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WGR550>Topics>>Joe Buscaglia Previews NFL Free Agency with Bulldog

Joe Buscaglia Previews NFL Free Agency with Bulldog

Mar 5, 2013|

NFL Free Agency begins next Tuesday

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But talking -- Joba stallion here he's got a column out today about. The bills need for a linebacker and in the focus of it is the Nell. -- -- Baltimore and Joe's got more common as he already said on on cornerbacks. But I'm bought are on Bart Scott Joseph what do you tell people are asking you about parts doctors that that was an easy trail of -- crimes detract. Yeah -- I mean. And they don't go after our beat eBay. Is safe stopgap like who died in productions went wait out the facts here Gorbachev. And obviously he was expendable and who on the club looks. Is he going to is -- going to want to reunite with Mike Patton. Or it could be in retrospect it don't know I don't know that relationship was or anything like that so. Mark Scott would probably be on that that would probably be to stop gap solution by even if you work on that. You would split the playing at a young linebacker. Or older you -- after the draft the divided states commitment. And because you just can't get away with only got -- would -- and in light -- opinion itself. This open suit. I think what Scott he's. He's more open -- and the whole can't wait Montrae is is something that's intriguing to advance because he's been in the limelight for a part. The end of the day he's an aging linebacker. That work that has production until the last season. And while -- because committed helped right away in the long term solution absolutely now. Is he -- Is this a fair comparison would he would he be like and this year's version of Nick Barnett. Like I think Barnett I think that helps that what you locked -- then -- dot -- on the back two years. -- to be perfectly honest I let objecting not and the age of scout right now. Who the -- 32 year old and so I think -- what a couple of years younger when he -- and this. -- yet to worry about the way impaired and everything like that but you talk about a little. That's a battery that has the experience. And that in in -- patent defense that's what can make it. I didn't know that you should be expecting. With -- marked with a stunning what got because at that point it queries it got a rubber belt well yeah. Jumping back to corners there. It is there a good -- in Florence type. -- available again -- like a middle it would that be like the second tier like you were talking about a away from the big actors like a guy like Grimes is probably gonna catch a huge chip. The the open right. Well yeah. I think grind well I think. Oh lead like that getting getting a pretty big payday. I think I'll -- Okinawa -- he'd be getting a pretty big payday then you look -- -- Mardy you might be getting a little bit left but he'll. I'll probably be pretty well. But it from there are. I I look look what let's look at these guys. Will it. You keep coming back to Leodis McKelvin if they're gonna stay in house because he's pretty much what the -- one of the air opposite starting quarterback if we can't bring into the deal that I look at someone like Derek Hough if you had an injury concerns in Jacksonville starter a lot of games. You know he's -- that. Command as much money as you know those top org I don't talking about but he's still. You know. Bringing about a pretty party salary in -- tree and ports like. -- guy like Italy rescue are brought up that well from Pittsburgh -- came out for them last year. And in it he's someone that I think could could potentially be fit or for the bill well he -- in a sticker style quarterbacks -- -- there are some guys out there that that the bill that would fit. What the bill are trying to do it's just a matter of course they're looking to spend a weekend we could be sitting here and it might be targeting one of those. I'm bigger name quarterback now just because they have -- -- For itself. I would be skeptical -- just because. And historically speaking the -- haven't really spent all that much other cornerback position I chose to -- So it stated they haven't spent keep their own outside of McKee. Then I'm not sure what are going to be willing to spend on the quarterback position it's entirely that could change though because of how important. You know Mike Stratton and -- you -- cabinet position. -- a moment ago you said Mckelvin would might be kind of guy that they would like to have as there is their corner opposite Stephon Gilmore and -- -- I don't know by that you mean the bills wanna have a corner who. Hovers well but can't make plays on the ball ever we don't want someone who -- an area where you are okay very well yeah -- Yeah I -- I hear that. I think they've got to -- you there how how likely is it that you see Aaron Williams moved to safety before his time in buffalo was up. I think he's gonna get another crack at quarterback they really do. From me in -- it. I don't I don't know that they're gonna be watching and willing to Q which claim that a failure. Giving him at least another crack in training camp or something like that. Let them fight it it doesn't.

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