the film room and start looking at the next week's opponent. And later that night email all sorts of stuff to the rest of his offense about things they can do to beat the team the next week anyway. -- -- Go ahead on that. Well I think the caller is. You know I think she says that you know you can't base -- up one game by. -- that seem to be the only game in your repertory and so. But you know I I like you know met a lot more than -- like right now for. Variety. Relief. Don't -- too much out of -- city in terms of being a you know down the field. -- The double field vertical passing him I think you leave a lot to be desired in that aspect of the game. -- is consistent on intermediate routes and he -- there. Sadly at times but you know I think he can make those road underneath but. You know where -- quarterbacks to merely make their money has not -- without a few pros work when you talk about a guy can't remove all or no doubt that it is mobile enough. Like he can't really move all that well to warrior and after. Here to -- in the pocket and in really deliver straight don't feel I just. I I can't -- that. Doing it -- dramatically improves. You know I didn't see all that much. Put him in terms of that aspect of the game. In an all that different game that -- and so I think you know it felt that that -- he just needs to become more consistent. You know I -- like him etc. Russell and I don't see that at all. -- think they're different game. Different type quarterbacks. -- you know one obviously has a much stronger our -- double -- the other you know to me I think. That's that's not a comparison I would -- I totally geno Smith is that the top quarterback coming out -- thought all year. I know you're you're not very high an accident and haven't been for what they want what you said he had him rated seventh overall the Quebec crop after the come -- you still feel that way. Apple Ludwick and that's do a lot of the same that but he didn't want click here -- -- you know I don't really care much about. -- the guys that necessarily. Are there are missing because the tightening is off with the receivers that they never throw -- -- I think that just overcome by an. I think Cam Newton. -- terribly epic come by and they and based on completion percentage because people actually -- Completion for that we nuclear so scrutinized by I think get the end of the day when -- when you're familiar with receivers that. At it's the old ball game but one thing I do look or where it has become -- on -- -- And you know power behind in the drive behind. Long throws down the field on nine route to fly routes and Egypt after it. I mean watching that he was. Mixing god it's by a pretty large distance so. I don't know I I I could be wrong about NAFTA I watched about seven of the game. Some of the Columbine. And I think. Can't release saying that. I can I be all that much in terms of him being a downfield thrower that really indicate to me that he could be a potential first round pick or -- -- so. You know about all that I have mastered -- you know there's there's other guys in the NFL that. You know come up from the from being not all that polished college. And I have really improved their arm once they got there are some quote teaching an important like that so this is not a he damnation on his game altogether and become an approach them and do very well. But. At this point from what I -- from an -- you are artists don't know that you'd better than some of the other prospect out there. Joseph got a tweet from Paul I know you're also you have your draft ranking as a wide receivers today at WGR 550 dot com you're also working on -- free agency article with with that starting a week from today and the ravens signed -- they said they're not franchise tagging anybody else they have a number of key players trying keep. What about -- LOB their linebacker that's a name out there that he was saying that like to keep on the up they can afford to keep him in ball Kroger. Maybe -- be is out on the market the bills are train wreck at linebacker is that possible. Well you know I think -- -- Cap room. Potentially spend a little bit more on one freeagent. Now -- and now to me that come down Q are there at linebacker or cornerback. Which is more important to into the defense and which which can make ideally get their hands on more so I think Ellerbe would probably -- I got to the that they were consider. I deal in in terms of you know it's coming from. China 15 o'clock cut from the same -- -- of what Mike Patton like you're running. You know him being a Baltimore -- inevitable being a multiple front seat. I think that Baltimore. You could be a solid precursor -- -- -- In terms eight because everybody is looking for linebackers and if if teams are desperate enough and they have enough cap room and make him make him a very rich man I think and that they'll be able. Might it be able to keep our. With -- advocates. You just don't know so. I think is a guy that would probably interest them but be that the dollars and cents at the end of the day to test that depend on the market and how strong it is -- dialect -- Mean you know more call for Joseph B Howard and an obvious guys got a good name and heroic job trying to. Just a couple of comments -- questions for -- every year you're the same thing about we have need to drive me crazy. Secondly -- and -- that he was to bring in a franchise quarterback. I just wonder what it would cost to bring a guy like Matt Flynn in -- free agency. But they do and they have asthma seemingly as many needs as they did when -- took two jobs three years ago what a Matt Flynn Joseph what do you think. Not a creative. It that the trader rob try to try to trade -- -- completely missed that when Joseph thank you got straight form Alex Smith got what. A high to yeah I mean you wouldn't have to pay that to get. Matt -- right you're Alex and -- -- Upload or war or the grounder. And black. Did -- -- only has six tech this year and the heat -- -- potentially. Great back into the first round. He's given up -- -- order for perfect the only way he's c.'s trading up. Trading up mr. target that the young quarterback -- he's gonna giveaway -- draft picks or. The -- I bet I competed with -- strikes last year. He could pity you could trade future picks right I mean if you if you trade up could -- -- Next year you can trade picks for next year's draft right I don't know that buddy nick -- -- if you're gonna trade was hard to move up -- -- don't have much to give your trade to get into the first round generally -- you if you're gonna try to future -- it's gonna -- a future first rounder if you do that year traditionally it might cost you just -- higher second -- that's -- I've only just seen it lately you're given up you'd be giving up one of -- six picks right -- to get reports that that's that's credible that's a lot you know to give up. -- he would launch -- He has certain is if they wanted to move back in the first round it would cut probably cost them -- second and third rounder. And then you're down a -- but laugh whenever you get quarterback of the future and I know the -- -- -- for Joseph if they get quarterback of the future at the end the day I'm OK with it. If they get their quarterback of the future I would still say move optic to guide a move up in the ground one give up to two and three they need a quarterback dine for recordable. If they -- defeat you trade back in indirectly could be get real comfortable. You know guys like David Snow live. And Greg glory is in corporate client roster because because they don't have a lot of spots. Who those those guys are a lot of thought well. Oh is that ultimately -- Floyd senior as prime those guys -- bills jar you tell those guys other roster okay I'll I'll I'll start researchers earlier all right -- And Sawyer and I actually the sabres to know what order men kill me TO. All right well we'll look forward to more your articles mr. this guy -- thanks for coming on. And Jake you're just not on cracked out -- that up for fans of jobless guy he's not looking at you remember when the patriots kept trading away first rounder. Every time every time they did that though they got a first round of the next year yet that's what teams are willing to pay to jump back in only that's when he's. You do it for this year generally the court it it -- you give up a second and a third. You do it will be open next year if you want to wait to next year it's gonna cost you more the point that teams like we're doing this wait a year -- your first action the court. Get a quarterback wide receiver boom you're done. I object Ronald hang on your calls coming up industrial 550 it's cute picture that we got a gift card giveaway corporate dollars. Percent towards pizza oven -- good. Either location Miller sport highway or transit -- by the -- tonight is trivia night starting at eight you can play as an individual or bring a whole bunch friends and play as a team. And also up live music every Wednesday from seven with food and drink specials that ads and tourists are trivia. By the way did you know I learned this today when looking up the trivia question today in 1924. -- Carolina of buffalo became the first bowler. Ever to rolled two perfect games in a -- about that that the trivia question on this in 1985 which NHL player became the first score fifty goals. In eight straight seasons. If you college rate design programs note -- you got an eloquent and I would like -- -- -- -- -- maverick okay. On this day in 1985 again which NHL player became the first to score at least fifty goals and eight straight seasons if you think you know 644.

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